Living in Japan: Culture Shock!

  • Published on Oct 1, 2012
  • Culture Shock in Japan, Convenience and Sushi: I've now been in Japan two months and in this video I briefly describe the experience of culture shock and also discuss the theme of convenience in Japanese culture.
    Choc Culturel au Japon, le côté pratique des choses, et les Sushi: Je suis au Japon depuis 2 mois maintenant et dans cette video je vous raconte brièvement ce qu’est le Choc Culturel et je vais parler aussi du côté pratique dans la culture Japonaise
    - I also stuff my face with Sushi for the benefit of education and even drop a chip in the cooker (that's neither a euphemism nor a metaphor - I literally did drop the bloody thing into the cooking hob and now I can't get the damn thing out).
    And why not check out for articles as well, including how to fail in a Tokyo Nightclub:
    And for regular updates and information there's the (NEW) Facebook and Twitter pages where I share my discoveries of Japan along the way (like KFC potato chips!):
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  • theacp127
    theacp127 4 years ago +374

    It's so funny that Chris started out just making videos to entertain himself and now he's traveling around experiencing more of Japan than actual Japanese people.

    • TV Title Champion
      TV Title Champion 3 months ago

      Truly a 'living your best life' scenario

    • Leonardo
      Leonardo 4 months ago +7

      @Aslamnur Fikri and Too much volcano

    • Aslamnur Fikri
      Aslamnur Fikri 6 months ago +14

      From apartment tour to Dr. Jelly to abandoned hotels, it's one hell of journey

  • RooTurboMoth
    RooTurboMoth 3 years ago +1944

    I forgot how differently these were filmed. I miss 1970s-1980s Chris. Lol

    • Tomorrow We Live
      Tomorrow We Live Month ago

      @SparkleSparkleSparkle me too

    • safu
      safu 5 months ago +1


    • Wild gamer 'Sohud
      Wild gamer 'Sohud 5 months ago +1

      @SparkleSparkleSparkle japinc opan vido faling

    • Tama Shiranai
      Tama Shiranai 5 months ago +1

      When I tell you I snorted 😂😂😂

    • SparkleSparkleSparkle
      SparkleSparkleSparkle 11 months ago +65

      i love going back and watching old content for nostalgia to make me feel comfortable in this strange future.

  • big boss bob ross
    big boss bob ross Year ago +193

    Damn. His editing has ALWAYS been good af. That’s the biggest thing that makes him so much better than 90% of other jvloggers. He actually puts real thought into how he cuts and paces his videos. Lots of great comedic cuts.

    • RemonDX
      RemonDX Year ago +5

      Yeah definitely. And his sense of humour apparently has been great from day 1, I didn't expect that.

  • Jordan Graham
    Jordan Graham Year ago +432

    Me watching in 2020: I wonder if Chris was any different 8 years ago?
    2012 Chris: "Where are the goddamn muffins!?!"
    Me: It seems not.

    • it's me, Georgina
      it's me, Georgina 9 months ago +5

      Oh.. fuck,, shit,, I just dropped a chip in the cooker
      yep, same good old Chris 8 years and all the way up to two days ago

  • Petra Botekova
    Petra Botekova 5 years ago +268

    Well dont forget about the re-entry shock, going home after living abroad might be even worse that the culture shock itself :)

    • ThalesWell
      ThalesWell 3 months ago

      Absolutely. Reentry is much worse.

    • brisbanerugby
      brisbanerugby Year ago +1

      @Star Hunter I'm in the same boat as you, buddy.

    • ravinder 872000
      ravinder 872000 2 years ago


    • Explorshon
      Explorshon 2 years ago +10

      Yep, you are absolutely right. 8 years in Japan and coming back to Australia I felt it.

    • Star Hunter
      Star Hunter 3 years ago +20

      I spent most of the first twelve years of my life overseas (though from 5-7 I lived in the U.S, and came back for occasional visits home) and you are so right about the re-entry shock! So I seemed like quite the odd duck for a number of years. Hell, I still don't really feel like I fit in twenty years later!

  • kr2
    kr2 Year ago +54

    When you actually watch this again 8 years later, you really start to appreciate the quality of the videos this man puts out now

  • Pat Haley Guitar
    Pat Haley Guitar 2 years ago +221

    "For god's sake...why won't this mug just work??"
    Underrated joke there Chris.
    Excellent job mate.

    • Fady JABER
      Fady JABER 6 months ago +3

      the depleted uranium is solid as well

  • Amy W
    Amy W 4 years ago +3354

    'You're not gonna pay for something you can't read'
    Buys bonito concrete fish sushi

    • Rodrigo
      Rodrigo Year ago +1


    • Markie Lee
      Markie Lee Year ago

      The first bonito concrete fish sushi*

    • Butter T
      Butter T 2 years ago


    • RedScarlet
      RedScarlet 3 years ago +10

      The first bonito concrete fish sushi

    • Alessandro Cava
      Alessandro Cava 4 years ago +4

      or Fin base of Flatfish( I thought it said Batfish)

  • PAX Pretorian
    PAX Pretorian 5 years ago +2016

    lol I absolutely love how serious some people react to this video, British humor at its finest.

    • Keegan Martin
      Keegan Martin 4 months ago

      I love how the American snaps back but forgets that we(the Canadians) decimated the White House 🤣🤣

    • Toothless
      Toothless 10 months ago

      @Mugwump Northern Ireland is not 'that bit they refuse to give back' when Ireland started fighting for independence in the 20s, the Northern counties _wanted_ to stay. The north was mostly made up of wealthy landowners, had tonnes of English and Scottish settlers, was majority protestant and overall had more chance for prosperity as part of the UK than independent. Lots of Northern Irish people _today_ identify as British and, of the ones that don't, most of them want Northern Ireland to be its own independent state, NOT reunification with the rest of Ireland.

    • Dmon !
      Dmon ! 11 months ago

      Definitely a lot of deluded people in here, oh man 🤣 can not even feel any shame as they desperately try to big up their countries

    • M K
      M K 11 months ago +1

      @Nah Fam Nah, most Americans don't have a dry and sarcastic sense of humor.

    • Talisin Wallace
      Talisin Wallace Year ago +2

      @Mugwump Except that even with France's help, the English still beat the Irish everytime. 1789, the Irish Rebellion lead by the Society of United Irishmen, consisted largely of Irish defeats, with the significant French intervention being a land invasion months after the main uprising had failed - which then proceeded to fail. Realistically, given the English/French rivalry, France viewed the Irish more as pawns to destabilise the British isles, rather than anyone noteworthy, especially considering they got closer to beating us through America, though that still failed.
      1916, The Easter Rising was a complete failure, ending in a crushing British victory, with the leaders executed publicly and thousands of members imprisoned or executed, with the English leaving Dublin. Accounting for the fact it was during the First World War, the fact the Irish were defeated while England was fighting on multiple fronts is frankly quite embarrassing.
      You only gained independence through diplomacy, which is fairly hollow in respect to the poster's initial remark.

  • Nyarlathotep the Egyptian God of No One F*n Cares

    I like commenting on Chris’s old videos because I know he cringes to think people are watching these.

  • ToshkoSK
    ToshkoSK 2 years ago +39

    Chris you didn't change a lot in 7 and half years, the only thing that has changed is that you have perfected your filming skills, you humor didn't change luckily we need in these days

  • haraya manawari
    haraya manawari 2 months ago +1

    it's really something rewatching these earlier videos after almost a decade of watching your content, it's amazing how far you've come.

  • Ashley McGovern
    Ashley McGovern 4 years ago +7

    I love how in all his videos, Chris always seems to be somewhat dismayed with life in general. That's so comedic to me.

  • act95
    act95 5 years ago +1773

    OMG they literally google translated the name of that sushi XD
    For anyone who was wondering, that's smoked fish; bonito being the name of the fish. As for the concrete floor, in Japanese smoked fish are called "tataki", but that word can also mean.. yes, concrete floor.

    • baato z
      baato z 11 months ago +1

      @Haruna Komuku Maybe it's mis-translated from: Ichiban, which means: First (as in, first, second, third, etc). But it can also mean: Number One/The very best

    • Haruna Komuku
      Haruna Komuku Year ago

      Yup this is exactly what I found a min ago. The first bonito concrete floor. How epic. I don’t know where “first” is coming from tho..

    • Synthesized
      Synthesized Year ago


    • Leopoldo Arzadum
      Leopoldo Arzadum Year ago

      @xaraxen 何が分かったおめぇ

    • xaraxen
      xaraxen Year ago

      @Leopoldo Arzadum わかった

  • Jaydev Raol
    Jaydev Raol Year ago +6

    Watching this made me realised that few things that has become standard on the channel were always present:
    1) Chris' dry, cynical and sarcastic humour.
    2) Chris categorising things into a list.
    3) Chris' habit of rating stuff that he eats.
    4) Funny Montages.
    5) Chris' love/hate relationship with Japan and it's culture.
    6) Nice choice of music and pretty decent editing.

  • Justin Clark A. Golfo

    It's so awesome to see how much the quality of the content has evolved over the years. Yet Chris' personallity and humor has stayed true.
    Cheer to Abroad in Japan.

  • Carol Todd
    Carol Todd 27 days ago +124

    Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.
    250 sentadillas son unos KISSSS.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio.
    5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍
    Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖
    los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.

  • The Revanchist
    The Revanchist 3 years ago +18

    Seeing where you were and how far you've come makes me hopeful for my own endeavors.

  • Erick Delgado
    Erick Delgado 10 months ago

    Honestly a beautiful video to return to. I can only imagine how frightening this may have been, even with only 8 years the difference in tech and communication is staggering.
    Incredible to see your early, coming to your own, start to where you are today. Seriously inspirational for pushing past fear and self doubt

  • YamiSpirit
    YamiSpirit Year ago +4

    Great stuff, this is the first time I've seen a 2012 video from you and the creativity and humour was always there. This channel was bound to be big.

  • spartan456
    spartan456 2 years ago +6

    It's so weird knowing that I've been following you ever since this video. I'm a fan of many youtubers but I think you're the only one who I've been watching since day one. I'm planning a trip to Japan next year and I just wanted to let you know that your videos have taught me quite a lot about the culture and your tips on learning the language have been invaluable these last few months. I'm excited to get out of my own country for a change and see what things are like elsewhere. どうも。

    • melody
      melody Month ago

      Did you get in? And can you explain how it was if you did?

  • Monk
    Monk Year ago +1

    I absolutely love this. A no-frills production, just raw reality and humor. Reminds me of what I like about foreign films vs CG-filled American films. And the montages of industrial progress with that bittersweet oldies song in the background gives me a nostalgic feeling I can't quite put my finger on... I hope Chris makes more of these montages in future videos.
    Also, did anyone notice his accent is stronger in this video than it is today? So adorable. 😆

  • cyberchase
    cyberchase 7 years ago +707

    So I am 13 years old and in my PUBLIC school district we have a full Japanese course. Which is absolutely amazing for the state of the current education system in Michigan.
    But anyway there was a class of Japanese students that came here to do presentations and one thing I noticed immediately was their politeness, and their fashion sense.
    I am not sure if it was just because they were our guests in our country but they were the nicest god damn people I have ever met.

    • Steven James
      Steven James 24 days ago +1

      @Porronesian Parapio that math tho LMFAO
      he's 19 now, potentially 18 when you commented

    • Atomics
      Atomics 5 months ago +4

      Damn you’re an adult now

    • Porronesian Parapio
      Porronesian Parapio 11 months ago +4

      Wow now you're 21 years old. Happy late / early birthday dude!

    • Dragoncam13
      Dragoncam13 3 years ago

      Invisible Fiddle WW2

    • Okay.thanksbye
      Okay.thanksbye 4 years ago

      I wish my school had a Japanese course, but we're only allowed to take French (and it's mandatory)

  • Dreamy Mollusk
    Dreamy Mollusk 4 years ago +1

    Five years later and still loving your videos! Good job, and congratulations on your success. :)

  • Humberto Amorim
    Humberto Amorim Year ago

    I just recently found this channel and already binge watched a lot of random videos, and then the whole Cycle of Despair playlist, but I just had to check this one and found out to be of my favorites by a longshot. I can relate so much to Chris's humor and sarcasm. Cheers from Brazil.

  • Richard Gagnon
    Richard Gagnon 4 years ago +1

    I love coming back and watching all your old videos Chris, you certainly have come a long way!

  • Paul Gallagher
    Paul Gallagher 4 years ago +2

    This guy is fucking entertaining. Please keep making videos, I love learning about Japan, but I LOVE his take on all of this. I love it. Please make more.

  • 00soundwave00
    00soundwave00 6 years ago +3507

    You have the charisma of a Top Gear presenter.

    • Raymond Warner
      Raymond Warner Year ago

      @IronLionNZ k

    • ִ
      ִ Year ago

      Bcuz he's British?

    • a a
      a a 2 years ago +3

      4 years ago this was a compliment :(

    • Red Card
      Red Card 2 years ago +1

      I was thinking that same thing about this whole channel

  • DragonWolf84
    DragonWolf84 Year ago

    loving watching these, decided to watch from the start and its nice to see you clearly havent changed in your sense of humour although the scope and skill has increased!

  • Spam can
    Spam can 2 years ago

    Watching this after binge watching the Journey Across Japan videos and hearing "nihongo ga wakarimasen" and hearing Chris going on about conveyor belt sushi after hearing him say that's not real sushi in a recent video gave me some culture shock. He really grew and changed in the past couple years. I really like how he always had his sense of humor though.

  • TheFadzreeq
    TheFadzreeq 3 months ago +1

    OMG I've just went back in time and met a newly-arrived Chris in Japan! This is the starting of a very long and wholesome journey!
    It's been a long way then for Chris. This was when he just 2 month in Japan. And look now...9 years had passed!!

  • Oceeta
    Oceeta Year ago +3

    This man has come so far with his content in 8 years. I'm so glad that you haven't necessarily changed much in terms of personality over the years😂

  • Luke Bennett
    Luke Bennett 4 years ago +2

    Just want to say. Love your channel, your humour is hilarious. And thanks for the Anki tip! Starting to learn Kanji today after learning Hiragana and Katakana and Anki is amazing!!

  • Secret Scarlet
    Secret Scarlet Year ago +1

    The recent trip to Fuji series made me go back to the original Journey Across Japan, which made me backtrack to his previous vids. Love seeing the gradual change and refinement of your work, Chris. Keep it up! :D

  • chris
    chris 3 years ago +5

    I've binge watched your channel at least a dozen times over the past couple years but after finally reading the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, I have a new appreciation for your sarcastic british humor. from one Chris to another, love you, and thanks for all the memories :)

  • Tom Pinion
    Tom Pinion 5 years ago

    Quite entertaining. I remember when my family moved to Japan in 1977. I was 11 years old. The culture shock seemed to never end. We lived there for 3 1/2 years. I have had a love affair with Japanese culture ever since.

  • Sean Vandelay
    Sean Vandelay 5 years ago +392

    Hi everyone let me explain what the "concrete floor" is. I am a Japanese and know "Katsuo no Tataki" which is really a raw Bonito fish slice lightly roasted/broiled over a flaming dried (rice) straws. Now "Tataki" is also a old traditional word for the area in Japanese house which is usually a "concrete floor" right before you step up on to Tatami floor . I had to think for a while and it hit me that whoever looked up "Tataki" in Japanese -English dictionary must have used it for different "Tataki" . i had to bend forward and support my both knees when it hit me. I almost sit down as it was so funny. You have to be Japanese to feel the impact of this great translation. :-D

    • A A
      A A Year ago +2

      So they should have some random algorithm there, that sets it to translate to smoked bonito or concrete floor 50% of the time.

    • Destitute and Decadent
      Destitute and Decadent Year ago

      "tataku", the verb, originally means to hit, blow, etc. so they're probably both derived from that.

    • Michelle Wolfe
      Michelle Wolfe 2 years ago +6

      And the English language also has instances where the same exact word has totally different meanings depending on context.

    • HolyMith
      HolyMith 2 years ago +12

      @alex carter What exactly is it you dislike about English? Or were you just trying to be edgy and controversial?

  • Armando Villamizar
    Armando Villamizar 11 months ago

    I like how your videos are still very enjoyable even though the resolution and editing quality is not as great as today

  • Tomorer
    Tomorer 4 years ago +1

    Great series here! It really fills me with vim for a wee emigration to Nipon ;()
    I have plenty of innovations that I think the Japanese market should like alot better than the bloody UK.... Maybe. Can U do a video on the ease of getting inventions manufactured in Japan, please? Thanks!

  • BrutalBambi
    BrutalBambi Year ago +4

    It’s so adorable how awkward he comes across in his first few video. Bloody love the blooper reel with the bird 🤣

  • zorbratron
    zorbratron 2 years ago +226

    I had to go back and watch all your videos. So far i am not disapointed

    • Ubayd
      Ubayd 2 years ago +10

      zorbratron so cool that he found and liked this comment 😄😁

  • EricAroundTheWorld
    EricAroundTheWorld 6 years ago +744

    Re-watching some of the old school Abroadin Japan videos! Still as funny 4 years later.

    • therealshard
      therealshard Year ago +1

      @Let's Draw hear, hear!

    • Zoro
      Zoro Year ago

      @Let's Draw how

    • Dikshant
      Dikshant Year ago

      Still funny 8 years 3 months later

    • Kameliius
      Kameliius Year ago

      You mean 8 years later

    • Chrom0xide
      Chrom0xide Year ago

      I am so confused.
      (Especially because I ignored this channel for years and now it feels like digging gold)

  • alex carter
    alex carter 3 years ago +1

    The first time I went, as an athlete, we got in late, like almost midnight, and the people at the hotel were so nice, they had sashimi sandwiches for us. And my room-mate was so inspired by this kindness, that I got theirs too!

  • Captain Pepperjacks
    Captain Pepperjacks 2 years ago +445

    I'm watching this in the great 2020 quarantine.

  • Otso Huhtala
    Otso Huhtala 3 years ago

    After listening to the podcast and watching your videos for a few years now, it was very funny to watch your first ever video! 😅😅 And it was a good one too! I just moved to Japan for university exchange and I have just released my first video from Japan. You are one of the biggest inspirations for me making videos, although I will never be as funny as you are... 😁

  • Des W
    Des W 2 years ago +1

    First time i went to watch your much older videos..while these are a lot older, your humour never gets old =)

  • obey3x
    obey3x 4 years ago

    Question(s) : How long did it take you to learn Japanese ? Did you know some of the language when you first started living in Japan? Or did you start living there with out knowing anything

  • David L.
    David L. 4 years ago

    I found your channel and so far I really like your videos. This one in particular reminded me my trip to India, the cultural shock was huge! the first day I just wanted to get back to my country!

  • DemGamez
    DemGamez 3 years ago

    Hey Chris,
    I know from your videos that you overcome all the problems of living in Japan, which I'm truly amazed of. How did you dealt with all the bullshit that was thrown at you in the 1st place. You didn't know the language, everything was really annoying, you could not pay the bills. How did you stay sane? I would let my rage blow up at some point. Big respect for that m8. Regards from Poland.

  • LowenKM
    LowenKM 7 months ago +2

    Thx man, fantastic as ever, and always love the wry Brit 'sensibility'! BTW, with so much 'convenience', Japan must generate a helluva lotta 'packaging' waste... so how the heck does such a little island country _dispose_ of it all?!

  • creative clauds
    creative clauds 5 years ago

    i love your channel! sarcasm its life. discovered this video since apparently i seen all the rest and you look much better now. love the tips. ill be visiting japan towards end of march so im pretty excited. thanks again for all your work and offcourse all the humour

  • Rebecca GeekyGirl
    Rebecca GeekyGirl 4 years ago

    Hi, I love your videos. They remind me of the time I spent living in Japan. Just so you know, "bonito" means "pretty" or "beautiful" in spanish, but it's also the name of a kind of fish. I know because I'm from Spain, and "bonito" is a very typical fish here. Everybody eats it.

  • Hilary A
    Hilary A 4 years ago +2

    In all of your videos, you have excellent comedic timing. Love it.

  • matt winward
    matt winward 2 years ago +1

    Early-days Abroad in Japan videos have the same exact humor as current ones except filmed on a jitter cam. They’re great!

  • Luka Jalšovec
    Luka Jalšovec 7 years ago +97

    This video became a kind of tradition to me. I've got to watch it every once in a while. One of my favourites. Well done Chris.

    • ThatGuy Makes Things
      ThatGuy Makes Things 7 years ago

      @Abroadin Japan Decided to watch this again after awhile, were you forced to change the thumbnail? I thought the nude girl hair salon thing was hilarious.

    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  7 years ago +37

      Haha, thanks Luka - I'm honoured you make a regular pilgrimage here!

  • sqw33k
    sqw33k 2 years ago

    Watching this in 2020 really puts into perspective how far you've come. Video-wise and language-wise. :)

  • Peter De Grootst
    Peter De Grootst 3 years ago

    Watching this at the end of oh man. What random, sarcastic and humble beginnings. Chris has now truly become a TheXvid star and has reached over 1 million subs!!

  • David Game
    David Game 3 years ago

    Recommended videos have done me right today Chris. I'm going to have to binge watch these videos because it's a fascinating transition having watched some more recent ones earlier. So, thanks for the content and sorry for being extremely late to the party!

  • safu
    safu 5 months ago +1

    i love him so much, i just found this really old yt video of him , holy crap that camera is so cool , it looks as if this was filmed in the 90s , i need that camera, it's so cool to see how much he grew over the years , lots of love from belgium

  • Josh Thomason
    Josh Thomason 4 years ago

    I just came to your channel and I have to say I think you inspired me to go ahead and start to learn Japanese. After maybe six months I think I would go ahead and go visit.

  • MON
    MON 3 years ago

    2019 and this video still gives me joy. love u chris. so relatable

  • Nguyen Duy Minh
    Nguyen Duy Minh Year ago +1

    I didn't know that you've been the comedian from the very beginning. Your videos are so funny even without much editing.

  • Cristea Ioana
    Cristea Ioana 11 months ago

    This was actually the video which brought me to your channel years ago. Fell in love with your videos ever since :D Funny how back then you thought the stamps were such a convenient thing and years later you decided they were annoying and outdated =)))

  • Karpfador
    Karpfador 6 years ago +1964

    I hate it when my mugs stop working

    • mattd
      mattd Year ago

      Throwback to the Eric Andre Jack Black interview.

    • ALittleVixen
      ALittleVixen 3 years ago +5

      Yeah life is hard

    • nail mirror
      nail mirror 4 years ago +20

      And then you can't read the manual...

    • mcdoublemaster2
      mcdoublemaster2 4 years ago +29

      Yep, mine is at the repair shop right now.

    • tetroretrislvl4
      tetroretrislvl4 4 years ago +20

      I set them on fire.

  • Basic Ninja
    Basic Ninja 11 months ago

    You have come a long way. Kudos to you, Chris!

  • Dungeon Dogs
    Dungeon Dogs Year ago +2

    It's like watching David Brent's commentary about his first few days in Japan.

  • Carlo Ciarrocchi
    Carlo Ciarrocchi 2 years ago +144

    "a man hypnotizing a woman on national television in front of a large man dressed as a woman" sounds just like Italian TV back in the '90s.

    • Thomas Name
      Thomas Name 6 months ago

      How very true.

    • Sayumi
      Sayumi Year ago

      This is a show called “Out Deluxe” where zany, eccentric people come on as guests to introduce their quirks. This episode was about a hypnotist.

    • Pit
      Pit Year ago +2

      Pomeriggio 5 be like

    • Carlo Ciarrocchi
      Carlo Ciarrocchi Year ago +1

      @Henry Mellard probably "caduta libera".

    • Henry Mellard
      Henry Mellard Year ago

      What's that show where they drop people through the floor and sing buffalo soldier?

  • M1N1G1RL007 H
    M1N1G1RL007 H 2 years ago

    Having watched over 1 video I've Subscribed now and watched over 10 lol. I'm an American who has lived abroad in the UK and now curious about Japan lol. Keep up the great work, awesome videos. Best of luck to you!😁

  • Ben Z
    Ben Z 3 years ago +1

    I am in love with you, Chris. You are completely adorable and so damn humorous. I was checking out your oldest video to see if you have evolved much since your first video. And hah it was the same you! And you even lost some weight. I hope you will never grow old and that you will be adorable forever. I wish one day we will become friends and I can visit you in Japan. --Ben

  • Western Bird
    Western Bird 9 months ago +1

    Ahahahahaha I am loving this!!! Made my day to see Chris’s humor

  • Censored
    Censored 2 years ago +1

    Your video production was still pretty well made back 7 years ago. Awesome!

  • Kairon156
    Kairon156 2 years ago

    It's weird seeing such an early video. I might have to go to that hair saloon some day.
    Those stamp things are a pretty cool idea. I've only recently heard about them.
    Would buying an English internet Modem work in Japan?
    Also, I'm happy that you lost weight in your later videos. I myself could stand to loose a good 15 pounds.

  • T Y
    T Y Year ago +1

    Gotta love vintage Abroad in Japan. I can’t believe it’s been 8 years already 🤯

  • Carla Rachel
    Carla Rachel Year ago +8

    When he says 'I feel like there's a barrier between me and the Japanese people', it's like the start of a love story: 'Before Chris met Natsuki' :)

  • PaHoHaska
    PaHoHaska Year ago +1

    Well, 8 years later I'm here (I came just by coincidence) and I'm watching this video. Honestly, I enjoy every second of it and I have real fun (of course all other videos on your channel are on my "Watch Later" list, definitely). Thank you!

    • Ubayd
      Ubayd Year ago +1

      You should definitely watch them now as opposed to later

  • Brooke Wiggins
    Brooke Wiggins 2 months ago +25

    5:55 Son unos de los Topgirls.Uno
    15:55 Sun: ''Hotter''
    15:55 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
    15:55 Joonie: ''Cooler''
    15:55 Yoongi: ''Butter''
    15:55 Son unos de los mejores conciertos ,
    , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente...

  • Flamesofthunder
    Flamesofthunder 8 years ago +21

    I'm a British citizen and I've been one my entire life. However I was born abroad and I lived all my life abroad until the last three of my life. When I came to the UK for the first time I had my first experience of culture shock Ironically.

    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  8 years ago +5

      Yeah even I have that to be honest (despite having there all my life ha)

    • Flamesofthunder
      Flamesofthunder 8 years ago +3

      Hmmm thats a hard one. But I would have to say it was the people. It took me a while to understand what people were saying and what they meant. The use colloquial language had me confused for quite a bit.

    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  8 years ago +6

      What did you find shocked you the most?

  • José María Piedra

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    I'm going on a journey across Abroad in Japan since I discovered your channel about a month ago and now I can't get enough.

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    Nicolas K 7 years ago +118

    Hey I watched all your videos before traveling to Japan. I went and forgot all about how many 7/11s there were. When I left my apartment the first day to meet my landlord, I arrived I thought "Okay, take a right after I pass the 7/11", 15 minutes into the walk I passed three 7/11, which delayed my walk home.
    One culture shock, I noticed was everybody wearing jackets and Blazers, in 80 degree weather. I looked out the window and thought "oh it might be a little chilly outside", I took about 5 steps outside, then went back inside to change into a thin shirt.

    • Udit kaushal
      Udit kaushal 3 years ago

      @Bobit's considered a very hot day in the Himalayas too xd typing this whilst in 3-foot deep snow while it's also snowing.

    • future animator
      future animator 4 years ago

      lou00006 actually I do that to. Like almost all the time when it's super hot an I'm not Asian. Its weird bc theres days that the heat will affect me and there's days that it doesn't.

    • Bicth
      Bicth 4 years ago

      UV protection clothes are really big in Japan, they're like thin jackets and shirts designed to keep the sun off. However, I also see both men and women wearing fleece lined hoodies and such in the summer. Meanwhile I'm running around in shorts and a tank top because it's bloody hot. I have no idea how they do it lol.

    • Prin
      Prin 4 years ago

      I think maybe the jackets thing is because lower body fat tends to feel more sensitive to colder temperatures?

    • lou00006
      lou00006 7 years ago +1

      @Abroadin Japan I'm a chinese born Australian kid. I do the same thing, wearing jackets in blazing heat. It makes me look real weird but I think it's an asian thing

  • 一Grey
    一Grey 4 years ago

    Depending on your experience.
    Stage 4:
    a) social acceptance and integration.
    b) refined, and arguably racist, expat hatred of the people and culture that you're actively drowning in, as you drink away your misery, and seek out nationalistic propaganda movies from home, as a form of ancestoral grief suppression.

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    To those of you that are struggling with basic sentences, I would recommend the book
    "I'm learning Japanese! a language adventure for young people." helps with learning hiragana, stroke orders, and basic sentences and writing; with examples to help you.
    (The Cat is in the yard)
    Then 'Kitsune-Sensei' will help you by explaining what each particle the sentence uses to give you a more understanding of what your reading, and what *it* means. Very fun to read and practice because there's pictures. instead of just plain text. yw hope this helps (in some way)

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    Rule one when moving to Japan, *LEARN THE LANGUAGE*. I can't stress that enough, it's the same for living in any country that doesn't natively speak your language. You will get on better, people will respect you more and would be generally more accepted into their society.

    • Lucidrequiem
      Lucidrequiem 4 years ago

      Akira Cooper How would a Japanese person respond to being served extremely expensive sushi....covered in ketchup? Not well...dude...not well at all. The Teriyaki sauce was an obvious hint that they wanted to violently assault me and i am lucky to have escaped with my life, and a few of their decorative napkins.....they may have been chasing me exclusively due to me taking the decorative napkins.....but i doubt it. They were all squinting at me really hard the second i walked into the restaurant....and they never stopped squinting even when i whipped my head around real fast to catch them not squinting at other people/ was malicious squinting at it's worst. You would have been terrified.

    • Akira Cooper
      Akira Cooper 4 years ago

      You have way too much time on your hands, dude.

    • Lucidrequiem
      Lucidrequiem 4 years ago

      Akira Cooper I went to a Japanese steak house one time, what they call steak was a Teriyaki drenched nightmare......they know how much Americans love their beef, so what they did to that steak was an obvious example of their enduring disdain for our entire culture and way of life that stems from us nuking them. There is no other explanation for was a LOT of Teriyaki.....explain that away, i dare you.

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