Have fun at work | Gamification at the Dealership | JVicProTALKS Episode 4

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
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    Welcome back!
    In this episode, guest star Chris Taylor and I are talking about how we have fun at work, and showing the true value of employees.
    An idea of Chris Collins was introduced to us as Gamification at work, and we are successfully using it to boost sales, keep employees interested, and most importantly we are all having fun!
    Showing value can be something little like going to get your staff coffee, giving out tickets to a game, or a dinner amongst the staff. We do all these things at our work, and we still crush the numbers when we need to. We really feel that now a days we have to get #creative with everything in life, especially at work.
    All these things not only keep your staff happy and boost sales, it helps to improve on team work, and a little friendly competition never hurt anyone lol.
    Thanks so much for watching, please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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Comments • 4

  • Mark Metcalfe
    Mark Metcalfe 8 months ago +2

    Mate your getting so many views on these videos that’s great news :) I always like the style of the podcast did you come up across any more problems? Your channel is going to fly soon dude.

    • JVicPro
      JVicPro  8 months ago

      Mark Metcalfe thanks soo much!!! We are having fun with it for sure. I work so much and enjoy my job. So I decided to start incorporating it into some of the videos.
      Only issues lately are mobile power. We have this new idea to go fully mobile. And do these conversations anywhere. Like at the beach, in the woods, on a bridge lol. Anywhere. So that’s coming up!! Stay tuned

  • Daniel Debenham
    Daniel Debenham 8 months ago +2

    Great podcast bro. Love this new set up. Looks really slick.

  • JVicPro
    JVicPro  8 months ago +2

    Had lots of fun with this one. Please leave a comment or question below.