Hands All Over - Maroon 5 - (Lyrics)

  • Published on Oct 24, 2010
  • Maroon 5 - Hands All Over - (Lyrics)

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  • Melody Rose
    Melody Rose 6 months ago

    Despite the heavy rapist vibe this song has, I somehow like this song. It has a good beat, the singer is great, and again, despite the very rapey lyrics, it's somehow catchy.

  • Christy Hand
    Christy Hand 7 months ago

    I love your song

  • tiffany nathasingh
    tiffany nathasingh 9 months ago

    will u

  • Amanie Tingle
    Amanie Tingle Year ago

    I liked this Maroon 5 song it was great it really was.

  • Derpy Pigeon
    Derpy Pigeon Year ago +1

    Maroon 5 and Coldplay are my favorite bands ❤️

  • Tanner Sharp
    Tanner Sharp 3 years ago

    He copied this off of soundgarden

    • Mer Feraine
      Mer Feraine Year ago

      Tanner Sharp nope. Are you familiar with their work as Kara's Flowers? It was heavily influenced by Tool. Same goes here but with Soundgarden, not copying

  • Jordan Sanchez
    Jordan Sanchez 3 years ago

    I'm 13

  • Alana LoCicero
    Alana LoCicero 3 years ago +8

    Haha I found this because of the show Medium

  • CatLuvrs54
    CatLuvrs54 4 years ago +9

    *reads over comments* Okay, I feel the need to apologize to the youtuber nice enough to put this video up due to certain people on here who are doing nothing but using the comments to pick fights and harass others, because I know they won't. Now really people... I'm 14. Would you (namely LOLturtles) stop acting like children? Please? If anyone on here would act like a three year old you would think it to me because I'm closer to the age, but no, it's the adults.

  • Mr myers
    Mr myers 4 years ago +2


  • Paula Monforte
    Paula Monforte 4 years ago


  • Lisa Yinger
    Lisa Yinger 4 years ago +3

    My 2 favorite bands are big time rush and maroon 5

  • Livi Knowles
    Livi Knowles 5 years ago +56

    Anyone else miss this maroon 5?

    • Sani ____
      Sani ____ Year ago

      Don't we all? This stuff is actually really good compared to what they are doing now.

    • Daniel Kostov
      Daniel Kostov 5 years ago +6

      Waaaaay too much. They should stop being so generic. I like the new album but it has nothing on the band sound.

  • sofia alejandra
    sofia alejandra 6 years ago +7

    I wouldn't need to be asked twice if Adam told me to put my hands all over him.

  • Vodka is Love
    Vodka is Love 6 years ago +1

    Adam,..you're the first thing I think of when I hear the word "sexy"

  • Marina Hayes
    Marina Hayes 6 years ago +6

    I lesbian, and I would..

  • Rilie Beatty
    Rilie Beatty 6 years ago

    He doesn't need to ask at all!

  • ChickenBackflip
    ChickenBackflip 6 years ago

    He would mind...

  • Farijan Akbar
    Farijan Akbar 6 years ago

    Mantap (Y)

  • Kylie Checker
    Kylie Checker 6 years ago +3

    If I could sing any song to Adam, it would be this one, and Id mean every word. PLEASE ADAM PUT YOUR HANDS ALL OVER ME.

  • Sadie Jade
    Sadie Jade 6 years ago


  • Sadie Jade
    Sadie Jade 6 years ago

    *question marks DUH!

  • Sadie Jade
    Sadie Jade 6 years ago +2

    Why do the top comments have double the exclamation points as the last????????

  • GE H
    GE H 6 years ago +1

    Just cause' Adam say so (8

  • Charlie cuccinella
    Charlie cuccinella 7 years ago +1


  • Amorn Srichawla
    Amorn Srichawla 7 years ago +1

    why is adam so good he is the best singer and this is the best song...

  • Katherine Velasquez
    Katherine Velasquez 7 years ago +2

    he's 33

  • LPsJello
    LPsJello 7 years ago +1

    Who wouldn't wanna live with you . put hands all over you, or walk with you? o;

  • sizzfizz1
    sizzfizz1 7 years ago +1

    I sooooooooooooooooooooo wanna :)
    lovre to do dat.... any time adam

  • sizzfizz1
    sizzfizz1 7 years ago

    who doesnt want to put their hands all over adam sux to da core... id luv to do dat hottie :)

  • melsuar
    melsuar 7 years ago +1

    a straight guy... lol i think even a straight guy wouldn't mind

  • k.d
    k.d 7 years ago +1

    With pleasure :3

  • heartsonfireao
    heartsonfireao 7 years ago +2

    Yeahhh #1 He is NOT 40 and #2 I DON'T care...122 people want to put their hands all over him so.....

  • Colby Tommo
    Colby Tommo 7 years ago


  • Colby Tommo
    Colby Tommo 7 years ago +2

    well since he's like 40 and still looking good, NOBODY!

  • AntheaGblr
    AntheaGblr 7 years ago

    Me, for instance. and no, I'm not lesbian.

  • MilagrosCastanares
    MilagrosCastanares 7 years ago

    Que cancion mas canchee

  • sammy hane
    sammy hane 7 years ago

    Actually there are plenty of men to put their hands all over Adam.... he is just that sexy!! !;)

  • Kai Mcclary
    Kai Mcclary 7 years ago

    My ears are being RAPED!!!

  • erinelizabethstahl
    erinelizabethstahl 7 years ago

    Whatever you say Adam.....:)

  • MrsLCSforever
    MrsLCSforever 7 years ago

    not my fave but still sexy;P

  • MrsLCSforever
    MrsLCSforever 7 years ago

    any girl with eyes and half a brain!!!!!

  • robyne felton
    robyne felton 7 years ago

    I feel free to say turtle do you need some ice for that burn

  • heartsonfireao
    heartsonfireao 7 years ago

    Well obviously if you are a man, you wouldn't want to. It was a question for the women......

  • Tracy Gibson
    Tracy Gibson 7 years ago

    When I listen to this song all I think about is putting my hands all over Adam Levine.

  • Samissoawsome
    Samissoawsome 7 years ago

    69 likes :D

  • heartsonfireao
    heartsonfireao 7 years ago

    It doesn't matter how many views you got. TheXvid is just a website. So you got a million views, do you want a prize? It doesn't work like that. And oh, you're trying to throw college into this? I went to college buddy. And nobody honestly cares about Clay Aiken. I refuse to go through all the trouble to get a new screen name. And I do feel pretty damn special. You can't tell me how to feel. That university must have not taught you much, at my college, they taught us to respect other people.

  • LOLturtles
    LOLturtles 7 years ago

    nope, you're not allowed to feel special. however i do have videos with thousands of views, and one with hundreds of thousands of views. i get plenty of likes too. im sorry that my university didn't teach me about the importance of clay aiken and his sexuality is in my college classes.

  • heartsonfireao
    heartsonfireao 7 years ago

    If you were as smart as you thought you were, then you would know that Clay Aiken IS gay. And 47 people liked my comment huh?...well tell me this, how many people liked yours? Oh, whats the number before 1? Exactly. So, I feel pretty special, if that is okay with you. I really don't care if you like turtles or not. This video is about Maroon 5. Why don't you go make fun of someone else's name? All you can say is "Clay Aiken sucks, he's gay, he sounds like a girl" Thats ALL you can say.

  • LOLturtles
    LOLturtles 7 years ago

    I know i'm really smart, thank you. However, my name is not about "Turtles", but it is about "turtles". I disagree, I think turtles are pretty cute. Also, only 47/164k people liked your comment, so don't feel so special that people agree with you. I think clay aiken is gay.

  • heartsonfireao
    heartsonfireao 7 years ago

    You are SO brilliant...(not) Your name is about Turtles...am I making fun of that? Turtles are nasty and ugly, just like your attitude. Obviously, if you looked instead of complaining, you'd see that I am a girl. Grow the hell up dude..or are you a dude? How does that feel? You dont like it much do you? Exactly/. And most of these people must not care, cause I'm one of the top comments. How do ya like them apples?

  • LOLturtles
    LOLturtles 7 years ago

    says "clay aiken lover 08"

  • Barney Blood
    Barney Blood 7 years ago

    Erm, no. i'm a guy.

  • Maria Luisa Andreev
    Maria Luisa Andreev 7 years ago

    ooooh dear, adam levine you're soo screwed

  • Marisol Corral
    Marisol Corral 7 years ago

    this would be a perfect stripper song...just saying :P

  • Shannon Ransom
    Shannon Ransom 7 years ago

    Exactly! My friend asked me if I knew it and I said no (I saw that episode one time three years ago) and as soon as it played I was probably more creeped out then I ever have been. But it was a great show and this is a great song so that's kind of upsetting.

  • iyamverysmrt
    iyamverysmrt 7 years ago

    ohh shit 666 likes i guess i better like this

  • Brittney Carr
    Brittney Carr 7 years ago

    Such a catchy and sexy little tune!

  • Sierra Edmondson
    Sierra Edmondson 7 years ago

    I think 4 people are just jealous that they cant have someones hands all over them...

  • GoldenSymbiote
    GoldenSymbiote 7 years ago +1

    Well if you had read the title before clicking then you wouldnt have had to come on here and insult this music... i mean really whats the point?