AMAZING All You Can Eat SEAFOOD Buffet in Singapore!

  • Published on Sep 22, 2017
  • I stayed at the W hotel in Singapore's Sentosa Island and went to this INSANE seafood buffet. Highlights were definitely the tandoori lobster and bucket of crabs!
    Note: The seafood from the Heart Buffet is only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
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  • palli12345
    palli12345 Day ago

    great.. I m going to eat my lentil soup...bye

  • Benedict Voon
    Benedict Voon Day ago

    6000 calories per meal.

  • Kristopher Lopez
    Kristopher Lopez 2 days ago

    Can I just travel with you to try all this? It's so mouth watering😍😍😍

  • Kelly Kelly
    Kelly Kelly 17 days ago

    Wow, I'm watching this eating my shitty $2 mi gorang noodles imaging im at the buffet. Places like this could turn me into those 600 pound life people. How could you stop lol

  • Antoinette Thwaites
    Antoinette Thwaites 18 days ago

    He works out everyday. That’s the only way he can eat like that and stay trim...

  • Lisa & Tricia's Singapore Foodie TV

    This buffet looks good!

  • hans-georg theis
    hans-georg theis 21 day ago

    du frisst wie ein schwein

  • Shannon Berger
    Shannon Berger 24 days ago

    Watching you eat all the diversity of foods has encouraged me to step out of my comfort foods zone. I become so happy and laugh with every video. It's a daily treat for me. I'm trying kimchi for the first time today. It's good! I want so badly to travel to Japan, Singapore, and South Korea for starters just to taste the amazing and mindblowing foods on your must try list. Thank you Mikey! Many blessings for a happy and healthy long life. Ooh, also look forward to watching and learning from your cooking videos. I need to locate some awesome Asian stores for ingredients. Love from California 🍜🍡🥟🍚🍘🍣🍤🍢

  • miyubail
    miyubail 26 days ago

    That first drink with colorful lit cube is fantastic!!

  • pototo
    pototo 27 days ago

    mikey just ate more crabs and lobsters in one night than i have in all my years of living.

  • barbie rimando
    barbie rimando 27 days ago

    it's unusual for me to see someone who sneezes when they are FULL..most just burp a lot..and i find it funny when you try to control it when you sneeze..

  • Mary Baker
    Mary Baker Month ago

    Your videos are so cool.

  • Suth Truong
    Suth Truong Month ago

    This lamb is so soft, I'm pretty sure it works for Serta. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gordon Graff
    Gordon Graff Month ago +1

    Booking tickets now

  • Cynthia Cynch
    Cynthia Cynch Month ago

    How much is the buffet?

  • Quack Fouur
    Quack Fouur Month ago

    Central american, and oceandia cuisine only

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey Month ago +1

    You go round the World for your holiday and enjoy your foods there is the best foods in the world you love any of them thank you for sharing your beautiful foods enjoy your holiday there thank you

  • Joe Mac
    Joe Mac 2 months ago

    at 4:19i gave a thumb down

  • Papa5murf1
    Papa5murf1 2 months ago

    If this Buffet was in Vegas, all the casino buffets would go out of business.

  • carmgc
    carmgc 2 months ago +1

    i love that "yakisoba w/ egg" bite! im jealous right now mike ^^

  • Ash Wynn
    Ash Wynn 2 months ago

    Mike how do you afford to eat so well?

  • raven scott
    raven scott 2 months ago

    eat more, you are not eating fast enough for me. eat , eat.

    DARKBEAST 2 months ago

    Instead of crab i hear crap

  • Hate goo gle
    Hate goo gle 2 months ago

    Alright. I quit. The "music" just ruins the world. Is it produced buy some guy who is drunk, was just hit by a bus and feels like he has to play that 1978 Kimball automatic organ one last time with broken fingers before he bleeds out? I will mute and read subtitles.

  • George Paulsen
    George Paulsen 2 months ago


  • David Golinsky
    David Golinsky 3 months ago

    This cat and Randy Santel should have a good eating contest.

  • GreyGamer
    GreyGamer 3 months ago

    I wonder how you eat so much and look the same. Its amazing.

  • Lazerbeam1710 Icu
    Lazerbeam1710 Icu 3 months ago

    Who would win one seafood buffet or one hungry boi

  • Renee Fern
    Renee Fern 3 months ago

    Puts all foods together, calls self genius XD EVERY VIDEO MIKE EVERY SINGLE ONE

  • CiciVlogz
    CiciVlogz 3 months ago

    Your faces when you first bite into something always throw me off 😂

  • Gavin star
    Gavin star 3 months ago

    You should get ya drink on !

  • jade vong
    jade vong 3 months ago +1

    hello mike , you should eat only all you can eat buffet can fit in your stomach, your head is bigger then your stomach. good video

  • JC
    JC 3 months ago

    Lucky me, I already have tickets to Singapore... and now I will call and reserve a spot at the buffet! Thank you, Mike.

  • Booger Uppercut
    Booger Uppercut 3 months ago

    Drink every time Mike's eyes roll back into his head and shakes his head as he takes a bite out of anything.

  • andi artono
    andi artono 3 months ago

    Oh crab, its a crab !!!!

  • chronosjust
    chronosjust 4 months ago

    do u film all by yourself, or do u have a cameraman and an editor?

  • arifandres69
    arifandres69 4 months ago

    Is this place only for hotel guest only? And if not, cost for adult?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Little Dotti
    Little Dotti 4 months ago

    be a sweetheart and make a plate for me.... 8 oysters, 2x lobsters, half plate of crab meat, 6 mussels, 3x sushi rolls cheers

  • Spagett Boot
    Spagett Boot 4 months ago

    Awwww man i got there Arnd 2 weeks a time and the consistency is always the same

  • Yutube SuspendedMyAccount

    Im not a fan of buffet but this looks delicious. This is how buffets should be in Vegas. Not the food they would feed to farm animals that they serve their.

  • MsRwong
    MsRwong 4 months ago

    You are not a plump person - but how could you eat so much food in one sitting?

  • Debs B
    Debs B 4 months ago

    watching this while i eat instant noodles 😅

  • troy le
    troy le 4 months ago +1

    Okay, I watched all or most of your videos. You barely criticize any food that are not worth eating. I went to some of the restaurants you said was a must go. Some of the foods are not anywhere near as good as you describe. I must be hard to please, or you are way too easy Chan.

  • Dee8Bee
    Dee8Bee 4 months ago

    Did Martin just give us the English middle finger?

  • Traveler Ni
    Traveler Ni 5 months ago

    how much?

  • Optiic
    Optiic 5 months ago

    7:06 looking at his facial expressions. Good? No Bad? Good? Yeah good.

  • Rhonda Heggs
    Rhonda Heggs 5 months ago

    That food looked insane meaning good!!!!!

  • Rachel king
    Rachel king 5 months ago

    I’m so hungry 😩

    ARTEMIS 5 months ago

    4:26 spongebob made that crabby burger 😂

  • Panda Digital Love
    Panda Digital Love 5 months ago

    Talented chefs are especially hired to service the fifthy rich Asians of Singapore. Singapore's trade to GDP ratio is among the highest in the world. If look at small size of this nation.

  • Novex Vi
    Novex Vi 5 months ago

    He ate 25% of the buffet

  • Sadie Perez
    Sadie Perez 5 months ago

    Cause noodles can't run lol

  • Collin Webster
    Collin Webster 5 months ago

    Time stamp 4:20

  • Millie Coady-Booth
    Millie Coady-Booth 6 months ago

    6:20 lmao

  • Nur Fazleen
    Nur Fazleen 6 months ago

    Nasi lemak lollipop?
    Wow i wonder the taste

  • Alan Au
    Alan Au 6 months ago

    If you are a professional buffet eater, you refrain from ALL the starchy items (pasta/noodles, rice, bread, etc., no matter how good they may be) and focus on the real stuff like shellfish and specialty meat dishes. I am so convinced that it is worth an airplane ticket to go to Singapore just to eat, because of the diversity of cuisines.

  • Lynda Lee
    Lynda Lee 6 months ago

    Omg I eat kosher. Now I wish I didn't LOL 😅

  • Radhika Nand
    Radhika Nand 6 months ago

    How much did you pay?

  • susan randall
    susan randall 6 months ago

    i love seafood and watching your great video,s mikey you make it so fun to watch :)

  • ED K
    ED K 6 months ago

    By looking the sunlight, I assume he eat in this place from morning to evening 😂