Why You Don't Own Your Tech | Adam Ruins Everything

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 5 508

  • Almond Juice
    Almond Juice 2 days ago

    Welcome to the Dark Side. Build your own pc, mod your xbox, buy and root an Android, crack all of your applications, or just install Linux and skip all that bullshit. There is always a way around the restrictions they have placed on you. Nothing proprietary can't be jailbroken, rooted, hacked, or tinkered with if you have enough determination, you just have to know where to look. Or you can just go the legal open-source route. That works too.

  • 0121_ steve
    0121_ steve 2 days ago

    3:51 Amy?!

  • 0121_ steve
    0121_ steve 2 days ago

    3:51 Amy??

  • Greg Patt
    Greg Patt 3 days ago

    She's a lesbian...

  • Illustrious13
    Illustrious13 4 days ago

    One big issue with this idea -- licensing isn't leasing. What these companies protect by licensing their software is their ownership of the copyrights to that software. This is because it could be deduced that selling a piece of technology with proprietary software may open a legal loophole if language within the purchasing contract didn't protect that companies right to the software. Without it, private citizens could claim ownership of the software within the technology they purchased and resell it without the company having a viable legal argument in their own defense.

    However, the shutting down of a device to use or maintenance deemed inappropriate is awful and I definitely agree that companies shouldn't have the power to dictate ~how~ you use or take care of your device.

  • Rs2187
    Rs2187 5 days ago

    Don’t touch my tractor!

  • Ashley Sparksy
    Ashley Sparksy 5 days ago

    My Mom works for Apple customer care and she can confirm all of it, at least on the Apple part. People beg for new phones like she can just give them for free. Its ridiculous how much they charge for repairs.

  • Sami Official
    Sami Official 5 days ago

    Poor horse :(

  • Nikolay Ivankov
    Nikolay Ivankov 7 days ago

    Pretty darn accurate. HP sells you a printer for $80, and then charges $20 for each cartridge. And one you install a used cartridge, your warranty expires. And you know what? I'm never buying a single piece of... HP hardware any time in my life.

  • Megan Tabatadze
    Megan Tabatadze 8 days ago

    4:00 ugly Betty looking like a snack

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins 8 days ago

    Man, Adam can even make COMPUTERS feel uncomfortable with facts. Also... kinda ironic that Adam, who goes over every single fact, literally waved away her terms and conditions with a ‘sure, whatever.’ Know it’s a gag, I’m just being a dick.

  • slothfulcobra
    slothfulcobra 10 days ago

    It's basically like this for every big industry. If companies are big enough to exert mass authority, they'll abuse it.

  • spybubbble
    spybubbble 10 days ago

    Wait, is he a man or woman?

  • the guy
    the guy 10 days ago

    Let's be honest Adam bought her just for sex

  • Xolani Mathaba
    Xolani Mathaba 10 days ago

    I’m from African and we own our oxes and their software
    We eat then after they finish their work

  • Xolani Mathaba
    Xolani Mathaba 10 days ago +1

    I’m from African and we own our oxes and their software
    We eat then after they finish their work

  • Kamallistic Kids
    Kamallistic Kids 12 days ago

    Is the special guest a boy or a girl I can’t tell

  • Fabian Fuchs
    Fabian Fuchs 12 days ago

    The VW emission scandal is just a big hoax that only you Americans seem to believe in truth they only changed it for 0,59 percent
    Your American cars are way deadlyer

  • Hyper 625
    Hyper 625 13 days ago

    3:53 what that thing

  • ZerøWire
    ZerøWire 14 days ago

    The reason why they have you agree to the License Agreements is for profit, restricts modifications, protection over the products and to make sure your not affecting others products. The reason for profit is cause when you buy the product and it breaks cause of you they want you to come back to the store for the repairs. The restictions for modifications isn't a tech thing it been a thing for a lot of other products such as guns and cars and cars being to restrict people to having more powerful engines then police do. The protection over the products works with the modification cause say if you tinkered with your phone and broke the cooling part of it, your phone would start to burn up and kill it's self thats why they shut it down. Last is the protection from you affecting others stuff is hackers or theift cause if they let anybody change the person phone and get past the locks then you might as well have your wallet open to others that is what the License Agreements is about.

  • Shooty Taco
    Shooty Taco 14 days ago

    1984 and animal farm actually were the first books i bought as e books

  • Augustas Grumblys
    Augustas Grumblys 14 days ago

    Doesn't anyone think that Adam is like a god, because he can bend reality and time ?

  • Mido
    Mido 15 days ago +1

    Well Android is better that way cuz it's open source and u own the hardware

  • Aisha Rose
    Aisha Rose 16 days ago

    I’ve fixed my iPhone myself like a hundred times...

  • NuToons
    NuToons 17 days ago

    I thought that was Hitchcock

  • Riley Bird
    Riley Bird 17 days ago

    Was that a man or a woman ?

  • knotsandcrosses1
    knotsandcrosses1 17 days ago

    I use open source software for my OS... media stuff, well, that's... fixable.

  • The Angry Shober
    The Angry Shober 18 days ago

    3:15 "Big Tech" you sound like an anti vaxxer.

  • Oxman 7077
    Oxman 7077 18 days ago +8

    A horse with a virus? Must be a trojan horse XD

    • Oxman 7077
      Oxman 7077 12 days ago

      @Chali tillakaratne Thank you, I go to bed hating myself every night

    • Chali tillakaratne
      Chali tillakaratne 12 days ago

      That's impressively bad. Good job.

  • machine gunn
    machine gunn 18 days ago


  • giles852002
    giles852002 19 days ago

    When the BBC Digital Store shut down they refunded all digital purchases.

  • Zedd
    Zedd 19 days ago

    Didn’t realize Mrs. Jenner was a lawyer 🤔

  • michaelgamer60 .DLC.
    michaelgamer60 .DLC. 20 days ago

    How about samsung?

  • Jailee Studio
    Jailee Studio 21 day ago


  • charliebotting
    charliebotting 21 day ago

    Hitler and his cars eh?

  • supaman321123
    supaman321123 21 day ago +5

    Big Tech needs to be broken up. These monopolies have become too powerful.

  • Miner 15101
    Miner 15101 22 days ago

    That robot has a button on the side of its face
    *Detroit: Become Ruined*

  • Forrest Patterson
    Forrest Patterson 22 days ago

    The power ultimately falls to the consumer though, if enough people just dont by those products then the company has to shut down or change their practices. Can't sell when no one is buying

  • Natplzye Gaming
    Natplzye Gaming 23 days ago

    4:56 Detroit become human

  • daniel brown
    daniel brown 23 days ago

    Problem solved don't buy a crapple.

  • teknowafel sam
    teknowafel sam 23 days ago

    It's really just apple.

  • rayblack2004
    rayblack2004 26 days ago +1

    Is Kit a man or a woman?

  • Natsu Dragnell
    Natsu Dragnell 26 days ago +2

    2:36 brah the irony🤣🤣

  • Batman
    Batman 27 days ago

    Had to mention Apple even though Samsung does the same thing.

  • ultimate shota
    ultimate shota 27 days ago

    at least android let's you fix your own screen

  • Dakota M.
    Dakota M. 28 days ago +1

    3:52 is that a man or woman, i say man

  • Vary beig Losore
    Vary beig Losore 28 days ago

    Bruh my phone’s iOS is so damn old I could fix my phone screen with generic parts and it still wouldn’t reset I’m to lazy to update it

  • Harold The fat prick
    Harold The fat prick 28 days ago

    Now you do not touch a mans tractor

  • A glass of wataaa
    A glass of wataaa 29 days ago

    Anyone else thought if the hologram was a guy or a girl😂

  • Alex Maxwell
    Alex Maxwell Month ago

    Cory is the house

  • Niks Ostrovskis
    Niks Ostrovskis Month ago +1

    Just reinstall windows.

  • LazyBones
    LazyBones Month ago

    Eh just means I need to mod the software with a virus

  • Rohima Miah
    Rohima Miah Month ago

    She looks like Amy from big bang.

  • hayden rice
    hayden rice Month ago

    What's with the scary transgender near the end of the vid

  • Igor Ordecha
    Igor Ordecha Month ago

    idk how things are in usa but in eu if you bought the device you have full right to mess with software. iOS jailbreaking is legal, hackintoshes are legal no matter what licence agreement says. You can also put CFW(custom firmware) on ps3 if you dont play pirated games. You only put free software on your hardware.

    • Igor Ordecha
      Igor Ordecha Month ago

      and gdpr... it's annoying af, but you can disagree with privacy politics and you'll be still capable of running software.

  • Insomniac Hart
    Insomniac Hart Month ago +2

    We re not free gentleman... Slowly the world of 1984 is growing but not through governments.... But through companies... This needs to stop now... Unless youd rather raise your wrists for some nice e-shackles...

  • Will Makela
    Will Makela Month ago +1

    Ha! Video games don’t do this!

  • or4nge 408
    or4nge 408 Month ago

    3:47 ewwwww what tf is that

  • Andrew Marklowitz
    Andrew Marklowitz Month ago

    Actaully this is false supreme court ruling states otherwise,

  • svenm sandity
    svenm sandity Month ago

    Tech does serve the greater good its all a matter of how you use them

  • caeden V
    caeden V Month ago

    All nebraskan are farmers and ride horses prove me wrong

  • John_Lick1
    John_Lick1 Month ago

    Thank goodness i built. My pc

  • somebody nobody
    somebody nobody Month ago

    I love this show but when they said that VW car emmision were estimated to have caused 59 premature deaths that waaay over the top. Almost propoganda levels of over the top.

  • WolfJarl
    WolfJarl Month ago

    Ayn Rand 101: Screwing people over as much as possible puts you on the moral right. Despite Rand not even believing in the concept of morals. (She was a very inconsistent lady.)

  • XxImmortal HoovyxX
    XxImmortal HoovyxX Month ago +1

    *AHEM* *AHEM* discount Janet *AHEM* *AHEM*

  • Tobiasz Czarnota
    Tobiasz Czarnota Month ago

    I am going to talk to Apple about this! That is, if I could somehow meet them.

  • SP_potatoes Man
    SP_potatoes Man Month ago

    Adam just made a mistake you could actually fix your own crack screen or problem on your device

  • Hz RBLX
    Hz RBLX Month ago +5

    Thank God I use an android with a custom aosp rom 👀

  • HenThaiTea
    HenThaiTea Month ago

    Anyone confused if that was a man or a woman?

    • the guy
      the guy 10 days ago

      It's called an ugly woman

  • Bomb Comics
    Bomb Comics Month ago +3

    3:46 Trap alert

  • Hastur 3333
    Hastur 3333 Month ago

    Haha, rekt, I'm a tech-savy dude, aka the only technology I own either runs GNU/Linux or is an old-school lock

  • jollyman423
    jollyman423 Month ago

    Well, tech companies don’t even have control of their own tech at this point because apple’s iPhone, the most private and hard to crack phone on the market, was hacked into by the government to get some terrorists information even after they asked apple and said no. So at this point I could be watched or listened to by any electronic appliance that is remotely smart.

  • John A2007
    John A2007 2 months ago

    Good thing i have samsung becasue he can gix them easily becasue the case falls off

  • Park Tamaroon
    Park Tamaroon 2 months ago

    I hate when they brick my horse!

  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield 2 months ago

    This dude got exposed on the Joe Rogan podcast

  • Warner
    Warner 2 months ago

    *cough cough* GNU *cough cough*

  • Boi
    Boi 2 months ago

    It's not gonna stop. we just need a more advance government

  • wolverinexo6
    wolverinexo6 2 months ago

    So when I taped the battery cap to the tv controller, I broke a law?

  • lee
    lee 2 months ago

    This is funny cus I don't care about stupid laws. I repair my phone's all I want.

  • Nityc
    Nityc 2 months ago +2

    So if you don’t own your tech, does that mean your tech owns you?

  • Cordron
    Cordron 2 months ago

    Is kit Walsh a man or?...

  • Darth Sideous
    Darth Sideous 2 months ago

    I've been watching a ton of these videos and when I saw the title i legit said Adam ruins everything then realised what I said lol

  • Alfredo Alcantar
    Alfredo Alcantar 2 months ago

    We can’t even fix are own 🚗 too sad

  • Lord Inquisitor John
    Lord Inquisitor John 2 months ago +1

    So uh sources or what? I would like to read such sources for the information in this video.

  • Советская Россия

    Your devices (private property.) Won't be private anymore? ☭

  • PRANKMaster XD
    PRANKMaster XD 2 months ago

    I don't have an iPhone

  • Mecabuyte
    Mecabuyte 2 months ago

    0:07 Detroit: Become Human anyone?

  • Jeff Brehove
    Jeff Brehove 2 months ago +5

    I'm not sure if confiscating 1984 is "irony"... it's definitely an analogy and I'm sure that isn't lost on him either.

  • ZACK Gaming
    ZACK Gaming 2 months ago

    Guys switch to Samsung or android

  • Iraq Fuckin CountryBall

    *just threw the phone in the toilet*

  • Zesty Salad
    Zesty Salad 2 months ago

    Holy shit!

    America has problems.

  • Derby Mods
    Derby Mods 2 months ago +2

    My e-reader just got it's 2nd store disabled

  • Egg
    Egg 2 months ago

    Nah Tractors here im cyprus r fine

  • Mocha Bear
    Mocha Bear 2 months ago

    Every time you wear these glasses in front of somebody else, you pay a "we see" fee.

  • TheCHNation
    TheCHNation 2 months ago +2

    Anyone heard of the Magnuson-Moss warranty act of 1975?

    • Adrian F. Long
      Adrian F. Long Month ago

      Yeah, it says that they can't void your warranty if you use aftermarket parts, unless the company offers those parts for free.

  • Skye
    Skye 2 months ago

    This is why I own an Android and I built my own computer

  • RedstoneManiac
    RedstoneManiac 2 months ago +1

    According to a legal case that happened not too long ago, yes you do indeed have the right to repair your device

  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules 2 months ago

    Why does she have a deep voice lol 😂

    • Nether Train
      Nether Train 2 months ago

      do you know what, transgender choice is?

  • Lol
    Lol 2 months ago

    That black person is very unattractive

  • Christopher Collins Record co.