• Published on Oct 29, 2010
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  • Star Ghost
    Star Ghost 5 months ago +1

    La voz más gruesa que mi verga...
    Ah re que se dice grave xd

  • The Masked Mysadaean
    The Masked Mysadaean 3 years ago +1

    For me, I feared loud noises. I often had nightmares about loud sounds, and while I'm not nearly as jumpy as I used to be about the subject, loud noises still kinda spook me. In any case; you could've (And still can) walk up behind me, yell at the top of your lungs and get a jumping result instantaneously, as anyone who knows me personally has used for their own personal entertainment.

  • Tyrone Baziniak
    Tyrone Baziniak 4 years ago

    It sounds like president Eden.... Fuck you enclave

  • zach wilson
    zach wilson 4 years ago +1

    your voice is a gift of god great singing and i would never listen to this poem but you made it sound good
    My fear as a child hmm so many to pick from my 10th worst fear tis has come thru was being alone
    another fear is bullies i feared them but i never got bullied psychically mentally sure i think they where afraid to get psychical because i was a big child

  • ISethirothI
    ISethirothI 4 years ago +4

    You have a great reading voice

  • Brony Guy
    Brony Guy 4 years ago

    I was afraid of spiders when I was small. Like any sane child should be. I continue to fear spiders to this day, as any sane person should.

  • angel rodriguez
    angel rodriguez 5 years ago +1


  • Sarah McSwain
    Sarah McSwain 5 years ago

    When I was a child, I was afraid to walk by sewer drains... cause I seen the movie "It" when I was very very young....self explanatory.

  • Sarah McSwain
    Sarah McSwain 5 years ago +2

    love Edgar Allan Poe. You sound amazing...and quite sexy :)

  • TheShadowOfMadness
    TheShadowOfMadness 5 years ago

    I was afraid of cannibals. I had a nightmare once about me and my grandpa running away from cannibals, and then they ate him. Probably because my mother read me a book about a cannibal who ate a bunch of children when I was 5. Thanks alot, mom!

  • Ian Cochrane
    Ian Cochrane 5 years ago +1

    I was afraid of losing my parents

  • ancilodon
    ancilodon 5 years ago +5

    Tay should have a separate channel just for E.A.P. readings. I'd subscribe.

  • Carbon Cross
    Carbon Cross 5 years ago +1

    Mr. Bojangles.....

  • Traveler
    Traveler 5 years ago

    I was afraid I would be forever bound by realistic rules, physical laws and mortal boundaries. My nightmare became truth, and now I live in that which I always feared.

  • Sam XXI
    Sam XXI 5 years ago

    I was afraid of grass!!! XD Nice videos I love your voice! :-)

  • Krzysiekoy
    Krzysiekoy 5 years ago

    Could you do some Robert Frost's poetry? Road not taken perhaps?

  • updog
    updog 5 years ago

    can you do the introduction to number of the beast by iron maiden?

  • Brian O'Connell
    Brian O'Connell 5 years ago


  • ManiacsWorld
    ManiacsWorld 5 years ago

    The wind. I couldn't even breathe on windows, I was afraid that the wind would pick up because of that.

  • UncommonReality
    UncommonReality 5 years ago


  • PyroRoadScout
    PyroRoadScout 5 years ago

    the dark

  • Adam Elbahouty
    Adam Elbahouty 6 years ago

    I was always afraid of being caught by scary ghosts lurking in the dark at night.

  • JOSH white
    JOSH white 6 years ago

    ...is it just me or ... dose tay sound like and remind me of morgan freeman.

  • TheReaderOfBooks
    TheReaderOfBooks 6 years ago

    My mother used to tell my brothers and I horrible, horrible stories of children who died in rather unconventional ways. The one that had most impact was that of a little girl playing in a Jacuzzi. While she was playing, her bottom got caught on the intake of the suction valve and her internal organs were sucked out through her rectum. All of that happened with her parents there, not understanding what was happening until after the fact. So...I was afraid of having my insides be vacated by force.

  • Maxwell Lundquist
    Maxwell Lundquist 6 years ago

    Clowns and the dark

  • ArcticFirepixy
    ArcticFirepixy 6 years ago

    Is anyone else thinking thriller?

  • LizzthegeEK
    LizzthegeEK 6 years ago

    I was afraid of ants. I had really creepy nightmares about them that are actually hilarious looking back on them. XD

  • Javier Gonzalez
    Javier Gonzalez 6 years ago

    the basement at night

  • Will A
    Will A 6 years ago

    Bees. Freakin bees with their buzzing. "Buzz buzz" don't give me that crap we all know you're here to make me feel the pain with your freakin stinger.

  • Will A
    Will A 6 years ago


  • jenez šeberle
    jenez šeberle 6 years ago

    The darknes

  • Paul Sawina
    Paul Sawina 6 years ago

    Spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders spiders

  • Alina Coronado
    Alina Coronado 6 years ago

    I'm reciting this poem for English class!!!

  • Wesley Seifers
    Wesley Seifers 6 years ago

    Giant legos

  • Ellena Mackay
    Ellena Mackay 6 years ago

    Clowns, Dark, and theme park rides that are like the Tower of Terror in Disneyland Paris, I still am scared of clowns and those rides but not the dark any more XD

  • David Chynoweth
    David Chynoweth 6 years ago

    The dark I still am afraid of the dark

  • Jonathan Francis
    Jonathan Francis 6 years ago

    Sory try to be a pout I gent do the thing

  • Jonathan Francis
    Jonathan Francis 6 years ago

    The darkness of not knowing erver gong why not?

  • Dman Dboy
    Dman Dboy 6 years ago

    for what i could become

  • Dman Dboy
    Dman Dboy 6 years ago

    as a child i was scared of myself

  • Sara Snyder
    Sara Snyder 6 years ago

    When I was a child I was afraid if my brother Jason going into an elevator without me or my parents and never hearing from him again.

  • Frodo Bagnins
    Frodo Bagnins 6 years ago

    The invisible man* when i was six had a dream of a man that came out of mirrors invisble

  • Frodo Bagnins
    Frodo Bagnins 6 years ago

    The man that kept going in my room and trying to grab me and take me somewhere

  • julian garcia
    julian garcia 6 years ago

    it the clown

  • BooomBooom97
    BooomBooom97 6 years ago

    The............... dark!!!

  • yuukiflow
    yuukiflow 6 years ago

    you should do a "this is halloween song so much :D

  • MimiMoonstone
    MimiMoonstone 6 years ago

    This is my favourite Poe poem! Awesome :D

  • sebastianaraque354
    sebastianaraque354 6 years ago

    Your voice is Cool win you read that poem

  • Kai Guingona
    Kai Guingona 6 years ago

    The Dark.;/ LOL still to this day. Like this post if your still afraid of the dark;)

  • Andrew Berman
    Andrew Berman 6 years ago

    Òi was afraid of well I grew up with guns snoot much but I was afraid of war I was afraid that the pursuit of peace was to much that happiness was extinct and the will of a single man could change history

  • Fernando Muniz
    Fernando Muniz 6 years ago

    Im kinda 2 years late, but I used to be VERY, VERY, VERY SCARED FROM MOTHS D;

  • Голдвин Джозеф мессия Герман

    To be honest I dont know what I was afraid of as a Child clowns I guess cuz clown freak me out !

  • King ZomB
    King ZomB 6 years ago

    Is it me or does he look like ET

  • Joe'slife
    Joe'slife 6 years ago

    Can you do the speach of Vincent Price in Thriller??? =)

  • MadKazZzZzZ
    MadKazZzZzZ 6 years ago

    Fraid of puppets killing

  • Dribin
    Dribin 6 years ago

    Love Edgar Allen Poe, thanks for making this video. When I was a child I nearly drowned which resulted in a fear of swimming til I got older.

  • Saino Masso
    Saino Masso 6 years ago

    Spirits of the Dead is coincidentally one of my top favorite Edgar Allan Poe poems. Anyway, I was afraid of dolls coming to life and killing me (still am).

  • ser gio
    ser gio 6 years ago

    iwas afraid of being aloneninthe dark cause i thought a clown would com and kill me

  • valik595gp
    valik595gp 6 years ago

    Halloween pumpkin leaf bags, not sure why just thought they were gonna eat me

  • Andy Yudiche
    Andy Yudiche 6 years ago

    i was afraid uv being alone in the dark

  • WakfuGuides
    WakfuGuides 6 years ago

    your voice is vibrating my headphones.

  • Vicky Su
    Vicky Su 6 years ago

    ohmygosh yess pleeeassee do triller!

  • Diego M. Ramirez
    Diego M. Ramirez 6 years ago

    Edgar Allan Poe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gah! Omygod, I'm like, having a seizure, I looooooooooooooove Edgar Allan Poe!!!!!!!!!!! I'm subscribing just so I can watch this video over and ooooooooooooooover again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sondre nesvold
    sondre nesvold 6 years ago

    Choclate RAIN! i used to be so scared of that.

  • GOAT
    GOAT 6 years ago


  • Brent Carroll
    Brent Carroll 6 years ago

    dude please start doing audio books you would be great.

  • Eltonjohn219
    Eltonjohn219 6 years ago

    Domt remember what I was scared of as a kid but I was kind of scared of you just now at the end of the video

  • romulusnr
    romulusnr 7 years ago

    Vincent Price's dead skeletal hand just reached out of the ground to shake yours.

  • romulusnr
    romulusnr 7 years ago

    halloween season where you live?
    is it like a different time there? :)

  • Daniel McDonough
    Daniel McDonough 7 years ago

    You should really do "The Raven", it would sound great and i can't find any good readings of it :)

  • WhiteRabbitzz
    WhiteRabbitzz 7 years ago

    I was afraid of werewolves and zombies waiting to eat me in the kitchen at night

  • DJAXX Hz
    DJAXX Hz 7 years ago

    UFO abduction.

  • MrProminance1
    MrProminance1 7 years ago

    I've always been afraid of spiders.

    AZI THE MLG PRO 7 years ago

    wow O_O

  • Tonezone
    Tonezone 7 years ago

    I was afraid of sleeping and dreaming about scary and unimaginable stuff and then waking up in the night when it's almost pitch black and not able to turn the lights on....as the switch was all the way to the other side of the room and being too scared to walk there....thus making every day after that of me thinking about my dream......over and over again!

  • insany281
    insany281 7 years ago

    He will be the new Morgan Freeman

  • Tiara Johnson
    Tiara Johnson 7 years ago

    Clowns and the boogy man.

    PRISM MUSIC 7 years ago

    sound like the guy that narrated the cat in the hat hahah awsome!

  • Cheria Watkins
    Cheria Watkins 7 years ago

    My Phone Just Rang -__- !

  • Lacey H
    Lacey H 7 years ago

    I was afraid of my own imagination. I could choice myself there were horrible monsters just anywhere.

  • Man Baby Steve
    Man Baby Steve 7 years ago

    I was afraid of Ronald McDonald

  • Joshua Baxter
    Joshua Baxter 7 years ago

    The dark

  • RushFanatic87
    RushFanatic87 7 years ago

    He should do this full time as a job! He has the perfect voice for reading mystery and horror books.

  • minimartin3
    minimartin3 7 years ago

    I was afraid of these creatures called the moldies. They were ppl once that got touched by moldies and then became them. they look like giant masses of cottage cheese but all grey and merky. I was terrafied that they would jump out of the toilet when i flushed it. Also i hid under my covers at night cos i thought they got out of the toilet and were walking around the house. If you think im jokeing, im serious. An overactive imagination is not always a good thing.

  • Adam John
    Adam John 7 years ago


  • GnarlyBellyButton
    GnarlyBellyButton 7 years ago

    i was afraid of my telephone -_-

  • frogy2k9
    frogy2k9 7 years ago

    his voice like morgan freeman is audible chocolate.

  • Roleman247
    Roleman247 7 years ago

    @TheBuckyHD lol true that

  • McNasteh P
    McNasteh P 7 years ago

    @Roleman247 yea nothing a buzz saw cant fix...or a 870 with breaching rounds lol

  • Harlen Lansing
    Harlen Lansing 7 years ago

    Dude, chill.
    You're making my sub woofer go crazy.

  • Max7238
    Max7238 7 years ago

    I feared the things I imagined living in the darkest corners of my house. I feared glowing yellow panther eyes I never really saw. I was afraid of, in essence, fear itself.
    But my imagination didn't help :

  • Karen Allen
    Karen Allen 7 years ago

    I was afraid of the dark.

  • ThePhysGun
    ThePhysGun 7 years ago

    @chulo41297 What the hell does "frizzed to death" mean?

  • PinecrestRailroad
    PinecrestRailroad 7 years ago


  • ThePhysGun
    ThePhysGun 7 years ago

    I was afraid that my reflection in the mirror wasn't actually me and was staring at me, plotting against me. You could imagine how scared a 5 year old was when there was a silent scary kid staring at him every time he had to piss.

  • Tobuscus2
    Tobuscus2 7 years ago

    do dynomite

  • Somebody235
    Somebody235 7 years ago

    @Brutaka921 He sounds more like he'd be better for being like Vincent Price.

  • HolySka1991
    HolySka1991 7 years ago

    I Was Of Chucky....Nuff Said

  • TheGlenn8
    TheGlenn8 7 years ago

    I was afraid of whats under my bed
    Somting under my bed made the bed move
    Now i found out my sister was teasing me