Real Madrid ignore Pogba and make Christian Eriksen bid ►Daily News

  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
  • On Today's Daily News - Real Madrid switch transfer targets from Paul Pogba to Christian Eriksen, Solskjaer defends United’s stars, Ancellotti wants James at Napoli, there’s transfer talk from around Europe and we have this weeks great debate!
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    Audio Credit: Ryan Little Music
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Comments • 606

  • Onefootball English
    Onefootball English  Month ago +92

    THE GREAT DEBATE: Who has been the best signing of the summer transfer window so far?

  • Xulio Iglesias Monteagudo

    Maybe 27+Ceballos looks cheap but think that next year expires his contract and he can leave free

  • Cube Meister
    Cube Meister Month ago


  • Finlay McComb
    Finlay McComb Month ago

    De jong

  • Shady Maark
    Shady Maark Month ago

    I still think Dortmund’s signing of Julian Brandt for 25 million euros has been the best transfer in the transfer window so far

  • suarez blanco
    suarez blanco Month ago

    Real Madrid should forget Pogba because he is too expensive and he is not as good as the media makes him look.
    Real Madrid should go for Eriksen and Van de Beek.
    45 million + Ceballos for Eriksen.
    50-60 million for van de Beek or Fabián Ruiz.
    Real Madrid will get two new midfielders for 100-110m. While Pogba alone will cost Madrid 150m.
    Madrid midfielders for next season : Modric, Kroos , Isco, Eriksen, Van de Beek, Casemiro, Valverde.
    Attackers. : Benzema, Hazard, Asensio, Vinicius, Jovic, Brahim, Bale ( Madrid should keep him if they don’t sign Pogba and bale wants to stay at all costs, he can give Madrid depth for the striker role, if benzema or jovic picks up injuries).

  • Sechaba Mosala
    Sechaba Mosala Month ago

    Eden Hazard to real Madrid

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia Month ago


  • peperkid gabriel
    peperkid gabriel Month ago

    Eden Hazard

  • Abdulthagamer
    Abdulthagamer Month ago

    Pogba has the chance to go Barca, he didn’t, now he’s stuck 😩

  • Callam Barfield
    Callam Barfield Month ago


  • Esp1und
    Esp1und Month ago +1


  • GaryGarfield gaming

    Thorgan hazard and Julian Brandt

  • Bennyb
    Bennyb Month ago

    James is a bitch

  • Alessio Sanzari
    Alessio Sanzari Month ago

    Ok pretty certain it's gotta be hazard to Madrid. With him only just hitting his prime and in my opinion the 4th best player in the world. At Madrid he can only grow to get a ballondor

  • Connor Bears
    Connor Bears Month ago

    Arsenal would do well with Mariano Diaz.

  • Ahmed Sharkawy
    Ahmed Sharkawy Month ago

    Felix from Benicia to atm I don’t know the exact amount of money but he was not worth all that money but it is a big step to his career

  • Ahmed Sharkawy
    Ahmed Sharkawy Month ago

    James has a bright future at Napoli or Juve

  • Mayank Alve
    Mayank Alve Month ago

    manolas to napoli for me...him and koulibaly at the back will just be fire!!!!

  • Stefan Trajkovic
    Stefan Trajkovic Month ago

    I think £35M+Dani Ceballos would be a fair deal for both clubs
    My top transfers so far this summer:
    1. Hazard
    2. Ndombele (such a steal)
    3. Joao Felix
    4. De Jong
    5. Your pick

  • clems n
    clems n Month ago


  • Muhammad Malik
    Muhammad Malik Month ago

    I think it is undeniably Hazard
    "Hala Madrid

  • Sheikh Abdullah
    Sheikh Abdullah Month ago

    Absolutely Its Pablo Sarabia

  • Subazh Hazard
    Subazh Hazard Month ago

    Hazard 😍

  • VCR 0
    VCR 0 Month ago

    Probably De Jong

  • Stayawefromdi MANGO

    Manolas to Napoli for €36M

  • Adam Hasan
    Adam Hasan Month ago

    I went to type ndombele and then you said it

  • Julie Grant
    Julie Grant Month ago


  • TheHitman™
    TheHitman™ Month ago

    There is an Agenda against Paul Pogba and channels like you fuel that agenda. You don't know Paul Pogba or what he's about and make stupid fucking assumptions like he is disrespectful and so on. Onefootball you guys are very sad and very low disrespecting a person you know nothing about

  • Gautam JR CR7
    Gautam JR CR7 Month ago

    rodri to city

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley Month ago

    Vardy to Chelsea a good idea?

  • Arghya Dogra
    Arghya Dogra Month ago

    I thought Pogba was best buddies with Lingard.

  • Thomas Watson
    Thomas Watson Month ago


  • Gamin' with Axu
    Gamin' with Axu Month ago

    Here's a suggestion, make a video of top 10 players who the club should sell, but can't because of over priced wages. Eg. Özil, Bale and James Rodríguez

  • BenDaBoss21
    BenDaBoss21 Month ago

    If I were Tottenham I would rather have James Rodriguez plus 27 million

  • Oblivion X
    Oblivion X Month ago +1

    Lol Matt I was just at the Spurs Stadium today, and in the printing room, on the TV from sky sports, it said that there was no official bid for eriksen and that he would be at training. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Hamza Malik
    Hamza Malik Month ago

    Felix 126 perfect replacement for greazzziy

  • Marcos Lleo
    Marcos Lleo Month ago


  • Craig Kelly
    Craig Kelly Month ago

    #Debate got to be Throgan Hazard

  • Ulyses Vargas gamez

    Frenkie de Jong is the best signing of the summer

  • joy wosa
    joy wosa Month ago


  • Lundrim PlayGames
    Lundrim PlayGames Month ago

    Eden Hazard

  • k shaddoz
    k shaddoz Month ago

    Zidane will get his will and get Pogba. Dont think eriksen will be sold this summer. Also united want eriksen to replace pogba lol? Why should eriksen go to a shittier club than spurs? its really a shitty situation for eriksen

  • Arkadyuti Dutta
    Arkadyuti Dutta Month ago

    Rodri and frenkie for me

  • Anurag Saikia
    Anurag Saikia Month ago

    (hazard+brandt).. undoubtedly...the best bargains of this transfer window.....

  • Andre Jugador TV
    Andre Jugador TV Month ago

    James Rodriguez will no longer be my favorite player if he joins a Weak minded Bottle jobs known as Napoli who has been defeated by Arsenal in the UEL quarter finals... I prefer a good Team like Man City of course.

    • Andre Jugador TV
      Andre Jugador TV Month ago

      @suarez blanco I think James Rodriguez should be the "New" Marek Hamsik so don't judge me

    • suarez blanco
      suarez blanco Month ago

      Andre Jugador TV , Napoli is not as bad as you think. They have great project and many great players along with a world class coach in the form of Carlo ancoletti. Don’t forget they almost defeated Liverpool in CL and they matched PSG.

  • Alexandru Chinta
    Alexandru Chinta Month ago

    The best Transfer in this transfer window is Brandt to Dortmund

  • Ujas Varia
    Ujas Varia Month ago

    The greatest summer signing for me is David de gea. That man was bought from athletico for 18.5 million by man united and has saved man united on countless occasion especially when the team’s defence has a been shit for years.

  • njosquared marco
    njosquared marco Month ago

    I was wrong about you Matt ur all about the football what a lad! Had to subscribe love the channel

  • Ryrichez Ahmed
    Ryrichez Ahmed Month ago

    Eden hazard of cause

  • Will Hunt
    Will Hunt Month ago

    Hazard is definitely the best signing of the summer

    EMM TEE Month ago

    Shoya Nakajima

  • Bob Paisley
    Bob Paisley Month ago

    Hazard was

  • Anup Kumar Rath
    Anup Kumar Rath Month ago +1

    The greatest summer signing is Julian Brandt to Dortmund

  • Richard Duff
    Richard Duff Month ago +2


  • Keenan Henry
    Keenan Henry Month ago +1

    Greatest summer signing so far is Frenkie de Jong!! Idk if he really counts as a summer signing though... If not, then I have to agree with you about Ndombèlé too.

    • Keenan Henry
      Keenan Henry Month ago

      @Mia wolf Hahahahaha, say what you will. But you know that all of the top clubs would have loved to have had Frenkie de Jong joining them this summer 😏

    • Mia wolf
      Mia wolf Month ago

      Barca fan boy

  • Sheib Mohamed
    Sheib Mohamed Month ago


  • Sebastian Goodmann
    Sebastian Goodmann Month ago

    Esoooooooooo es!

  • Norwegian Alpha
    Norwegian Alpha Month ago +7

    Eriksen to Real for Cebaillos + 27m£ dont rly seem like a sweet deal to me, unless ofc, Spurs could get Vinicius on loan as well you know😉 0/5 Paddy? Huh? Huh?

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson Month ago

    Rodri is a good signing for Mancity and I don’t understand why Real Madrid won’t keep there hands on James as he’s a very good player.

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson Month ago

    Rodri is a good signing for Mancity and I don’t understand why Real Madrid won’t keep there hands on James as he’s a very good player.

  • zyreX
    zyreX Month ago

    Matt kinda looks like Adam Lallana lol

  • seoul-dynasty My-favorite

    another great vid

  • Sfundo Sithole
    Sfundo Sithole Month ago

    The greatest summer signing is Eden Hazard to Real Madrid.

  • Devansh Kumbhkar
    Devansh Kumbhkar Month ago

    Eden hazard

  • Ratul Bose
    Ratul Bose Month ago

    Brandt to Dortmund

  • Jeff Chan
    Jeff Chan Month ago


  • Zachariah Rizk
    Zachariah Rizk Month ago

    Moise Keane to Everton is perfect. He needs playing time. They need a striker. And Everton should be a good enough club to attract him

  • Sub 2 K da g
    Sub 2 K da g Month ago

    Youri Tielemans by far
    we already know how good he has played on loan at Leicester and he knows the players and the staff quite well
    Therefore I think he won’t disappoint

  • cRiTiCaL GamerX
    cRiTiCaL GamerX Month ago

    Best transfer right now? I will say Neymar to Barca I know he is a snake but the MSN is back winning CL and mabey winning one

    • cRiTiCaL GamerX
      cRiTiCaL GamerX Month ago

      @Premier League Freak true so they should sign griezmen

    • Premier League Freak
      Premier League Freak Month ago

      Suarez is too old now, and Barcelona should look to youth, they're not building a team post Messi, they're gonna suffer hugely

  • Premier League Freak

    Greatest summer transfer so far, good question, I think maybe either de ligt(wherever he goes) or hazard. And I think don't take it personally, but ndombele price is too much, since last season because of constant hype, he sold at 65 million, and you were somewhat bias in your pick too, if you have to pick the best summer transfer so far apart from players Spurs has signed, then what will you say?

  • Zachariah Rizk
    Zachariah Rizk Month ago

    Spurs would be a total joke if they let Eriksen leave for that offer.

    • Adnan Moin
      Adnan Moin Month ago

      Eriksen was a joke last season though

  • Brandon Sterling
    Brandon Sterling Month ago

    Mateo kovacic for me is the most sensible one no joke

  • last rider
    last rider Month ago

    Wait Everton offered only 30 mil for moise he at least worth more then that after how much fèlix and others got ya I know he hasn't reached that level but still

  • Mehul Nair
    Mehul Nair Month ago

    For me.. Its Thorgan Hazard to Dortmund