Dark Phoenix Angry Spoilers Discussion

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
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    AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex talk all the stupid plot poitns and exactly why with spoilers the film fails to live up to its premise and license!
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  • Jake Mc Clorey
    Jake Mc Clorey Month ago

    Honestly marvel will probably reboot the franchise which I'm fine with but I actually liked a lot of the actors in the series which they will replace

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    Just watched this on Redbox at 1.5x speed and normal speed at the fights. The movie sucked

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus Month ago

      So you only watch a movie for fight scenes?

  • David Cosloff
    David Cosloff Month ago

    I am glad I didn't see this film

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus Month ago

      They misread what the story was about.

  • Speed Junkie
    Speed Junkie Month ago

    am I the only one who's wondering how Mystic and Jean died and how Charles retired but in that universe, it's supposed to be the same as the original xmen trilogy where none of that happened

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus Month ago

      Jean didn’t die, why would you think this?

  • Borsalino Kizaru
    Borsalino Kizaru Month ago

    Their description of the aliens’ power reminds me of the Daleks’ plunger arm.

  • Borsalino Kizaru
    Borsalino Kizaru Month ago +1

    Alex has a Jutice League cup. Is that indicative of something?

  • Hismajesty's Kingdom
    Hismajesty's Kingdom 2 months ago

    How do there powers work. When and how they choose to use there powers depends on a lot of factors. Look I just saw it on Demand and enjoyed 88% of the movies. Its only true flaw was the villain and Jean Gray Crappy dialogue Also it could have slowed down a little and gave us more inter story, like Quick Sliver calling out Magneto as his father... Also I like how Magneto had his some what Geonsha from the comics. It was like a 7.7

  • Michael William
    Michael William 2 months ago

    Please just fire the guy in The middle.. He makes No sense in Most of these Videos..

  • Dwight Thayer
    Dwight Thayer 2 months ago

    Jean sounded like a five year old asking magneto how he stopped hurting people. As if a guy pushing coins through foreheads is the same as absorbing a huge storm of space godly power.

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus Month ago

      You’re misreading the basic plot. It was explicitly stated that her psychological trauma that was making her anger.

  • Dwight Thayer
    Dwight Thayer 2 months ago

    I agree that Xavier; and in fact most of the characters, aren't anywhere close to the same as before. Charles isnt the person everybody loves and respects. He doesn't convincingly get through to a single person really. And it's not the actor bc McAvoy; or however it's spelled, is as good as Patrick Stewart but the problem is it's in a movie that cant come close to touching it's two decade old superior that I remember buying on VHS. The combat is ok mostly, the supposedly emotional scenes feel like they were written for and/or by a five year old who dropped the pages of the scripts on the way to delivering them to the cast and they got all jumbled and a few pages blew off in the wind. Those few pages were either sorely needed or the whole thing shoulda blown off with them

  • Dwight Thayer
    Dwight Thayer 2 months ago

    May have been watching in thermal bc it was night time and it's more dependable than night vision kinda

  • Grant Baker
    Grant Baker 2 months ago

    Action scenes were cool, like all X-men movies, the writing and the plot in general were just weird though.

  • Lygon Fire
    Lygon Fire 2 months ago

    And also Ravens dialogue was really bad

  • Lygon Fire
    Lygon Fire 2 months ago

    Funny how the movie never mention anything related to the Phoenix besides the end quick glimps.

  • ItzShdw
    ItzShdw 2 months ago

    you missed the awkward but kinda cool (i thought) nightcrawler train rampage :(

  • Wesley Hall
    Wesley Hall 2 months ago

    Imma have 2 see this movie just for this Cyclops scene where he goes crosseyed

  • VampireVlad
    VampireVlad 2 months ago

    where was quicksilver?

  • AR Chie
    AR Chie 2 months ago

    31:40 "it no joke im going blind" what does he mean by that?

    i know joe hv eyes problem, but . . . im getting really worried now. take care of your health joe, please.

  • Matthew Morgan
    Matthew Morgan 2 months ago

    I honestly don’t know why they didn’t cover Jean having the Phoenix Force in Apocalypse & just now gets it at the start of this movie

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 2 months ago

      She didn’t have the Phoenix in Apocalypse. That was stated to be telekinetic energy from her mutation.

  • Munquis DeSade
    Munquis DeSade 2 months ago

    The problem is you have men who don't have an even elementary understanding of female empowerment or feminism trying to right feminist characters or properly code in female empowerment into their stories.....great example Mad Max Fury R.oad

    • VampireVlad
      VampireVlad 2 months ago

      @Munquis DeSade we dont need female empowerment and feminist characters done right, we need women in the kitchen

    • Munquis DeSade
      Munquis DeSade 2 months ago

      Fury road being an example of female empowerment coding and feminist characters done right

  • Elijah Brown
    Elijah Brown 2 months ago

    the safe word is: cowboy

  • Elijah Brown
    Elijah Brown 2 months ago +1

    it it'was wonderful.....

  • Corpsehatch
    Corpsehatch 2 months ago +2

    Not a good movie but it was entertaining so I wasn't bored while watching.

  • Rodney Chege
    Rodney Chege 2 months ago

    Thr only thing I enjoyed was the music score

  • Mutantgamer
    Mutantgamer 3 months ago

    Yeah the police and military seem to show up in the movie for no reason.

    • GatsbyGames -TheDriftersoul
      GatsbyGames -TheDriftersoul Day ago

      Kk you land a damn plane in a suburb and see if anyone comes asking questions. Never mind that the country is already on high alert for Jean Grey....the Xmen.....

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 2 months ago +1

      They showed up because the X-Men landed their jet in town.

  • 20scream20
    20scream20 3 months ago +3

    damn you alex you dumb fuck joe is right she touched raven and got blood on her hand then flew away but no you speak out of ur ass sometimes

  • Karl Massie
    Karl Massie 3 months ago

    there is no spoilers because the only one is raven but even that is pointless cause these are b4 the x-men films which she is in so wats that about

  • Karl Massie
    Karl Massie 3 months ago

    plot points lol

  • petar david
    petar david 3 months ago

    this movie is shiiit

  • PrometheuzReturns
    PrometheuzReturns 3 months ago +2

    This movie was better than what I expected I really liked it!!! Y'all bugging not every movie can't be avengers tier but hopefully the MCU X-Men will kick ass...

  • Marcel Nobrega
    Marcel Nobrega 3 months ago

    This movie was amazing guys you can watch this one after the Room its a disaster but its pretty fun, one of the best worst movies ever.

  • rejectedhex
    rejectedhex 3 months ago

    The movie was a piece of shit and cyclops pissed me off the whole time

  • Darrin Hall
    Darrin Hall 3 months ago

    I just watched some clips angry rant I'm suppose believe Professor X quits teaching students that's stupid insulting an makes no sense especially after Future Past This film is stupid did y'all even see the last movie Magnito is powerful the X men would of wiped those solders out this is stupid the Phoenix would of took out that lady with ease this stupid horrible dull goes against the past Films it makes no sense Cyclops missing stupid 3 out of 10

  • Darrin Hall
    Darrin Hall 3 months ago

    Me and honesly I saw the trailer and I didn't care for it
    plus I prefer the old cast over the new cast an I'm mostly a wolverine fan

  • Michael Balchaitis
    Michael Balchaitis 3 months ago

    This movie was garbage. How can they look at the final cut of this say "Okay, this is good, lets put it in theaters." I would be embarrassed to be any way associated with this movie. I am glad Disney owns the rights to the X-Men/Mutants now.

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 2 months ago

      They were trying to make this more of a psychological thriller than a superhero movie.

  • Humorous Boris
    Humorous Boris 3 months ago +2

    God, Joe is an idiot.

  • Steph Meden
    Steph Meden 3 months ago

    Not defending cyclops’s fails attempts at magneto but you also have to take in account that he has to time pushing the little bottom on his goggles with his accuracy to hit his target.

  • Dave OT
    Dave OT 3 months ago

    Best review ever. Laughing all the way through the vid

  • Dreadrat
    Dreadrat 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for telling me this warning because i didn't want to feel raped while leaving the theaters because i just spent $60 dollars for me and my friend along with no popcorn to go see this movie. Hearing also that it's not even a Bad but decent movie just to watch for fun pisses me off more. Once again thank you for making this video. :)

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 2 months ago

      It is decent. It was just mismarketed. It’s fine on it’s own merits as a psychological thriller.

  • Shann Anigans
    Shann Anigans 3 months ago

    Ok . Movie done .
    Mckavoy and Fastbender brilliant
    Music ..... The score at the start and end was somehow really great to me
    I never normally notice music like hmmmm nice
    Ok so whatever that was I can dig it
    Everything else In The movie . Complete trash
    Two hours of my life wasted
    Lol .....
    Aliens stupid ( completely forgettable )
    Antagonist ( totally forgettable )
    Reason for bad guys to be starting sh!t ...... Nonsense ....... What is it about earth that every alien race wants to start over here ?
    Motives are stupid
    How is this alien chick able to control the force ? All she knows is that the " Force " killed her entire race ...... So how is she such an expert ? How does she draw the force from Jean ?
    How does she know she can do that since the only interaction the force has will living being is to destroy them !
    Phoenix is a cosmic force , fire of creation, the Phoenix force kills stuff with fire ..... Burns it away ......What is this pink swirly sh!t
    Why is it the director seems to be afraid of calling it what it is ..... The Phoenix Force
    When the alien chick explained what the force was just say it's the Phoenix Force
    X men ..... Recast em all
    Night crawler ...... Pathetic goth kid
    Cyclops looks like any stereotypical high school movie jock .
    Storm ..... She's hot ..... Doesn't get any lines
    And her powers are woefully misrepresented here . How does a mutant with hair whips give storm trouble ? I mean really ?!
    Beast ? Since when does beast listen to illogical dribble ...... From Raven of all people to the point where he turns against all his friends
    Quick silver ...... Wonderful till I didn't see him anymore
    Where did he go ? After Jean tripped him up and he crashed I don't remember seeing him again
    Quicksilver was not good in this ..... His moves aren't the same as I remembered
    I remember them being actually awesome
    Raven ..... She's dead .... Good ..... Woke joke of a character . Raven Darkholm from the comics would be disgusted
    Movie trash . Misrepresents my beloved X men .
    I could go on and on
    So the white hair chick , the alien albino lol
    She Says " u gonna listen to a man in a wheelchair "
    A man oh my god , men are so bad
    Jeez gimme a break
    No she won't listen to a " man " in a wheelchair but she will listen to a albino looking alien chick who just comes from nowhere brings her to a house to show her a space hologram
    Anyways . I'm out . Rant done
    Shelve the X team until y'all can do right by em .
    Please for god sake , just leave X men alone .

  • Shann Anigans
    Shann Anigans 3 months ago

    Oh shit Raven again
    Now she says .... " what do you think the X in Xmen stands for ?"
    Holy sh!t
    Lol really ......oh this is just precious

  • Shann Anigans
    Shann Anigans 3 months ago

    So I'm 19:45 seconds into the film and I hear Raven say
    " The women are always saving the men around here , you might wanna change the name to X-Women "
    Dude wtf
    I wanna know who the writes feel obligated to such that they feel they gotta put garbage lines like this into the film
    You ever here lines for a male protagonist in any movie go like that ?
    " oh I have to save all you women mmmmwhhhhahahha "
    Really .
    Now I'm glad X men flopped
    I'm gonna watch the rest of it now
    This sjw crap is causing some writers and directors to lose their minds
    This woke mentality is the primary focus and not a good movie
    Shit on the men , make them stupid and useless and make all the women overpowered and make them Mary Sues then have them tell us " men " how useless we are
    Then ..... We dudes just watch the movie tank like no other X men before lol
    I love X men
    This movie ...... Nope .
    Anyways back to the movie .

  • DreBone1986
    DreBone1986 3 months ago +2

    I have a Love Hate with this one, this has the best execution of action but everyone's power is nerfed,
    It had the best acting of the entire franchise but only in spots and the script is garbage, for instance:
    Xavier walking actually looks like a man being forced to walk after paralysis, very convincing
    Magneto vs Jean fighting with the chopper really feels like a struggle
    Everything else is bullshit, how does Cyclops miss anything, he just has to look in the direction of something and it's dead, hell he was so precise in space that he slowed a spinning spaceship and didn't even stand up from his seat, how do you not kill anything else that challenges you?
    Also the love of your life dies and the next scene you just put up a sign and walk away, not even a tear, stupid scene!
    Magneto picking up more guns and aiming at Chastain was incredibly dumb, why everytime it's been establish that this shit doesn't work movie characters shoot harder🤦‍♂️
    Why was Chastain here? Did the promos say this was the villain or did we not call this Dark Phoenix? I don't give a fuck about white hair people stealing powers and bullet sponging, we came for an X-Men fight/bloodshed
    Why was the army named MCU? Was it a dig at the MCU for having everything? To drag home the point that they didn't want to give them up they literally capture and drag the X-Men thru the streets by a choker on their backs, SMH. They literally just saved a crew in space and the second a fight broke out they already had concentration camps ready the same day, stupid shit.
    These aliens was only here because they couldn't do the order because they already used Emma Frost in the wrong way to the point where she's not even around anymore, that's how I saw it
    Why is Xavier watching children and why does everyone knows like it's normal? Isn't this man a father figure, fathers aren't supposed to secretly watch and record them, human or not.
    Nobody remembers how strong they are or what's motivating them either way, first we love her, then we hate her and then we hate him and now we hate another her, did Xavier have a mind meld and convince people each time cause motivations turn on a dime and still makes no sense.
    This movie is entertaining but I don't know where the script was, this movie was just an music video/DBZ just to look cool but you forgot to add valid reasons for everything and everyone

  • emptyforrest
    emptyforrest 3 months ago

    you only now starting to see a pattern? feminism has ruined far too much media.

  • Darren Pellichino
    Darren Pellichino 3 months ago

    Yeah, superhero/mutant movies are all BS movies because they have powers that can easily kill one another but almost never ever EVER do. You literally have to turn off your brain every time you walk into ANY action movie.

  • Joe Frisco
    Joe Frisco 3 months ago

    Just saw dark phoenix so hapoy I didnt spend money on it

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 2 months ago

      It’s fine on its own merits. It was just mismarketed.

  • Marshall Sandiego
    Marshall Sandiego 4 months ago

    I'm two months late, but I still feel the urge to say it--we didn't get Mr. Sinister for THIS bullshit? WTAF >_> Glad Marvel got X-men back...

  • Borsalino Kizaru
    Borsalino Kizaru 4 months ago +1

    I wonder if sea stone works on mutants.

  • Devlin McBane
    Devlin McBane 4 months ago

    Heheh, good review gents! XD

  • Ally-C-83
    Ally-C-83 4 months ago

    Random Angry Movie Review playthrough Day 11 review 122 great stuff guys cheers

  • tyrongkojy
    tyrongkojy 4 months ago +1

    The logic of idiots: badly written films have badly written women characters and it's the sjw's fault, not the badly written part.

  • fusionaut23
    fusionaut23 5 months ago +1

    Coming from the man who wrote the Dark Phoenix Saga: What he says outweighs anything so called critics could ever say about the film.
    Writing on his Instagram page, Claremont said, “Thanks to [Simon Kinberg and Sophie Turner] for bringing Jean’s story so wonderfully to life! Essentially true to the original comics story, it turned the focus of the X-film from Charley & Eric (& Hank & Raven) to the students, to Scott (& Ororo & Kurt) & most of all, to Jean and did so brilliantly.”
    Claremont goes on to compare the film favorably to the more MacGuffin-based villainy of Thanos in Avengers End Game by writing, “This is *her* story. Here, [Jessica Chastain] is the putative adversary but the real foe is the temptation Jean feels herself. This is all about her in a way Thanos/Avengers was not. Their battle was more traditional, Tony’s sacrifice a culmination of story progression. Jean was a kid, college-age with her whole life ahead. She [had] everything to live for. Tony faced sacrifice, to save not only the world but the wife & child he loved. Jean’s choice was *so* much more primal and therefore difficult. And this movie tells that story oh so well.”

    • Cosmogenus
      Cosmogenus 2 months ago

      Claremont wasn’t paid. He said that the studio with the film but the filmmakers tried their best.

    • Amalgam Games
      Amalgam Games 5 months ago

      That's nice that Fox kicked him some cash for for using his story for their ass film. Nice to say fox pay off people.

  • The Cinema Queen
    The Cinema Queen 5 months ago

    SJW shit is everywhere now in our entertainment. All we want is great films that are written well. Stop with the agenda and politics shit.
    Great review guys. I agree this film was so bad it was good. Y'all are so funny. I look forward to your movie reviews each week. 🤣

  • Hurricane Haze
    Hurricane Haze 5 months ago

    I hate the Phoenix character she always ruins everything.

  • Warren G
    Warren G 5 months ago

    Please stop! for got sake

  • Kiba101
    Kiba101 5 months ago

    The comdedy here is worth more than the script they made

  • Will Silapheth
    Will Silapheth 5 months ago

    I love how both Professor X AND Mystique both tells Beast that the Blackbird is ready for space travel when he tells them it's not. If Beast, the one who built the Blackbird, tells you its not ready than maybe you should listen. I mean he should know a thing or two about the thing that he built

  • ROSPoetry1
    ROSPoetry1 5 months ago

    On the point of Xavier messing with Jean's head. That was in the comics. Now the manipulation was part of a bigger problem that Cyclops had with Xavier. Xavier's character is not a saint. He does bad stuff under the guise of good.

  • BETMARKonTube
    BETMARKonTube 5 months ago

    Guys, you really should drink less (or not at all) when you watch a movie.
    *Scott* said *"I will FREAKIN kill you",* no F-Bomb.
    I'm sure, because I did find it silly and I also checked to be sure, before to write this comment.

  • Ayreonaut
    Ayreonaut 5 months ago

    So since First Class takes places in the 60s and this in the 90s(correct me if Im wrong), most of the Xmen should be 50-60 years old and not look like they are 30. I dont get why they did that decade thing with each movie