• Published on Aug 22, 2019
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  • Slogoman
    Slogoman  26 days ago +2203

    👍 If you want to see more you need to hit the like goal! 👍

    • 2023Loiacono Christopher
      2023Loiacono Christopher 10 days ago


    • Tyler Williams
      Tyler Williams 10 days ago

      i dare you to blow jellys house up

    • Tyler Williams
      Tyler Williams 10 days ago

      slogo jelly messed with your well and he gets ever thing that gets dropped in the well

    • علي الحوسني
      علي الحوسني 11 days ago +1

      Jelly found out about the wishing well and disconnected the hoppers and if you throw stuff in the well then it will go to the chest in his basement behind the ladder the chest behind the torch in the cobblestone wall and will not got to your basement.

    • Robin Johnson
      Robin Johnson 12 days ago

      Show me out slogoman

  • Jekkuu
    Jekkuu 7 hours ago

    Ahhhh I got so triggered when they burned their stuff

  • Amir Ordibi
    Amir Ordibi 8 hours ago

    Better hope he doesn't go secret basement again

  • Jonathan Dockins


  • Joshua Carrell
    Joshua Carrell 2 days ago

    Kwebbelkop found diamonds in Minecraft

  • shaq Hi
    shaq Hi 3 days ago


  • shaq Hi
    shaq Hi 3 days ago


  • shaq Hi
    shaq Hi 3 days ago

    You suckಠ_ಠ😹😹😹

  • Ali Gheryani
    Ali Gheryani 3 days ago


  • Yolanda Patricio
    Yolanda Patricio 3 days ago

    I turn on the notification and I subscribe to your channel I use cold slogoman

  • Bacon Brah Winkler
    Bacon Brah Winkler 4 days ago +1

    Jelly took ur hopper thingy and connected it to his chest so he can steal all of the goodies

  • NVJames&Mom
    NVJames&Mom 4 days ago

    me i what to be a forth Gamer of you

  • Aaron Tiburcio
    Aaron Tiburcio 4 days ago +4

    I was expecting them to build simple houses but apparently not 😳

    Even I can't build houses as nice as theirs 😁

  • Kulvender Singh
    Kulvender Singh 7 days ago +1


  • Yuliati Santoso
    Yuliati Santoso 7 days ago

    slogo kwebblkops has diamond kwebblkos episode 9 or 10

  • Breña B
    Breña B 8 days ago

    Josh jelly did something to the well

  • Mohab Ahmed El-Shaboury

    Slogoman Jelly found out about the Wishing well you gotta do something about it Like this so slogo might read it

  • Emmanuel Cuyos
    Emmanuel Cuyos 9 days ago

    Your teaming now

  • Micah Tulabot
    Micah Tulabot 9 days ago

    Jelly have diamonds behind the lava under his base

    JC EPIC 10 days ago


    JC EPIC 10 days ago

    I and jelly’s vids are sooo good, do more minecraft or human fall flat hide and seek tag

  • 2023Loiacono Christopher

    ROCK it lawn chair

  • Pranksy Pranksy
    Pranksy Pranksy 10 days ago

    And i subed hit the bell and liked

  • Pranksy Pranksy
    Pranksy Pranksy 10 days ago


  • Pranksy Pranksy
    Pranksy Pranksy 10 days ago

    I also used code slog in the fortnite item shop

  • Pranksy Pranksy
    Pranksy Pranksy 10 days ago

    Jelly fond your house/(well)

  • Sven Laanemaa
    Sven Laanemaa 10 days ago

    Jelly know you re troll in wishing well

  • Pierson Smith
    Pierson Smith 10 days ago

    You are so cool

  • Nina Conjar
    Nina Conjar 10 days ago

    Slogoman,jelly is steling your stuff from wishing well

  • Pam Thomas
    Pam Thomas 10 days ago +1

    now when you want to go get anything you can go under your base and go into jordi's driving up house and get whatever you want

  • Bulbul billah
    Bulbul billah 10 days ago

    5 like like like

  • chitra seal
    chitra seal 10 days ago

    Josh... jelly just knew that you have a secret wishing well you have a chest beneath the hoper and jelly took all your stolen things and put a chest for himself so that he can get whatever you or other throw anything you will get the chest in jelly's secret basement you will find a torch at the top of the wall dig it and you will find . Pls make a video on that

  • Jimmiz
    Jimmiz 11 days ago

    Josh Jelly build another hopper and a chest into his house.Go check it in Jelly basement

  • Reena Mikaela Ondoy
    Reena Mikaela Ondoy 11 days ago

    Slog your mincraft well is riged by jelly

  • Gabriel Enzo Kho
    Gabriel Enzo Kho 11 days ago

    I feel bed for jordi

  • Fares Almadani
    Fares Almadani 11 days ago +1

    Josh jelly stole your secret hopper and he retatet the hopper to his bace and plz ad me on discord my name is Fares #7810 plzzzz and if you put me as a chicken jast name me Scary fares OK BTW I am your biggest fan ever sorry go the wrong speling

  • Periot
    Periot 11 days ago

    14:58 thats were lazerbeams home is

  • Ram Xian Mendoza
    Ram Xian Mendoza 11 days ago

    Ihate you

  • Kayla Shea
    Kayla Shea 12 days ago

    I love you

  • CoolCrafter2840
    CoolCrafter2840 12 days ago +1

    1:20 you can see kwebbelkobs fists holding steak through a block

  • Ramona Raduta
    Ramona Raduta 13 days ago

    Fac u slog

  • Ramadas Vatakara
    Ramadas Vatakara 13 days ago

    Jelly told me he will destroy your house

  •  14 days ago

    slogo please make more gta 5 vids.

  • Omar عطهطبججج
    Omar عطهطبججج 14 days ago

    tell jodi to troll jelly with u

  • Skyler FLIPS
    Skyler FLIPS 15 days ago +1

    4:56 😂😂😂

  • the commedian bro
    the commedian bro 15 days ago

    I liked just bye the intro

  • Jason Brady
    Jason Brady 15 days ago

    U should name me after your next animal plz

  • Lucero Urbina
    Lucero Urbina 15 days ago

    Why are you so mean 😡😠

  • Monica Medina
    Monica Medina 16 days ago

    Slog man I don’t like you and me like jelly but if you do anything wrong I will go on job in Minecraft and Snitchin you

  • Israel Ramos
    Israel Ramos 16 days ago

    Slogoman how abot you get a gril jelly kwebolkop have a gril

  • SpiritGalade
    SpiritGalade 16 days ago

    from which video is this a continuation from?

  • Beth Lenon
    Beth Lenon 16 days ago +1

    Jelle van vucht, Josh temple and Jordi van en eqqusee thing

    ZACMOZ 16 days ago

    quit youtube

  • Jefrel Espares
    Jefrel Espares 16 days ago

    Josh What Version Of Minecraft Yours And Jelly And Jordi Becuse MY Version Is V

  • DarredPlayzYT
    DarredPlayzYT 17 days ago

    He Was Under His House Using Wooden Axe? 1:20

  • jonas611
    jonas611 17 days ago

    13:20 GET IN THE BOAT!!

  • Anskipro 1018
    Anskipro 1018 17 days ago


  • Jerry Mikes
    Jerry Mikes 17 days ago

    Evolution of songs: 2013-SAIL 2015-faded 2019-mickey pickey pirvidex (SAIL by awolnation) (faded by alan walker) (... by katy perry)

  • J Scerri
    J Scerri 17 days ago

    I now know that jordis wife is azzy land

    GEORGE KYNTER 18 days ago

    U Three look very cool