Will VAR Ruin The Premier League This Season?! | W&L

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
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    It's the handball rule that's the worst part BUT do you love or hate VAR?
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  • Lehlohonolo Mokotedi
    Lehlohonolo Mokotedi 17 days ago

    Who's Pukki?

  • danny
    danny 20 days ago

    9 key passes from KDB 🤯🤯

  • Romar Point Five
    Romar Point Five 23 days ago

    Dude why do u continue to umder rate teemu pukki.. im american and even I kno tht he's a pretty good player. Even u guys know tht stats isnt eveything.....right? 🤔

  • Adam Bell
    Adam Bell 23 days ago +1

    Total mess and we beat Tottenham 1-0 that ginger doesn’t know what he is on about

  • Mathys Cazenave
    Mathys Cazenave 24 days ago +8

    Joe needs to stop making predictions, first pukki now spurs vs newcastle

  • Tyrone 2T
    Tyrone 2T 24 days ago +3

    5:02 got that wrong as well

    • Ryan Williams
      Ryan Williams 20 days ago

      "theyre going to get pumped" yeah uh huh XD

  • Nck Torres
    Nck Torres 25 days ago

    He has scored 5 goals

  • 7six0 760
    7six0 760 25 days ago

    Harry Potter and Ron weasley are really into soccer

  • M H
    M H 26 days ago

    Pukki time

  • matthew hussell
    matthew hussell 26 days ago


  • Camz Dadon
    Camz Dadon 28 days ago

    I say it all the time I like joe he’s a funny dude and a nice guy but he has what I call Man United syndrome where they have no idea about football because they have been spoilt with success for so many years they can’t analyse football properly because they have rarely had too 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Wooderz245
    Wooderz245 28 days ago

    VAR isn't the problem. Gary Linekar hit the nail on the head. The new handball law is forcing VAR into making ridiculous decisions.

  • Ben Kozlov
    Ben Kozlov 28 days ago

    I love VAR. It will get the calls right. I agree the rules are not the best but the call will be right

  • Riley McNally
    Riley McNally 28 days ago

    VAR is a joke ,it takes all the joy out of football

  • Bang Boom
    Bang Boom 29 days ago

    I hope pukki gets 20 but I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get more than 10 still cause he's started great alot look good early but not later on

  • Oo oO
    Oo oO 29 days ago

    Already has perfectly good goals and penalties were not given.
    Passion killer

  • National Health Institute

    Messi has pictures of Pukki hang in his bedroom.

  • Evan Watkins
    Evan Watkins 29 days ago +1

    When they say ceballos it makes me die inside im spanish and its not cheballos

  • MP Scrapz
    MP Scrapz 29 days ago

    Glen hoddle was manager Dennis wise the player

  • Mihir Gole
    Mihir Gole 29 days ago

    Without a doubt

  • darren pilkington
    darren pilkington 29 days ago

    VAR gets things right!......if you dont like the laws it enforces then go and challenge the laws....for years 'certain' teams seem to get decisions..get the benefit of the doubt!,....unfair advantages!......NOT ANY MORE!!

  • Guga Bastos
    Guga Bastos 29 days ago

    You can say VAR is boring and it’s a freaking buzzkiller, which is something I even agree, but you can’t question it’s making the right decisions according to the rules

  • Juan Patino
    Juan Patino 29 days ago

    But I agree that the Rodri one was a pen

  • Juan Patino
    Juan Patino 29 days ago

    Laporte missed the header then it hit his arm simply a foul

  • Milo Gore
    Milo Gore 29 days ago

    What about if VAR were to cut out and cease to be used once injury time begins..? Or the last 15 minutes of each half even..? Hmmm I’m not keen on VAR tbh.. just feels it slows the game a bit too much and what happened in the City, Spurs game was brutalll! And I’m a Chelsea fan! If we did cut VAR in just the last 15 minutes, I do feel it would suddenly add a whole lot more tension which could be fun. But overall, I’m not for it tbh. It feels like VAR just slows football down that bit extra and yes every decision is “supposedly correct” - I quite like the anxiety and the adrenaline ya get left with after there is controversy!! It’s the drama of football!! Otherwise it just becomes every other sport! Anyways blah blah blah ! ✌️

  • Dean Bunce
    Dean Bunce 29 days ago +1

    Absolutely brilliant vid. Absolutely loved it.

  • Ben Fairfax
    Ben Fairfax 29 days ago +1

    lets cut to what emery has to say: "ebening very good 2 weeks pepe impact" cheers boys x

  • DrSeaOtter 1
    DrSeaOtter 1 29 days ago

    If Pukki get more than 15 goals this season Joe has to wear his jersey for a week straight of videos

  • Sem Mutalindwa
    Sem Mutalindwa 29 days ago

    If Pukki finishes in the top 10 PL goal scorers at end of the season Joe has to do a forfeit live on camera chosen by us.

  • PlanetXero
    PlanetXero 29 days ago +1

    VAR is perfect for a sport like rugby(TMO) where they've implemented it into their game easily and their game is based on constant breaks in play but for a flowing sport like Football it has no place IMO. Take it out

  • A Moose That Rants
    A Moose That Rants 29 days ago

    It doesn’t matter how many shots or passes completed city had if you can’t put it in the back of the net then who gives a shit definite deserved losers

  • Damiano Reggiani
    Damiano Reggiani 29 days ago

    Pls stop blaming VAR as it’s always the VAR refs that make bad decisions, and if no one is the complaining about the normal refs that make bad decisions, then how can you complain about the technology itself???

  • Dayco Guy
    Dayco Guy 29 days ago

    In the world cup there was no english refs when using VAR = Success
    English refs using VAR = Not great

    English Refs are trash

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  • 4Bester
    4Bester 29 days ago

    Watford should have had a penalty after a Brighton players blocked a freekick with an arm when in the wall

  • Pzezus
    Pzezus 29 days ago

    torreira hasnt had a preseason hence the reason for him not starting the first two games, just like pepe. This notion that torreira is out of favour is ridiculous, he's out best midfielder and dont be surprised to see him and pepe start against liverpool.

  • Puffin Entertainment - One Handed Gaming

    City are suffucating tottenham, yet lacked the ability to win, why is that Hammil? And please don't blame VAR, they should have killed the game way before then.

  • Jonny Walker
    Jonny Walker Month ago

    Still laughing at shitty hahaha unlucky oil FC

  • Mohammed Waseem
    Mohammed Waseem Month ago

    Emerys number one is torriera he aint playing because he had no pre season and when he is playing at his best he is undroppable

  • Qonda Qwalela
    Qonda Qwalela Month ago

    Glenn Hoddle and Dennis Wise?

  • DarkGrayClouds
    DarkGrayClouds Month ago

    why is joe in the losers section? we all know he doesn’t know jack shit about football to begin with

  • Jake SAFC
    Jake SAFC Month ago

    The player was Dennis Wise and the manger was Glenn Hoddle for Chelsea in 1996
    My twitter is @GDobsonSZN

  • Taylor McGilbra
    Taylor McGilbra Month ago

    Shoulda woulda coulda...
    edging victories against southampton is 3 points.
    is more points than the 1 point you get from "dominating" spurs, but drawing 1-1

  • Perek Belleh
    Perek Belleh Month ago

    Lads, you're top class. Will be tuning in regularly now! #COYG

  • Dickson Cider
    Dickson Cider Month ago

    Man City struggles against Liverpool each time they play them, they’re not as far ahead as you lot say?

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B Month ago


    spurs will come second this year and liverpool with bottle it

  • Johnny Fedornock
    Johnny Fedornock Month ago

    Lol @everyone who told me I was off my rocker when I said well Finland aren’t to bad, they have a real good striker named Pukki.... everyone laughed, who got a hat trick tho? Wasn’t salah was it?

  • mike jubb
    mike jubb Month ago

    Will VAR ruin the Premier League? It already is.

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    My argument with the city game was Rodri’s peno and the VAR said it wasn’t clear and obvious WORRYING!!

  • Archie Maskell
    Archie Maskell Month ago

    Dennis wise under

  • jesper karlsson
    jesper karlsson Month ago

    VAR is not the problem. The problem is the new rule. The FA needs to change the rule for the next season.

  • JOJHW321
    JOJHW321 Month ago

    Liverpool top of the league after 2 straight wins. And still not in W&L but arsenal are? Bitter

  • Remedy
    Remedy Month ago

    VAR literally prevents cheating. It's not ruining football.

  • Shak
    Shak Month ago

    Joelinton to get a brace against Spurs and Newcastle to win 2-1 now then

  • j e
    j e Month ago

    People seem to forget we were missing sonny and dele and i suppose foyth wouldve played a better right back than kwp imo. Also, lo celso only played 5 mins and poch made some weird decisions imo to bench vertonghen against a big team (he is a leader in our back 4 and gives our back 4 structure aside from his unbeliviable ability) and not start moura seeing as we had 0 pace in that starting 11. I always back poch but this is the first time i disagree with his decision

    • j e
      j e Month ago

      City were the better team and generally are the better team but i think the gap in quality between us is thinner than most people think and i believe that we are actually better than liverpool after the window and we just needed games to get our players back and blood lo celso and ndombele into the team

  • Jason Gilbey
    Jason Gilbey Month ago +1

    If Pukki is in the top 5 scorers at the end of the league Tomlinson has to shave his head. Sound fair?

  • Luke 2020
    Luke 2020 Month ago

    Var is a scam to get ads played during the game

  • j e
    j e Month ago

    Im backing pukki to have a great few seasons, love the story of a 29 yr old coming over from scandinavia and getting norwich promoted, only to tear up the prem against all odds whilst being a very humble bloke.

  • NK10 MAGIC
    NK10 MAGIC Month ago +1

    This channel vs ohmygoal who will win

  • Kieron Hollox
    Kieron Hollox Month ago

    Dennis wise under Glenn hoddle