Why The Ant-Man/Thanos Theory Wouldn't Work - TJCS Companion Video

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
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Comments • 72

    MARTIN LAWRENCE 5 months ago

    what if scott got into the thanos rectum and then started milking the prostate to put him off the battle?? cant believe im typing this

  • Dominic Smith
    Dominic Smith 5 months ago

    your downplaying the importance of endgame. its not "just another installment". its literally the culmination of some of our childhoods. its the finale of a decade long saga that has brought back the idea of event style movies. its made ners cool, its brought light too some of the most well written stories in modern history, its the birth of modern mythology. never again, will a franchise bring parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren together the way MCU has. Even star wars cant do it anymore.

  • Dominic Smith
    Dominic Smith 5 months ago

    with the box office, dont forget that many cinema chaiins areADDING SCREENINGS for the kovie. my local chain is opening at 4am everyday to add 2-3 more showings. it will mae 275-295m

  • Swervin Ervin
    Swervin Ervin 5 months ago

    John, you should do a 3 hour Companion video everyday for a week. Than on Saturday you could go to a Karaoke Bar and cover Kenny Rogers songs.

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M 5 months ago

    More theaters are opening... more seats!

  • Iron Vlogger
    Iron Vlogger 5 months ago


  • Jose Bracero
    Jose Bracero 5 months ago

    ANTMAN wants to crawl up inside Thanos, , Do Aliens Wipe their Butts? Do Alien Children use Diapers? Who trains them to use the Potty? Who taught Any of the thousand Aliens , Earth Costumes or habits, Where ever farm Thanos is living on, must be 5-Star-rooms with a working Toilet, Cause Super Villain Don't pee on Trees . I've always wanted to know where does the Guardian's GO or do they Share with Rocket & Groot, Does their Ship Flush it all out into Space?

  • Jose Bracero
    Jose Bracero 5 months ago

    What Ever Happen to the "Drive in Movies" Lost the Lot, for a Food-Mart, Pay your taxes or the City will . That was the Last one And they took the Ice Cream Malt Shop, Flipping "Bob's Burger" lost that job.

  • Jose Bracero
    Jose Bracero 5 months ago

    Nobody explained the situation with "SONY" Spider-Verse belongs to "SONY" in association with MARVEL, That how the Logo READ. So "Spiderman Far from Home" is it a Full MARVEL Credit, Meaning it is a Prequel to ENDGAME, and Spider-Man did DIE-DUST in the MCU, So I'm thinking " far from HOME" is Spiderman Last MARVEL movie, He Dusted in INFINITY WARs , He Goes Back to SONY> There is No-Way to bring Back 50% of all universe, And it's Not just Earth Universe, Titan is in Earth Solar System , But Xandar, Nowhere, Skarr, and a few other living Aliens Planets are Not? It wouldn't be Fare if the AVENGERS just change what happen in their Solar System and Not what happen in other universe, remember there are Damage Infinity Stone?

  • Jose Bracero
    Jose Bracero 5 months ago

    The SHAZAM family Toy-Dolls was a Spoiler , if there a Doll of DARLA Eugene Pedro , Who are these Shazam Characters? It's the New Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dolls without the Helmet , They gave SAVANA an Action Toy, "Where's BLACK ADAM?" I would rather be in the TOY-STORE that in the movie and Raid these BATMAN - other toys "Where are they in the Real-World?

  • Jose Bracero
    Jose Bracero 5 months ago

    Like Theaters are going to show ENDGAME in One Theater!! You trying to start a Riot, People Killing people just to skip in line or grab the good Seats, Relationship will break-up, just for the fact No girl wants to be drag into a theater just for her to save their seat, of she the one who has to go get popcorn and soda, When was the last time you were with the General public Audience, You normally hang with the Advancement Ticket holders, the Fanboys & Critics, The MCU is really a universe with individual Film Adventure ,

  • ss7cindersh
    ss7cindersh 5 months ago

    i love die hard as a movie but if it is a Christmas movie then Shazam is a Christmas movie

  • Mario Krastanov
    Mario Krastanov 5 months ago

    Why are we even discussing the butthole theory - it’s a stupid meme, why are people even remotely considering it? :D

  • Orange Hand
    Orange Hand 5 months ago +2

    Isn't it typical of the internet to suggest Ant-Man would go up Thanos' ass instead of another orifice? They could've gone with the mouth or ears, but no...

  • Zachary Licht
    Zachary Licht 5 months ago +2

    Die Hard is the best Christmas movie of all time, fight me

  • allenlowe12
    allenlowe12 5 months ago

    I think with the box office numbers thing part of it goes to how many screens a theater will play it on. Like my amc theater by me will show movies as big as avengers on like 3 or 4 screens sometimes and on the opening Thursday they literally are only showing endgame on all 10 theaters most of which are sold out lol. But none amc theaters around me just show it on the one I’m not saying that will get an extra 5 million seats. I also don’t know what the situation with the rest of the country. It’s just me thought vomiting into the comments.

  • Rocky
    Rocky 5 months ago

    I think captain America would retreat, because if he leads the rest of the avengers to their deaths he knows there would be no hope at all. He’s a good leader, he’d do what’s necessary the smart way.

  • Daniel Kuehn
    Daniel Kuehn 5 months ago


  • sewgeek designs
    sewgeek designs 5 months ago

    But back in the day it was the Harry Potter franchise was the thing breaking numbers and most will Smith movies or the summer action movies now marvel gets that guaranteed summer box office money 💰

  • Vino sitas
    Vino sitas 5 months ago +1

    In a weekend. A film can make 1 billion bucks on maximum capacity. Considering 4400 theatres with roughly 10 rooms with roughly 300 seats having roughly 4 showings with a price of roughly 19 dollars in 3 days.

  • Thatdeadguy20000 0
    Thatdeadguy20000 0 5 months ago

    Just read the comic if you want to know what happens,they won’t change the ending. I won’t spoil it but come on people it’s that easy 😃

  • NjA
    NjA 5 months ago +1

    Let's run the numbers if it's plausible 50 million dollars extra is possible.
    Average ticket 10 dollars.
    5 million seats. Divided by 4400 theaters.
    That's 1136 seats per theater.
    So each theater needs about a thousand extra viewers than Infinity war had. For argument's sake say that each theater on average shows Endgame on 3 screens, 5 times a day. That's 15 a day, for 4 days (I believe Thursday is included in the weekend box office, no?).
    That's 1136 / (15 x 4) = 19.
    So taking these numbers, which are really just guesses after that 1136 number, they need to fill 19 more people per showing.
    I don't know man, feels like a tall order.

    • Vino sitas
      Vino sitas 5 months ago

      @NjA i mean... that's kind of realistic? still a lot ... idunno 300 million seems impossible in opening weekend tho.

    • NjA
      NjA 5 months ago

      @Vino sitas
      The average ticket price in NA according to the National Association of Theatre Owners was just above $9.
      But that's including ticket prices for all sorts of movies, every day of the week and theatres in smaller towns too, where the prices might be lower. I suppose it's more fair to look at the median price, but unfortunately, we don't have those numbers.
      Even if we guesstimate it to $16 instead, then with the same calculation I just did, it would be ~12 seats extra per showing to get 50 million more than Infinity War.

    • Vino sitas
      Vino sitas 5 months ago

      10 dollars? Those are European prices my dude. The cheapest tickets you can find are on weekdays. In the weekend your average ticket price differs from 14 to 25. So a ticket is roughly 19 on average.

  • Robert Gittings
    Robert Gittings 5 months ago

    Imax screenings are very over priced in the UK, £25 per ticket which is crazy, imax should just become the norm.
    We shouldnt have to sit through so many adverts, the only benefit of adverts is that it gives you a little extra time to find your seat but also buy snacks and drinks.
    I dont mind sitting through a few new movies trailers of upcoming films but do we really have to watch the ads for phones, cars, food chains, insurance etc...
    That stuff has no place in a paid showing, especislly when moviies are longer these days.
    The cinemas must make a lot of money from the adverts, but we pay good money to see a film so we shouldnt be bombarded with so many adverts before a film starts.
    The only thing worse than adverts before a film though, the over use adverts within the movies themselves, heres looking at you Man of Steel.

  • Joshua A Smithers
    Joshua A Smithers 5 months ago

    Could Ant-Man give Thor with Stormbreaker a suit so he (Thor) could shrink, go up Thanos' ass and wreck it? Thor is Asgardian and could survive a Titans' innards even when expanding inside him (Thanos) right? Stormbreaker obviously wouldn't disintegrate right? Summoning lightning from inside Thanos's body is a good strategy as well... just sayin'.

    • NjA
      NjA 5 months ago +1

      Perhaps things of such molecular structure can't be shrunk by Pym particles? Like Thor, Cap shield, Stormbreaker etc.

  • Bobby Sandhu
    Bobby Sandhu 5 months ago +5

    I was 5 years old when i watched the first Iron man, and now im 16 waiting for endgame, the mcu has made my life better sometimes ive been depressed or sad and no matter wat the mcu and its movies have always made my life better

    • test two
      test two 5 months ago

      I don't believe it'll do as well as Infinity War because most of the hero's that people like are dead, and who wants to see the movie if the rest of them going to die?! It's not an enjoyment to me watching (because they are people) we love die, the devil trying to steal your joy!!

  • Yobear
    Yobear 5 months ago

    Australia gets it 24th I’m happy

  • charles a
    charles a 5 months ago

    Can ant man just go inside his ear a shrink his brain with his little disk or plant a bomb and kill him that way? 😂 jk

  • Michael Trujillo Jr
    Michael Trujillo Jr 5 months ago +1

    I was only an 8 year old when that first Iron Man movie came out. Since then my life has changed astronomically. I am now an adult and I have my own life. But marvel always remained. In a way this movie marks an end to my childhood but an amazing start to new things

  • Jamie Banner
    Jamie Banner 5 months ago +1

    I suppose there is a theoretical limit but. I'm just going to point out the thing that's puzzling me. Is the movies that are supporting diversity are making twice as much as white male Superhero movies. And the thing is everybody is talking about the diversity movies more. Including your channel. There's been a hell of a lot more talk about Captain Marvel than Shazam. And Shazam Billy Batson a young kid. I can't think of any superhero that young boys and Men around the world could relate to more... opened up at 50 to 55 million? Frankly I'm surprised anybody talking about Ant-Man first topic about him I've seen in a long time. Although it's great that there's diversity but I'd like to see a bit more support all around. If white male superheroes are making twice the less than diversity characters it's going to be what's the point. You gonna get twice as much for a female character a person of race or religion. Does it make any sense to me.

    • Semere Tesfai
      Semere Tesfai 5 months ago +1

      Hey man I was disappointed at Shazam box office as well. I wanted it to top 70 million opening weekend. But it didn’t and ultimately that’s okay. Important thing is that I loved it as a movie. Why it didn’t blow up at box office like Aquaman or Captain Marvel is probably because it’s lesser known character to the general audience. Kinda like Antman. In the end it’s going to make enough $$ to be profitable and they will make a sequel. Now I believe the sequel will do a lot better at the box office. People who didn’t see it at the theater will see it at home via streaming/ dvd/rental. It’s going to gain more audience that way.
      All I can tell you is don’t take it personally. Hollywood is a business and they’ll keep making superheroes movies (of all kinds) as long they are profitable. White male superheroes movies have been profitable more than not.
      Also the reason Black Panther, Captain Marvel & Wonder Woman made so much money is because they are so diverse. Not only did white males pay to see them but everyone else that are usually under served by Hollywood. Also the movies were so damn good & people went back multiple times. Especially for Black Panther & Wonder Woman.

    • Jamie Banner
      Jamie Banner 5 months ago +1

      @Semere Tesfai no I'm not worried about that. I'm saying white male superhero movies in general struggle to pass 600 million. Despite movies like Winter Soldier and Logan considered best Superhero movies ever made. It's a rarity to reach a billion. Obviously Dark Knight but that had the help of the Heath Ledger movement. And Iron Man 3 came on the back of Avengers 2012. Apart from those two most scrape past 600 the first Ant-Man didn't even do it. Wolverine was struggling to scrape past 400.. But Wonder Woman. Captain Marvel. Black panther. Aquaman. Which is supporting gender and race are making twice as much regularly on average. And it doesn't look like it's slowing down. Why not show support for all types of Superhero movies? Disappointed in the Shazam opening weekend. Because the superhero is actually a young boy. You think people would be taking their children to see it.. it seems parents have taken their daughters to see Captain Marvel but not their sons to see Shazam... kind of sending out a wrong message. If it doesn't make 500 million.

    • Semere Tesfai
      Semere Tesfai 5 months ago

      Jamie Banner if you’re worried about the future of “white male superheroes movies ” don’t be! They’ll keep making them. Avengers Endgame has how many wms? ...Ironman, Cap, Hulk, Hawkeye, Antman, Thor, Star Lord, Spider-Man, Winter Soldier, Dr.Strange.
      Also...these other movies coming out this year...
      Spider-Man Far From Home
      Having more diverse superheroes movies representing the rest of the human race does not mean they will stop making movies for white males. Don’t feel threatened by that. If you still do then Hollywood has 100 years worth of white male heroes movies for you to watch.

  • Mao vmp
    Mao vmp 5 months ago +8

    Me, a believer of the Thanos and Ant man theory.
    John: Not gonna happen guys, Thanos behind it's way thicker and superior.
    *Faith in the theory dies*

    • willynilly91
      willynilly91 5 months ago

      Alien biology. We don't know how his insides work. His outer skin may be super tough, but his insides could be more vulnerable (like a lot of species out there). There's still hope

  • Gaming With Aaron
    Gaming With Aaron 5 months ago +8

    What if Antman crawled into his ear and attacked his brain, or crawled in and stabbed his heart. Then that would mean certain death for Thanos

  • Neptune Solo
    Neptune Solo 5 months ago

    i got first day first show early morning 8 am tickets on wednesday 24 april... in sydney.. i cant wait..

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 5 months ago

    What's with the sudden trailer hate, just the bitterness that comes with age or did a trailer company really screw you over

  • Ryley James
    Ryley James 5 months ago +6

    Reason No. 1 - Disney owns the properties.

  • Brett Brooks
    Brett Brooks 5 months ago +4

    I’m not seeing anything spoil worthy with the thanos build a bear

  • themarine0316
    themarine0316 5 months ago

    It must suck living in LA and needing to do a mass rush to get tickets the second they go on sale to be assured you get good seats, I just bought mine this afternoon for opening night and got the best seats in the house top row center.

  • Mark Anthony Panao
    Mark Anthony Panao 5 months ago +3

    I got 3 VIP tix for Endgame on April 24. woohoo

    • Vino sitas
      Vino sitas 5 months ago

      Yeaaaaaaaa. I'm so excited. I'm so excited.. ugh... its eating me alive..

  • Isaiah V
    Isaiah V 5 months ago +3

    Waited in the "digital line" on fandango for over 4 hours to get my tickets. Worth it though, got 5 seats smack dab in the middle at an IMAX on April 25th. Hope you all had the same opportunity.

  • Kevin Bertoni
    Kevin Bertoni 5 months ago +34

    John you’re the best but your voice needs a rest! Love you man!

  • Blake St Clair
    Blake St Clair 5 months ago +2

    Even taking into account the longer runtime wouldn't it make business sense for cinemas to run End Game on more screens than they did with Infinity War, with that movie being the litmus test for how much they could make for the "sequel", I see chain theatres barely running anything else from the get go for weeks besides End Game, that's one way I think End Game could eclipse Infinty War for both opening weekend and overall box office having a longer runtime

    KELEX 5 months ago +4

    Wasn’t there still a ton of super chat questions left to answer from the Captain Marvel spoiler review?

  • Tyler D'Antonio
    Tyler D'Antonio 5 months ago +6

    John are u forgetting that captain marvel hasn’t and still doesn’t remember anything from her earth past?

    • Dominic Francis
      Dominic Francis 5 months ago +5

      Did you watch the movie😂 she eventually did remember things from her past

    • John Campea
      John Campea  5 months ago +8

      Ummm... yes she does.

  • willynilly91
    willynilly91 5 months ago +15

    @26:10 For Campea crushing our hopes and dreams

    • willynilly91
      willynilly91 5 months ago +5

      @KELEX *one of the most brilliant things ever

    • KELEX
      KELEX 5 months ago +4

      Haha! Do people actually want that to happen? It would be one of the stupidest things ever put to screen.

  • willynilly91
    willynilly91 5 months ago +38

    *Reads the title*

    How dare you

  • Movies are Awesome
    Movies are Awesome 5 months ago +1


  • kingofthehills34
    kingofthehills34 5 months ago +7

    It’s my birthday and we are getting flooded with videos. Heck yeah

    • Huz Ibr
      Huz Ibr 5 months ago +2

      @Go Time Now we the April celebrant will hve Some Avenging to do this month. Whatever it Takes

    • Go Time Now
      Go Time Now 5 months ago +1

      Happy birthday !!!

    • Huz Ibr
      Huz Ibr 5 months ago +1

      Happy Birthday. Mine is on 13th. Then 11 days before Endgame. Tinking to make an Endgame cake for myself. 😃😃

    • kingofthehills34
      kingofthehills34 5 months ago

      T&N Podcast thank you

    • T&N Podcast
      T&N Podcast 5 months ago

      kingofthehills34 happy birthday!🎁