Drinking Espresso from the 1950s

  • Published on Oct 28, 2020
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Comments • 2 443

  • Ben Schofield
    Ben Schofield Year ago +7020

    Thank you so much for the experience James! It was great to be able to get a glimpse behind the scenes, and apologies for the irreparable damage to your taste buds

    • MalaBarista
      MalaBarista Month ago

      1st wave coffee was probably low quality Robusta (conilon).Specially comercial ones
      Another broken rule: ground coffee older than 20 days
      Then some Rust to add some delicious notes on top of It.
      If you still have a baratza around to tive away. I really would love to own and respect in health and sickneas

    • Sir_Axiom
      Sir_Axiom 3 months ago

      @Mikairu blah blah blah. Go start and make peace then. Stop relying on others to make you happy. You can't just rely on a few people out of a billion to make laugh you laugh because we need it. If we need it, you have to contribute like you believe Ben is doing; making peace and laughter.

    • Luca Gamba
      Luca Gamba 5 months ago

      Thank you Ben for let him share this opportunity with us

    • John 1948
      John 1948 6 months ago

      @Reckless Roges Judging James' brave reaction, it might be the last act a 70-year old might ever do ;)

    • Reckless Roges
      Reckless Roges 6 months ago

      Thanks Ben. I wonder if anyone that drank that 50 years ago could try it now and see how much it has changed.

  • Jack Moore
    Jack Moore Year ago +973

    james: that's awful, I don't think I'm going to vomit but I'm almost there"
    also james: *takes another sip*

    • robin wolff
      robin wolff Month ago +2

      Andrew Zimmern school of tasting stuff. If you don't like the first bite/sip, take a second one. Sometimes a flavour is so foreign and strange that it seems bad at first and becomes good as your brain adjusts to the experience.

    • Minecraft_Dreng
      Minecraft_Dreng 3 months ago

      takes another sip, makes an espresso out of it and sips that too

    • Arthur Maple
      Arthur Maple 5 months ago +7

      SteveMRE1989 vibe haha

    • Arthur Wittmann
      Arthur Wittmann 7 months ago

      its priceless content

    • League Addict
      League Addict 7 months ago +7

      @Maria P James in this video says it had a bit of a cacao taste, but cacao ages really badly and even if sealed well it can kill people there have been stories of 100 year old cacao killing people so be careful with old cacao/coffee because some coffee might be mixed with cacao

  • AssaultFlamingo
    AssaultFlamingo Year ago +517

    I just love Ben's reaction to the gift grinder. There's something so genuine about it, you can see the exact moment when he goes from "who, me?" to "oh, neato". Good job keeping a camera on him to capture it. :)

    • berniematt
      berniematt 5 days ago +1

      10:33 - I think this is a flabbergasted Ben!

  • Nick Aroutsidis
    Nick Aroutsidis 8 months ago +152

    James: "People out there think this should go to an antique roadshow and never be drunk and they're WRONG!"
    James minutes later: "If you have some of this lying around DONT DRINK IT"

  • Fully Steeped In Forest Pleasure

    What I learned from this: tea leaves age better than coffee beans. I've had tea from the 50s. It had an aged flavor but never tasted bad - never.

    • Adolfo Holguin
      Adolfo Holguin 4 months ago +6

      @Ealsante fermentation is part of (some) coffee processing though.

    • Ealsante
      Ealsante 4 months ago +9

      I've had the pleasure of a 1960s Pu-erh, chipped right off a block. Exquisite stuff. I think it's because fermentation isn't a part of making a coffee bean, whereas it is critical to the processing of tea leaves.

    • Fully Steeped In Forest Pleasure
      Fully Steeped In Forest Pleasure 6 months ago +10

      @micuko vicious This was Tieguanyin.

    • Fully Steeped In Forest Pleasure
      Fully Steeped In Forest Pleasure 6 months ago +12

      @JZH10000 I guess it was stored away in a tea farmer's rafters before being discovered and a local tea shop got a stash of it.

    • micuko vicious
      micuko vicious 7 months ago +8

      Maybe you had Pu-erh tea. It ages well when stored correctly.

  • flamingocomplex
    flamingocomplex Year ago +3402

    There are few things more entertaining than an Englishman in mild discomfort.

  • UsernamePassword
    UsernamePassword Year ago +194

    James’s anxiety combined with dog taking dump in background is TheXvid gold!

    • John 1948
      John 1948 3 months ago +1

      @Velociraptor 3:35 . Lady holding plastic bags, wishing dog would hurry up. And seconds later, James sniffs the can and says "There's a mixture of smells..." Pure unadulterated unrehearsed serendipity. English humour at its classic best. Gotta love it!

    • Velociraptor
      Velociraptor 3 months ago +1

      Timestamp? :O

    • John 1948
      John 1948 6 months ago

      James would have been better to have processed the dump.

    • Dave
      Dave 9 months ago +1

      Oh em gee.

    • Terry Williams
      Terry Williams 11 months ago +4

      I cracked at this.

  • 666tonsofsquirrels
    666tonsofsquirrels Year ago +60

    "It's pasteurized" Also, rat poison can be boiled and still be rat poison.
    Also, great video and thanks for not sending this off to the antiquities snobs and 'enjoying' it for us all to see. 😂

  • Cherapi
    Cherapi 7 months ago +88

    "It has got this acidity, this weird papery, cacao-ey taste that should be pleasant but is just unwelcome at the party. "
    How is it possible to describe a situation (any situation) with such grace and ease, yet punctuated with deep disgust (albeit gently). I'm so entertained and very amused (or amazed) 😆

    • Der Kaiser Zen
      Der Kaiser Zen 5 months ago +4

      That's Brit for you lol

    • Soli Novo
      Soli Novo 6 months ago +10

      What a sophisticated way to say that it tasted like shit lmao

  • bobbler42
    bobbler42 Year ago +342

    “Metal, battery acid and pain”: sounds like a Deftones gig.

    • Andrew B
      Andrew B Year ago +2

      Haha Battery Acid reminded me of that Queens of the Stone Age song
      Battery Acid in my veins , Unidentified remains of James post-bad decision espresso

    • Dennis Romero
      Dennis Romero Year ago +4

      probably a mixture of the container chemical compounds, aluminium and a lot of fungus + coffee. Definitely interesting to watch - only :D

  • Alex Zeal
    Alex Zeal Year ago +2457

    British Museum: * finds 3000 year old coffee beans in ancient Egyptian tomb *
    James Hoffman: "I must drink it"

    • Maria P
      Maria P 8 months ago


    • Jozef Horniak
      Jozef Horniak 8 months ago +2

      but first he must crack user manual in hieroglyphs

    • Pronto
      Pronto 10 months ago +1

      @小井津野梅 self-evidently, we would then not know about it, and neither would they. It's analogous to unmined gold... of no benefit to anyone. But once the gold is mined... who owns it? The miner? The landowner? The aboriginal land rights holder? And which aboriginals... where do you stop the clock?

    • Joon H Bae
      Joon H Bae Year ago +1

      Like the old, very limited paint, mummy brown..

    • Michael Papadopoulos
      Michael Papadopoulos Year ago +2

      I would watch a movie called The Curse of the Pyramid Beans starring James Hoffman.

  • Brian Haitz
    Brian Haitz Year ago +27

    Your giveaway has put a tear in my eye, James. I think more than anything it shows a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. And more than the giveaway itself, your leading by example and inspiring people to help others in whatever way they can. Me personally too, i'm trying to understand that really it's the effort that counts, however grand or limited our means.

  • Michael Arighi
    Michael Arighi 4 months ago +11

    Brought back memories. I had a rather different experience with some very old coffee. My in-law's family had owned a wholesale grocery in the Midwest of the US. They roasted and sold coffee, among many other grocery items. In the '40s, they were visited by a salesman with some premium Guatemalan coffee. He left them some small sealed tins of green beans to try out. They knew, from the price point and the quality of the coffee, that their customers would never pay that much, so the tins sat there. When I was visiting those relatives with my wife in the late '70s, her grandfather pulled out an unopened tin and asked if it would be any good still. I had no idea. However, this was Seattle, a few years after Starbuck's started. So, I trundled down there--to the original Pike Place store, as it was the only one they had at the time--and asked them how long green coffee beans stored. Smelling a rat, they asked how long it had been? When I told them, they were a little dubious But green, and still sealed, they thought they might be OK, and asked me to let them know how it went. I also asked for recommendations for roasting it and, as suggested, did the beans on the stove in a cast iron frying pan over fairly high heat. What I got was some lovely, coffee-smelling beans, if somewhat unevenly roasted. Ground them up in their old wall-mount, hand-crank grinder (what they used in the grocery warehouse for tasting) and probably ran them through a paper filter (no clear memory, but that seems likely). The result was coffee. Not great coffee--it was a bit unbalanced, with too-low acid--but perfectly drinkable coffee. Better, in fact, than the dishwater we used to get in hotels in those days.

  • TsnBanks
    TsnBanks Year ago +622

    Steve1989MREInfo would probably say "Lets get this out onto a tray"... "NICE!"

    • Digi
      Digi 9 months ago +1

      I was waiting for the hiss

    • ludde sundström
      ludde sundström 10 months ago +1

      Ashes to

    • Alief Rizaldi
      Alief Rizaldi Year ago +5

      "1917 WW 1 British Ration Coffee"
      100 years old aged coffee, sounds interesting, let's go try it...
      it's a bit rancid

    • Anthony Bonarrigo
      Anthony Bonarrigo Year ago +9

      My man James need to try Coffee, Instant, Type II

    • marchi fleming
      marchi fleming Year ago +1

      Yeeeeees dammit that was my VERY first thought as well 😂😂

  • Josh Mond
    Josh Mond Year ago +25

    Super interesting James.
    I discovered a coffee shop in Tokyo that aged beans for up to 20 and 30 years it was truly an incredible taste of coffee that I have not forgotten to this day!
    I have not found anything like this outside of Japan!

    • Josh Mond
      Josh Mond 8 months ago +11

      @David Fuller yes I think you are correct, they must have aged them green then roasted a few days before serving.

    • David Fuller
      David Fuller 8 months ago +8

      You could age them green, I suppose - but roasted? No.

    • Alyssa Stevens
      Alyssa Stevens 9 months ago +4

      Just because I put some salty fish on a shelf for 30 years doesnt make it katsuobushi

  • Salihaś
    Salihaś Year ago +2954

    James Hoffman: dont brew 2 weeks old beans
    James Hoffman: brew 70 year old coffee

    • Papa Lasagne
      Papa Lasagne Year ago +4

      @# TBC I'm not too sure, but possibly the video where he puts coffee beans in a freezer, or maybe when he's comparing different storage containers.
      Personally I keep only 1-weeks worth of coffee in my container that I open every day, and the rest in an air-tight bag that I only open to replace my weekly coffee with. It really matters more on how the beans were stored, than how long since they've been roasted.

    • Kami Enel
      Kami Enel Year ago

      @Narendra Wicaksono I remember when he said he was sad about grinding in the night and left it in the machine to have fresh coffee smell in morning

    • Aaron Sou
      Aaron Sou Year ago


    • # TBC
      # TBC Year ago +4

      dont brew 2 weeks old beans? Which video did he mentioned it? How many days old would it consider as fresh then?

    • Kijad
      Kijad Year ago +7

      I absolutely adore the adventurousness here though - this is definitely something I would also do. The curiosity is too strong!

  • jevvv NZ
    jevvv NZ 7 months ago +9

    "Tastes of ... metal ... battery acid ... and PAIN!" Well, now we know why not to save our coffee for a rainy day. Thank you James, and thank you Ben!

  • Joe Scinta
    Joe Scinta Year ago +217

    I'm having a difficult time finding those notes on my flavor wheel.

  • Brendan Thompson
    Brendan Thompson Year ago +17

    I would actually LOVE to see more videos out here in this field! Specifically on outdoor coffee equipment and gear we could use out in the wild!

  • Isaiah Higgins
    Isaiah Higgins Year ago +79

    12:50 I love how he couldn't bring himself to say crema 😂

  • Loremaster the Science Demon

    "Did I do this okay?"
    Lesson from Ashens: Never swallow it, and have Vodka at hand to wash and cleanse your mouth with.

    • alex E
      alex E 11 months ago

      Or go the Chef Excellence route and use Tesco value gin.

  • panic!! panic!!
    panic!! panic!! 3 months ago +1

    13:58 I'm pretty new to this kind of coffee enthusiasm and I found your videos--I must've watched 12 videos of yours before seeing this one? This moment is what really gave me respect for you and your dedication to your craft. Subbed. Cheers.

  • Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen 4 months ago +1

    It's juvenile I know, but I find food poisoning humor hilarious. Thank you, this was side splitting.

  • Raiden
    Raiden Year ago +8

    I'll be honest, the more James suffers the more I enjoy these videoes!
    I'd love to win a grinder though. I'm a coffee novice and I pretty much always buy supermarket pre-ground coffee because I have no idea what I'm doing.

  • Clement Moraschi
    Clement Moraschi Year ago +1190

    Here we witness the slow transition of suave coffee enthusiast, advocate & businessman James Hoffman into the Steve1989MREInfo of coffee.

    • Richard Shipe
      Richard Shipe Year ago


    • AJM19812018
      AJM19812018 Year ago

      @Abigail McKellar yeah, real shots of espresso

    • Juicy Fruit
      Juicy Fruit Year ago +2

      You know what would go good with that expresso? Some authentic 1863 Civil War hardtack crackers. I wonder who would have some available to taste? Hmmmm?

    • L M
      L M Year ago

      @Serge Söntjens THIS would be epic!

    • Clement Moraschi
      Clement Moraschi Year ago +1

      @tyler of instant, of which he is a connoisseur.
      On that note, I wonder if instant actually preserves better than whole beans over a long period of time due to the freeze-drying process.

  • LadyTigerLily
    LadyTigerLily Year ago +5

    I admire and appreciate the immense suffering and curiosity that you bring to us, your devoted viewers and brewers, Jim. What an experience. What a paragon of our industry. Bless your poor, abused taste buds and gastrointestinal tract, my friend.

  • AustraliaWOW
    AustraliaWOW Year ago +4

    I absolutely ❤️ this guy. What a hilarious legend. He needs his own Netflix special.

  • Ryan J
    Ryan J Year ago +98

    Also, you should get that out onto a tray.
    That would be NICE

  • Willem vd K
    Willem vd K 4 months ago +1

    Baratza Encore is a great grinder! I have it myself. It's been doing its work dutifully for the past 5 years. Love the thing.

  • R A
    R A Year ago +348

    i'm obsessed with the chaotic good energy of James' "There are people out there who believe this should go to Antiques Roadshow and never be drunk-and they're WRONG"

    • Peter Robinson
      Peter Robinson 11 months ago +1

      By the end he is "if you have some of this at home, maybe leave it on the shelf and don't open it, just admire it once in a while" hahaha

    • The Cat of Nine Swords
      The Cat of Nine Swords Year ago +7

      James might have changed his mind after drinking the vile stuff!

  • Earth-Fury
    Earth-Fury Year ago +1

    The description of "Metal, and battery acid... and and pain" is a thing of art. Thank you for sharing this experience with us :)

  • Mason Chamberlain
    Mason Chamberlain Year ago +3

    James, I consider myself new to the coffee world only having been drinking for about 5 years. I never really took the time to understand and take a good look at my drink until I saw the ultimate French press technique for the cleanest cup of coffee someone had recommended me.
    I want to thank you for spending your time sharing this passion and for educating me. I look forward to my morning cup while visiting with your newest video from time to time. Keep on keeping on. 👍

  • Glynn
    Glynn Year ago +3

    Someone give this man an oscar, that 'Oh dear God' was beautiful

  • Alicia Gauthier
    Alicia Gauthier 6 months ago

    This is my favourite. Thank you for your scientific methodology, I have whole heartedly laughed at your misfortune and also appreciate the sort of idyllic scenery for the whole thing.

  • E. Jack Taylor
    E. Jack Taylor Year ago +1

    Taking one for the team, way to man-up, James. We love your enthusiasm and dedication. That was very intresting.

  • SG Martin
    SG Martin Month ago

    This is a blend, about 50% courage and 50% crazy! Thank you for leading with courage!

  • Lawrance Law
    Lawrance Law Year ago

    I laughed way too hard at this. Thank you for making my day,

  • staglite
    staglite Year ago +1

    I have not laughed so much in quite a while. James, thank you for bringing some much needed levity to my day during these dark and desperate times.
    Cheers, may you never need to drink 100 year old coffee.

  • Kevin Penfold
    Kevin Penfold Year ago +451

    James: Sorry it’s not your day hand grinder.
    Hand Grinder: 🥺
    James: Lets grind some a bit finer and pull some espresso.
    Hand Grinder: 🥰

    • Mr Pete
      Mr Pete 7 months ago +3

      And then...
      Hand Grinder: 🥺

  • Karina Gray
    Karina Gray Year ago +1

    Oh James, my sides hurt from laughing so much! 🤣🤣 After a hard week, this was what I needed. So thank you for making my Saturday 😊 Good on you for accepting Ben’s challenge. Hope you didn’t feel ill afterwards.

  • John Goff
    John Goff Year ago +1

    Someone get this man some vintage whole beans! I've learned many things from you, James Hoffman (it's why my v60 game is so tight during quarantine), but once again, you have proven than no matter what, old grounds suck. Anyone have some good whole bean coffee from 10-50 years ago that's vacuum sealed or at least not oxidized? This could be a whole series if done properly. Sorry, just some sunday morning stream of thought after watching the Melitta video, but another comment on the pile!

  • Squishy
    Squishy 4 months ago

    been enjoying your videos but this one genuinely made me laugh out loud! love the content!!

  • James Vaught Jr
    James Vaught Jr 5 months ago

    I would love some coffee and a grinder 😃 with watching ur show has opened up a whole new word in coffee!!!! I really enjoy please keep up the awesome work!!!

  • Farhan Naushad
    Farhan Naushad Year ago +666

    We all get sadistic pleasure from watching James drinking decades old coffee, admit it.

    • Margie Innes
      Margie Innes Year ago

      @Lewis Rood Priceless, LOL!!

    • gareth cairns
      gareth cairns Year ago

      @Harke Juice more supermarket instant ‘coffee’.

    • Harke Juice
      Harke Juice Year ago +1

      @gareth cairns Et Tu, Folgers Morning Cafe?

    • gareth cairns
      gareth cairns Year ago

      @Harke Juice oh god, I’ve been there, holding back all the rage and disbelief.

    • gareth cairns
      gareth cairns Year ago

      I admit it.

  • Eddie Mendoza
    Eddie Mendoza Year ago +39

    "I don't know if i'll ever taste again, should I taste it again?; i'm going to taste it again" LOL That is funny. Thanks for this vid. Was great.

  • Łukasz Chojnacki
    Łukasz Chojnacki 11 months ago

    I've seen James more discouraged to drink next sip when there was 19 instead of 18 grams of greatest coffee than with this espresso :)

  • Joshua Martell
    Joshua Martell Year ago

    Usually I would say something along the lines of "eh, coffee snobs" but the entertainment factor of this definitely outweighed that. I personally can palate pretty much anything with little to no side effects, but I am curious as to how I'd take to this. Also, I'm afraid James would have a very similar reaction to some of the more "distasteful" cups of coffee I have created

  • Michael Marzolf
    Michael Marzolf 7 months ago

    Love this -- so entertaining, and funny
    And I love the effort to help those who need help -- FIRST CLASS!!

  • cheekster777
    cheekster777 Year ago

    I felt the pain you went through in this video, all in the name of science. 🤮
    Thank you so much for running the giveaways. 👍🏻

  • Jennifer Ghent
    Jennifer Ghent 9 months ago +1

    I wish I could have seen Ben's expression while you drank that. I can only imagine he was crying...🤣

  • rayzormiracle
    rayzormiracle Year ago

    James, I Admire your bravery, really really fun! My son was on a 10 month tour aboard the Nimitz, finally coming home he noted immediately the coffee in the grinder bin had gone off, tossed it out and bought new. Right! it Obviously wasn't still sealed in the tin! or maybe.......

  • Daniel 635 Biturbo
    Daniel 635 Biturbo Year ago +1

    I really got to say these out and about videos has been a nice change.
    I understand that it's more difficult and time consuming to setup, but you really master the camera angles sound levels etc. in a great way.
    Great effort, all this besides tasting the 70 year old awfulness, thanks both James and Ben.

  • Katherine Landreth
    Katherine Landreth Year ago +274

    James Hoffmann: There are people out there who believe that this should go to Antiques Road Show and never be drunk - and they're *wrong*.
    Also James Hoffmann: If you discover coffee in your grandparent's attic, maybe just keep it sealed, maybe just look at it from time to time, maybe don't crack it open and drink it.

    • Sally Anne Sadler
      Sally Anne Sadler Year ago

      He did the deed for us. Learn from his experience.

    • Nero
      Nero Year ago +4

      From a preservation standpoint do open the tin and remove the coffee. Any sort of foodstuffs containers remove the food. There are a handful that you wouldn't do at home. (paper wrapping for example, if it survived...) The reason why is as decomposition happens and it causes expansion which can destroy the container.
      Also the tin seems to have been compromised at some point given the dent and spots of rust

    • Ambulocetus
      Ambulocetus Year ago +6

      I was going to make an identical comment. He sure changed his mind, didn't he?

  • Mega Byte
    Mega Byte 6 days ago

    makes me wonder if there are coffee specifically prepared to age for this long... this one is certainly not intended to be consumed after 70 years

  • Kung Fu Panda
    Kung Fu Panda Year ago

    Love watching how coffee is made in so ways and I never thought that I would get to see very old coffe made from the 70's, i hope you are very much okay?, from trying to drink that,

  • EDHblvd
    EDHblvd Year ago

    Loved this. Thank you for taking one for the team.

  • Ryan Atkinson
    Ryan Atkinson Year ago +1

    I didn't expect to laugh this hard at this guy's reactions hahaha

  • Pinay
    Pinay Year ago

    This was the most comedic taste of coffee ever. I'm still laughing out loud! 🤣 Do it again, please. 😂😍😭😅🤩

  • Milk
    Milk 7 months ago

    I can finally be content with the Starbucks cold brew I drink when I watch his videos.

  • Ja Gri1
    Ja Gri1 Year ago

    Shout out to the camping table, good work buddy! Also great video James! It's awesome that your giving away grinders to those who need them

  • Alyssa Stevens
    Alyssa Stevens 9 months ago +4

    I honestly think we have bred coffee to be stronger and that's actually how weak it was back then.Also, you definitely did not do it per instructions. It said to cook it over a fire.

  • Sion Jones
    Sion Jones Month ago

    Thank you for this silliness, it made me giggle like a mad thing. I think the strange covid restrictions just made this more amusing!

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones Year ago

    Thank you James for a brilliant and amusing presentation. Fair to describe as Pythonesque in spirit, I feel. Laughed 'til I cried.
    Kudos for going where few sane coffee enthusiasts would dare to venture....not I for one, sanity precondition or no, lol.

  • Bonny Bagus
    Bonny Bagus Year ago

    Hi James! I laughed a lot watching this vid. That was great experience u tried 70 y.o. coffee😀👍🏼👍🏼

  • wrongwayup
    wrongwayup Year ago +66

    Sounds like James needs to try some of Steve1989MREInfo's Coffee Instant, Type 2.

  • Jorge Ordóñez Vázquez

    "That was a terrible mistake", a few seconds later: "one more sip!" 10/10

  • Golivewiththis
    Golivewiththis Year ago

    This was way more entertaining then it should have been :D James sitting there, in a park outside London is prob the reason the britt's fought in WW2!

  • thomas gian
    thomas gian Year ago

    Thumbs up for this brave soul!! The length we go for the love of coffee!! I would like a cup as well 😜

  • Jesse Hacking
    Jesse Hacking Year ago

    Man that is an awesome give away! I’ve been using that grinder for the past year and it’s great!

  • Tufty White
    Tufty White Year ago

    This has quickly become my favourite of all of your videos. I admire your persistence with the second sip. Excellent work. I can see a spin off channel emerging, 'James drinks coffee made of weird stuff.' I think it's got legs!!

  • Sid
    Sid Year ago +138

    Coffee snobs: “I would never grind coffee the night before, only ever fresh!”
    James Hoffmann: “hand me some of that ground 70 year old coffee”

    • fluffy
      fluffy Year ago +3

      Remember when James admitted to grinding his morning brew coffee the night before and setting a timer? thexvid.com/video/HfkdkZRv6Mc/video.html

  • DancingSpacePotato

    Oh! The grinder giveaway is amazing! I love my Encore. Upgraded and assembled from parts days before the WLCT! A lot of weird coffee people will be very happy

  • Ghostly Roaster
    Ghostly Roaster Year ago

    The funnest coffee video ever! This was awesome. By the way great job on Keys to the Shop Podcast.

  • Jamie Hayward
    Jamie Hayward Year ago

    The satire makes this episode. By far one of my favourites

  • AConsideredMoment

    Great episode for Halloween. Reminded me of John Carpenter's The Thing as you prepared to open the can. Nothing scarier than a serene setting for anticipating what may follow. Do you ever consider time and distance to a WC when planning these intestinal experiments? Are there any compounds or organisms that raise concerns when trying old coffee?

  • Geekified Geek Chat
    Geekified Geek Chat Year ago +14

    "Oh the finish! It keeps going...is that metal? Battery acid? Pain?"
    I havnt laughed that hard for a while!!

  • Dennis Ichikawa
    Dennis Ichikawa 5 months ago

    I don't know how I missed this James Hoffmann video until now, but this one is another gem! James' unscripted guest at 5:00 and his reaction at 13:10 had me in stitches with laughter.

  • Richard Burkow
    Richard Burkow Year ago

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    Moritz Year ago

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    Aldrahill Year ago

    I really love the giveaways you're doing - still supporting businesses, while also essentially donating to the less fortunate. I'm not in a bad position atm so I won't enter, but still really cool :)

  • Mike Kojoori
    Mike Kojoori 4 months ago

    I'm curious. If the coffee you drank utilized the technology we have today would it have held up better? If we were to store coffee in a time capsule today how would it taste in a half century?

  • Malcolm Dinz
    Malcolm Dinz Year ago +156

    "I think I'm done, I think I'm done drinking that"
    Less than a second later:
    "Let's make an espresso out of it"

  • kaiman
    kaiman Year ago

    Great video as always. Could you do a video on old roasting styles of coffee? There has to be roast profiles from decades ago, which yould be replicated and then tested by decade. If possible you could small batch roast these and see what coffee might have tasted like from the 1900 onwards or the like.Might be more pleasant than tasting the actual coffee from 70 years ago :)

  • Joey Shreve
    Joey Shreve Year ago

    The first time for me watching your video's and I almost spit my coffee on my computer screen when you took a sip of the espresso. I know this wasn't meant to be a comedy, but oh I laughed.

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    • Fionn Ó hAlmhain
      Fionn Ó hAlmhain Year ago

      Oh, there's a really really really good roaster here in Ireland called pónaire. I would love to see you review them. I know you're busy, but if you're interested give me a shout and I'll send some beans your way. They roast to order so even with shipping to the UK it'll be fairly fresh when you get it.

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    Retropixelfun Year ago

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    What do you think of the classic Bialetti brewer? I like the coffee coming out of that thing the most.
    Keep on the good work

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    declaro Year ago +25

    It was fun to see you film outside, I’d definitely be up for seeing another video or two outdoors if you can find a good reason for it. :)
    Also thanks Ben for giving us the gift of James suffering through multiple sips of this coffee. I hope you have another (empty) can you can keep as a family memento!

  • Allen Harrison
    Allen Harrison Year ago

    I enjoy watching you suffer, but I only say that because I'm living vicariously through you because I wish I could try the 1950s espresso but I can't, so I'll just keep enjoying watching you suffer tasting weird coffee haha

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    gardengatesopen Year ago +45

    Yes... sitting in a room, breathing the same air as Ben would be reckless...
    However, drinking from 70 year old coffee grounds is completely acceptable.
    Made My Day!
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      Hey it’s post-spanish flu and pre-covid l

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