The New Nintendo Switch Review: 'Mariko' Tegra X1 Tested In Depth!

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • Same old Switch, brand new Tegra X1 processor? We've imported a new Nintendo Switch from Hong Kong, containing the all-important Mariko processor update. It's the first model to get the new SoC, with the Switch Lite arriving a few weeks later. So what does Mariko bring to the table? Is extended battery life the only advantage over the existing model?
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Comments • 1 065

  • lokura general
    lokura general 5 days ago

    This old jerk, wasn't he the one who said that the witcher wouldn't arrive for Nintendo?

  • Scisca
    Scisca 7 days ago +1

    Cool, but I hope they give us a Switch Pro soon with some more significant improvements

  • Matthewv1998
    Matthewv1998 9 days ago

    I must of gotten lucky with my new switch then. My old models screen was way blue shifted, as my new one has a tint. But its so minor i cant even tell what color it is. Ny old one stood out quite a bit though.

  • J K
    J K 10 days ago

    I'm surprised people got screwed on the older Nintendo Switch. Does ANYONE know where I can buy a Mariko processor so I can swap it in myself?

  • Branko Djordjevic
    Branko Djordjevic 10 days ago +1

    I would buy this shit only when i need to go in toilet.

  • Daniel Arc.
    Daniel Arc. 11 days ago

    Question: you messured the power consumption docked, but huch much the mariko switch consume in portable mode from if connectet to the charger. Can wee use a smaller USB Charger (lets say 9W) and Charge while playing?

  • Jakob
    Jakob 11 days ago +1

    The redish screen teint can go hand in hand with lower energy consumption.
    the most taxing on the screen is white (aka RGB) diodes-combine and the green and the blue consumes quite a, lot more than red-diode hence energy to lid..
    so an easy way to save is to redshift it, or use PWM to save on energy or both (pulse width modulation) but usually, these vendors operate with PWM for dimming.
    but your not gonna land +50% less energy by wakely redshift the diodes priotisement.
    but if you have single diodes, you can see that the red diodes, lid with way less power consumption then fx green and blue.

  • Mikolaj Holowko
    Mikolaj Holowko 11 days ago

    I wonder how it would overclock?

  • Keanu - Master of None
    Keanu - Master of None 11 days ago +2

    The display was and still is a huge disappointment. The black levels are rubbish, the brightness is super low and now there is even a tint. Every low cost smartphone has a better screen, how is this possible?
    Why didnt they change the dock? Nobody would my if the new model had a different one.
    I like nintendo and their hardware ideas, but they just don´t care about quality in the hardware department.

  • Tidder T
    Tidder T 12 days ago

    Codenamed "Murica"??

  • owen
    owen 15 days ago

    Battery life is not important to some people?

  • bnsk85
    bnsk85 15 days ago

    Would be great to see FEAR on the Switch that was one amazing game!

  • minova 70
    minova 70 16 days ago

    The new SOC is still too weak, we need something far more better on NS PRO >__

  • Franklin Brown
    Franklin Brown 17 days ago

    I love the watt inclusion.

  • xmish16
    xmish16 18 days ago

    Cheap and nasty?.. I would strongly disagree..

  • JFK
    JFK 18 days ago

    1:15 This, the switch wifi is so damn bad. It's actually impressive how bad the wifi on the switch is

    • Jane Katz
      Jane Katz 15 days ago

      ​@JFK i agree with you something is up with the range but switching channels worked for me.

    • JFK
      JFK 16 days ago

      @Jane Katz That doesn't change a thing on wifi unless if your switch is within 3 meters of the router. The chip in the switch has pathetically short range

    • Jane Katz
      Jane Katz 16 days ago

      use 5ghz router

  • Tube Youtube
    Tube Youtube 19 days ago +1

    I still have psp

  • boshygamer32 El Canal De las Locuras

    at the end i still happy with my 3DS

  • Rebelheir
    Rebelheir 20 days ago

    Nintendo gimmick TM version 2 now less functional

  • Eric
    Eric 23 days ago

    I see in portable mode the New switch has that red tint. Do you see that red tint also when the system is Docked???? OR is it identical to the older switch?????

  • neosrt10
    neosrt10 23 days ago

    I can feel a higher performance Tegra coming due to the smaller mariko chip maybe an slightly overclocked model with bigger battery....maybe Im just hopeful.

  • Kiel Hanson
    Kiel Hanson 24 days ago

    Any idea when this comes to the UK?

  • Eraze Dageh
    Eraze Dageh 24 days ago

    I guess I would use a Switch in prison if I had to and if it were allowed lol

  • Monkey Robots Inc.
    Monkey Robots Inc. 25 days ago

    Lol the new switch colors. Light Grey yellow? Can we get some uglier choices?

  • ksio89
    ksio89 25 days ago +2

    Still an overpriced and underpowered Nintendo console, who would guess? Why improve the quality of the screen if it's already selling like water in the desert? Consumers need to vote with their wallet.

  • J4VIER 3
    J4VIER 3 25 days ago +1

    Vengo de parte de Ray Bacon

  • bobby dunn
    bobby dunn 25 days ago

    I upgraded to the new switch I regret it as it still has bad performance

  • lastethica
    lastethica 26 days ago

    Switch lite will also have this mariko tegra?

  • Malinkadink
    Malinkadink 26 days ago

    So basically still trash performance but good for mobile because battery life improvement. FFS Nintendo give me a powerful home console that can AT LEAST do 1080p 60fps.

  • Anton DP
    Anton DP 26 days ago +5

    In the battery test, was the OG switch also newly bought? Battery wear and tear is a real thing.
    PS: Not sure if this was addressed in the video, but seems like it isn't.

  • LXIV
    LXIV 26 days ago

    This is a massive improvement in the area that matters most in mobile hardware! Happy to have swapped out my OG Day 1 Switch for the new model. No regrets!👌🏾

  • loktronGaming TV
    loktronGaming TV 26 days ago

    Is the old switches battery Brand new? Otherwise the test is shit

  • Pierre Mercier
    Pierre Mercier 26 days ago

    I read that the "new" switch unit got a serial starting with "XKW" and on your video, yours got "XKJ" serial. Did you read that too...? Thanks for this very cool video.

  • Razor Mavis
    Razor Mavis 27 days ago +1

    Nintendo Switch HAC-001(-02) on underclocked 5nm Tegra- now runs on the heartbeat from your hand!

  • Tendai Dongo
    Tendai Dongo 27 days ago

    Another amazing vid from you guys

  • BlueProZert GT
    BlueProZert GT 28 days ago

    All i need is buy powerbank and i can play 10+ hour

  • darrentg6
    darrentg6 28 days ago

    Nice for people just now buying a Switch, or if your Switch dies and you need a replacement. But I'll continue to wait for a Switch Pro.

  • CobraDogg
    CobraDogg 28 days ago +8

    2:28 the award winning analysis I come to this channel for.

  • christopher barba
    christopher barba 28 days ago

    Recently upgraded from my old switch to the V2 and I will say that it performs significantly better as well. I tested it with Mortal Kombat 11.
    Playing with the characters Shang Tsung vs Noob Saibot on the Beast Pen level would wreck the frame rate on my previous switch.
    So when I upgraded I tested this level out immediately with the same character picks, and I am confident in reporting that the frame rate is super smooth on the
    V2 model. I really wish someone with the proper gear would test MK11 performance on both models. This game used to frustrate me due to it's performance and
    I can now enjoy playing in that particular level. Anyone else experiencing performance gains like this?
    I also want to add that I did this comparison in handheld mode. Unfortunately I did not keep my old switch so I could not do a side by side comparison.

    • FireMrshlBill
      FireMrshlBill 16 days ago

      What did you think of the new screen compared to your old? Is it too warm or too "green"? I am considering trading up (will be

  • Josh Grilli
    Josh Grilli 28 days ago +5

    I’m conflicted, you all are super knowledgeable but on the other hand you use the light theme for the home screen

  • Dead Encryption
    Dead Encryption 28 days ago

    I ended up using the local gamestop's incentive for trade in with a couple of old xbox games for an even swap. The battery life is a huge boost for me since I am mobile most of the time and it beats carrying around a larger power bank.

  • Sin
    Sin 28 days ago

    Definitely fine with my old switch.

  • Bannana
    Bannana 28 days ago

    Great video, just bought the og switch a month ago and sincerely in love with the thing, never thought a console would take me away from pc gaming 😂

  • Zetman
    Zetman 29 days ago

    i can play zelda forever on my pc

  • Tolga Kuyubasi
    Tolga Kuyubasi 29 days ago

    When a Switch has more battery than a PS4 controller

  • pau pau
    pau pau 29 days ago

    Nice Video!

  • Xaphan Vassago
    Xaphan Vassago 29 days ago

    To be fair, your temperature readings should not be considered accurate. You're comparing an old switch with old thermal paste to a new switch with newer thermal paste. So in reality the thermals are the same on both units which is why the revision chipset is not clocked at higher speeds.

  • Raymond Mataka
    Raymond Mataka 29 days ago

    Finially, someone says its codename Right.

  • King Blank
    King Blank 29 days ago

    Looks like a blue tint on the new screen

  • protozerox
    protozerox 29 days ago

    I dont like the battery test. If one console is rotating the camera at a slightly different speed doesn't that mean that it will be using a different amount of power?

  • معاذ الصميط q8

    I don't have a Nintendo switch and i was going to buy one but then then the new version came out and it not available yet whare I live until 3 weeks from now

  • Matias Adrian
    Matias Adrian 29 days ago

    waooo en serio la bateria ahora le dura demasiadoo eso es geniall!!!!! si o si hay que irse por esa

  • kigasdj2
    kigasdj2 29 days ago +1

    Waiting for switch lite to replace horribly aging 3ds and ps vita

  • Ed Free
    Ed Free 29 days ago

    thank you for all your testing! love videos like these

  • Maya Lesovsky
    Maya Lesovsky 29 days ago

    What is the name of the racing game before zelda

  • chaoschief
    chaoschief 29 days ago

    comparing a used battery with a brand new battery... hhmm.... incorrect data much?

  • RhythmGrizz
    RhythmGrizz 29 days ago

    I have high hopes for the rumored new Switch with Sharp's IGZO display

  • christphern
    christphern 29 days ago

    From SpawnWave’s tear down, the screen is just an updated version of the original screen. Another channel (can’t recall which) did a test and found that the brightness is a bit higher to make it more visible in daylight and the color balance is more true to life. It’s not the Sharp screen, however. It’s still made by the same company (the name of which escapes me), and 720p resolution.
    The Light also has a 720p screen. The Sharp screen is supposedly 1080p, so not in the Light, either. I’m going ahead and calling it now. Switch XL, or Pro, or “NEW”, or whatever they call it. I’m figuring a January announcement to not cannibalize the holiday sales of the Light with Pokémon. It will probably drop in March for the 3rd anniversary.

  • Doom2exe
    Doom2exe 29 days ago +3

    Kind of glad I waited to get a Switch. Battery life is pretty important for a handheld console

    • Mr. Bagel
      Mr. Bagel 26 days ago

      @MastaX oh man you got to get botw it's nothing like the old ones it has great combat and a great open world

    • MastaX
      MastaX 27 days ago +1

      Dude same, I just literally bought the new updated model, Now Im just in a dilemma on what game I wanna buy first. I hear BOTW is good but Im not a zelda fan, So maybe mario odyssey.

  • Shon Newton
    Shon Newton 29 days ago

    I had old Nintendo Switch trade for Nintendo Switch lite