Gordon Gets Angry Over Matt Telling Him To "Shut Up" | Hell's Kitchen

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • & struggles to make a salad.
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    In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.
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  • Alexster Deeznuts
    Alexster Deeznuts 5 hours ago

    It's funny how the Asian guy is backed up not doing a good job and he's yelling at the at the big guy tell him if he stupid he's sucked concentrate come on come on come on that fucking Asian has his head up is ass

  • singularity2
    singularity2 7 hours ago

    Ey ey ey ey cmere u fuk face

  • Lak Ubhi
    Lak Ubhi 9 hours ago

    4 star general 😂😂😂😂

  • PNW Fortnite Clips
    PNW Fortnite Clips 10 hours ago

    I wonder how quick these vids get demonetized

  • Joel Blake
    Joel Blake 10 hours ago

    1:24-1:26: "Stick your finger in everything. Touch everything."

  • Ethan Dodrill
    Ethan Dodrill 13 hours ago

    4:59 ok

  • creative commons video
    creative commons video 14 hours ago

    They should wear a hairnet.

  • Panda Gal
    Panda Gal 14 hours ago

    Lol hes that one kid that was defiant of everything the teacher asked him to do lol

  • abi x
    abi x 16 hours ago


  • Ethan Montañez
    Ethan Montañez Day ago +2

    gordon: *yells at matt*
    matt: Shut up

  • Jennifer Pyrce
    Jennifer Pyrce Day ago

    Matt tells Gordon to shut up: Death Wish Much, LOL!

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana Day ago

    Goddamn it Matt
    Didn’t his mom teach him any manners

  • Random Internet Blobfish

    Matt seems like the kind of person who would assume he can do anything so he refuses help and then when he fails he blames the person that wanted to help him in the first place

  • timothy bryant
    timothy bryant Day ago

    Why is no one wearing hairnets?

  • Brian 696
    Brian 696 Day ago

    Says matt sucks but is barely on his first appetizer

  • sid
    sid Day ago

    “Luke warmish”

  • Tayah
    Tayah Day ago

    I wonder how she won this season cause she wasn't the best

  • Erhan Achmad
    Erhan Achmad Day ago

    I was actually expecting more...

    From gordon to roast the hell out of that guy

  • TRN_Boss Xccx
    TRN_Boss Xccx Day ago

    Gordon: What a dreadful day


  • Cesar Frank Zuniga

    You can tell by the thumbnail that Gordon is about to say *FUCK OFF*

  • Yogurt G
    Yogurt G Day ago +1

    I thought that there would be more action.

  • Bitchy_ Bitch!
    Bitchy_ Bitch! Day ago

    Christina's smart and pretty! I wouldn't want to work next to her, though! 😖

  • Noah Melmer
    Noah Melmer 2 days ago

    What season?

  • Jorge Flores
    Jorge Flores 2 days ago +1

    "Stick your finger in everything, touch everything"
    I'd rather go to a different restaurant that doesn't stick their fingers in everything.

  • Shannon Hannah
    Shannon Hannah 2 days ago

    I finally see one time where I can say that Gordon Ramsay was certainly justified in trading cuss words with the one who was cussing but if you're working with someone who cusses a lot then you're going to start cussing and if you work with somebody who's angry all the time you'll be angry under pressure and then everybody's going to be cussing it's such an interesting show I wonder if he'll ever get a stroke

  • RyanKaufman
    RyanKaufman 2 days ago +1

    Man, I love Louross. He's small but so confident, I think it's crap that he didn't win.

  • Violent Gamer
    Violent Gamer 2 days ago

    Funny how the altercation was like 30 secs long but the video is almost 8 minutes

    JAPETHEONE 2 days ago

    You treat your chef like GOD matt would be fired on the spot anywhere else. If he can't handle a chef yelling hes gotta go. Because they're like that all over the world.

  • Deniz
    Deniz 2 days ago

    What the fuck is lukewarm-ish? Fucking asshole trying to find something lol

  • TheRoflcer
    TheRoflcer 2 days ago

    "Tastes good, that's all that's important."

    I think health overlaps taste.

  • Jackson
    Jackson 3 days ago

    Christina didnt do it right. it isnt raw raw raw.. ITS RAAAAAAAAAAW !!!!

  • Jan Berkemeier
    Jan Berkemeier 3 days ago

    If you look at how Ramsay usually loses his shit when something goes wrong, he's staying remarkably calm when some wannabe-chef gives him lip. Maybe it's because the food is more important, and Ramsay didn't want to further halt the cooking by tearing Matt a new one?

  • Imprompt
    Imprompt 3 days ago +3

    The name Petrozza sounds like a food lol.

  • Skip63
    Skip63 3 days ago

    Customers on these shows pretend to be sophisticated eaters. Bet they're not. Just being dicks.

  • Darell Serrano
    Darell Serrano 3 days ago

    Matt is the one who needs to shut up

  • claire bigelow
    claire bigelow 4 days ago +2

    Matt had the nerve to tell Chef to "shut up ?" You NEVER DO THAT !! you might think it ..but you never say it !! Gordon would be justified kicking Matt all the way to New Jersey...!!!!

  • John D
    John D 4 days ago

    Matt is fucking annoying asf and retarded

  • Barnowl Hoots
    Barnowl Hoots 4 days ago +5

    Gordon was relatively chill about it, tbh. That level of disrespect should get you a cast iron in the face.

  • Nay Dorsey
    Nay Dorsey 4 days ago

    Hell’s Kitchen has theeeeeee Best comment section on TheXvid!!!!

  • Yuxuan Lin
    Yuxuan Lin 4 days ago +2

    Matt: Shut up..

  • Steven Powers
    Steven Powers 4 days ago +3

    “Hey fuckface, come here for a second” 😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nonya Bisnis
    Nonya Bisnis 4 days ago +7

    Matt: Shut up
    Current Objective: SURVIVE

  • DCW
    DCW 4 days ago +1

    Someone serves food 1 degree under temperature: GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN YOU DONKEY!
    Someone literally tells Gordon to shut up: Get back to work fella. ??????? WTH?

  • Arvetis
    Arvetis 5 days ago

    "how the fuck did it get raw" lol it started out that way numbnuts

  • xennon playz
    xennon playz 5 days ago

    *NOBODY* :

  • Lordmemes Gugingang
    Lordmemes Gugingang 6 days ago

    What the full episode called

  • Flats the Flounder the Pussy Pounder

    Telling Gordon Ramsay to shut up in his kitchen is suicide.

  • sonny m
    sonny m 6 days ago

    M A T T S U C K S

  • LoudWiki
    LoudWiki 6 days ago

    😂😂😂 "Fuck face"

  • Shiro Akashiya
    Shiro Akashiya 6 days ago

    Matt is a whinny ass baby and a dumb bitch who can always cry

  • Naoufalaa A
    Naoufalaa A 7 days ago

    This kitchen: world war flashbacks

  • ‘
     7 days ago

    Shoutout ben

  • Jill Alexander
    Jill Alexander 7 days ago

    Chef Ramsay is the best and my only favorite chef 👍👍👍👍👍

  • TTV BlaDE-_-Scafell_

    Don’t blame him if I was being nagged at like that I’d fucking kill the lot of them

  • Jarvice
    Jarvice 7 days ago

    6:39 ThaNk mE LaTEr

  • George Benjamin Waniwan

    6:59 i remembered daequan lolz

  • Samuel Thomas
    Samuel Thomas 7 days ago

    Gordon:drinks juice:Gordon it’s dry

  • Satori Ken
    Satori Ken 7 days ago

    matt is fucking I N T I N G

  • see thao
    see thao 7 days ago +1

    7:10 Look how red her face is!

  • Hailey’s World
    Hailey’s World 8 days ago +1

    Her:“Raw Raw Raw” me: Roma ro mama

  • Elsa Williams
    Elsa Williams 8 days ago

    Louross is really fucking hot...

  • Ayad Chaker
    Ayad Chaker 8 days ago

    What season is this?

  • C Chadwick
    C Chadwick 8 days ago

    tip for these videos: skip to 30 seconds form the end to avoid all the annoying editing and get to the scene you came to watch.

  • Jireh Choo
    Jireh Choo 8 days ago

    Christina is great

    ROGUEMONKEY Squid 8 days ago

    Petrozza should’ve won

  • The Grinder
    The Grinder 9 days ago

    Gordon- come on!! Foods hanging around! Narrater- and waiting!! 🤷‍♂️ 😐

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 9 days ago

    I'm gonna cook my ass off!!!.

    CARTOONIVERSE1 9 days ago

    *HA HA HA!* "Hey fuck-face!"

  • RedneckSpaceMan
    RedneckSpaceMan 9 days ago

    More F-Bombs than Scarface!!

  • Who ever Read my name is a faggot

    I’d have some serious problems working with Gordon. That mothafucka yells at me and I’d probably punch him in his face. If he, ya know, insults me or touches me or yells

    • Qui P
      Qui P 9 days ago

      You shouldn’t be working with him in the first place if you can’t handle being yelled at

  • Brian B
    Brian B 9 days ago

    Why doesn't somebody just take Gordo behind the wood shed?

  • Deongotfanz Z
    Deongotfanz Z 9 days ago

    “Stick ur finger in everything” wtf

  • IzumiXJinx DanDanSen
    IzumiXJinx DanDanSen 9 days ago +2

    Matt: *tells Gordon to shut up*


  • Granted Klass
    Granted Klass 9 days ago +1

    Never tell Gordon to shut up

  • Shaun Sony
    Shaun Sony 9 days ago +15


    Bobby: *iM a FOuR sTAr GeNErAl*