Gordon Gets Angry Over Matt Telling Him To "Shut Up" | Hell's Kitchen

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • & struggles to make a salad.
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    In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.
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Comments • 3 122

  • joshy washy
    joshy washy 2 minutes ago

    Matt: Why do I hear boss music?

  • lit Ibarra
    lit Ibarra Hour ago

    🤔should I shut the fuck up,😂🤣no I'll just keep saying shut the fuck up😘❤️🤭

  • NYRGaming30
    NYRGaming30 2 hours ago

    You tell Gordon to “shut up” and he’ll shut you up....


  • Mr_N_LUVS69 Nieman
    Mr_N_LUVS69 Nieman 7 hours ago

    Like they say if you can't take the heat get the HELL OUT OF THE KITCHEN

  • TheValkosuklaa
    TheValkosuklaa 11 hours ago

    Me, an emo: It’s RAWR :33

  • Noble2552
    Noble2552 19 hours ago

    I believe Matt was attempting to commit suicide

  • k
    k 23 hours ago

    it’s kinda dumb because gordon insults them but one guy tells him to shut up and he gets mad- like bloody hell

  • Julia Mickelsen
    Julia Mickelsen Day ago

    Man Ben is so cool. He seems like a genuinely nice guy

  • humayoun ahmed`
    humayoun ahmed` Day ago

    The thumb of video shows that chef Gordon is going to say
    F......k off

  • Your Happiest Tragedy

    17 years old: it's ok don't worry you're fine I'm here to help
    Turns 18: what the hell is this piece of trash you donkey

  • e soss
    e soss Day ago

    6:39-6:44 is what every comment is talking about

    But It stretches to 7:15🕖

    You welcome

  • Donald Emerson
    Donald Emerson Day ago

    Matt: Shut up already

    Tactical nuke incoming!

  • That guy with Sprinkls

    I work at donatos

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 2 days ago +1

    Bobby: its like riding a bike!
    My dumbass self: I don't ride a bike.....😐

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 2 days ago +1

    Corey fuckin looks like a uglified version of Sabrina Carpenter lmfao

  • Miguel Albuquerque
    Miguel Albuquerque 2 days ago

    Plot twist: Matt was trained by Raj

  • Miguel Albuquerque
    Miguel Albuquerque 2 days ago +1

    Well, actually, this is a little *lUkEwArMiSh*

  • chase _ morris43
    chase _ morris43 2 days ago

    I was expecting more

  • Leisure
    Leisure 2 days ago

    Got off easy, honestly.

  • Abradolf Lincler
    Abradolf Lincler 3 days ago

    Stick your finger in everything??

  • Cyrolocker 1
    Cyrolocker 1 3 days ago +1

    I love how quickly Gordon snapped His neck to look at Matt as soon as he said shut up

  • Bazil
    Bazil 3 days ago

    Matt: It tastes fucking good, that's what counts.

    ........It's raw fish!

  • Joshua Hignight
    Joshua Hignight 3 days ago

    The face you see before certain death 6:42

  • Gareth M
    Gareth M 4 days ago

    "Shut up"..."It's treason then"

  • Bill Ross
    Bill Ross 4 days ago +1

    Damn pattroza went so far, still remembered the episode where he couldn't even remember the menu

  • monkeymagic436
    monkeymagic436 4 days ago

    Id shag the granny out of christina

  • Jason White
    Jason White 4 days ago

    I want a t shirt with Gordon Ramsay’s face on it that says “You must try the Raw Monkfish Fuck Face!”

  • AO A
    AO A 4 days ago

    Matt got balls of steel

  • Xeonex
    Xeonex 4 days ago

    He say mans fuckin useless,
    Tell my man *shut up*

  • zack moore
    zack moore 4 days ago

    The thumbnail was priceless

  • Nobody
    Nobody 5 days ago +3

    Matt: sucks at everything
    Also matt: “shut up you ain’t stealing my thunder”

    RAGNES7 5 days ago

    6:26 Roma rom ma ma

  • Nemo
    Nemo 5 days ago

    Matt is an absolute shit bag with legs! No idea yet wants to run his mouth as if Gordon is looking for his approval.

  • Ethan Penguin
    Ethan Penguin 5 days ago

    2:22 and 3:55 are the same clips lmao

  • ReformedMo
    ReformedMo 5 days ago

    bobby, is so relaxed lmao.

  • EyeX9
    EyeX9 5 days ago +1

    0:48 yo im sorry that sounded like ninja for a second 😭😵💀

  • Lae-Ze Panda
    Lae-Ze Panda 5 days ago

    4 Shut Ups.........goddamn Matt

  • FXRaptor62
    FXRaptor62 5 days ago

    Are there 2 christina winners on hells kitchen then?

  • Peter Kennedy
    Peter Kennedy 6 days ago

    I heard ramsey (in lower case letters) takes it in the ass. And the show is bull shit. I guess you assholes who believe this is real are as dumb as dog shit.

  • nyajima malueth
    nyajima malueth 6 days ago

    Everyone in the red kitchen stopped what they were doing for a second and looked shook🤣🤣😂🤣

  • maks
    maks 6 days ago

    christina hot...

  • THIZzSCO415
    THIZzSCO415 6 days ago

    Fuck face 🤔😂🤣💀🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Murun GD
    Murun GD 7 days ago

    Matt always looks like he's holding a huge fart

  • Sakhile Nkomo
    Sakhile Nkomo 7 days ago

    3:41 = the look of death

    Masked OPERATIONS 7 days ago

    some of these comments are so underrated😭

  • Boost Junkie
    Boost Junkie 7 days ago

    I have so much respect for Chefs and the kitchen staff. You have to make great food in an impossibly short time.

  • Z. Weertje
    Z. Weertje 7 days ago

    Is this important?
    Rubish tv, who cares about a kitchen is a studio?

  • Rhyperior Ranger
    Rhyperior Ranger 8 days ago

    He got off so easy it annoys me

  • Jimmyj Irons
    Jimmyj Irons 8 days ago

    Those cooks are a Li dirty I see one licking his finger as he prepares food and another playing in his face 🤢 then fix the salad 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Que Dizzle
    Que Dizzle 8 days ago

    This was very funny to watch

  • HanzoSmobin 120
    HanzoSmobin 120 8 days ago +1

    Matt: shut up already

  • Jordan Peters
    Jordan Peters 8 days ago

    Lobster strudel... me likey!

  • Kilo
    Kilo 8 days ago +1

    arguing with Gordon is like trying to rap battle Eminem

  • Elmo _Eman
    Elmo _Eman 8 days ago +1

    Telling gordon ramsey to “shut up” is like telling gordon ramsey to “Shut up”

  • Evan Frechette
    Evan Frechette 9 days ago

    6:28 uh mama

  • Jeramiah Byrd
    Jeramiah Byrd 9 days ago +1

    Wtf is lukewarmish 1:30

  • TakerKaneanite619
    TakerKaneanite619 9 days ago

    Everybody is tough saying things about Ramsay under their breath, until he hears you and calls you over.

  • Bajan Khadafi
    Bajan Khadafi 9 days ago

    If You Don't Know How To Do Salad.. You Can't COOK!!!

  • ghostplayer 07
    ghostplayer 07 9 days ago

    Matt: shut up
    *why do I hear boss music*

  • Flint Ironstag
    Flint Ironstag 9 days ago +1

    matt constantly has the expression of a man about to be hit in the face with a fish