Katy Perry Calls for SECURITY During Jessica Whitely's Audition - American Idol 2019 on ABC

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • Jessica Whitely returns and sings "The Box" by Katy Perry and original song "Idol" during her American Idol audition in front of Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry.
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    AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
    Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the beloved series.
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Comments • 728

  • Jewels James
    Jewels James 7 hours ago

    Smelly cat

  • Shallon McGowan
    Shallon McGowan Day ago

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  • Life Whit Littelcoekje2

    Jojo siwa 2.0

  • L Mac
    L Mac Day ago

    She was yelling. I think they were really kind to her considering.

    DISGRUNTLED DEWEY 2 days ago

    Oh...another clickbait....figures.

  • Ilisa Patel
    Ilisa Patel 2 days ago

    She needs to calm down, She's being too loud.

  • Sid! The kid!
    Sid! The kid! 2 days ago

    Did anyone notice Katy was holding the iPad 📱wrong?

  • Eva Jeduthun
    Eva Jeduthun 2 days ago

    She is annoying

  • Erick E.
    Erick E. 2 days ago +1

    She's trying to be like Cristina Aguilera. Over doing it. Like always

  • Minecraft kid loser and more

    There are so many animals rn. I think it’s cause right after Katie cat talk all the animals were shochith

  • Amy Michelle
    Amy Michelle 3 days ago

    Oh my😯

  • Carrie Winston
    Carrie Winston 4 days ago +5

    She wasn't that bad, but she is all over the place.

  • Victor Dasilva
    Victor Dasilva 4 days ago

    Why is it that these celebs with millions need the little guy such as me and so on to subscribe to their you tube channel for the sake of them making money. Do they really need subscribers to fatten their pocket books.... I’m in a lost honestly just asking.

  • Dot
    Dot 5 days ago +3

    "I scared myself"
    literally me everytime I look in the mirror

  • Cover Singer
    Cover Singer 6 days ago +4

    She's over singing and like shouting but she has a potential if she learns how to control cause she has a wide range.

  • Amelia Joestar
    Amelia Joestar 6 days ago

    but she doesnt call for security

  • yanjila naga
    yanjila naga 7 days ago

    She's so oversmart 🙄 my asshole don't even like her. 🤒

  • Brenda
    Brenda 7 days ago

    I do not like K. Perry. At all.

  • Faty cañizares
    Faty cañizares 7 days ago

    She needs to relax ... FOR REAL

  • Keira Da 2nd boss
    Keira Da 2nd boss 12 days ago

    Katy perry did not like her at all 😂

  • Jasmine R
    Jasmine R 12 days ago

    lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dr. Stalker
    Dr. Stalker 12 days ago

    She’s improved. But, maybe come back in 7 years

  • Beatrice Ingraham
    Beatrice Ingraham 13 days ago

    somehow, I feel as though she needs to lay off the coffee.

  • deborah darr
    deborah darr 15 days ago

    She has the Christina Aguilera deep tone!

  • Mapple MSP
    Mapple MSP 15 days ago

    Shes over singing it and over thinking it

  • Mapple MSP
    Mapple MSP 15 days ago


  • R RR
    R RR 15 days ago

    Wow she shocked me !

  • Kennetta Bradford
    Kennetta Bradford 15 days ago

    I like how they said no without making her feel bad

  • Karen Arnold-McGregor
    Karen Arnold-McGregor 16 days ago

    I m not feelin it 😥🙀

  • Sally Sheldon
    Sally Sheldon 17 days ago +1

    She needed to sing a soft song for them, and she might have got on the show.
    Like a Ballad... something totally different.
    I thought the loudest was only thing holding back That Golden Hollywood Ticket.

  • Victoria Wolf
    Victoria Wolf 17 days ago

    girl blend the eye shadow

  • Fatima farah
    Fatima farah 18 days ago

    She gave me headache....the hell shes screaming about?🤫

  • Jammy Dodger
    Jammy Dodger 18 days ago

    I hate how she is making the notes so long

  • Jo LAKE
    Jo LAKE 19 days ago

    I was CRINGING & CRINGING AGAIN! This was painful.

  • Baby Girl
    Baby Girl 19 days ago

    Who feels like her sound like katty when she talk normal

  • Luke Ironhart
    Luke Ironhart 19 days ago

    She is still terrible

  • Achilles Alofia
    Achilles Alofia 20 days ago +1

    She just do it overboards

  • Blissy Avenue
    Blissy Avenue 21 day ago

    Just because you can riff doesn’t make you a good singer...just saying

  • Anar Zaitoon
    Anar Zaitoon 21 day ago

    She is like a bull in a China shop

  • adamd664
    adamd664 21 day ago

    Her style is so similar to Christina Aguilera

  • Caro Rae
    Caro Rae 21 day ago


  • Zamada Hart
    Zamada Hart 21 day ago

    Think she just wanted to hit high notes

  • someone i don’t know

    reminds me of JoJo Siwa ahahahahahahhah lol

  • Mikaella Wong
    Mikaella Wong 21 day ago


  • Samuel Gallezzo
    Samuel Gallezzo 22 days ago

    Well there's always porn.

  • Saad Baqar
    Saad Baqar 22 days ago

    Actually, these judges are much more nicer and humans than the old American idol judges. I have not seen any humiliation by any one of three as yet. So Hats Off!!! you 3 are lovely beings. The ratings do not require humiliation. You guys are adorable.

  • Owen The Music Nerd
    Owen The Music Nerd 22 days ago +3

    I wish more ppl would handle a no like her

  • All Around Mara AAM
    All Around Mara AAM 22 days ago

    Her eyeshadow is messier than my bed hair...

  • Nina mohd
    Nina mohd 24 days ago

    she just has to cotrol her voice 😂❌

  • Ghostcatcher64
    Ghostcatcher64 24 days ago

    Ahhh she needs to control it's really impossible to listen to..

  • Alena Lee
    Alena Lee 24 days ago

    Poor people are so desperate for a break that they over sing.
    Don’t give them everything you have right out of the box! Start slow and have a mid to big ending in these auditions.

  • Number One
    Number One 25 days ago

    I thought she was terrible!

  • Abel Amadeus
    Abel Amadeus 25 days ago +2

    She just didn't make it bcs she's full of CRINGENESS

  • Blue_. Drew
    Blue_. Drew 25 days ago

    I honestly think she did improve from her last audition, she just does need to control her voice and try not to be yelling most of the time

  • misstantrix
    misstantrix 25 days ago

    Katy Perry was rude

  • _/Sophia\_ Gamer
    _/Sophia\_ Gamer 26 days ago

    She needs to be calm and she screams instead of singing

  • el nino
    el nino 26 days ago


    Take everyday all day 💊💊💊💊

  • Rifa Rukaiya
    Rifa Rukaiya 26 days ago

    whys she so jumpy

  • Chris Charming
    Chris Charming 26 days ago

    She looked so sad at the end..omfg

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy 27 days ago


  • felix kachidza
    felix kachidza 27 days ago +1

    loved how she handled the no`s

  • Ariel Aloian
    Ariel Aloian 27 days ago


  • lily blu
    lily blu 27 days ago

    She should have picked a better song if she wanted to show her range.

  • Hamza the cat
    Hamza the cat 27 days ago

    Shr scary as hell

  • Oumayma J
    Oumayma J 27 days ago

    3:41 so loooooovelyyyyyy!!!!

  • Belinda Flores
    Belinda Flores 28 days ago


  • sarah jones
    sarah jones 29 days ago

    she haves a beautiful voice ( a little) and she haves the best spi

  • aLeX fLeTCheR
    aLeX fLeTCheR Month ago

    These people need help from a hellistic vocal artist

  • Maya Bennett
    Maya Bennett Month ago

    so many runs...

  • Reagan McRae
    Reagan McRae Month ago

    The unblended eyeshadow is throwing me off... just me? Yep

  • Your average everyday robloxian

    Katy could of been nicer to her....

  • Lili And ivy
    Lili And ivy Month ago


  • Timox Music
    Timox Music Month ago +1

    The best judges EVERRRR

  • pluviophile
    pluviophile Month ago

    I really don't like the inflection thing she does after ever stanza it's like this gruff breath thing what is that

  • pluviophile
    pluviophile Month ago +1

    She's still pitchy. I don't know if she'll ever have super clean pitch or sound. Just saying I mean it's been 7 years..and still some issues.

  • ted evans
    ted evans Month ago

    I wonder how she would do on a mellow song ? maybe a Carly Simon song ? like "you're so vain " , something with no yelling in it . Or , maybe she needs to do an AC/DC song and let her roar !!!! .........I was glad to see how well she took their critique , and did not act like a fool and start begging them . I think she will get better , she already is way better than before , just too much volume

  • pluviophile
    pluviophile Month ago +1

    She is trying WAY too hard. That's not what they want: Example, Nora Jones girl.

  • Vansh Mishra
    Vansh Mishra Month ago

    she is def. such a positive person! and has an energetic and unique personality...except the singing i luved her

  • Martina S
    Martina S Month ago

    She’s good but she does a lot of screaming

  • Mellodee Klemmetsen
    Mellodee Klemmetsen Month ago +2

    Oooh idk how I feel about her, I love her confidence but she just needs to take a deep breath and calm down

  • Isabella Wilson
    Isabella Wilson Month ago

    Her voice would be really pretty if she sang softer

  • Joan
    Joan Month ago +9

    Such a screaming audition before and after 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Larry Sanders
    Larry Sanders Month ago

    I used to work with this girl and she is a sweetheart but definitely is too loud and annoying she is like this 24/7 she used to scare the hell out of me at work i have my back turned and she would come out of know where and say hey Larry how are with that loud voice i think she giving me 2 heart attacks and a mini stroke other than that super nice and sweet girl

  • Ellie Wilbanks
    Ellie Wilbanks Month ago

    Katy perry was so jugdy

  • Yellow Jumper
    Yellow Jumper Month ago

    her voice sounds constipated

  • I.Music
    I.Music Month ago

    She is definitely taking the advice very well. Most people get mad. So you go girlll! And I thought your voice was good. You have a great belt almost a rock sound. Just keep working and you’ll get there!

  • Crybaby Homeybear
    Crybaby Homeybear Month ago

    I'm a Katy Kat too!!!!
    I went to her witness concert!

  • viclagoon
    viclagoon Month ago

    Awful improvement ,I mean the woman was thinking she had made it this second time and came back screaming that huge mouth like if singing is all about extending those notes anywhere I the song: wrong she was not singing a song but yelling horribly.please dont try a third time and man what an attitude .

  • KitKat Crunch
    KitKat Crunch Month ago

    The first thing that came to my mind was that Katy looked like a parrot with those neon collars

  • Rhi Rhi
    Rhi Rhi Month ago

    i kinda feel bad bc she was trying so hard to get here but then her singing was all over the place and she adds to much like just too much

  • Renée 3286
    Renée 3286 Month ago +1

    Lady: "I LUV YOU!"

  • Renée 3286
    Renée 3286 Month ago


  • Swimlife 1000
    Swimlife 1000 Month ago

    Boi is she on drugs

  • Katie Colvin
    Katie Colvin Month ago +1

    She should stick to covers for a minute until she can control her voice better. She is shouting too much, trying to show off her range. I think she needs to find to find her voice some more. To know what she can pull off in a good way, not over powering way

  • Dãrk Kokiè
    Dãrk Kokiè Month ago

    LOL cross-eyes-Perry

  • Bunny Chan
    Bunny Chan Month ago

    She has a really good voice but she needs not over sings the song or belt the song or have to many runs in the song

    Wowe I have the word song in the comment a lot lol

  • sister sav
    sister sav Month ago

    She's definitely improved but very nasal

  • tocc
    tocc Month ago

    girl if you don't blend your eyeshadow.....

  •  Month ago

    When was she calling security?

  • T S
    T S Month ago

    kudos to her for trying to be better and she has improved/will improve unlike all of you negative people commenting.