Cocaine: Britain's Open Secret

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • London's cocaine market is now worth an estimated £1bn a year after new tests revealed people in the capital take an average of 23 kilos of the Class A drug every day.
    More than half a million doses of cocaine, with an estimated street value of £2.75m, are being consumed in London on average each day - twice the amount of any other European city, according to a study seen exclusively by Sky News.
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Comments • 966

  • George B 9
    George B 9 18 hours ago


  • pego jennie
    pego jennie Day ago +1

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  • Oscar Gold
    Oscar Gold 2 days ago

    How big would the pile be for pills being used incorrectly *BUT BOUGHT LEGALLY???*

  • Oscar Gold
    Oscar Gold 2 days ago

    Make it legal stop the violence.

    • Oscar Gold
      Oscar Gold 2 days ago

      No actually that's bad too. Education and prevention is the key.

  • Sergiu Cotaescu
    Sergiu Cotaescu 2 days ago

    I'd like me some cocaineshrimp

  • Dany Lovas
    Dany Lovas 4 days ago

    i just snorted a few lines before watching this

  • some dude
    some dude 6 days ago +1

    I am about to join the Huddersfield police force they showed this us in training

  • flint the kaka harris
    flint the kaka harris 8 days ago +1

    Legalise it tax it its just stupid not to.

  • Mathew Meehan
    Mathew Meehan 9 days ago

    Purity was better in the UK years ago 90s early 2000s bollocks lot better then that copper don't know everything he went taking it lol

  • Luxx
    Luxx 11 days ago

    Sounds like the problems only arise with it being illegal.

  • Oakley
    Oakley 13 days ago

    I just love that tasty white powder. I snort it everyday.

  • Syed Zafarali
    Syed Zafarali 16 days ago +1

    Meidisan send me

  • benn white
    benn white 17 days ago +1

    Anyone know the website for an online dealer??

  • Jordan The AllRound Angler

    U have sail crack users too tho. This didn't get taken into action in the surge tests

  • Martin Davis
    Martin Davis 18 days ago +1

    Any good dealers 😂

  • Higher Frequency
    Higher Frequency 22 days ago +1

    Britain should admit two things, it’s rife in this country and the government in west minster are peddling it to ground level dealers

  • Higher Frequency
    Higher Frequency 22 days ago +1

    No different to Bagheads, they both fiend for the drugs urgh

  • Malgorzata Oziomek
    Malgorzata Oziomek Month ago

    Eminem and Jamaica'n Lis from Bermondsey, and her prisoner husbent **!

  • Malgorzata Oziomek
    Malgorzata Oziomek Month ago


  • Malgorzata Oziomek
    Malgorzata Oziomek Month ago

    Homeless and criminals in Theamsmeet, Alex Wilby on Time.

  • Malgorzata Oziomek
    Malgorzata Oziomek Month ago

    LA luna Restaurant under fire! *"

  • Malgorzata Oziomek
    Malgorzata Oziomek Month ago

    Brian O Connell, under fire! "*

  • Malgorzata Oziomek
    Malgorzata Oziomek Month ago

    Siomon on wheelchair under fire! ""

  • Malgorzata Oziomek
    Malgorzata Oziomek Month ago

    They even serving it itself, Brighton

  • hantrman
    hantrman Month ago

    free money for all drug people xD

  • SJ Farrell
    SJ Farrell Month ago +1

    Overrated, IMO. Far prefer a couple of quality Es and a few pints.

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    London has the largest consumption......what City has the largest European financial district again???????

  • AG Killah
    AG Killah Month ago

    Should be regulated

  • Rogue Scholar
    Rogue Scholar Month ago

    Cutting agents lmao

  • Mangle Smith
    Mangle Smith Month ago

    I hope all the cops die

  • Group Captain Conan
    Group Captain Conan Month ago +1

    To be fair the sniff has got me out of a few bad situations caused by excessive alcohol; sobered me up and enabled me to get home safely. Of course the 'experts' would never acknowledge anything like this from somebody who has been there and done it.

  • jake schneider
    jake schneider Month ago

    BREACH OF THE ROOMS - some things should be left to work without the spot light

  • Joshua Pegrum
    Joshua Pegrum Month ago

    Doesn't seem that much. We had a 4kg at our party one nigh

  • otiscrosbie
    otiscrosbie Month ago


  • jakiiboi8
    jakiiboi8 2 months ago

    Bugle Britain.

  • Rob Wightman
    Rob Wightman 2 months ago

    I literally dont know any middle class heads that sniff that's a myth nowadays

    • C B
      C B Month ago +1

      I do plenty of them . And know retired people that use.

  • Rob Wightman
    Rob Wightman 2 months ago

    Insane in the membrane

  • BrianSalvador RÁngel
    BrianSalvador RÁngel 2 months ago


  • BrianSalvador RÁngel
    BrianSalvador RÁngel 2 months ago


  • Stephen uk 1975
    Stephen uk 1975 2 months ago

    More and more countries are developing a taste for it , it's just gonna get bigger and bigger, the authorities know it's a lost battle

  • Ben Bibby
    Ben Bibby 2 months ago +1

    The City of London banking sector gets through most of it.

  • Peter stephen Whyte
    Peter stephen Whyte 2 months ago

    Time to legalise all drugs in scotland now its bang out of order whats going on now

  • Jim Not from tv
    Jim Not from tv 2 months ago

    This is a great resource

  • Mark Lovell child of God

    So England is a white country after all.

  • PeruViajes2000
    PeruViajes2000 2 months ago

    No fentanyl on it yet?

  • Dennis Menace
    Dennis Menace 2 months ago +1

    these new notes don't roll that well

  • jerzrycho1
    jerzrycho1 2 months ago

    It was legal not long ago...


    I want a few lines now have to knock a few up on me tables screen why'll I watch this

  • Mark Loveridge
    Mark Loveridge 2 months ago

    Education around all substances should be in all secondary schools. With the end of prohibition we could move forward and show education is knowledge is power . Sold in chemists and on a card system. All drugs including alcohol and tobacco can be safely used. Use a card system. Put a limit on it.!

  • randomuploadsism
    randomuploadsism 2 months ago

    Alcohol destroys lives too!

  • Fire Rabbit
    Fire Rabbit 3 months ago

    Kak boring

  • Anthony Ibrahim
    Anthony Ibrahim 3 months ago

    Notin on scouseland haha

  • jackchickenwing
    jackchickenwing 3 months ago

    with drug addiction, look at the reason they are addicted, not the drug.

  • Aberdeen_FC
    Aberdeen_FC 3 months ago +2

    Nah Dundee worst in Europe

    • A B
      A B 2 months ago

      Plug in Aberdeen ?

    • A B
      A B 2 months ago

      Damn right there.

  • Martin Henson-Webb
    Martin Henson-Webb 3 months ago

    Most people consume substances sensibly. About 6% of people suffer from addiction. Across the board. LEGALISE ALL DRUGS!!!!! 💚

  • TheGschultz
    TheGschultz 3 months ago

    Open secret? Secret? ???????

  • hmu babes
    hmu babes 3 months ago +2

    A few pints then a booster in the toilet = a great Friday

  • Corey Harries
    Corey Harries 3 months ago +1

    “Cocaines a hell of a drug” - jesus

  • Daniel Castro
    Daniel Castro 3 months ago

    These comments are priceless.
    And some dare to say British people don’t have sense of humour, perhaps it comes from desperation hahha

  • John dawg
    John dawg 3 months ago +1

    Anyone running a postal service 👀😂