Last To Stop Eating Chilli Wins £10,000 Challenge - Mafia #2

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • Last To Eat Chilli Wins £10,000 Challenge
    Today the Beta Squad try to win £10,000 without eating a chilli in a card game called mafia. Who wins out of Chunkz, King Kenny Tv, Niko Omilana, Aj Shabeel & Sharky? This isn't football lol
    Special thanks to Johnny:
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Comments • 2 121

  • Johnny Carey
    Johnny Carey 2 months ago +3012

    How am I gonna get KENNY as a partner 😂😂😂 smh this is gonna be long

  • Lj Barrera
    Lj Barrera 5 hours ago

    You mean 5 ediots

  • Iskold iloi
    Iskold iloi Day ago

    Do a part 4

  • Longhitec123_ ricky_

    6 idiots Kenny wow ur smart Kenny 0:01

  • Samuel Bannister
    Samuel Bannister 3 days ago +1

    I like i triangles but I don’t like AJ (J.K)

  • Max Carson
    Max Carson 5 days ago

    Omg Kenny could have got sharks out in first round he’s so bad at this game

    KAMAL SALAD 5 days ago


  • SUF14N
    SUF14N 8 days ago

    Niko: "this week i got my self 10K... and with it..? I bought maself a wig" 😂😂😂

  • SUF14N
    SUF14N 8 days ago

    When they started beating each other up loool

  • obamabeenlagging
    obamabeenlagging 9 days ago

    Lol hehehe chunkz was raaa chopping everyone with de sliders

  • Louis Pollock
    Louis Pollock 12 days ago

    2:00 Jonny boi

  • TrippingClegg
    TrippingClegg 13 days ago

    Kenny reminds me of Tyler the creator

  • M Sav
    M Sav 13 days ago


  • giorgos ilari barampoutis

    Yesss johnny

  • 4 Fake
    4 Fake 14 days ago +3

    Johnny just needs more practice. He fckd up his first vote and then fckd up his second vote.

  • mohammed usman nawaz
    mohammed usman nawaz 14 days ago

    Nico is a waffler

  • Kasjan Juszczyk
    Kasjan Juszczyk 15 days ago


  • Jake
    Jake 15 days ago +1

    How did aj clock it in the first round

  • akmd __
    akmd __ 16 days ago

    No darkest no party

  • Chouda04
    Chouda04 17 days ago +1

    15:48 niko 😂

  • ReapersCloud
    ReapersCloud 17 days ago

    I wanted darkest to be the guest 😔

  • Imaan Khan
    Imaan Khan 17 days ago

    Beta squad

  • Fyn Rutherford
    Fyn Rutherford 18 days ago

    NIKOOOOO is so shit

    YxNG ABDZ 18 days ago

    Johnny Carey is a schmuck

  • jamesgmcbain
    jamesgmcbain 19 days ago

    These guys we so desperate

  • H Kaur
    H Kaur 19 days ago

    So the 10000 calories challenge

  • Noor Bokth
    Noor Bokth 19 days ago

    You took this off 'jkparty' the game concept.

  • Shixj Comey
    Shixj Comey 19 days ago


  • Robert Perrie
    Robert Perrie 20 days ago

    Both mafias rubbed their hands together when everyone opened their eyes

  • MoGunner
    MoGunner 21 day ago

    Why does sharky pronounce it as marrfia pisses me off

  • Mohammed Yusuf
    Mohammed Yusuf 22 days ago

    In Bangladesh we call it naga

  • Porrada Everyday
    Porrada Everyday 22 days ago

    Sharky is one cringey guy

  • najma Ahmed
    najma Ahmed 24 days ago

    I have now come to a conclusion that chunkz is the funniest human being in the world

  • ISXXC ._11
    ISXXC ._11 24 days ago +1

    He isn't just disgusting he is proper tapped

  • ISXXC ._11
    ISXXC ._11 24 days ago

    Kenny is disgusting

  • The little gopnik
    The little gopnik 26 days ago

    Kenny: always pick weak ones.
    Always pick the strong ones first first.
    The weak ones always have to be picked last.

  • Trappz
    Trappz 27 days ago


  • Tasmina Ahmed
    Tasmina Ahmed 28 days ago +1

    is it real money or fake. who else is confused

    • hello Bye
      hello Bye 26 days ago

      Tasmina Ahmed fake it’s click bait.

  • Aisha Osman
    Aisha Osman 28 days ago

    Chunks. You. Are. Dum

  • Aisha Osman
    Aisha Osman 28 days ago +1

    You. Are. A. Neek

  • metalnitro99
    metalnitro99 28 days ago

    There's a white dude here. Craaazzzyyy

  • Ruhel Mohammed
    Ruhel Mohammed 29 days ago +9

    One giveaway of who is mafia is that both kenny and Johnny did the exact same move simultaneously @2:53

  • Jakey YT
    Jakey YT Month ago +1

    The gulp theory Netflix original 😂

  • DJ.W
    DJ.W Month ago +1

    All I’m gonna say is u should just rename it Channel to btec Sidemen

  • Rahat Uddin
    Rahat Uddin Month ago

    Why did AJ shabeel block his😂 triangle face

  • paul brandford
    paul brandford Month ago

    Get young filly on mafia 😂😂

  • L4ZORACE _
    L4ZORACE _ Month ago

    Johnny should join beta squad

  • Fadumo Hassan
    Fadumo Hassan Month ago +1

    Is it only me or does the person who wins never get that 10,000🤣🤣🤣

  • aa_1iiyah
    aa_1iiyah Month ago +1

    the black sidemen right here

  • Henry Lock
    Henry Lock Month ago +1

    If someone would put time stamps to al the votings that would’ve been helpful

  • Wolf_Harry
    Wolf_Harry Month ago

    Niko is a genius

  • Umar Zaman
    Umar Zaman Month ago

    Make another 1😂

  • salma hamad
    salma hamad Month ago +1

    24:57 wait what

  • Munib Ahmad
    Munib Ahmad Month ago +2

    I need to watch mafia #3 can't wait for it pleaseeeeeeeeeee upload it

  • Lay Lay
    Lay Lay Month ago

    Oooh ksi next guest

  • Lay Lay
    Lay Lay Month ago +1

    Um no. Darkest man should be the guest, not this wet yute 🙄

  • Salwa A
    Salwa A Month ago

    Get me to the top of the comments😂

  • Schmuck
    Schmuck Month ago +3

    This is how many times kenny said manipulate

    Like to activate

  • Ggh Fhy
    Ggh Fhy Month ago

    The add revenue tho lol

  • chief Son
    chief Son Month ago

    I thought new videos every Saturday 2 pm