Our best effort still SUCKS - Sketchy Heatsinks 3

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
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    Our last homemade heatsink was... terrible. But can we get it right this time?
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Comments • 5 834

  • 2 RuSh
    2 RuSh Day ago

    What if the hacksmith shows up and helps because he also does his TheXvid videos in Canada and he likes working on projects that includes cutting metal

  • lilroberto
    lilroberto Day ago

    im using a CoolerMaster Hyper 212, it works really great tbh. (Core i5 9600k, on stress test not overclocked, it stays around 62-75 celsius)

  • Руслан Б
    Руслан Б 3 days ago

    На это больно смотреть даже мне далекому от станков и производства

  • Aaron Provance
    Aaron Provance 3 days ago

    I love how Linus said “your calling what your doing machining” and cuts to angle grinder clip.

  • sid
    sid 5 days ago +1

    alex copping that rhcp shirt I see you

  • pop1040
    pop1040 5 days ago

    Time to revisit this with the new tools

  • 1Bleue1
    1Bleue1 6 days ago

    Where to buy

  • Michael Dean
    Michael Dean 6 days ago +1

    Was this before or after you spent 100 grand + on making a machine shop?

  • ronald whittaker
    ronald whittaker 6 days ago

    should' took that shit to a machine shop

  • SolidSonicTH
    SolidSonicTH 7 days ago

    “You can’t just slap a block of aluminum on the CPU, though.”
    Pretty sure that was LITERALLY the end result of episode 2. It didn’t even have a fan except for a Corsair 120mm vaguely blowing next to it.

  • Ben McFarlane
    Ben McFarlane 7 days ago

    Hey guys, some tips for your safety and to make life much much easier. When cutting aluminium with a friction type disc, get a block of bees wax or bees wax candle and apply it to the disc. This lubricates the disc as alum gets quite soft when hot and grabs the disc which risks it exploding in your face. Second when drilling materials a simple rule of thumb, hard material=slow speed lotsa feed and the inverse of course soft materials =high speed soft feed and if your drill squeals its rubbing not cutting. And 3rd when you are cutting profiles in materials like the cpu mating plate, a jigsaw with the appropriate blade will be a godsend. Happy fabricating lads

  • Raiverns
    Raiverns 7 days ago

    Watching him hammer those bolts into the vice hurt me in a deep and primal way

  • SpartanX360
    SpartanX360 8 days ago

    Cringe to watch 2 nerds that never took woodshop/metal working classes in their childhood...

  • AT Ta
    AT Ta 8 days ago

    I love how he says “I don’t need you to get off to be satisfied” I feel bad for his wife

  • Nicoara Vlad
    Nicoara Vlad 8 days ago

    why you don`t use vacum table to cut on cnc?

  • s0m3Sp34k3rgUY Dinogaming1099

    At least it works

  • wazir legacy
    wazir legacy 9 days ago

    Well you have a new merchandize callles LTX Heatsinks

  • Robert Adkins II
    Robert Adkins II 10 days ago

    Take 1mm copper sheet and 1mm aluminum sheet.
    Cut a number of fins, mixing tall aluminum fins and short copper "spacer" fins.
    The cuts, probably best done via a stack up and Wire EDM cut for consistency, need to include a couple of holes, into which copper or aluminum bolts can be ran through to tie it all together and create a sandwich.
    If the fins are designed correctly, it might be easy to include a way to mount the heat sink to the motherboard and attach a fan to that as well.

  • michael pearce
    michael pearce 10 days ago

    is there going to be a ep4

  • Chris K.
    Chris K. 11 days ago

    "Finished is the word"... You killed me.

  • David Shorten
    David Shorten 12 days ago

    As a Canadian, just giv'er with the gaff tape, eh?

  • Jeremy Wingo
    Jeremy Wingo 13 days ago

    Hurt my soul to see a hammer on the brittle cast corner of the vise.

  • James Franklin
    James Franklin 13 days ago

    I've never done any metalwork or machining before, and I'm almost completely certain that I could do a better job.

  • Katherine Morton
    Katherine Morton 13 days ago

    The episode should be called shoddy heat sinks

  • Nicholas Jacob
    Nicholas Jacob 14 days ago

    6:00 you know you don't need that much cutting fluid for steel much less aluminum

  • Kevindaddyspacey
    Kevindaddyspacey 16 days ago

    The fact that alex has a job makes me confident i would do well at ltt

  • Nieko
    Nieko 17 days ago

    linus is so quick to mention in ANY project video how he did blah blah himself, yet this whole video is basically alex doing everything alone and linus making smart ass remarks, but the video is titled w “OUR efforts” 😂

  • Hokou X
    Hokou X 19 days ago +1

    there is no fun in that but what about the mounted fan?

  • Nico L.
    Nico L. 19 days ago

    Set sqrews...

  • Mosquitobrain
    Mosquitobrain 20 days ago

    As a masochist this is very entertaining to watch

  • Horemvore Darkhammer
    Horemvore Darkhammer 20 days ago

    From an Engineer's stand point, do not give up your day job, ever. :)

  • Anthony Stephenson
    Anthony Stephenson 21 day ago +2

    Can't wait to see the next episode with the new gear folks!

  • Ludvík Svoboda
    Ludvík Svoboda 22 days ago

    First rule when using rotating machines...NEVER EVER wear a gloves ! It can go sucked on that spinning finger amputating thing. Srsly

  • Paul Woelke
    Paul Woelke 22 days ago

    The main takeaway from this is that you guys are terrible craftsmen and should stick to "building" PCs.

  • BANT3R
    BANT3R 22 days ago

    How did this guy even get a job

  • Random Random
    Random Random 23 days ago

    somebody stom him, (or fire him)

  • Asphod
    Asphod 23 days ago

    I kinda have a Dundler Mifflin vibe, with a slightly more competent regional manager :o

  • Spykid 02
    Spykid 02 23 days ago

    I watch lots of metal working videos and this was pure cringe

  • Clown Basher
    Clown Basher 25 days ago

    As a penis i get hard watching this!!

  • Carl Vedin
    Carl Vedin 25 days ago

    metal working 101 with linus

  • Fjs Rus
    Fjs Rus 26 days ago

    just too wrong to watch !!! bye

  • JR
    JR 26 days ago

    why u clamp it like that whyyyy

  • theguywiththecoolprofilepicture

    as a i9-8700k this is heatsink to watch

  • Nikolay Pelov
    Nikolay Pelov 28 days ago

    First of all you drill smaller holes and 1. hammer the copper rod or 2. cool the rod, heat the aluminium bar and after few tries you might get a good fit. Second - Is that the best design that you came with. You are not mass producing it, so you probably don't care how much it costs. Buy a copper bar - about 5x5x12 cm (google convert that to inches if you want it complex). Put the 5x5cm on the cpu and screw mount U-shaped aluminum fins on two sides and you are done.

  • Forabuck
    Forabuck 28 days ago

    Seriously, send all the equipment back, this is a disgrace. But! I am laughing my ass off at Linus's face when he see's it hahaha. Hilarious. But seriously, I am better and engineering than this!

  • ElArboool
    ElArboool 28 days ago

    11:40 "same thing"

  • TruthNerds
    TruthNerds 28 days ago +2

    As a soulless algorithm, this is so recommendable to watch!

  • BoxyBrown
    BoxyBrown 28 days ago

    Watching this as a machinist hurts me

  • Matthew Shonhart
    Matthew Shonhart 29 days ago

    *facepalm* You guys need a mill so bad if you are going to be doing stuff like this.

  • Jason
    Jason 29 days ago +4

    Does anyone think that Alex lied on his CV about engineering etc???

    • MelonPlayzYT
      MelonPlayzYT 23 days ago

      He had a theoretical degree

    • ktfjulien
      ktfjulien 25 days ago +1

      @Joseph Scalia Alex has real world engineering experience. He built and raced dune buggies

    • Douman Seiman
      Douman Seiman 27 days ago

      not all engineers are "handy" people.

    • Jason
      Jason 27 days ago +1

      @Joseph Scalia I know :)

    • Joseph Scalia
      Joseph Scalia 27 days ago +1

      Difference between Experience and Theory

  • julkkis666
    julkkis666 29 days ago

    Where is episode 4?

  • hamyncheese
    hamyncheese Month ago

    This was terrible! You all seem a lot less cool than I imagine you would be given how stoned you behave.

  • 유튜브삼축
    유튜브삼축 Month ago

    한국어 제목 : 야매로 쿨러 만드는 방법

  • Jeremiah Hamman
    Jeremiah Hamman Month ago

    As a freelance sound technician this is painful to watch.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Month ago +2

    Wll its been another year...

  • Frederick Röders
    Frederick Röders Month ago

    You guys made a piece of art more than you made a heatsink

  • Honza Nijaký
    Honza Nijaký Month ago +1

    I feel like LMG is just Alex's playground now.

  • TheUnknownGhost Official

    Anyone else notice the sirens in the background

  • Marcus Reinking
    Marcus Reinking Month ago

    As a heatpipe this is so luminium to watch

  • Tathar
    Tathar Month ago +1

    Alex successfully makes a sketchy heatsink work better than Intel's stock cooler.

    • hamyncheese
      hamyncheese Month ago

      It's a sketchy overpriced unwieldy monstrosity. I'd rather have the Intel stock cooler, thanks.

  • Eric
    Eric Month ago

    Should have taken your time

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    Still better than the intel stock coolers lmao

  • V.C Games
    V.C Games Month ago

    1 year to do that? I can do it a better one in 1 month

  • g silvax
    g silvax Month ago

    I will hit the like button just for... errr... Alex don't get fired.

  • Tim Goffard
    Tim Goffard Month ago

    Fill the pipes with fine sand before you bend them and they won’t crimp

  • aa311
    aa311 Month ago

    How and why is linus letting him but anything he wants XD

  • Wind of change
    Wind of change Month ago

    Hurts to watch, still not as bad as the last hunk of rock.

  • Mike Fitch
    Mike Fitch Month ago +1

    I think we need an Alex vs AvE showdown in the machine shop !

  • Nikolai Puumalainen

    4:42 - the cops coming after he assaulted that poor bolt

  • Raymie Deans
    Raymie Deans Month ago

    15.25. Evaporation,condensation thing,er, fuck off idiots....radiation....

  • landis terrell
    landis terrell Month ago +1

    6:02 le insert.

  • White92Guy
    White92Guy Month ago

    Almost another year, since this video. I wonder if Alex can do something better now that he's got quite a bit of machinery for him to make stuff.

  • hmmmtastey
    hmmmtastey Month ago

    Seems like it's about time for sketchy heatsinks 4?

  • BladeAddict8
    BladeAddict8 Month ago

    Who else searched for FLIR App thinking it was just a download. Dangit!

  • HavokR505
    HavokR505 Month ago

    cringe worthy craftsmanship