Greta Van Fleet: Black Smoke Rising (Live) - SNL


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  • Nate Robarge
    Nate Robarge Day ago

    Can someone explain to me why a kid born in Michigan sings with a British accent? Oh that’s right cuz he copied Robert plants voice

    MR MONSTER Day ago

    Great new band but the singer looks ridiculous most of the time... tough to watch.

  • Mariusz Werte
    Mariusz Werte Day ago

    Everyone, chill. This wasnt a bad performance. They’re still kids, they’re 20 yo. Give them a chance ;) Good Job Greta! I love you!

  • Dijuen Harvey
    Dijuen Harvey Day ago

    That was good.

  • Vermont Prepper
    Vermont Prepper Day ago

    Awful. Out of key, sandals; Lord help rock n roll

  • RR Moyer
    RR Moyer Day ago

    what the hell is the little one wearing? I think I had a bra like that ...with the fringe...

  • WNYSportsCards 716

    This band sucks ass holes

  • Odar_Vran
    Odar_Vran Day ago

    Kanda Kodža i Nebojša.

  • Camp Elias
    Camp Elias Day ago +1

    I hate these guys and his brothers humping his guitar

  • batz capo
    batz capo Day ago

    does he shave his ankles?

  • OnlyRoguez
    OnlyRoguez Day ago

    Fucking awful live.

  • Alex Hosay
    Alex Hosay 2 days ago

    Voice already cracking. Hey kid, just because you can sing that high doesn't mean you should 99% of the time and make your melodies that high. Think about being able to sing your songs down the road. Keep this up, and you won't.

  • Charles Harris
    Charles Harris 2 days ago

    Love their music. The kid needs to loose the hippie duds and find his OWN style.

  • David Jero
    David Jero 2 days ago +1

    BRAVO! THEY KILLED IT! Its been a while. The whole song production from beginning to end was done very well. I hope they can make it. Grow. And keep giving the gify of the talent they provide. I am an old soul. These guys are bring it back. It's original and good.

  • ???? ????
    ???? ???? 2 days ago


  • GetzGoth 3113
    GetzGoth 3113 2 days ago +1

    Their SNL performance was certainly better than mine and most likely better than the detractors in this comment section. They're making money and I'm sure as hell not! Cheers! (That cat does look somewhat like Frodo however...)

  • Crazy Cat Lady
    Crazy Cat Lady 2 days ago +2

    My new favorite band

  • Patrick Ginart
    Patrick Ginart 2 days ago

    Lol this band is an absolute joke

  • Master Debater
    Master Debater 2 days ago

    Great musicians. Annoying singer. Sounds like a Robert Plant parody

  • GOSCs X
    GOSCs X 2 days ago

    ellos son el futuro del rock

  • GOSCs X
    GOSCs X 2 days ago

    no entiendo como puede tener tantos dislikes che gente mierda quiere regueton o que

  • Justin Fournier
    Justin Fournier 2 days ago

    they aren't the hero's we wanted, but they are the hero's we needed. thank you for juicing music. so much love

  • Skmanga
    Skmanga 2 days ago

    that singer is not photogenic at all, too bad..

  • Jody Griffin
    Jody Griffin 2 days ago

    Too each their own . I actually hope more young bands develop with the old school rock sound , so I think they are awesome n Brilliant. Today's music has become such trash . I'll take any band that relates to the days music was real ! 🤘

  • Jesus H. Macy
    Jesus H. Macy 3 days ago

  • Aamos
    Aamos 3 days ago

    This is embarrasing

  • benedryl cumberbatch

    i love this band a lot but this performance was really really weak and i’m gonna be honest their costumes are in extremely poor taste ...... idk what josh thinks he’s wearing but.. dude yikes

  • Jocelyn cams
    Jocelyn cams 3 days ago

    I really thought this was an SNL sketch

  • Douglas Dorman
    Douglas Dorman 3 days ago

    what's up with that vocal scream mic flinging thing?????wow, that was awesome, the guitarist ,well, gives it his best,,,,are these the performances that end this bands momentum? ???? Sorry, just can't get it....good lads I am sure.... when you aspire to a sound- I cringe in saying Zeppelin, you set yourself up,,, Comparisons are cool, and flattering, until, you actually plug in. Or write,I am rooting for them....

  • A cat
    A cat 3 days ago

    Anyone who likes this band isn’t familiar enough with Led Zeppelin to know they sound like them

  • David Alan Goldberg
    David Alan Goldberg 3 days ago +1

    Frodo Baggins got the gig as Jesus in "Godspell"?

  • theonemodifier
    theonemodifier 3 days ago

    horrible singing, WTF

  • Matt G
    Matt G 3 days ago +1

    Losers in comments that apparently know everything about music lmao big yikes, quit hating

  • Aiden4Jesus2019
    Aiden4Jesus2019 3 days ago

    I love them, but this was kinda terrible.

  • Colleen Crawford
    Colleen Crawford 3 days ago

    Is there a word for worse than horrible? Uggghhhh.......School of

  • potatopotatopotato
    potatopotatopotato 3 days ago

    this bass player is the definition of overplaying

  • Bob LeGlob
    Bob LeGlob 3 days ago

    I'd be proud of this performance if it was me. It's not a studio recording. It's live. People talking shit have probably never been in a band.

  • james carlozzi
    james carlozzi 3 days ago

    If they could get a better singer,they wouldn't be that bad.He sounds like some kid hitting puberty.

  • Rion Johnson
    Rion Johnson 3 days ago

    Awesome so nice to see actual music being played again

  • Genesis
    Genesis 3 days ago

    man rush sucks

  • CarpRunner
    CarpRunner 3 days ago

    Let the haters hate. Rock and Roll will never die.

  • Hennebertjeee
    Hennebertjeee 3 days ago

    To the haters: you should be glad that there is a new generation classic rock band

  • braddersmay16
    braddersmay16 3 days ago

    Someone sent in the Russian Twitterbots to give Frodo and the gang a push in the comments. *Insert generic keeping rock alive/play real instruments comment*

  • AG Chris Van Cruchten

    Is this The real band?

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 3 days ago


  • Dragon Associates
    Dragon Associates 3 days ago

    wow, this performance is horrible... He has no control over his voice like i've heard him have in all the promos and the instrument play is sloppy. that's why this performance is horrible.. they should at least pretend that the performance matters since SNL tends to be a good advertising platform, instead this guy ~Sings like he is at a birthday party.

  • Алексей Коротких

    Plant is crying.

  • Mike GranaGrana
    Mike GranaGrana 3 days ago

    Not onboard with the perm and sandels

  • Giannis Kampitsis
    Giannis Kampitsis 4 days ago +3

    guys whats wrong with the lead singer's voice? At the studio and at early live performances sounds great and now he can't sing on the notes. The instrumental part is great

    • T B
      T B 2 days ago

      He wasn't getting sick at the time, cold, flu..just bad timing.

  • smf4eva2008
    smf4eva2008 4 days ago

    Great sound.

  • Lord Scav
    Lord Scav 4 days ago +1

    Good band on shitty libtardian show.

  • shayne vivanco
    shayne vivanco 4 days ago

    i don’t get why they’re getting so much hate like they are playing actually instruments and his voice sounds almost the same as the recording unlike 90% of the artists that are on the radio

  • The Nonsense Of History

    A parody band... Brilliant!

  • brandonbeebe
    brandonbeebe 4 days ago

    Where is Samwise Gamgee when he's needed most? Surely he'd be able to help Frodo out of this (ahem) 'jam'

  • The Nonsense Of History

    His balls obviously haven't dropped yet. Poor little twink. Greta Van Twinks.

  • Star Dog
    Star Dog 4 days ago

    What's wrong with all you people who disliked this? This is the best pure blues/rock sound I've heard in a looooong time. Probably the best rock sound I've heard since the first Arctic Monkey's record.

  • sküll düggery
    sküll düggery 4 days ago +2

    the music is cool. some great guitar. the singer seems silly, pretentious and effeminate.

  • camcoy LIVE
    camcoy LIVE 4 days ago +1

    They all take it in the butt lol

    • Keith Snider
      Keith Snider 2 days ago

      camcoy LIVE I rest my case

    • camcoy LIVE
      camcoy LIVE 2 days ago

      Keith Snider *you’re

    • Keith Snider
      Keith Snider 2 days ago

      camcoy LIVE your five years old? If not your a moron.

  • Kevin Minnig
    Kevin Minnig 4 days ago

    They are different in an amazing way!

  • Ken Ciboch
    Ken Ciboch 4 days ago

    They are alot better than all the other so called rock these days all the hate must be from rap lovin and pop head bangers good to hear rock again.

  • Potato Tomato
    Potato Tomato 4 days ago +1

    Walmart Led Zeppelin. Also the guitarist is moving around like he's playing an intense solo, when he is just playing barre chords.

  • Ronnie Childs
    Ronnie Childs 4 days ago

    I'm a 67-year-old redneck and I thought this was pretty good. It seems to me to be just what rock music needs right now--a bunch of young dudes actually playing their instruments and playing the hell out of them, and playing them loud, original tunes (I guess), long hair, screaming and jumping around...What's not to like?

  • DL VOX
    DL VOX 4 days ago

    Vocals not on point.

  • White Male
    White Male 4 days ago

    People don't even think music sounds good anymore unless it is generated by a computer instead of a human which is sad as that is what makes it good music.

  • batz capo
    batz capo 4 days ago

    Who's managing these guy's?

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C 4 days ago

    Is anyone original anymore????

  • thunder god
    thunder god 4 days ago

    Horrible. Thats the quote from a Eddie Trunk and millions of others and i have to agree. The copy cat tribute is going to play out real fast especially without the EQ to give you the strong voice live.

  • Kurt Patterson
    Kurt Patterson 4 days ago

    No one gets upset when high school and college music students imitate the jazz greats.What's wrong with today's kids wanting to emulate a great rock band?

  • Raelspark
    Raelspark 4 days ago

    Wow! A Led Zeppelin out-take.

  • Stephen Adams
    Stephen Adams 4 days ago


  • larkydozer
    larkydozer 4 days ago

    This is fucking awful. If these guys tried this poser shit when I was growing up they'd be mocked for the copycat act they are. Drummer wearing gloves?... check. Guitarist xeroxing Jimmy Pages exact stage movements and quoting the first few notes of the Stairway to Heaven solo? .....check. Singer not able to hod the pitch on the high notes while directly quoting "The Rover" by Zeppelin? check.

  • Jeremy Cortese
    Jeremy Cortese 4 days ago

    I didn't realize the lead singer was a curly haired lesbo.

  • outthasky
    outthasky 4 days ago

    Christ crocs and a Banksy frame shredder shirt shouldn’t deter you from a solidly decent SNL appearance.

  • Jay Grewe
    Jay Grewe 4 days ago

    People complaining and yet This is America wins song of the year 2019. The state of music now and for years has been dreadful. We live in a saturated world of pop/hip-hop and GOD AWFUL rap.

  • Goosecore
    Goosecore 5 days ago

    The worst parts about this was the shaky vocals, not the greatest of stage presence, the way the guitarist messed up a little before the last solo thingy and their segway into the last few bars which sounded a little clumsy. But really, the performance wasnt anywhere near as bad as people said it was. And at least this song wasnt badly performed. I just watch a video where the guitarist and drummer got a lot of criticism and what he pointed out isnt in reality more than what I just previously commented on, very minor parts of the entire song. People must be going on the anti-GVF train again because they dislike the band as there really arent any big issues with this performance.

  • John Miller
    John Miller 5 days ago

    Damn they suck!

  • xMallNinjax1
    xMallNinjax1 5 days ago

    This sucked. I bet all four of them still have their foreskin.

  • Mark Adamson
    Mark Adamson 5 days ago

    Wow this is the band led zeppelin ripped off. Very innovative pioneers of rock

  • Marco Andrade
    Marco Andrade 5 days ago

    You know what other band had an apparently “lackluster” SNL performance? Queen.

  • eric ritter
    eric ritter 5 days ago

    Their not that good when there not ripping off Jimmy Page riffs. Not artists at all.

  • Larry Thompson
    Larry Thompson 5 days ago

    Some people talking about how they are dresssed. I sure remember many rock bands of the 70s and 80s dressed pretty wild too. They sound pretty dam good to me. It’s nice to see a new band playing rock

  • Mario Bargonetti
    Mario Bargonetti 5 days ago


  • Alois Mitchel
    Alois Mitchel 5 days ago

    led zeppelin without drugs??? this is wrong and stupid....soooo original!!! lol

  • Chris Robertson
    Chris Robertson 5 days ago

    Haters be damned. What the singer of this band does at 3:09 alone is enough proof for me. That is a high D people. Most of the idiotic uniformed masses won't know what that means... but for the male voice to hit that note with that kind of power takes either 20 or more years of training or incredible raw talent. This kid is what? 21 years old? Fuck the haters. Greta Van Fleet rocks.

  • Morgz Mum
    Morgz Mum 5 days ago +2

    Led Zeppelin wannabes?

  • Lucidrequiem
    Lucidrequiem 5 days ago

    It's Pat started a that exists.

  • paypatay1
    paypatay1 5 days ago

    She has the same voice as that unicorn. "Charlieeeeee"

  • burningxdimx
    burningxdimx 5 days ago

    Just another fuck this band comment

  • D. Rüesch
    D. Rüesch 5 days ago

    You're in a band in LA so you have to dress like a fucking asshole

  • Dustin Huckabee
    Dustin Huckabee 5 days ago

    Ahh fuckem!!

  • James Isenberg
    James Isenberg 5 days ago

    Where's the big screen near the ceiling, the music playing with no band, the dancing girls, that same sound I hear on every song? I don't get it.

  • Ernest Walker
    Ernest Walker 5 days ago

    I'm actually very happy about this. Let's see what they do in another 10 or 15 years

  • ImDaScottMan
    ImDaScottMan 5 days ago

    To everyone complaining about how they sound,
    M O V E. O N.

  • Sasha Sauber
    Sasha Sauber 5 days ago

    To all the haters, they won a grammy for best rock album! And Robert Plant, The lead singer of Led Zeppelin said he was impressed by them in an interview.

  • MrPerfect170
    MrPerfect170 5 days ago

    They say this band is ripping off Zeppelin but this girl sounds nothing like Plant. She sounds more like the lead singer of Triumph.

  • Allison Redlich
    Allison Redlich 5 days ago

    this dude is playing barre chords up and down the neck and acting like he is laying down the nastiest guitar solo of all time

  • PzY CHO
    PzY CHO 5 days ago

    If y'all think this is good modern rock you are not looking hard enough lmao

  • Tucker Burcham
    Tucker Burcham 5 days ago

    Sounds like Skeletor 😂😂

  • My Jessie
    My Jessie 5 days ago

    Sexy sexy sexy