MIDSOMMAR (2019) Story + Ending Explained

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • #midsommarmovie #endingexplained

    In Midsommar, writer/director Ari Aster's follow up to Hereditary, a group of college kids travels to rural Sweden for their midsummer festival, and soon discover the groups true evil intentions. We'll be breaking down the dense detail filled story, its major character arcs and themes, and explaining the ending.
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Comments • 4 835

  • J A M
    J A M 2 hours ago

    This was the worst, most predictable of the four films from Studio A24, but it is still better than average. Thought Hereditary was overhyped.
    Goes (for me)
    1. The Witch
    2. Suspiria
    3. Hereditary (the mom's acting is fcking amazing in it!)
    4. Midsommar

    I don't care how bad your trip is. Is there anyone who can honestly sleep when tripping without the use of another substance... like Thorazine?

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 3 hours ago +1

    wtf was this movie?

  • Javiela Mejia
    Javiela Mejia 6 hours ago

    they should do "fractured" next

  • Emil Kornisch
    Emil Kornisch 6 hours ago

    Why the fuck are you yelling the hole video?!

  • Jonah
    Jonah 7 hours ago

    Man, fuck crazy cultists. Gotta kill 'em all before they do crazy shit.

  • William Elliott
    William Elliott 8 hours ago

    I believe odin hung himself from the tree of yagdrasil for 9 days to gain the power of the runes, it depicted in tarot as the 12th major arcana, one that is self giving, and prospering for their loss.

  • lucille b
    lucille b 8 hours ago

    ok calm down with your voice

  • Leo Montegrande
    Leo Montegrande 18 hours ago +1

    "Don't they all have families?
    Other than Dani obviously."
    *Laughs in going to hell"

  • Matthew Ahern
    Matthew Ahern 21 hour ago

    So don't do drugs and bros before hoes... got it.

  • Norah Manion
    Norah Manion 22 hours ago

    My mom made me stop watching after the scene where Christian was intimate with the lady so I didn’t know what happened

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 22 hours ago

    Eyebrows looked fine as hell in this movie,, skeet.

  • Chip Chipperson
    Chip Chipperson Day ago

    Everyone missed the point - this is how Swedish Fish are made.

  • anthony derby
    anthony derby Day ago

    U have to talk about that mural!! It shows everything that’s gonna happen through different pictures!

  • Wet Paint
    Wet Paint Day ago +2

    Ugh when he says “Does he feel like home to you” always gets to me..

  • Michael Haase
    Michael Haase Day ago

    The pube thing isn't that weird, it is part of an ancient love spell older than history.
    Am I wrong or was there a stain on the front of Mark's pants as if his dick had been cut off prior to his death?

  • Fender Bender
    Fender Bender Day ago

    This might be the most fuckin stupid movie ever


    This movie was so pointless and overstayed its welcome, no build on story and how the hell do you do a blood eagle without including that visual in the movie, this was a snoozefest

  • Kaley Hansen
    Kaley Hansen Day ago

    Does anyone else find it fascinating that we have seen a trend of pagan-centric horror movies recently? I suppose it's likely because most western civilization finds pagan concepts foreign, so it makes for good subject material, since we tend to fear what we don't understand. But how interesting would it be to see a Christian-centric horror film? Not like The Exorcist, or anything in which Christianity is the hero or solution. A film in which the violent, disturbing and horrific practices of Christianity are framed as evil and cult-like. Where instead of pagan practices and pagan gods being the monsters, its Christian ones. There would be outrage, for sure. But it would be interesting, and frankly, fair representation. Christianity has historically been as bad if not worse than most pagan religions.
    I understand The Handmaid's Tale has done this to some extent. I'm thinking more on the lines of true horror, or monster movies where instead of a pagan god, you have the Christian one. Seems a lot more controversial, but its a fascinating concept to me.

  • Hasanul Banna
    Hasanul Banna Day ago

    You are just telling the story of the movie,,

  • Waffuls’ Gaming Guide to History

    Please do “The farm” 2018
    Ending explained, I really need it after viewing something fucked up

  • Emily Netherland

    Did you even watch the movie? So much of the info in this video is incorrect and you didn't pronounce a single name correctly. Yikes.

  • Nap Santiago
    Nap Santiago Day ago +1

    I thought this video would explain the symbolism that is scattered around the film and would make sense of the rituals but it's really just a summary for people who watched the film while doing something else and needed a recap after.

  • Rishujeet Rai
    Rishujeet Rai Day ago

    Chris wasn't hazy when he was sewn inside that bear. He was paralysed. He was probably shitting himself.

  • Thee Andrew Lamb

    Movie Sucked!

  • Jad Sleiman
    Jad Sleiman Day ago

    why is this guy constantly shouting

  • Toyo_ Tiger
    Toyo_ Tiger Day ago

    Damn... they all died lol wtf

  • Scott La Rock
    Scott La Rock 2 days ago

    Evil people, now I don’t feel bad to see their nation destroyed by ISIS-refugees 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • max smyth
    max smyth 2 days ago +6

    Pewdiepie watched this movie like, “shit now they know “

  • Rogelio Garcia
    Rogelio Garcia 2 days ago

    cum chasin

  • D. Bo
    D. Bo 2 days ago

    hello! small artist just made a piece of mid sommar fanart id appreciate
    some feedback :) instagram.com/p/B3kUibAAJyy/

  • Alin D.
    Alin D. 2 days ago

    Dani, shit move!!!!

  • Panda Life
    Panda Life 2 days ago

    This movie was great

  • Vic S.
    Vic S. 2 days ago +1

    He cums to, suddenly mortified.... We have all been there.

  • Ruben Viramontez
    Ruben Viramontez 2 days ago

    I just no that Pel was about to start fucking Danis fine ass from now on wich is what he probably wanted since day one ....i was hoping hed fuck her infront of Christian dumb ass when he was all drugged up and near his death ...thats hott

  • Duke of Haphazard
    Duke of Haphazard 2 days ago

    Hereditary was NOT scary. I laughed my ass off through most of it. Have people really gotten that soft that they find that movie that disturbing?

  • Diseased Panda28
    Diseased Panda28 2 days ago

    I watched it lastnight, and I realize the blood eagle in this movie is the real “blood eagle”. Someone watch it on lsd and let me know what happens. I don’t think there is any real lsd made anymore. Most of the time it’s this research chemical called N-bomb. It’ll have a bitter taste unlike actual lsd which doesn’t have a taste when you use the blotter papers or drops.

  • VantaBay
    VantaBay 2 days ago +2

    Dude, please attempt to pronouce the Swedish names and nouns correctly. It just makes it otherwise seem like you didn't actually watch the movie

  • Adriana Meza
    Adriana Meza 2 days ago

    Mushroom tea. That was dookie tea

  • MadamFoogie
    MadamFoogie 2 days ago +1

    I dunno, guys. Just finished watching this one, and all I can think of is an overly convoluted Wicker Man.

  • Styles Marshall
    Styles Marshall 2 days ago

    So this is why PewDiePie always seems shrowded in controversy

  • Agustin Gonzalez
    Agustin Gonzalez 2 days ago +1

    I didn’t know this was the new thing at Coachella

  • Jake Jeong
    Jake Jeong 2 days ago

    Mark is skinned - first play is called skin the clown... LOL

  • Marsh Harrier
    Marsh Harrier 2 days ago +1

    When your mind is already fucked up that you laugh of the movie's attempt to be creepy when it's really just stupid.

  • E B
    E B 2 days ago

    Honestly if I was having a mental breakdown and screaming and some people copied me, I'd think they were making fun of me

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia 2 days ago +5

    How did anyone enjoy this movie. It was so stupid. Literally almost bored me. Just a cult and its traditions no crazy twists or plot points. Like an indie artsy horror movie about a girls bad relationship.

    COLTON 2 days ago +3

    When THAT SCENE CAME ON all i kept thinking was. What if he has some sperm problem ? 😂😂😂

  • SirMag
    SirMag 2 days ago

    Josh is like a black version of mark lmao.

  • scraperindustry
    scraperindustry 3 days ago +1

    Why is everyone saying this is a comedy? I've been freaked out the whole time watching it D:

  • Celeste Peterson
    Celeste Peterson 3 days ago

    Why is he yelling??

  • Gunjan Lahiri
    Gunjan Lahiri 3 days ago

    Dani killed her boyfriend because in her eyes he was cheating, dude got raped. He was burned alive after being understanding of her and her mental illness throughout the 4 years. From what was shown, he wasn't a toxic partner at all. He wanted to breakup for more than a year probably because he was exhausted. People are getting too attached to Dani. Dani choosing to kill him off was a big mistake and not at all justified as some are saying here.

  • Inspector Steve
    Inspector Steve 3 days ago

    If they only needed 9 that's 2 people that jumped, the 4 friends, then 2 villager volunteers that makes 8. The Dani picks one more with makes 9. So the other couple that freaked out when those people jumped were killed for no reason except to get rid of them.

  • Herman Shields
    Herman Shields 3 days ago

    Pels parents died in a fire alright he jus didn't say where the fire was at...sacrificed is what really happened

  • Ari'elleofIsrael
    Ari'elleofIsrael 3 days ago

    19:56 he cold for that lmao

  • Cierra Jacksonn
    Cierra Jacksonn 3 days ago

    The way this man says Midsommar

  • James Smith
    James Smith 3 days ago

    Skopalamine, detera, psilocybin

  • Virgo
    Virgo 3 days ago +4

    Dude set it all up. he even put in her mind about the family and he understands and even laughed at the drink which was obviously a different color on the table. He smiled when he also drank the grass stuff after she became queen. He had it set in motion and had to let it all play out and they even wanted it to happen as the old man clapped while he was drugged.
    They had Danni in sights because she was the most vulnerable so much easiar sway to their culture. He was giving her a birthday gift and said don't tell. He was basically setting her mind up as it went on.I don't think it was fate or universal but a lil manipulation. Other then that i agree with all the rest.

  • TypicallyUnique
    TypicallyUnique 3 days ago

    One interesting little detail I found, is that one can assume Pelle's parents were more than likely volunteers for a sacrifice when he said his parent both died in a fire.

  • Strictly Jake
    Strictly Jake 3 days ago +3

    Dani was way worse than Christian. I don't understand why people are justifying this crap?

  • Strictly Jake
    Strictly Jake 3 days ago +1

    This movie isn't worthy of spit-shining the original wicker man's boots. Hell, I'd rather watch the Nicolas Cage version than this crap.

  • Chance Manning
    Chance Manning 3 days ago

    I thought his intent was to show how dramatic it can feel during a break up.basing from what he said in an interview? so your review is all based off of what YOU see in the film, which is a bad mushroom trip? maybe do more research rather than getting high and "explaining" the movie... basic "since i've taken drugs I understand everything on a deeper level" please make an original review for once