The Self-Driving Race Car

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • I got an email asking if I wanted to be driven around the most famous racetrack in Britain by an autonomous racing car. I wasn't going to refuse that offer.
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  15 days ago +4069

    Just to be clear: this isn't sponsored, and Roborace had no control over the video. I'd declare it clearly if anything like that ever happened!

    • KlaxonCow
      KlaxonCow 6 days ago

      @The Generous Degenerate Oh, it's not for the subs. It's for the FCC in the US and ASA in the UK.
      They've both made it clear that online advertising on TheXvid comes under the exact same rules for sponsorships and advertising as broadcast television, and that they WILL pursue and, if necessary, prosecute TheXvid videos to the same extent by the same standard.
      You MUST declare sponsorships and advertising deals clearly for your audience to know. It's the law.
      And, no, placing it in the video description isn't good enough - both agencies have clarified that - because video and description can become separated or difficult to access (e.g. re-uploads / video embedded on another site).
      The law requires him to be transparent with us about any perks / money / exchanges that could be influencing his editorial line.

    • Daniel Kintigh
      Daniel Kintigh 7 days ago

      for example I'm sure they didn't like you didn't put the eye shield down on your helmet

    • ida loup
      ida loup 9 days ago

      I'm French and I love your videos πŸ‘and It's a good way for me to improve my english. British English is sometimes not so easy to understand but globally I understood what you said. Great vids

    • Suyash K Kishore
      Suyash K Kishore 13 days ago

      @Aki San OCD much?

    • zzpza
      zzpza 13 days ago

      I've been following Roborace for a while now. I think it's fantastic, I can't wait for the ai v ai races to start. I have no problem with no meatbag behind the wheel.

  • dtrrider1
    dtrrider1 7 hours ago

    Is it odd the fully autonomous car is still "human" size? Couldn't it be a lot smaller perhaps? Or totally different geometry?

  • TheQuark6789
    TheQuark6789 2 days ago

    I think what RoboRace will need to keep in mind to make this a successful sport (and hopefully they already are) is that this is a software engineering competition, not really a motorsports competition. Thus, they shouldn't cover it like a motorsports competition, with all the focus on the cars. They should focus on the development teams and their efforts, as well as the AI algorithms and techniques that are being used, and make it a very educational sport and platform.

  • ledgeri
    ledgeri 3 days ago

    Ohh Rich was there :)

  • mitchyk
    mitchyk 3 days ago

    This is like an episode of Tommorow's World! With Tom Scott filling in.

  • Noname2014
    Noname2014 4 days ago

    Car: looks like from the future. Motor: sound, like a
    fork-lift truck

  • Jack Palmer
    Jack Palmer 4 days ago

    This is race engineering distilled into its purest form. That does appeal to me

  • Drakotar
    Drakotar 4 days ago

    Give this technology 5-10 years and I can see theme parks offering realistic races with cars like this.

  • 2020cowboi
    2020cowboi 5 days ago +1


  • Aaron Talbot
    Aaron Talbot 5 days ago

    One hell of a gamble you say? *rubs hands schemingly*

  • R J
    R J 6 days ago

    - An autonomous car
    - A Tik Tok sticker on the side
    Why do I have to be living in 2019 😑

  • Shogun
    Shogun 6 days ago

    I do racing in my spare time and I struggle to see how this could be turned into a successful spectator sport. There's nothing interesting about watching a field of cars all designed to race perfectly with no humans involved. It's no different to lining up a group of computers and seeing which one can compute something the fastest, interesting yes, a spectator sport? No.

  • Blazej Huzarski
    Blazej Huzarski 6 days ago

    So it's basically intended to be a tournament for coders with scoring phase as the most interesting element.

  • redline2466
    redline2466 7 days ago

    It's sponsored by TikTok. I question its safety.

    also it's slower than the 2020 Tesla Roadster

  • michael Deatherage
    michael Deatherage 7 days ago

    Why are you limited to 60 on a race track.
    The motorway speeds are higher than that.

  • J F
    J F 7 days ago

    Devbot or deathbot?

  • Caustic Cactus
    Caustic Cactus 7 days ago

    Whats the point?

  • Nate Squiggles
    Nate Squiggles 7 days ago

    Racing with no skill then, terrible idea

  • Zoltan
    Zoltan 7 days ago +1

    I see the future in a such competition with an assumption:
    Formula 1 and other races are limited in speed, because there are humans in it with limited capabilities, and safety issues. A robot has no limits though. In theory we can build much faster cars than what we have. And many people are extremely curious about how fast could we get if the only limit is technology.

  • ToiR
    ToiR 8 days ago

    Oh NO.
    It's the racing drones from acceleracers!!

  • Madmaximus
    Madmaximus 8 days ago

    Mate you need to start making longer length vids, love your stuff. Should start making longer length doco's

  • Grindstone
    Grindstone 8 days ago

    Motorsport is also a competition. I'd like to see how you would manage having several computers, all programmed to optimize their driving, competing together. Where's the variable? How does a computer predict and react to the behavior of another computer? I mean, driver A knows how driver B takes his corners and can exploit that, or sees an opening or sees how an opening will develop. How does a computer program tackle that?

  • chloe ingleston
    chloe ingleston 8 days ago +1

    I and my class wondered what that car was you can see my class room from the video it is the corner on the building an 5:40 we where in a product design leason.

  • Frank Harr
    Frank Harr 8 days ago

    So, what we're saying is, Tom can drive. I didn't know that. Interesting.
    That is cool. I don't know how popular it's goign to be as a sport, but as a way to get AI better, it'll likely be great.

  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale 9 days ago

    Tech Dif need to be the next Top Gear hosts. Minus Chris who’ll be joining Global Cycling Network.

  • User M
    User M 9 days ago

    Noooo, I think people will watch for cars which go faster and act more aggressively resulting in more spectacular crashes (with no reason to be sad about injuries).
    Think about robots wars, that would be crap if a human had to sit inside the battle bot. No flame throwers and circular saws!
    In fact, why don’t they add weapons to the Ai cars? 😍

  • kadek widi artana
    kadek widi artana 9 days ago

    It get's sponsored by TIK TOK what

  • Pedritox0953
    Pedritox0953 9 days ago

    Great video!

  • Owen
    Owen 9 days ago

    I can’t see it taking off

  • Maikel Warmerdam
    Maikel Warmerdam 9 days ago

    Exactly what you say tom, it lacks the "danger" factor. Whatever they program the vehicle to be, it's just a line of software doing its thing. I wouldn't watch it as a sport: It's boring.

    YASHKUMAR PATEL 10 days ago +2

    2019 Self Driving Car
    2020 Self watching robots πŸ€–
    What we human should do then?

  • Árm!n
    Árm!n 10 days ago

    It is not a race car... It is a SNAIL!!!

    Of course, I joking....

  • Chad Myron Gaines-Normington

    the deathbox 2

  • SmoothC Inc.
    SmoothC Inc. 10 days ago

    Is the weight of the computer systems required for autonomous driving comparable to the weight of an actual driver? If not, is that something they’re working on?

  • 〉〉cerebral_malfunction

    I was not prepared for that launch noise.
    I'd really like to see these competitions add a pentesting or infosec component. In other words, each team would have a hacking division tasked with attempting to compromise, confuse, control, or destroy the other teams car using pentesting techniques. We DO need to know how these things stand up to hackers in real life, after all.

  • Muzer0
    Muzer0 10 days ago

    Before you mentioned which actual track it was it was a tossup in my head whether the most famous racing track in Britain was going to be Silverstone or the Top Gear Test Track :D

  • PaΘ™ca Alexandru
    PaΘ™ca Alexandru 10 days ago

    - Would you like to be driven by a robot?
    - I'll... walk.

  • Walid Al Ghamdi
    Walid Al Ghamdi 10 days ago

    To be honest robo races wouldn't be about the people programming the tech as much as the available tech being the star of the sport, so for his argument of bringing more to light the people who do alot of hard work in the background too, I think Tom Scott is right its not going to give then what they want.

  • Prince Tamrac
    Prince Tamrac 10 days ago +4

    0:44 there is a TikTok ad.

    I am so dissapointed in humanity..

  • He’s A Rat Dutch
    He’s A Rat Dutch 10 days ago

    Anyone else here from his 10 year old video that got in your recommendations?

  • Catoma
    Catoma 10 days ago

    Needs to be a hotwheels looptyloop track, something humans can't do

    • Roborace
      Roborace 10 days ago

      That is a great suggestion πŸ’ͺAny more come to mind?

  • Sobycee
    Sobycee 10 days ago

    Students at Revolve NTNU are doing something similar

  • Peter Kazavis
    Peter Kazavis 10 days ago

    Dafuq is the point?

  • Pluvillion
    Pluvillion 10 days ago

    Gran Turismo B-Spec in a nutshell

  • Josh Letroy
    Josh Letroy 10 days ago

    I think its time!.... time to Re-grow the Ponytail my dude :D
    I just watched your 10 year old TheXvid video on removing fingerprints with pineapple juice.. classic hairstyle!!

  • Colin F
    Colin F 10 days ago

    *sees title*
    But then it's not a racecar.

    • Roborace
      Roborace 10 days ago

      What is your definition of racecar?

  • noodles6669
    noodles6669 10 days ago

    "happy is a relative term" - Tom Scott

  • Silence Of The Lambs
    Silence Of The Lambs 10 days ago

    You should ask Clarkson to drive for more "power"

  • duck
    duck 11 days ago +1

    Anyone notice one of the cars sponsored by tiktok

  • wa da
    wa da 11 days ago +1

    I really can't see the point of it. Putting a human in a self-driving racing car

    • Roborace
      Roborace 10 days ago +2

      Having the human inside the racecar allows us to get better feedback from within the car and serve as a saftey driver while testing. Once we go above 100km/h, the driver is always removed, which is why this run was done at 100km/h!

  • Mr. Mycelium
    Mr. Mycelium 11 days ago +1

    I'd love to watch it! I'd be so interested in how the various teams implement their systems, and talk about the algorithms they've used for their car!

    • Roborace
      Roborace 10 days ago

      Stay tuned in our channel for more!

  • Ethan Johnstone
    Ethan Johnstone 11 days ago +2

    This is SO COOL

    • Roborace
      Roborace 10 days ago +1

      We approve this message!

  • Anton M
    Anton M 11 days ago

    I think the technical term you are looking for is "Meatbag". πŸ˜…

  • Legofreak
    Legofreak 11 days ago

    I'm watching this feeling a bit underwhelmed as my tesla drove me to flagstaff and back going like 85mph.


    Add harpoons or some less damaging version to make races more interesting, or virtual missiles , shooter gets points, the victim gets penalty, but only when the car takes perfect shot

  • Rena Kunisaki
    Rena Kunisaki 11 days ago

    Gotta say, I don't like hearing that a single hardware failure caused a crash. Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy!

    • Roborace
      Roborace 10 days ago

      Which is why we push the limits of the in controlled, safe spaces! This will eventually allow us to develop the technology faster and in a safe way, no one gets hurt...

  • Tom Morgan
    Tom Morgan 11 days ago

    Honestly, this might be the safest speech to camera Tom has ever given in a car.

  • Milan LPSK
    Milan LPSK 11 days ago +1

    2:29 I'm getting worried. Theres a tiktok logo

  • DapperDuff
    DapperDuff 11 days ago

    Does that car really have a Tik Tok logo on it? Lmfao

  • King Usagi
    King Usagi 11 days ago

    And they said "Esports" arent real sports

    • King Usagi
      King Usagi 10 days ago

      @Roborace ok?

    • Roborace
      Roborace 10 days ago

      Real "esports", is that a thing? Think we might be onto something here πŸ˜‚