Tango Squad FC vs Hashtag Utd | #TangoCup | Old Trafford

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • In the season finale last year, Tango Squad FC fell to a 2-0 defeat at the hands of F2 FC.
    This year, off the back of two losses, Tango Squad FC head to Old Trafford with more than just a trophy at stake.
    Their pride on the line, the squad battle it out with Hashtag United for the Tango Cup, and the ultimate shot at redemption.
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Comments • 676

  • Hashtag United
    Hashtag United 3 months ago +540

    What an incredible opportunity! Won't spoil the result...but if you want to watch our vlog with us training at Carrington and before the game, including our boys ruining some decent songs, it's here: thexvid.com/video/GUBeL32vld0/video.html

    • Zimm Can
      Zimm Can 25 days ago

      Russia Football Mickey Mouse Adidas Women's T-Shirt

    • Leland Ferniza
      Leland Ferniza 2 months ago

      Celebrating their own tournament win 😂😂😂

    • FootballNerd
      FootballNerd 3 months ago

      @Connor Munro 👍🏼 same but remember dont forget to # it

  • Assumpyy
    Assumpyy 14 days ago +1

    tango squad is good but they're arrogant cunts

  • Talixan Soldier
    Talixan Soldier 17 days ago

    If tango didn’t have those extra players then hashtag will win

  • Talixan Soldier
    Talixan Soldier 18 days ago +1

    I bet hashtag can actually beat tango is just that they got unLucky

  • Rikson Gouveia
    Rikson Gouveia 27 days ago

    Como o Kelwin é banco nesse time ?

    • Rikson Gouveia
      Rikson Gouveia 27 days ago

      Joga demais esse moleque, não dá pra ser banco

  • Nikolai Ken Mostoles

    Poor defending on the first goal. Didn't pick his man😔

  • Nikolai Ken Mostoles

    Adidas!!! I have much respect with your company! But whats going on?you made football ridiculous in making this show. Very disapointed men. Haiist. If you want to make this show last create a team that gives results and knows the game from the ground up. Players that knows how to play 11 a side. I love football I love adidas so don't ruin it please. 😔😔

  • Tony Patino
    Tony Patino Month ago +1

    Match: 13:07
    Kick of: 14:00

  • Devante Ramsey
    Devante Ramsey Month ago

    If Josh osuade played hashtag would of won

  • pega a_tampa
    pega a_tampa 2 months ago


  • Ilkay1905
    Ilkay1905 2 months ago

    i would punch tf out of jack

  • Maco Maco
    Maco Maco 2 months ago

    Waiting on the season 3

  • Islam Xuranov
    Islam Xuranov 2 months ago

    Где Блат?

  • Gulzhigan ZH
    Gulzhigan ZH 2 months ago

    Кто пришёл от Вити Блатова???

  • TraditionalWhiteBoomer
    TraditionalWhiteBoomer 2 months ago

    That downer plebs accent is soooo forced it's unbearable...
    Also having a female play against men is just reckless, if the hashtag lad (rich i think it was) had gone in like he did against the lads she's not getting up. It's dirty tactics also because they know any man who's not a complete degenerate will not treat her like male opponents which gives her more time on the ball.
    I won't be watching anymore Tango stuff (this was my first viewing) because they're all self absorbed dicks.

  • The Resistance
    The Resistance 2 months ago

    The Nike Academy can easily kill these 🤡

  • Асет Жунусов

    Blatov is out? Haha

  • Isvorok
    Isvorok 2 months ago +1

    Витя Блатов чемпион

  • Suga Tube
    Suga Tube 2 months ago

    What’s so special about this “Tango” squad? I don’t know why adidas is promoting them and stuff..

  • Old Mr T
    Old Mr T 2 months ago

    The female player was good, nice weight on her passes.

  • Kwaku N
    Kwaku N 2 months ago +2

    Why is everyone saying tango have massive egos please drop a reply and tell me who

  • fabio futsal
    fabio futsal 2 months ago

    agora sim

  • alex43778
    alex43778 2 months ago

    Jacko is sooo shitttt

  • Leland Ferniza
    Leland Ferniza 2 months ago

    24:10 I’m sorry but I could not stop laughing at the way he fell and slid

  • Jevin111
    Jevin111 3 months ago

    Bunch of fuckin cunts
    Big yikes from me

  • German Puskas
    German Puskas 3 months ago +2

    Why did adidas even create the tango squad

    Such a waste of money

  • Memey
    Memey 3 months ago

    Is sepncer retired? Haven't watched it a while

  • TMaier16
    TMaier16 3 months ago +1

    I guess you have to celebrate like you won the champions league when you only play one game a year...

  • Conor Hall
    Conor Hall 3 months ago

    Best part of the game was Ricky Evans telling Dennis Irwin to fuck ofd

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee 3 months ago

    The guy recording him self is a faggot

  • Scott Fisher
    Scott Fisher 3 months ago

    Anyone know the name of the songs in the background at 0:43 and 12:20?

    • Scott Fisher
      Scott Fisher 3 months ago

      Ethan Huntley You have a link for it?

    • Ethan Huntley
      Ethan Huntley 3 months ago

      at 12:20 its Night Intorlude by Nightmares on wax

  • Arthur Glinkin
    Arthur Glinkin 3 months ago

    Why is there a woman

  • Daniel Freeland
    Daniel Freeland 3 months ago +1

    Mate it ain’t the World Cup you don’t have to celebrate like that. You won on penalties in a TheXvid game calm it down gee.

  • Tanika Robinson
    Tanika Robinson 3 months ago

    Yo that beat about to make me start supporting Man U!
    What’s the name of the instrumental/song (2nd beat)?!?!
    I need that in my life.

  • Unknown Gamer From Birmingham

    Why are Tango said cocky???

  • FDR 2
    FDR 2 3 months ago

    Please, stop showing stories during the penalties. It annoys and breaks the atmosphere.

  • BL1 MoDz
    BL1 MoDz 3 months ago

    Shit as fuck Haha

  • James Kennan
    James Kennan 3 months ago

    I’d like to see this group of tossers take on Se Dons

  • Gezd
    Gezd 3 months ago

    JAJAJAJ sinceramente no juegan nada

  • LiL Bel
    LiL Bel 3 months ago

    Lame ahh team

  • Dunton and broughton luke

    Tango got the score but hashtag were the real winners. What a load of twats

  • Rushil Abhinav
    Rushil Abhinav 3 months ago

    Wow they got no respect tango squad such a bunch of twats

  • Heather Trueman
    Heather Trueman 3 months ago

    nice to see lee off the bench

  • fabio futsal
    fabio futsal 3 months ago

    maldade, não tem legenda em Português (Brasil)

  • Heliana Alves Tavares
    Heliana Alves Tavares 3 months ago

    This makes me so happy!! Oh gosh, I love football!

  • 50 Subscribers with no videos?

    i didnt know theres a new tango squad, hated every part of it.

  • GamedailyUK
    GamedailyUK 3 months ago

    Guy on the camera for Pens, what a bellend.

  • mikeypizZzy0
    mikeypizZzy0 3 months ago

    guy on the camera for tango is a proper bellend. If you closed your eyes, listened to him and had to guess what he looks like you'd say 6ft5 and black with dreadlocks.

  • SjBarty
    SjBarty 3 months ago

    a 40 minute Adidas advert

  • TheGamerLad7
    TheGamerLad7 3 months ago

    Why’s that number 2 chatting like that on the pens fucking muppet

  • ImSJPC
    ImSJPC 3 months ago

    Jacko lost his head at the first pen, wasn’t surprised he didn’t save any after that

  • Matias Carrion
    Matias Carrion 3 months ago +1

    Bro y’all a bunch of haters. Let the kids have their fun. Stop acting like you wouldn’t be celebrating any type of win at Old Trafford

  • Zimmy Tatro
    Zimmy Tatro 3 months ago +2

    Cant believe Hashtag played against this joke of a club.

  • Nicola Heed
    Nicola Heed 3 months ago

    Come on jacko

  • Nathan Rodriguez C
    Nathan Rodriguez C 3 months ago

    Carlos is the one of the only ones I see with true talent and potential, the midfielder who played captain, abassi, and the the rw looked decent too

  • W K123
    W K123 3 months ago

    love how they have a guy on the speakers for the subs when there is no audience

  • Rohan Vignesh
    Rohan Vignesh 3 months ago

    The suspense was real! Kelwin must have had an epic day well done mate!

  • Rohan Vignesh
    Rohan Vignesh 3 months ago +1

    I just clapped at the end of the video.

  • Flynn Braun
    Flynn Braun 3 months ago

    Why is there a woman playing

  • JC_ LloydMO7
    JC_ LloydMO7 3 months ago

    They got the stadium announcer when nobody is there 😂