I used a Mouse & Keyboard on CONSOLE...

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • I used Mouse & Keyboard on CONSOLE...
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    Guys I hope you enjoyed this video in which we I used Mouse & Keyboard on CONSOLE...
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  • JT Games
    JT Games 8 hours ago

    You use wireless mic or no

  • Ruth Galvan
    Ruth Galvan 17 hours ago

    My nickname is chip too

  • Austin Matney
    Austin Matney Day ago

    Start playing keyboard

  • Jasper Roach
    Jasper Roach Day ago

    It better on Xbox

  • Alvaro Pavon Turrillo

    what is the name of the keyboard?

  • Logan jack paterson

    You are crazy on keybored and mouse im crap cant even do 90s but can on controller

  • Harry Jordan
    Harry Jordan 2 days ago

    The reason your sense felt off is because there is also mouse acceleration on ps4 :)

  • red lightning
    red lightning 2 days ago

    I playt fortnite ps4 with mouse and keybord

  • ItsCrusher
    ItsCrusher 4 days ago

    as it shoes his fps

  • TK- Claps
    TK- Claps 4 days ago

    Did you change your mouse and keyboard repeat delay and sensitivity I'm the playstation settings?

  • John Hubner
    John Hubner 5 days ago

    Little kit kat

    L3ETHAL 7 days ago

    Small peen man😂

  • Pichu BTW
    Pichu BTW 7 days ago

    Am I the only one that seen that his friends nickname was small peen man?

  • Lucas Kang
    Lucas Kang 8 days ago +1


  • Boone Cessna
    Boone Cessna 8 days ago +1

    Who else plays keyboard and mouse on ps4

  • Landon Ecker
    Landon Ecker 8 days ago +6

    Chip: there’s always that one person with an RPG
    Also Chip: *picks up RPG*

  • Sammy Gamer
    Sammy Gamer 8 days ago

    yo people

  • Maria Tenorio
    Maria Tenorio 9 days ago

    how did he get the skin on the other account?

  • تحدى الحزن
    تحدى الحزن 10 days ago


  • ItssDax
    ItssDax 10 days ago


  • parkboy
    parkboy 10 days ago

    Check my channel out I use a ps with keyboard and mouse

  • NickAllenPlayZ
    NickAllenPlayZ 10 days ago +1

    5:41 thats what she said

  • Angelo Salazar
    Angelo Salazar 11 days ago

    I play this cause i dont got a pc

  • Zeezee
    Zeezee 11 days ago

    That what i do anyway i dont have pc or monitor

    AZE-Z1PAE 11 days ago

    I do use keyboard and mouse on ps4:) and I’m noob

  • Panda_Assassin_ Yt
    Panda_Assassin_ Yt 12 days ago

    How come he doesn't have any input delay? And the graphics literally looks like pc

  • Buqz
    Buqz 12 days ago +1

    Go watch Cirri.

  • Team Lyst
    Team Lyst 12 days ago

    At 4:24 he walked past a gold RPG and kept his purple🤔

  • Raptolyphus
    Raptolyphus 12 days ago

    is this (potato) like po`a`o

  • Konor 'Games
    Konor 'Games 12 days ago

    I usually play on console with MnK

  • CallMeShawn
    CallMeShawn 12 days ago

    I play mouse and keyboard on ps4 daily and people say I'm cracked

  • Its CamoOCE
    Its CamoOCE 13 days ago

    lil Kit Kat
    Yung Chip-2020

  • Oskar Bielicki
    Oskar Bielicki 13 days ago

    Chip so ur not only are playing vs pc also controler

  • I-_-SnaggforVc Yt
    I-_-SnaggforVc Yt 14 days ago

    He’s only level5 why don’t he play on a higher lvl acc

  • Vocher Gt
    Vocher Gt 14 days ago

    You fight pc because in season 5 they change it if you use keyboard and mouse on ps4 or Xbox they know you are on pc now so

  • Klix
    Klix 15 days ago

    I do this everyday

  • Verybad Gaming
    Verybad Gaming 15 days ago

    Upcoming youtuber, giveaway this Friday for getting 100subs, turn on post notifications and let’s GRIND ❗️❗️ give every 50subs now ❗️💫

  • Lil Teslaz
    Lil Teslaz 15 days ago

    look at the backround it said small peen man lol

  • RGX Banfit
    RGX Banfit 15 days ago

    Lol I play on mouse and keyboard on xbox

  • Brandon p
    Brandon p 15 days ago

    Who else got annoyed when seeing mouse and keyboard

  • Lisa Hughes
    Lisa Hughes 15 days ago +1

    This how many times he said little kitkat

  • SimonUser MC
    SimonUser MC 15 days ago

    Bruh I literally play kbm in console all the time

  • Thomas Skordas
    Thomas Skordas 15 days ago

    Chip in ps4 you have aim assist and the keyboard to are connect to ps4

  • STILTZ _
    STILTZ _ 15 days ago

    who else had a brawadis ad

  • MR. Pepa Pig
    MR. Pepa Pig 15 days ago

    Why don't you name the video" played fortnite on a worst device"

  • Serg Thegoat
    Serg Thegoat 15 days ago

    He used 60 frames on pc

  • UniqxeStormZ
    UniqxeStormZ 16 days ago

    Guys pause at 0:42 and look a little to your right 😂😂

  • tadeo jimenez
    tadeo jimenez 16 days ago

    hello hello hello hello .... hello

  • FaZe SparKle
    FaZe SparKle 16 days ago +2

    I think he just died the first game so he could get content

  • Andrew and Matthew
    Andrew and Matthew 16 days ago

    hey chip i love you videos and i us your code in the item shop

  • Quaker Tap
    Quaker Tap 16 days ago

    That’s how I play bruva

  • AntBoiFN
    AntBoiFN 16 days ago +1

    “little Kit Kat”

  • LGN Bruh
    LGN Bruh 16 days ago

    I play on console with mouse and keyboard and I’m ok on it 😝

  • Clout Wonders
    Clout Wonders 16 days ago

    Finally someone did this. The difference in 60 FPS with input delay and 140 FPS and no input delay is unreal even you can see the difference in his video

  • Fwexy
    Fwexy 16 days ago

    You noooooooob

  • Alex Ananias
    Alex Ananias 17 days ago


  • RzrShook
    RzrShook 17 days ago

    Y does he say little Kit Kat so many times😂😂😂🛑🧢

  • Sébastien .Fournier
    Sébastien .Fournier 17 days ago

    Thank you you now know my suffering

    YT_ KLOAK 17 days ago

    Just change the sense goddamn

    YT_ KLOAK 17 days ago +18

    Not to mention he nicknamed his friend small peen mahn 😂
    But like that’s what she said