Fans Vs Disney Star Wars: The Current State Of Things


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  • Jeremy Jahns
    Jeremy Jahns  20 days ago +767

    Some clarification for the part where I said "...I always felt Star Wars was pretty agnostic when it came to social issues".
    I was not saying Star Wars never used world issues or events as inspiration for its story telling, (Nazis, Vietnam, etc), but illustrating there is a difference between using events of the past to inspire your storytelling art, and using your storytelling art to inspire change in your present day.
    It seems in the past, if you wanted to see Star Wars as simply the fun space adventure, you could. If you wanted to see allegory you could, but I always felt the delivery was crafted through a looking glass of the past, not a magnifying glass of the present.
    Granted the execution and reception of current Star Wars politics and past Star Wars politics might have more to do with social media, but that's another conversation. I wish I had gone into more detail about this in particular, and "agnostic" isn't the word I should have used in hindsight, but you can't edit a video post upload, but thank goodness for the ability to pin a comment.

    • DejaVoodooDoll
      DejaVoodooDoll 21 hour ago

      @Jeremy Jahns
      Lucas had Anakin quoting George W. Bush.
      It was always political. It was always about sparking real life resistance to the Empire we might become.
      And when you complain about the need for moderation in presenting a progressive message? We tried that with Bill Clinton, Kerry, and Obama. The end result was the right demonizing the hell out of them in the hopes of making them seem like the far left, and driving the center further to the right.
      And then it elected a racist con artist.
      That kind of behavior is why the sequel trilogy has taken such a strong stand against reflexive centrism, despite the financial risk.
      You're really not helping with this kind of shallow gut instinct analysis.

    • klyana130
      klyana130 Day ago +1

      Woord, ITA

    • Triratna
      Triratna 2 days ago

      Next: Female James Bond 007.

  • Jon Powell
    Jon Powell 5 hours ago

    I think they should redo ep4-6 with new actors and actually use the current tech to do it because even with the new editions, they still look like advanced Muppet shows. AND they should do those literal remakes beat for beat like they did in that DISASTER movie with James Franco. That way at least "I" would be happy with the remakes. There's already a million of me.
    Think about it. one in the acting world would die off due to contracts because the movies would be made so much quicker now that writers would have different and/or better reasons to write. However, the only way I'll fund it is by paying to see it in theatres ...given the going rate they're making new Star Wars filler movies Disney should do that and while they're doing that write the new trilogy. Look at how fast Dwayne Johnson is spiting out movies. Whatever...

  • Red Eye
    Red Eye 10 hours ago

    Because Solo didn’t work. I think they will try something new.

  • FightThePower
    FightThePower 20 hours ago

    Cocaine anyone?

  • Jerico13225
    Jerico13225 21 hour ago +1

    I wish I could do more than just subscribed and give you a like. Seriously, thank you soo much for saying all this. I wish there was more we could do.
    You probably won't see this, but regardless, I wanted to say it anyway. Hopefully it'll help.

  • Nerds Playhouse
    Nerds Playhouse Day ago


  • Akiraspin
    Akiraspin Day ago

    I could have excused Leia pulling a Mary Poppins through space. I could have excused that painfully long side-quest of Finn and Rose through the big mean capitalist utopia. I could have excused Rey being stupidly powerful for no discernible reason.
    I could even have excused that travesty that was Admiral Gender-Studies *extremely unprofessional* attitude towards Poe, and the contrived plot of her not telling him the plan when all their lives *hinge on her plan*
    But what I will *never* forgive. What I *refuse* to accept, is turning Luke Skywalker, the HOPE of the rebellion, the ETERNAL OPTIMIST, the BELIEVER IN REDEMPTION, that he just *pussies* out of the galaxy, and lets it go to shit after trying to *murder his nephew because he was having a bad dream*
    The man who said this: "I cannot kill my own father. There is good in him."

  • Kirk Meyers
    Kirk Meyers Day ago

    Episode 9 begins . . . *we see an eye open, it's Luke, he wakes up and goes to find Han and tells him about a future he has seen that simply cannot come to pass . . . Thus begins our timeline between episode 6-7

  • Joseph
    Joseph Day ago

    The star wars fanbase is so toxic and stupid and hard to please.

  • Droid Control Ship

    The Current State of Star Wars?
    To begin with let me say this, I've always been a fan of the Prequels, no I didn't really care about Anakin Skywalker's backstory, No I didn't care about the politics, I really enjoyed the movies for the mindless action sequences with large battles between eerily identical armored space troopers with plasma firing weapons fighting endless and strangely identical yet extremely varied robots. I found the original trilogy to be extraordinarily boring but it has it's own appeal I do still like the battle sequences but really I enjoy the original trilogy for the characters, smug Han, hopeful Luke, stoic Leia and of course the ever insightful and wise old knowledgeable... Chewbacca.
    The problem with the new trilogy is the cramming of political memes effectively into the story, the amount of diversity in cast is fine, but did we really need the cast to be so diverse just because?
    What about the story? does it make any sense?, well if you're read the books / novels / comics absolutely not. They took the strongest faction in Star Wars, The New Republic, and turned them from a very peace driven yet very powerful military force into.. non violent.. space hippies.. well that's quite a turn, and the New Order sounds like either the Empire of the Hand, or the Pentastar Alignment but even crazier.
    If I lost you with that let me make it simple, in the books the Empire when they lost the second Death Star splintered into different "mini" Empires all wanting to be in charge but none agreed fully on any other's ideals and all wanted to be in charge, meanwhile the New Republic I.E. the Rebels started reforming the Republic but with Luke and Leia at the helm giving them the rebels ideals rather than the original Republic's.
    The movies chose to go a different, unique route, nothing wrong with that... but the sense of the plots of these movies has been deteriorating significantly. In Force Awakens we "hear" about the Rebels, and New Republic only seeing a few star fighters as their ships, how is there even a rebel movement if there were only a few star fighters in a hangar against what amounts to a fleet of Imperial ships.
    Then in the Last Jedi we see the New Order's fleet and it's even more one sided when compared to the odd handful of Rebel ships none of which look like they all together could take even a single star destroyer on. How is this a rebellion? this is more like a utterly pitiful and easily destroyed resistance.
    In the context of the films the overall problem I see is that there are just too many. Rogue One in my opinion was glorious, the battles felt like actual Star Wars battles but in the age of the Empire. We see there were too many characters sure, but the more fledged out were pretty good K-2SO in particular. But then we have Solo... it was okay, but it's too rushed it felt, the movie was decent in a lot of regards but it was completely unnecessary, and it's in the middle of an oversaturated market right now. My opinion as to the state of Star Wars is that Disney is ruining it by oversaturating the market, they're rushing through and trying to be as "hip and relevant" as possible injecting things that, if given time and proper reason / motivation, could be fine, like having a largely female crew for a ship or something, nothing wrong with that, but don't just have every ship be 50/50 because when compared to the other movies and their stories it makes no sense. Slowly drop us into this let us test the water with a couple movies then let us have it don't drop the ball on us and go "Here you go, and we've got six more coming"
    That's all I've got to say, nothing insightful , and probably nothing anyone will care to read because of how much there is. But they're my thoughts on this franchise now.

  • Roninakuma
    Roninakuma Day ago

    I'm glad it wasn't the same old crap. I haven't seen Solo but... Star Wars is a tired cliche that told the same story. TLJ didn't. If you don't like it, great. If you do, great. Glad you have an open mind and wanted change for the franchise.

  • Ben Neadle
    Ben Neadle Day ago

    Its a good point that SW doesn't work well when its being jammed down your throat every year. The only reason the MCU works this way is because it kind of had to. They literally had to build a world for the Avengers to make any sense and it still took them 4 years to get the team together on screen. But the MCU movies are so varied with different plot lines, characters, directors, and styles (yes they do follow a formula and have the villain problem but theyre getting better) that it doesnt feel like were just getting the same content repackaged. There was a goal, a reason to build a world. SW already has a world everyone knows, theres no reason to crank out half assed content every year other than money.
    Also, Marvel learns from their mistakes. Thor sucked, they revamped Thor. Age of Ultron had issues handling its ensemble, hire the Russo brothers. etc. the new Star Wars movies need to start doing this or they'll be as ill fated as the DCEU

  • Iron 12
    Iron 12 Day ago

    so hide the brainwashing better... HA... jk...

  • IDontKnowYouWhoAreYou?

    why do you look like Tom Ellis wannabe LOL?

  • snake I's
    snake I's 2 days ago

    This was the best video I’ve seen from you, I’ve been watching you for almost a decade and this has to take the cake

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder 2 days ago

    They should just make good movies, and not movies "for the fans". New Hope & Empire weren't made for the fans, Star Wars was Lucas' passion project.
    Also they should make a Star Wars movie every year. And Solo would have done a lot better if it wasn't released only a half year after TLJ.

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder 2 days ago +1

    Nobody hates Star Wars like Star Wars fans. It was Star Wars fans who pushed Star Wars into the web of Disney to start with. And Last Jedi was a good (not great) movie, not matter what butthurt fans think. Just because it was different and subverted expectations and Luke wasn't a superhero Jedi like someone from a Marvel Movie like they wanted

  • Arraya
    Arraya 2 days ago

    The fans are what keep this universe alive, without them Star Wars wouldn't still be this big after all these years. Disney will find out the hard way, and it'll be too late.

  • marvin Jefferson
    marvin Jefferson 2 days ago

    Starwars is dead, it'll never be the same, the Last Jedi made me sick to my dam stomach. Not answering any questions, killing off our favorite characters and saying F you to the original movies and fans. My only hope is that they give jj Abrams more control and he comes in and fixes the shit that's still fixable.(like make Rey's parents not reallt be junk traders)

  • pinkwonder power
    pinkwonder power 2 days ago

    Expand the universe, main stream MAKE SOMETHING NEW!! Is there anyone else in the universe?

  • TheGeekKnight4
    TheGeekKnight4 2 days ago

    What social issues of our world are being pushed in The Last Jedi? Everyone keeps saying that, but not backing up what social issues precisely are being pushed. I don't see it.

  • Kent Kaliber
    Kent Kaliber 2 days ago

    We want Star Wars to be TIMELESS --- NOT as a metaphor to current events.

    • Asteroid Mike
      Asteroid Mike 2 days ago

      Then you'll be disappointed when you hear how Lucas himself had been doing that with the movies since day 1.

  • Kent Kaliber
    Kent Kaliber 2 days ago

    We STAYED HOME b/c we hated the Last Jedi. Period. If it hadn't been for The Last Jedi, I would have been at Han Solo on OPENING NIGHT.

  • Justin Burrows
    Justin Burrows 2 days ago

    This guy nails it in so many ways

  • mikailuscinema
    mikailuscinema 2 days ago

    Disney is becoming a monopoly. Make it stop! Break it apart ffs.

  • jarryd kells
    jarryd kells 2 days ago

    Solo was a skid mark on the underpants of star wars

  • Danny Simms
    Danny Simms 2 days ago

    State of Star Wars? Well in the words of Doctor McCoy from Star Trek "It's dead Jim".

  • trevor random
    trevor random 3 days ago +1

    KK has to go! go! go!

  • Bad Bad Kitty
    Bad Bad Kitty 3 days ago +1

    TLJ and Ruin Johnson killed everything.

  • Zachary Wright
    Zachary Wright 3 days ago

    I think that the studio people may actually be taking your advice!!

  • Gotham Savior
    Gotham Savior 3 days ago

    I love all of the Star Wars movies and I’m one of the few fans that actually prefer the prequels over the other movies. Like I said I love all of the Star Wars movies but the new ones are definitely my least favorite. The Force Awakens was fantastic in my opinion though and I wish that J.J. Abrams directed Last Jedi and Episode 9. Solo is by far my least favorite Star Wars movie though.

  • somebloke2703
    somebloke2703 3 days ago

    I was beyond hyped for TFA. Now I just feel empty when it comes to new Star Wars films.
    I might show interest if there's like a solo Kenobi film or something but aside from that I think I'll stick to Marvel as far as Disney-owned franchises go.

    • Asteroid Mike
      Asteroid Mike 2 days ago +1

      Unfortunately, the Obi-Wan film and any other spinoffs have been put on hold, according to Collider, so the movies that other fans supposedly wanted suffered because they wouldn't go see this one.

  • Taha Uchiha
    Taha Uchiha 3 days ago

    Disney's sequels are utter garbage
    even the prequels were better than this shit
    disney completely ruined the shows

  • Odium
    Odium 3 days ago

    *”equal rights”*
    -aids, 2018

  • vlenhoff
    vlenhoff 3 days ago +1

    TLJ killed Solo.

  • The Protagonist
    The Protagonist 3 days ago

    I love listening to your voice, Jeremy

  • Carlos
    Carlos 3 days ago +1

    Rey is a Mary Sue.
    That is all.

  • Josith13
    Josith13 3 days ago

    Lol that Ben solo impression; it killed me, but you had to.

  • Moc Isaac
    Moc Isaac 3 days ago

    In Kathleen's defence, it was only Han and Luke that died so far. I don't think Leia was planned to die, even though Carrie's gone (which obviously wasn't Kathleen's decision). So really, not most of the original cast are dead, just two... and who knows, maybe Luke will return as a ghost. But regardless, I do agree with everything you say in this video, it has become ridiculous.

  • Bradley Coates
    Bradley Coates 3 days ago


  • Shashankh Dre
    Shashankh Dre 3 days ago

    Video which needed to be made. As a casual starwars fan, I feel the saturation is more pronounced, and hence they're losing a bigger market.

  • Bas Koning
    Bas Koning 4 days ago

    Star wars died when they stopped trying to entertain, and started to try to LECTURE.
    We watch entertainment.. to be entertained. Not to be lectured.

  • rafide
    rafide 4 days ago

    You're right, this is nothing new to Star Wars.
    Personally I loved The Last Jedi, and it's okay and I understand if you don't. Everyone's taste in movies is different, and not all expectations can be fulfilled.
    But anyone asserting that there is something uniquely bad or political about TLJ absent from all other Star Wars media is absurd to me.
    The only difference is that any vocal minority has a megaphone at their disposal over the internet and social media.
    The prequels, love 'em or hate 'em, are specifically about the rise of a dictatorship out of a liberal republic. A local conflict leads to a massive war effort and eventually dominance of the military over the democratic institutions. There are (not so great) dialogues about actual policies and political factions in the prequels, but "no politics in muh Star Wars" was not something that struck me at the time. Weird plot points and unneccessary explanations were always the main problems people mentioned.
    And in the original trilogy we have literal Space Fascists, where the plot revolves around a civil war to destroy their WMD and overthrow their regime.
    The empire is portrayed as evil, driven by military expansion, not to mention oppressive and racist. Also their uniforms and demeanor are directly taken from Nazi Germany,
    while their objectives and motivations reflect post ww2 us policies. Additionally, the whole empire is comprised of white humans, and all important figures are men.
    For the new trilogy, we have a very similar dynamic (maybe too similar) to the original trilogy. The first order is the empire but with a new name, the resistance is the rebellion and the republic is destroyed as soon as we learn of it. The only "social issues" added here are... there are more women?? I don't see the problem.
    Rey is a scavenger on a desert planet who had to survive on her own, and through lucky circumstances finds herself in the center of our story - or maybe it's her fate all along.
    Anakin and Luke both stumbled upon their stories as well, and excelled in almost all challenges thrown their way. Rey does as well.
    I'm pretty sure if the internet and social media weren't as sensitive and outrage inducing to begin with, we would have a completely different conversation.
    Anyone's allowed to not like the story of any movie, to dislike a performance or dialogue. But if the social commentary of Star Wars is your primary problem now, I'm baffled how you can ignore that in the earlier movies but be so sensitive about it with the newer ones.
    If you dislike the new Star Wars movies, that's fine. You can watch the old ones again or look for other films that don't have Star Wars in their name.
    But George Lucas was infamous for heavy-handedness in moral and social commentary in his movies since the beginning, so why was that not a problem for you before?

  • ElricBro
    ElricBro 4 days ago +1

    The biggest mistake Star Wars made is ignoring the Extended Universe.. They literally have 100's of stories that they could pull from, ideas that they could utilise to build the franchise, but they do nothing with them. The MCU exists because of the comics, they cherry pick ideas they love and use them to fill out their own original ideas. Star Wars could do the same, but instead they don't have a clue what to do. They keep looking to the past films and it's just not satisfying.

  • lauren r
    lauren r 4 days ago

    I still remember the day The Phantom Menace trailer hit. I had a 56K modem and a Quicktime plugin, and I waited six hours for it to load.
    And then my dad and I watched it, and we were screaming when the grass moved thanks to CGI.
    None of those moments matter anymore. It just feels like something a corporate board approved of and calculated out.

  • Paul Dang
    Paul Dang 4 days ago

    Amazing as always Jeremy

  • 5Days
    5Days 4 days ago

    The force is female

  • jherrenor
    jherrenor 4 days ago

    The problem is the people who call the shots are way too proud and stubborn to change, which means SW will keep at it's current downhill direction as long as those people are still in charge.

  • João Sousa
    João Sousa 4 days ago

    Last Jedi was lost on two things: terrible and mistimed humor, and a enormous focus on SJ (the entire side story on the casino). Solo is treated like a TLJ sequel, and TLJ was terrible.

  • Atticus Weiss
    Atticus Weiss 4 days ago

    SJWs and pc culture is cancer. The audience is revolting.

  • D. Prospero
    D. Prospero 4 days ago

    Star Wars now knows exactly what the fans want: the next three movies will be dedicated to covering the life of Rose Tico.

  • Meritless Memes
    Meritless Memes 4 days ago

    that conversation skit is the realest thing

  • J J
    J J 5 days ago

    Rian Johnson is just like ""I have not done anything wrong tee fucking heehee""

  • J J
    J J 5 days ago

    The current state is liquid poop.

  • j
    j 5 days ago

    I enjoyed Solo, though I wouldn't have gone to see it after the abortion that the last Jedi was, though my father forced me into it, I have to imagine that he's old enough to not remember Solo being killed like a punk ass bitch in the first remake (yeah I said it).

    • Asteroid Mike
      Asteroid Mike 4 days ago +1

      Blame Harrison Ford for that. He's wanted Han Solo killed off since Return of the Jedi.

  • Bournefort
    Bournefort 5 days ago

    Disney ruined Star Wars

    • Retaliation032
      Retaliation032 20 hours ago

      Lucasfilm/Kathleen Kennedy ruined Star Wars.

  • TMAC803210
    TMAC803210 5 days ago

    Turning into SJW Wars instead of Star Wars and it’s really annoying

  • Bryan Hultgren
    Bryan Hultgren 5 days ago

    The problem with Star Wars IMO is that Lucasfilm is just so full of themselves. They seem to think Star Wars is infallible and that they are telling nothing but perfect stories that will stand the test of time. While there are fans of the new Start Wars films (which is absolutely fine if you like them), you can't deny that there is a lot of fans who just don't agree with the direction and just think they are bad movies; and when they bring real, legitimate criticisms with the films, they are met with hostility and condescending viewpoints from Lucasfilm and are called racist, sexist, etc. Star Wars fans are some of the most loyal fans in the world until you slap them in the face, and now a lot of fans are turning away from them because of Lucasfilm's attitude, as we are seeing with Solo. If Lucasfilm wants to regain the fans' trust and start getting people interested with Star Wars again, they need to do a massive reassessment of what they're doing and stop insulting the fans, because if they don't, it's only going to get worse and Episode 9 may suffer the consequences.

  • Jamie Pryke
    Jamie Pryke 5 days ago

    Jeremy, you subversively summarised my underlying distaste for modern Star Wars. I wasn't quite sure WHY I didn't like it, but you've managed to make a video which focuses on it.

  • ron r
    ron r 5 days ago

    RIP Star wars......

  • Pratyush Canpadee
    Pratyush Canpadee 5 days ago

    I have been watching your channel for years now, and this is probably my favourite video of yours; great stuff. Got me thinking and even changing my perspective of things.

  • Threshold 2025
    Threshold 2025 5 days ago

    Great video. Suprisingly Movies dont do it as much as games. Not even close. Call of Duty Censored the swastika

  • Roxanne Pskowski
    Roxanne Pskowski 6 days ago

    ot some really well thought out fan films for a good escape. :)

  • Paul Murray
    Paul Murray 6 days ago

    Like + subscribed - appreciate your stand seeing how mainstream media is nothing but a bunch of puppets.

  • Darth Disney
    Darth Disney 6 days ago

    You don't know the POWER of Disney!!! You will buy our polished turd and like it, or else we will call you crazy, white supremacist, homophobic, Nazi man-babies.

  • jwivan28 97
    jwivan28 97 6 days ago

    You all did this, the super nerds who threaten people because they didnt like a little boys performance.....sick individuals.

  • Edwardonius Portal
    Edwardonius Portal 6 days ago

    They should've done what the new star trek did and end it with solo being in an alternate universe and old han solo meets young han solo at some point.

  • Jay S
    Jay S 6 days ago

    fair points mate, however I reckon that rogue one didn't really have any of these flaws and was overall a great movie. solo - not so much.

  • J. H.
    J. H. 6 days ago

    a backstory with the cool mandalorian clone headhunter with his nice ship.. maybe a story how he (jango) get this ship, this would be an interesting story, or what happened after the sarlacc to boba...
    but nooo we see how a selfmade robot makes the kessel run (yeah only selfmade robots can do this.........), we see a man who want to lick alien dicks and the robot has a gender... and he moves like no robot did ''bevore'' or better in the future (pure logic)...
    i dont waste my money on this movie and also the next dozends of starwarsfils that will come... i already have it on my friends server for free and its totaly legal =D but no i wont watch it a second time :( im sad to say this as a star wars fan...

  • Ryan isthe SutUlfr
    Ryan isthe SutUlfr 6 days ago

    I just hope they still do the solo trilogy, I loved solo, need to see that tatooine job we all have our opinions.. however episode 8... im with the side that fuckin hates it

  • NICK W
    NICK W 7 days ago

    Star wars is now shit.

  • Raiden Heaven
    Raiden Heaven 7 days ago

    The Prequals added things to the StarWars universe. This SW-Feminist Propaganda no only didn't add anything new, it took from it, (because feminists can't stop themselves from taking and using others, like Commies, Marxists, Fascists, Syndicalists and Socialists) There is no escapism in SW-Feminist Propaganda, there is only propaganda. The "Uncle Sam" wants you to be a lesbian, end of story. Even in the Greek Gay Day the message was about lesbo-femininity, like gay men ain't men.
    Fuck the Feminists, Commies, Marxists, Fascists, Syndicalists and Socialists. Different colors same shit.

  • DM584
    DM584 7 days ago

    The annoying thing is that Solo was actually a pretty enjoyable movie. It would've done a lot better if people weren't so pissed off about how much The Last Jedi sucked. Too bad the makers of The Last Jedi didn't foresee all the ramifications of their bullshit experimentation with a major movie.

    • Asteroid Mike
      Asteroid Mike 5 days ago

      That or maybe not having it on Memorial Day Weekend with 2 other major movies playing.

  • Lawney Malbrough
    Lawney Malbrough 7 days ago

    People are not turning on Star Wars they're defending the real Star Wars! They're tunring on the bullshit SJW movement that has taken over the Star Wars franchise. They're tiurning on the destruction of great chahracters and the creaiton of poorly written and poorly played characters. Kathleen Kenendy lied through her teeth to the fans and that's not something they like. It was a hostlie takeover. A hostile takover by femenist bullshit propaganda! Whart I want to nkow is does she still have her job after costing the company eighty million dollars? If so Disney is screewed!

  • Wait Till Marriage
    Wait Till Marriage 7 days ago

    I'm tired of hear about what's wrong with Star Wars. I'm more interested if this can be fixed. Specifically with Luke, how would people feel if they made up some reason for him to be back and then made him cool?

    • Asteroid Mike
      Asteroid Mike 5 days ago

      The word "fix" in relation to Star Wars has been thrown around since the prequels but no actual explanation on what that means.

  • Kevin Stehr
    Kevin Stehr 7 days ago

    Dear Jeremy Jahns,
    My opinion here (hope you respect it) is that objectively, Solo was the one mistake that Kathleen Kennedy and company has made so far. I personally think instead of going ahead with their release date, Lucas Film/Disney should have cut their losses and either pushed the release date back or just scrapped the project all together. Yes I will say The Last Jedi was divisive, but but you have to admit, it is a well crafted movie with a very established POV. Irvin Kershner directed the best movie in the entire sage and he was even more of an indepedent director than Johnson. Yes, Kathleen Kennedy took a risk with Hiring Rian Johnson for Last Jedi, but critics loved it, and there was enough fan support behind it as well. I think all of us should wait to pass judgement on this new trilogy until Episode IX comes out because we don't know how everything will turn out. We appreciate the original trilogy because we know how everything ends and how everything ties together. I will bet money that every fan boy and casual fan will still line up to see episode IX next year.

    • Kevin Stehr
      Kevin Stehr 7 days ago

      So don’t go see the movie if that is your opinion.

    • Wait Till Marriage
      Wait Till Marriage 7 days ago

      Kevin Stehr there's no reason to see the next movie, every interesting plot line has been ruined. So what the fuck are people supposed to care about?

  • Vortex Flash
    Vortex Flash 7 days ago

    Lol. I respect everyone’s opinions here including yours Jeremy, but man, can you imagine if we had gotten another ESB, but man oh man do we need something new. I love the shit out of TFA, it was the first time I had seen a Star Wars movie in theaters (my parents hate Star Wars and I discovered it for the first time when I was twelve; Seven years ago). I’ve pretty much overdosed myself on Star Wars since episode 7 came out. It cannot stay the same every movie, otherwise the franchise will continue to follow the SOLO box office flop. There hasn’t been a Star Wars movie that I haven’t adored in some way shape or form (yes even AOTC; it has its moments). It’s not 1977 anymore. I’m not saying that Star Wars ships should make Rey transgender or anything, but people change. In thirty years I can guarantee every one of us will see the world differently than we do now.

  • Raider Nation
    Raider Nation 7 days ago

    The new movies are meh at best, the prequels are better now tbh.

  • Timothy Taggart
    Timothy Taggart 7 days ago

    You're amusing and you make a lucid point.

  • joneshugh
    joneshugh 7 days ago

    That's how I've feeling about the MCU since Thor 3 :'(

  • Air-Force
    Air-Force 7 days ago

    I like the new movies but they can always get better...😎

  • Ben Milner
    Ben Milner 7 days ago

    Honestly the prequel movie's are flawed but the writers for the Expanded Universe found tons of ways to make it extremely interesting.

  • anthony crechiolo
    anthony crechiolo 7 days ago +1

    Honestly the new Star Wars movie’s suck. They’re so weak and it feels disappointing.

  • TerribleFire
    TerribleFire 7 days ago

    I just want a good story, maybe a clever twist. I am not going to spend *ANY* money to be told by Kathleen Kennedy that I am wothless because I am a man. Misandry is not appropriate in a any movie.

    • Asteroid Mike
      Asteroid Mike 5 days ago

      You mean Rey not being related to anyone isn't a clever twist?

  • A Prusinski
    A Prusinski 7 days ago

    How about keeping social justice out of the Star Wars franchise. As you said, it wasn't in the original three (4, 5, 6) and perhaps that's the reason why everyone liked them. I don't think social issues should be included as less obvious metaphors. You still end up attaching meaning to Twitter issues which are temporary. I think the original three movies are timeless because they largely detach themselves from temporal social justice issues.

  • ZiplineShazam
    ZiplineShazam 7 days ago

    What needs to happen is that there needs to be a focused, concentrated effort to completely and utterly destroy every single copy of the prequels, the force awakens, the last jedi and Solo. Let's ALL agree to purify the universe of those mistakes.

  • s ll
    s ll 8 days ago

    you hit the nail on the head i knew i didn't like the new edition to the franchise(7&8) haven't seen solo yet, but i couldn't put my finger on why it just felt different from the originals and prequels but FUCKING YES it feels like its just set in the future of our world it doesn't feel like a galaxy far far away or anything to be fair i enjoyed 7 but 8... wow was 8 horrible, the only part i enjoyed was seeing rey and kylo fight the red guards and even then it didn't feel like a proper star wars duel there wasn't really cool saber moves besides maybe 2 and no acrobatics they literally stumble around as they are fighting given that it made it seem like a more realistic fight im not watching star wars for realism i wanna see flips an shit when they fight and cool force powers besides snokes (and lukes shitty projection that somehow killed the strongest jedi of all time) and spinny laser swords an shit

  • Chin-Lok LI
    Chin-Lok LI 8 days ago +1


  • MrSkullHead1250
    MrSkullHead1250 8 days ago

    My flame that was roaring for Star Wars after seeing The Force Awakens, totally got wiped out after seeing The Last Jedi. I am a huge Star wars fan, so to see that movie, and how bad it was, is just depressing. I didn't see Solo, I just didn't want to, for one the trailers made me sick, and of course The Last Jedi left a sick depressing feeling. I don't care for the social issues, I just want to see a good Star Wars movie. I guess they can't all be great, but it still sucks. I am hoping it gets better. Let's get an Obi Wan stand alone film, let that be the light in these dark times lol.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 8 days ago

    You are a credit to the Empire.

  • Dog King
    Dog King 8 days ago

    I don't care if Star Wars has politics, liberalism, conservatism, SJW themes ect.
    Just give me a good movie with a good story and action. Playing the Kotor games and reading a lot of the EU books and yeah SW is full of politics that overlap with the real world. Subtle and heavy handed.
    What's killing Star Wars isn't politics or SJWs. It's that The Last Jedi sucked, it had a director who wanted to do a clean slate with the second film of a trilogy. And under used Luke Skywalker, one of the most iconic characters around and then killed him off so no one else can use him better in future films.

  • D 4353
    D 4353 8 days ago +1

    Libtards love soy wars

  • Kristi Bledsoe
    Kristi Bledsoe 8 days ago

    I think it started going really downhill in the promotion for the Last Jedi. It seemed like a lot of people like Rian Johnson were just making fun of Star Wars fans for being fans. We get excited for the next movie and make fun, fan theories and instead of encouraging the excitement we get told that our "Snoke theory sucks". Sorry for being excited for your movie, I guess.

  • TheEpere15
    TheEpere15 8 days ago

    When you release something every single year people stop getting excited or giving a shit. On top of that a franchise that was never really that good and cult of in sufferable fans. You guys wanted this, now you'll have it even after you're all dead.

  • Brendan Clarkson
    Brendan Clarkson 8 days ago

    Controversial statement: considering TFA, Rogue One, and TLJ, I think the Star Wars franchise is doing great. I haven't seen Solo yet.

  • UsserError
    UsserError 8 days ago

    So funny... this sjw crap would have the real Walt Disney spinning in his grave.... he hated sjw crap.

  • G15-TV
    G15-TV 8 days ago

    FIRE KENNEDY!!! A Exteam man power or Female Power ( Femenist) Should not me in charge of star wars! Dont bring real lif politic in the mix and dont make the first order dumb as fuck!

  • JulesGunn
    JulesGunn 8 days ago

    I expected not to like TLJ mostly because I didn't like Looper or anything else this director has helmed.

  • Liam Brant
    Liam Brant 8 days ago

    All of Disneys Star wars films alhave received such great reviews and ratings on RT.

  • Priestlyben
    Priestlyben 8 days ago

    I might not agree politically with you...but you did a good job. Thanks for actually being one of the few to have an open honest discussion about it.