Fans Vs Disney Star Wars: The Current State Of Things

  • Published on May 31, 2018
  • Solo has under-performed, the fans have been split since The Last Jedi, and people wonder why. Here are my thoughts and observations as to how and why Star Wars fans are unhappy, and calling for change.
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  • Jeremy Jahns
    Jeremy Jahns  9 months ago +1571

    Some clarification for the part where I said "...I always felt Star Wars was pretty agnostic when it came to social issues".
    I was not saying Star Wars never used world issues or events as inspiration for its story telling, (Nazis, Vietnam, etc), but illustrating there is a difference between using events of the past to inspire your storytelling art, and using your storytelling art to inspire change in your present day.
    It seems in the past, if you wanted to see Star Wars as simply the fun space adventure, you could. If you wanted to see allegory you could, but I always felt the delivery was crafted through a looking glass of the past, not a magnifying glass of the present.
    Granted the execution and reception of current Star Wars politics and past Star Wars politics might have more to do with social media, but that's another conversation. I wish I had gone into more detail about this in particular, and "agnostic" isn't the word I should have used in hindsight, but you can't edit a video post upload, but thank goodness for the ability to pin a comment.

    • yudhi adhyatmiko siswono
      yudhi adhyatmiko siswono 2 months ago

      I have no interest on watching any Star Wars anymore, it feels like eating same lunch everyday.

    • Vyctor Draco
      Vyctor Draco 2 months ago

      There is a purple haired feminist that berates a hero and refuses to give an idea what the plan is just to show him as the evil male when he tries to lead a rebellion and save what he could. Goal of this isnt that you should communicate with your people so that everyone is on the same page, in the movies eyes she did it right. Women should just be believed in and believed, yeah sure it doesnt beat you over the head with anything. Did you even watch the movie?......oh um ok, it seems that you just turned around your view in the middle of that rant or something, maybe I misunderstood what you were trying to say?

    • Jaumet jaumet
      Jaumet jaumet 3 months ago +1

      You should stick to your words, man. You did nothing wrong.
      We must stand against this tidal wave of PC and stupidity.

  • vmsushi
    vmsushi 2 days ago +1

    Disney is treating the MCU the same way as Star Wars.

    • Random Stormtrooper
      Random Stormtrooper Hour ago +1

      Yeah it sucks, I’m Marvel movied out at this point I don’t want the same thing to happen to my once favorite franchise as well.

  • A.G. Durham
    A.G. Durham 2 days ago

    “Star Wars is back”
    Literally was a Remix of Episode 4

  • Sam cribbs
    Sam cribbs 3 days ago


  • Martin Curtiss
    Martin Curtiss 3 days ago

    They should’ve made a Darth Vader movie instead of a solo movie.

    WHAT PISSES ME OFF 3 days ago

    did you change ur mind on tdkr

  • Swam
    Swam 4 days ago

    There's a big list of reasons why Star Wars just hasn't been what it used to.
    •#1: the expanded universe/ general disrespect to lore.
    •#2: the movies have been pretty mediocre and filled with social issues that make no sense in the context of the story IE. feminism.
    •#3: the games have been pretty much non existent and have only been made by one company, which is probably the worst company in gaming

  • 1Greninja WolfBossDeath

    I also think the problem is that Disney does not know how to treat the fans. In a Star Wars Theory vid I watched he quoted that Hamill said the fans would not be happy only to be told the fans don't matter.
    Or maybe that's not true and I misunderstood something. The main point is that Disney should not treat the people watching the films as banks but as the people going to watch a film knowing they are supporting what you made by doing so.

  • Churn Blanston
    Churn Blanston 12 days ago

    I'm so glad I'm not predisposed to view Star Wars like the modern haters r seeing it. I can understand some of these points and y some people think what they do, but so little of that negativity is how I experience Disney Star Wars. For me, I feel like I'm living thru the 2nd Gold Age of Star Wars since the OT. I survived the intolerable desert of The Clone wars movie and series and came out the other side in a beautiful oasis of new and fun material.

  • Daniel Benington
    Daniel Benington 13 days ago

    I agree, when progressives insert their agenda into a movie in an eloquent way it's far easier for me to roll my eyes and just move on with my life as opposed to watching something I adored as a child being overtly corrupted by an ideology that I disagree with, with every fiber of my being.

  • ledsith
    ledsith 16 days ago

    The point he brought up about that Episode 8 felt like it was from " our world " is one of the things i really disliked . Not only does Poe " crank call " Hux , but near the end of the film says " big ass door " ! That would NEVER have been in ANY of the first six episodes !!! Then seeing that crazy beady eyed rat kennedy lie her ass off was too much !!!

  • mratamim
    mratamim 17 days ago +1

    Nowadays it is just a movie...sadly... The OT even PT were more than that!

  • Charlie Foxtrot
    Charlie Foxtrot 19 days ago +1

    This video is exactly why someone I watch calls you a “God.” You have a great perspective! Sadly, many in the SW fandom are extremely toxic. Imo way too much energy and time is being devoted to ripping everyone associated with these movies to shreds. As you said, it’s a MOVIE! There are real issues in our world they could use that same passion and energy for, but it is being wasted on who and how a movie is made. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.
    Good for you Jeremy!

  • Wasting Time
    Wasting Time 23 days ago

    Watch the saga ends

  • Austin
    Austin 24 days ago

    Prequel Trilogy had new ideas, Original Trilogy is the obvious Trilogy for most people, but Sequels is just copy and paste. Plain and simple.

  • Shadow of Dread
    Shadow of Dread 25 days ago

    I’ll tell you why Star Wars is lacking. One word; greed.
    EA and Disney don’t give a FUCK about Star Wars or the fans. They only want money. That’s why each movie is getting worse and worse. Rey is a Mary Sue simply made to appease the SJWs, Finn is black because diversity (which he’s the only character I think is fine) Poe is a discount Han Solo with a semi-decent arc in TLJ, and the characters we all know and love? Luke, Han, Leia and Chewie? They’re all gonna die. I was fine with Han’s death in TFA because I’m sure Harrison wanted him to die and the way it was handled was great, but Luke’s death was beyond dumb and Leia’s Superman scene was even worse. Disney takes a shit on our favorites to push their agenda. EA has been shitting on every great Star Wars game that’s being made. They’ve shut down nearly-completed projects for the sake of *MONEY* which is all they care about. Lucasfilms should have sold the license to someone else and I guarantee it would have been better than the corporate greed we are getting now.

  • Jack Coupland
    Jack Coupland 25 days ago

    Just watch the original trilogy and be happy 😃

  • Kermit the Frog Sippin Tea

    *YEAR 2019*
    I still don’t like any of Disney Star Wars except Rogue One and I have always enjoyed the prequels.

  • Marelor Moon
    Marelor Moon Month ago

    I really hope, that Trump doesn't take an influence on Disney, or the First Order will build a giant wall between the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim in Episode 9 to shut out all those Aliens

  • Christopher Hunter
    Christopher Hunter Month ago

    he's like listening to a fucking junkie on Tide pods

  • gardeningsnail
    gardeningsnail Month ago

    Disney lost me when The Extended Universe was tossed in trash heap and stripped of its identity as "canon".

  • The Foxfires
    The Foxfires Month ago +1

    Jeremy: Yeah, fucking your best friend's wife is a risk. Doesn't make it good!
    Me: FACTS


    Hey, Kathleen, since Star Wars is not Star Wars anymore , just a vehicle for your Girls club. I am going to give you an excellent idea that just tells people like me and the fan base , to go f*ck off again. Have Darth Vader re animated through Clone technology and when he finds Luke on the Island ( Because Luke pretended to die, so they would leave him alone, so he could fish and retire ), he slowly walks up behind him and when the dramatic pause hits its height, Luke turns around and with a tear in his eye , he says, father. In a deep voice, Darth Vader says, Luke...... I..... I am your mother... Noo.......... No...... Just like before Luke falls to his knees and you can crush Luke's soul and the fans, plus from mount SLW, teach us that a parent can be a trans gendered person and tags names like Mother or Father can be so confusing. May the genderfluid force with you.

    GEEKFOREVER Month ago

    Having different directors makes it a clusterfuck ? So I guess the original trilogy is a clusterfuck to. Must I remind you Lucas only directed 1 of the original Star Wars movies so...

  • blackboy923
    blackboy923 Month ago

    Disney Star Wars is dead they need to change leadership.

  • ShowmetheBlueprints yeee

    Solo was better than TLJ.

  • Alvrium Eleris
    Alvrium Eleris Month ago


  • Kee Kong Lee
    Kee Kong Lee Month ago +1

    yeah star war fan are mean that why lucas sold it to disney

  • Pro 92
    Pro 92 Month ago +2

    Star wars fans sucks
    Cry as much as you want for Last Jedi

  • Pro 92
    Pro 92 Month ago

    Who cares those toxic fanboys hated TFA and RO too
    Last Jedi is being hated and damaging Solo isn't that surprising
    My suggestion:
    Lucasfilm and Disney cancel future movies and projects even shows and games and make Star Wars officially dead ( real dead)
    Fans: Forget Star Wars and stick to other franchises like Lord of the Rings ( not MCU
    It's form Disney so it probably sucks too)

  • Pro 92
    Pro 92 Month ago

    This comment section is toxic too
    Is there any clean area?

  • antonioocanto
    antonioocanto Month ago

    To be good now in star wars you need to be woman, black, purple lesbian, chinise, or a combination of those. This is a modern Earth conflict, this is not in a galaxy far far away. The only interesting Alien was Snoke, and they killed them with out explanations.... f...

    HTHAMMACK1 Month ago +1

    Star Wars fans are complete shit. They are the worst thing about Star Wars.

  • Joga Bonito
    Joga Bonito Month ago +2

    I hate the story of this whole new trilogy. Where the hell did the first order come from? Did the rebelions victory in episode 6 mean nothing??
    Here we are 30 years later and they decide that everything that happend in "The return of the Jedi" accomplished nothing....
    Great writing, just great....

    • Random Stormtrooper
      Random Stormtrooper Hour ago

      True, at least they didn’t bring the Sith back like in the EU though.

  • L1qu1d S1lenc3r
    L1qu1d S1lenc3r Month ago

    RUIN Johnson is a garbage writer.. that's why he made Star Wars sound like it was made in our own solar system..

  • L1qu1d S1lenc3r
    L1qu1d S1lenc3r Month ago

    DONT BE FOOLED BY VIDEOS SAYING WE WON.. THE STAR WARS BOYCOTT IS STILL ON , if you buy a ticket your a moron and a soy eating SJW

  • Lazereye57
    Lazereye57 2 months ago

    The Last Jedi killed my interested for the new Star Wars movies.

  • Jesus is the Truth
    Jesus is the Truth 2 months ago

    The problem is that now the string is burned both ways. Prequels were crap and now last Jedi has essentially ended Star Wars for fans who were hoping to move forward. It just feels like Star Wars is now over which sucks since I’ve loved this series since I was 5 years old

  • g0bi
    g0bi 2 months ago

    Lol ”i do not want lando to die” part was so funny

  • Vinny Atoori
    Vinny Atoori 2 months ago

    I can't wait for episode 9!!

  • ptthunder
    ptthunder 2 months ago

    Somebody PLEASE do a vid listing EVERYTHING that Disney/Lucasfilm has done since they got a hold on the property. And please make sure that declaring all Expanded Universe materiel to be Non-Canon, after fans have been invested in it for decades, is near the top of the list!

  • Eric Kjos
    Eric Kjos 2 months ago

    Palpatine was way too competent to be George Bush (and I voted for Bush). Just saying. This does put light on fears of Trump becoming a dictator. Since these same people feared Bush would become a dictator and that didn't happen. Maybe, they should realize their fears are caused by their own paranoia.

  • John Catrakis
    John Catrakis 2 months ago +1

    BREAKING NEWS Disney is now making money on Fan Films Congratulations ...Well of
    course that is now the only way you will make any.
    After feeding us Rian Johnson's crap and proving that you have no idea
    how a Star Wars film is made you decided to make money
    on a film that someone made entirely on his own money. I feel pity for
    you Disney because in the end this huge investment that you have made
    will not pay out, The fans are sick and tired of the way you treat them
    and make sure that You tubers will be talking about this for a very long
    time.. even after your Episode 9 trailer and all the way to the day of
    the opening scroll ...This will not be forgotten. Thank god for people
    like fan theory who made sth because he loves Star Wars someone who
    united the fans unlike yourselves who called the fans names and
    disrespected them because they did not like the garbage of a movie RJ
    gave us,. Star Wars Theory did what you could not do with hundreds of
    millions and that bothers you. Well this is the last straw and it seems
    that the boycott will be quite operational and these moves will only
    piss the fans and come Christmas You will regret it. You are a
    corporation and nothing more we the fans are STAR WARS !!!!!

  • Lunar Martian
    Lunar Martian 2 months ago

    I feel like fans are doing to JK Rowling what they did to George Lucas

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ 2 months ago

    At least we have The Clone Wars animation

  • Roger X
    Roger X 2 months ago

    OK, this whole thing is not about that old characters die because that is bound to happen but HOW they where written out and HOW the new characters are introduced. When it comes to quality storytelling the new movies (main series) are a complete shitshow. It is abysmal and that is why the PEOPLE who care for a good movie not only the SW fans are hugely disappointed.

  • Himanshu Tiwari
    Himanshu Tiwari 2 months ago

    Won't you be, please won't you be my neighbour.

  • Patrick Webb
    Patrick Webb 2 months ago

    I hope Episode IX brings people back together again, and as the old saying goes "No one hates Star Wars like Star Wars fans."

  • chrono2959
    chrono2959 2 months ago

    Loved prequels and original series hate Disney star wars

  • lazydog67
    lazydog67 2 months ago

    TLJ achieved something no other Star Wars film has done (not even those awful prequels) since that Star Destroyer swept over my head back in the made me feel bored. And the social, PC commentary will make Last Jedi age in a way that no other Star Wars film ever will. Disney is treating the SW Universe like a regular franchise, churning out films with the expectation that people will pay to see them regardless of their quality or stories, in other words they are treating Star Wars like the golden goose. Trouble is, Disney is cooking that goose.

  • XEOX
    XEOX 2 months ago

    This vid looks like it was made in 2009 lmao

  • Sascha Günther
    Sascha Günther 2 months ago

    some great movies have politics in it "cry for freedom" but i must have any agenda in a SiFi movie this SJW ruined the whole franchise

  • Trévon Pernell
    Trévon Pernell 2 months ago

    As a comic book fan, I never thought I'd see the day where a Star Wars movie is more divisive than the first few movies of the DCEU.

  • dragomxsoldier
    dragomxsoldier 2 months ago +1

    So basically millennials are fucking up movies

    • ZedK49
      ZedK49 2 months ago

      Badly addressing issues and being too on the nose is fucking up movies. Star Trek was doing social commentary since it's inception and nobody was complaining, because it was done in a clever way that ended up being thought-provoking instead of just being obvious annoying statements.

  • GoddessOfWhim2003
    GoddessOfWhim2003 2 months ago

    i need to see The Last Jedi again, but i liked it. it took some interesting risks (not the planet casino, that was a waste of time) and i want to see where Episode IX goes

  • SilentNoise103
    SilentNoise103 2 months ago

    they said the dark side was the quickest and easy path so is the light side the darkside?

  • Hannah Traveller
    Hannah Traveller 2 months ago

    It just bothers me that they felt the need to pump out films so fast, because apparently society is just too ADD, that they had to switch directors for the second film and screw everything up. Had they just taken their time and let JJ do it his way, I honestly think we’d have a different Episode 8 and everything would be much better.

  • Jennea Coleman-Cubero
    Jennea Coleman-Cubero 2 months ago

    Man I feel bad for George and Jake. It's ok to critic a performance or a story but don't go attacking the actors and the writers. Personally, though, I blame the other people involved with the first prequel. They were way too excited for another "Star Wars" film that they would say "yes" to everything George had suggested without thinking that it might've been a bad idea.

  • Jennea Coleman-Cubero
    Jennea Coleman-Cubero 2 months ago

    My hope is that Lando's the father of Captain EO and is just living with him to makeup for lost time.

  • LiveLoveLift92
    LiveLoveLift92 2 months ago

    Never thought i'd live to see the day when star wars died. These are dark times, I tell you... dark times.

  • ReviewTube
    ReviewTube 2 months ago

    I've lost all faith in the mainline episodes. Its all up to the spin-offs now for me. Fingers crossed for the old republic.

  • Penthactus Soul
    Penthactus Soul 2 months ago

    I stopped in the middle of the video. Is it so difficult to say multiple sentences without cutting nowadays? I dont mind a few cuts here and there but its literally after every sentence.

  • PAIR of Sneakerheads
    PAIR of Sneakerheads 2 months ago

    Star wars fans are not devided because most of people who liked the last jedi aren't star wars fans. No pun intended. I mean to say they are just movie goers who happen to like star wars. But the true die hard star wars fans don't like the last jedi.

  • Donald Ronk
    Donald Ronk 2 months ago

    The SJW people failed in the 60's and 70's with their politically correct stuff. They turned out to have a bunch of b movies that are so unforgettable you wouldn't watch them on a bet.
    Disney is still trying the SJW crap long after Bambi, yes it was an anti-hunting, anti-gun propaganda movie, Look back at it and see. They have always promoted the SJW initiative.

  • spOOky Tv
    spOOky Tv 2 months ago

    The biggest embarrassment of course, is that rouge one added more to the star wars universe that the last jedi, rouge one makes me watch a new hope, as one long movie. It adds to the story, where as the last jedi feels like a filler episode,

  • spOOky Tv
    spOOky Tv 2 months ago

    I really do think that star wars is a bit off a pain in the butt for the marvel side of Disney, I mean I assume in the Disney canteen lol the marvel guys bully the star wars guys haha . But..... Are we seeing Disney deliberately slowing down star wars untill they have rounded off the next phase of the MCU. And personally, (fingers crossed) lukes artificial hand should have fallen to the floor when he transended (if that's the word) as obi wans lightsaber did, I suppose it might be a consistency blip, but I don't think that would happen, surely not!!! Or was every second we saw of luke in episode 8 an illusion, all a projection, because even if it wasn't the intention originally, after the sad passing of Carrie Fisher, who I love as Princess leia, I love her in blues brothers more lol. They must have adapted episode 9 to accommodate it, and luke being there is only chance, unless lando managed to win some mididclorians (love episode 1 and 3 so much!!!) in a card game. We need the skywalker saga to feature as you said.... A skywalker. Thanks for your videos, awesome and also as a jedi council fan, thanks too

  • kevin hasch
    kevin hasch 2 months ago +1

    F Kennedy F Johnson F Disney

  • Spoder Mon
    Spoder Mon 2 months ago

    These new movies are just... ass. Terrible Characters. Terrible story writing. Terrible action. Terrible direction. Just. Absolutely. Terrible. The only character I find interesting is Kylo Ren. And they’re making him out to be a pussy, time after time. And don’t even get me started on the SJW shit

  • Daniel Brongers
    Daniel Brongers 2 months ago

    I am probably the only one who thinks this, but I actually loved The Last Jedi. Yes, they made Luke a grumpy old man, compared to the original trilogy. But remember; the sequel trilogy takes place at least 20 YEARS after Return of the Jedi, leaving plenty of room for several other stories between both original and sequel trilogies. I also sense that the sequel trilogy serves as a 'passing the torch' kind of thing.
    I also don't get the hate towards Rey. She may be acting like a 'Mary Sue', as some would call her, but isn't that what ALL (female) Jedi strive towards? To become the perfect warrior in their struggle against evil? And what about Princess Leia? Why would Rey be any different than all these other 'perfect' female characters?
    I didn't like Solo. Not because it is a bad movie per se, it surely had its moment, but rather because I simply didn't need a Han Solo movie. Emilia Clarke was hot in it though and I liked the rest of the cast as well. I would have love them in another Star Wars movie, just not Solo...

  • Non Gamer
    Non Gamer 2 months ago

    oh man, what a great video... i enjoyed all the jump cuts, all 1,000,000 of them

  • Strontium Dog
    Strontium Dog 2 months ago

    The original trilogy titles were almost prophetic about this current trilogy....A new hope...we were hoping in a great film with TFA it could have been the catalyst for a true Star Wars continuation after the prequels. The Empire Strikes Back...the evil Disney regime strike back dashing these hopes with nasty political and SJW ideologies rearing their ugly heads in TLJ, that bring Star Wars life to its knees. Episode IX The Return of The Jedi...will this go as hoped ?, will the true nature of Star Wars return and overturn the diabolical decisions made in the previous film?..lets hope so!!

  • AsianAlexander
    AsianAlexander 2 months ago

    The OT trilogy is the rise
    The prequels are the peak
    The sequels are the fall

  • M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews

    I like Disney Star Wars
    The Force Awakens was amazing
    Rouge One was great
    The Last Jedi was fantastic
    Solo was alright I guess (I thought it was pretty generic and bland).
    Yet still I am no fan of Kathleen Kennedy. Why would you sell the greatest franchise to someone who isn't even a fan of it. Then she was kicked out, but no one wanted to own Star Wars because of fans are so angry. Thank you fans who didn't see Solo. Now we can make a clean, fresh, and an awesome finial chapter to the greatest franchise all time. I Hope Episode IX is awesome

  • Prodigy Of Rock
    Prodigy Of Rock 2 months ago

    Bring Dave filoni in and fire kk

  • Vyctor Draco
    Vyctor Draco 2 months ago

    Star wars is dead, let it die....I plan on killing it, because I have to. I will not watch another one.

  • Mallika Banerjee
    Mallika Banerjee 2 months ago +1

    6:48 Fucking your wife's friend is a risk. It doesn't make it good.
    😂 😂 😂

  • onlyfacts
    onlyfacts 2 months ago

    The problem is assholes like these liberals only say this shit when republicans win .Meanwhile the dems are doing the same shit with a smile and kind word.

    THE16THPHANTOM 2 months ago

    "That's how we're gonna win. Not by fighting what we hate. But saving what we love."

  • Sohail Uppal
    Sohail Uppal 2 months ago

    no it's fans v.s a segment of the high level staff at Lucasfilm. people who in there own words have a "feminist agenda" .

  • Spectre N7
    Spectre N7 2 months ago

    Review Star Wars Theorys Vader fan series!

  • Curtis Kenobi
    Curtis Kenobi 2 months ago

    George created episode 3 (one of the best star wars movies imo) then dipped out and gave us Kathleen Kennedy...... why

  • Aaron Olson
    Aaron Olson 2 months ago

    If you want Star Wars with less social justice commentary then go watch Star Wars Theory’s fan made films which now generate more hype than the most recent Star Wars films.

  • Bob Novak
    Bob Novak 2 months ago

    Yeah we were mean to George but he did have a lot of yes men around him telling him oh yeah that is a great ideal George "have jar jar butt fuck a dewback"..............

  • Dennis Logan
    Dennis Logan 2 months ago

    Star Wars should have died with Episode 6 Return of the Jedi. I hate it when a series of films (Star Wars, Star Trek and James Bond) act like the Energizer Bunny and keep going and going.....

  • Emmmanuel De Castro
    Emmmanuel De Castro 2 months ago

    Kennedy Should make a f*cking movie about feminism And the title should be Feminism a Lucasfilm story.
    I can digest the scrips of George Lucas than TLJ

  • Rolando Morales
    Rolando Morales 3 months ago

    I still can't help but think, when Kylo says: "Let the past die, kill it if you have to", that he refers to me, the old fan that went to the theater in 1977 to see Star Wars, that I should be dead. And if I'm not, I should be killed. I'm sorry. You can't just dump and kill your old fanbase just for the sake of accommodating a new generation. But somehow I have the feeling Disney thinks they're entitled to do just that.

  • Kha Ngo
    Kha Ngo 3 months ago

    Ehh I really liked The Last Jedi. Luke's death touched me personally. Wished Rian Johnson were back for Ep. 9.

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B 3 months ago

    Yousa people gunna die? Nope, just star wars.

  • Tomas Pluharik
    Tomas Pluharik 3 months ago +2

    The moment you want Jar Jar Binks back ....

  • Ernesto Fernández Hernández

    I disagree with you on TLJ and that's fine, but I agree that this division isn't new in Star Wars.

  • techno639
    techno639 3 months ago

    I loved the last jedi and it's my favorite star wars movie

  • JustAskVlad
    JustAskVlad 3 months ago


  • Fart Vader
    Fart Vader 3 months ago

    Imagine having a beer with this J.J. guy. I would kill myself before the first pint was even half empty.

  • Zachary Lewis
    Zachary Lewis 3 months ago

    Thanks Jeremy for your thoughts...

  • JMV JR
    JMV JR 3 months ago

    And midicholorians was explained pretty well. I mean incontext in the whole universe, in the movie it just came out of nowhere and dropped.
    But they are basically just microscopic intelligent organisms that get drawn to people with powerful connections to the force. And at times they become a medium of "speaking" to the force or something like that.

  • JMV JR
    JMV JR 3 months ago +1

    Star Wars was unique since everything was the canon, every game, comics, books, animated series and movies are all on the same universe.
    It was rebooted in a bad way, case in point Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.

  • Placebo
    Placebo 3 months ago

    My method for these new Star Wars movies are, what would Han do? Pirate the shit out of the new ones coming out. Hit them in their pockets, maybe they'll stop shoving the SJW rhetoric down our throats when we go see a movie to escape our crazy world for 2 hours.

  • Jaumet jaumet
    Jaumet jaumet 3 months ago +2

    I believe we all should forgive GL for making the prequels.
    At least, he was still trying to entertain us, not trying to fill our heads with BS.

  • Swam
    Swam 3 months ago +1

    So, there are a lot of things in this current iteration of Star Wars that bother a lot of us fans.
    1. The new movies have this forced diversity bullshit that is oddly distracting for some reason. Pretty much every single new character is a different human race, which I feel is a bit odd considering there are so many other ways to do it. It feels like they prioritized peoples' race and gender over their actual acting credentials. It just really beats you over the head with this stuff. And if you complain about it being weird, you're automatically a racist. Also, there seems to be quite a lot of what I like to call "Disney/Avengers-writing" where everyone is cracking jokes and taking the tension out of the scenes all the time. Do we really need to have Poe make your mom jokes or Finn to say "droid please"? The writing makes it feel like these characters are from Earth and set in the year 2015, not in a galaxy far, far away. That pretty much covers the movie section, but that's hardly the biggest piece of the pie.
    2. The scrapping of the entire expanded universe. Yes, some of it was dumb and yes, some of it would have contradicted what was going to happen in the sequel trilogy, but did they really have to scrap the Old Republic timeline? They did this in a really half-assed way that made it seem like absolutely no research was done in the process. Darth Bane is canon, but Revan and Nihilus aren't all of a sudden? This restricts the universe to roughly a hundred or so years of time if that when it used to span thousands of years.
    3. The games. When Lucasarts was pretty much put under, Disney gave EA the rights to make some Star Wars games. Since then, we've gotten Battlefront EA and it's sequel which are critically panned, and Lego TFA. There is the Star Wars Destiny card game which is actually pretty dope, but pretty much all games like Force Unleashed 3, 1313, and numerous others were cancelled in favor of these greedy, mediocre shit bombs. The games used to be hands down my favorite part of the universe.
    4. Clone Wars was left on a cliffhanger for a really long time in favor of Rebels which was pretty bad. I know Clone Wars is finally coming back for a final season, but man, this left some fuckin dirt in a lot of our mouths.
    5. The complete dismissal of the prequels and Return of the Jedi. The new movies just pretty much act like the "bad" Star Wars movies didn't happen and it makes absolutely no sense. Darth Vader's redemption is kicked right out the window because the empire transitioned into an infinitely larger army and he was still worshiped as a sith decades after his death and did absolutely nothing about it even though he could have come as a force ghost to Ben and said "hey, I hate to break it to ya but ya know, I turned team light side right before my death."

    Overall, Star Wars just feels super basic now. The Mandalorian wars, sith and jedi history, and all the old canon stuff is just thrown out the window. It feels bad to be a Star Wars fan.

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    Mark Hamill warned us