Fans Vs Disney Star Wars: The Current State Of Things


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  • Jeremy Jahns
    Jeremy Jahns  3 months ago +1283

    Some clarification for the part where I said "...I always felt Star Wars was pretty agnostic when it came to social issues".
    I was not saying Star Wars never used world issues or events as inspiration for its story telling, (Nazis, Vietnam, etc), but illustrating there is a difference between using events of the past to inspire your storytelling art, and using your storytelling art to inspire change in your present day.
    It seems in the past, if you wanted to see Star Wars as simply the fun space adventure, you could. If you wanted to see allegory you could, but I always felt the delivery was crafted through a looking glass of the past, not a magnifying glass of the present.
    Granted the execution and reception of current Star Wars politics and past Star Wars politics might have more to do with social media, but that's another conversation. I wish I had gone into more detail about this in particular, and "agnostic" isn't the word I should have used in hindsight, but you can't edit a video post upload, but thank goodness for the ability to pin a comment.

    • skylx08
      skylx08 16 hours ago

      For the first three I simply took it as them referencing historical events and issues to build this new science fiction world for their sci fi action movies. Even John Williams said he did that for the Imperial March so the audience would hear something historically familiar and go, oooh yeah, these guys are bad. Now days its like we have people desperate to dig up each and every scrap of notes the writers and makers of films jotted down just so they can say "See!! THIS is what they really meant!" just to prove their own political and social views. It isn't a cinematic experience any more they're unabashed talking points for current political views. ....and I'm sick of it.

    • The Wolverine
      The Wolverine 6 days ago

      Jeremy Jahns, this movie only is hated by the sjw “fans”. Real Star Wars fans agree with you

    • Anthony Emrick
      Anthony Emrick 29 days ago +1

      Lucas used ancient archetypes to base his characters on, the classic hero's journey. Now it's just preachy and rehash.

    • Chris M
      Chris M Month ago +1

      There is a difference between taking a stand against atrocities or egregious governments (e.g., Nazis, Soviets, North Korea, etc.) However, this film was DIVISIVE because it make DIVISIVE issues the central plot. Instead of a "First Order" based upon the evil Nazis or Soviets, THE LAST JEDI blames the evils of the universe on capitalism via a silly "military industrial complex" that sells weapons to both the First Order and Resistance.
      Disney pushed a politically correct, divisive version of SJW issues.

    • *SHAZAM*
      *SHAZAM* Month ago

      Yeah, the social commentary has always been more Star Trek's territory, though interestingly the newest Star Trek movies have moved away from it relative to a lot of the TV shows

  • Catalin Borz
    Catalin Borz Day ago

    midichlorians were a great and logical idea, but hated Jar Jar

  • B rad Epic
    B rad Epic Day ago

    Can’t believe I’m saying it but I miss George Lucas. I mean it seemed like he listen to the fans at least a little bit. I wonder what and how he would do to day with a Star Wars movie. Let’s be honest if the cgi was done into today’s time with the prequels it wouldn’t be a problem and really cool.

  • Infinity Dragon
    Infinity Dragon Day ago

    "It's treason then!"

  • Dominique Calvillo

    How does Disney fire Gunn with 250K signatures in his defense but this lady is literally making fans hate the franchise

  • Wes Irwin-Gennace
    Wes Irwin-Gennace 2 days ago

    Overall, I just hate the fact that Disney decided to do away with the original story which is now the star wars legends storyline. It was much better overall and the characters are all a direct continuation of the original saga. But on top of that, the new story has so many holes and issues that they have to keep making up bs explanations for and it's getting annoying

  • rerako
    rerako 2 days ago

    I finally understand a lot of why I hated TLJ.
    It is basically Valerian in a lot of ways...

  • Angel ofIron
    Angel ofIron 2 days ago

    So are we all going to forget that when there is a sith he or she should have the word "Darth?" In the name

  • Karen Catizone
    Karen Catizone 3 days ago

    I will always look at TLJ making Rey's parents nobodies & killing off Snoke a big "FU" to all the fan theories about both.

  • DrunkTomCZ
    DrunkTomCZ 4 days ago

    Kathleen literally lied to George's face and turned sw into joke.

  • LolsWithLance
    LolsWithLance 4 days ago

    YES, to everything you said. You are my inner voice! The last jedi was awful. Ive never been angry about a film before and they seem to be dictating to me how i should feel

  • sssnacksss
    sssnacksss 5 days ago

    "laugh it up furball" etc etc tons of other dialogue in OT sounded like jargon of the era not "a galaxy far far away." i think there is a big disconnect in fans who watched the OT and then watched the prequels and now these as adults - they'll never be able to perceive these and enjoy them with the mindset that made them love Star Wars in the first place. Nostalgia alone can't help - because nostalgia itself is a flawed enterprise - either stay ONLY in your past or stay open to the present/future, but the strange middle ground - where you want the present to recreate the past - sorry, can't happen. you'll subvert it every time and deny that it resembles your past.

  • Chris Sinclair
    Chris Sinclair 6 days ago

    Get woke, go broke.

  • the troller
    the troller 7 days ago

    To hell with Disney.

  • Peaceful Explorer
    Peaceful Explorer 7 days ago

    Having politic agenda undertones like the original movies is one thing... but when it's shoved down your throat to the point it drowns out the rest of the story, that's how you ruin everything.

  • Bryce Ferguson
    Bryce Ferguson 7 days ago

    "Disney, you're hearts in the right place, it's just your head is up your ass." - truer words have never been spoken about Disney.

  • Dan the Man
    Dan the Man 9 days ago

    Not half but more like 80% of Star Wars hate TLJ.

  • Matthew heather
    Matthew heather 9 days ago

    That's ironic because I always imagined Emperor Palpatine as Hitler or Stalin, even Hillary.

    • Jacob Molyneux
      Jacob Molyneux 2 days ago

      definitely not trump. palpatine is not an idiot

  • Bug Stomper
    Bug Stomper 10 days ago

    Star Wars is finished, unless they do a remake, like they did with the original HULK movie.

  • B rad Epic
    B rad Epic 11 days ago

    I’m done with star wars to be honest. Didn’t even see solo and don’t plan too. If they get a different director or writers for episode 9 then I’d consider coming back. Also if they make a obi wan movie or have darth maul be a main antagonist. But as of right now I’m just not excited for anything Star Wars. And don’t get me started on the video game license of Star Wars

  • FreeTime Player
    FreeTime Player 12 days ago

    Star Wars fans were probably high-school dropouts that haven’t even gotten good in their literature elective

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 17 days ago

    Disney been fucked up Star Wars I hate it now all these fucking haters

  • Nerd Cave
    Nerd Cave 17 days ago

    nobody hates star wars more than star wars fans

  • Val Halla
    Val Halla 18 days ago +1

    Jeremy, I’d really like to know how the hell Rian Johnson and Kennedy didn’t see this coming? ..and how the f did the TLJ script get greenlit and approved?!! Did Disney not have an interest in ensuring they’d do right for the longtime fans??!!
    Anyone with a brain would know the decision to portray Luke in that way and kill him off so early and so lame..would spark immense anger from fans ...such poor decisions and story telling all the way though. They completely wasted an icon.
    How could they have so little regard for a legacy and franchise that is almost a religion to so many?’s absolutely insane how they gave Rian Johnson a blank slate to work with for mid-trilogy film! WTF!
    The Star Wars premier dates were the one thing I looked forward to the most on my calendar(sad I know)... that all changed after seeing TLJ...Disney totally killed it for me. I swear RJ and KK would both test positive for being “sociopaths”.

    • Aj Jingco
      Aj Jingco 11 days ago

      Solo should have RELEASED in December.

  • John Halpin
    John Halpin 19 days ago

    There were always be diffrences of opinion nothing new

  • Rose Tico's Lard Ass Face

    Kathleen kennedy is a professional ass kisser. She has no creative talent

    • FreeTime Player
      FreeTime Player 12 days ago

      Rose Tico's Lard Ass Face Or you just don’t like her style. So fuck off. And no, I’m not saying I support her, I mean I don’t like what she’s doing, but god damn, if you don’t like her, GROW UP

  • David Colete Moya
    David Colete Moya 20 days ago

    About the Poe/Hux joke: One of the ideas behind the original trilogy was making science fiction characters sound like real boys and girls from the time the movie was made. You can see that in how Luke, Han and Leia talk to each other all through episode IV and also in Empire, in the romance between Han and Leia. The guy who made American Graffiti wanted to make epic movies for kids of his time, to us, they may not sound modern, but the idea was making them sound opposite to the card board characters in Forbbiden Planet and Flash Gordon.
    The Poe/Hux joke it's not the best thing, but everybody loved the mask joke at beggining of episode VII that Poe makes to Kylo, so I guess they wanted to keep that "sequel trilogy tradition" of having Poe making fun of the bad guys when they make their entrance.

  • Brett Heselius
    Brett Heselius 20 days ago +1

    Star Wars is getting so bad I wouldn’t be surprised if they added a laugh track.

  • Ryan H
    Ryan H 21 day ago

    Peoples political and social opinions will not change because of what Disney says and if they do well then that's sad. Hollywood does this with a lot of movies and tv shows and it's done with video games also. It gets annoying, peoples entire lives dont need to be about politics. Why would anyone want issues addressed in a stat wars movie? How pathetic must those people be lol. Make an original good movie and stop destroying franchises. Just for everyones information Democrats want a larger government with higher taxes and rules and regulations.
    Republicans want smaller government, less taxes and want to be left alone by the government. That's not opinion its literally the main difference between the two parties. More government or less government and its mind blowing how many people didnt learn such basic stuff in school.

  • Lilian Montmartin
    Lilian Montmartin 21 day ago

    "It's all about execution" You nailed it !

  • Ben White
    Ben White 22 days ago

    Didn't see Solo because I just saw the a very bad Force Awakens and didn't want to see another super terrible movie. Don't like the Space Balls like monologue in the beginning didn't like how Luke went out, don't care about any of the new characters (piolet dude is ok.) Was Mark H. to channel his experience playing the Joker or Luke? Force Awakens should have been delayed and reworked after the death of Carrie Fischer. CGI her a heroic great end in Force Awakens. If she is recast I think that will be terrible! Best thing that can happen in Episode 9 all the new characters die and the First Order wins! Not because they are great guys, but because it will set up Episode 10, a new rebellion is born and it shows how the these new people come together and a rebirth can be made.

  • TheVeryWorstLuck
    TheVeryWorstLuck 22 days ago +1

    Star Wars: TLJ = The cinematic equivalent of fucking your neighbors wife and then when people get upset about it you call them "Man-babies"

  • MattWagnerMovies
    MattWagnerMovies 23 days ago +2

    I actually love the new ones, especially TFA. Which you gave Awesometacular by the way. I love TLJ because I keep politics out of it. I ignored the SJW crap and just loved me some Star Wars.

  • D Leong
    D Leong 23 days ago

    The last jedi was indeed the last jedi.

  • Jack Borgeson
    Jack Borgeson 24 days ago

    If Lando is in episode IX and lives but all of the new characters died I would be really happy. That would be hilarious and could end with him flying the Falcon to the most remote corner of the galaxy to retire it for good.

  • Lord Fran
    Lord Fran 24 days ago

    I dont think IT is Disney fault

  • AF Twice
    AF Twice 24 days ago

    Every Star Wars movie has always gotten bad reviews when they came out. Including the 1st trilogy. It was only through retrospect that the masses deemed them as classics.

  • John Toland Animation Games Movies

    the issue with STARWARS is they have horrible writers and film makers with in story to tell. with no arc. and nothing in any film is important and everything being retconned in the next film. its silly and also the films have become comedies, and parrady comedies. rather than a fun adverture syfy film. yes there is a difference between comedy and fun.

  • joanofarc33
    joanofarc33 26 days ago

    Why not address these boring fucking issues and just give us a great space fantasy saga.

  • joanofarc33
    joanofarc33 26 days ago

    People go to fantasy movies to escape the petty politics of the day.

  • joanofarc33
    joanofarc33 26 days ago

    There shouldn’t have been a new SW’s unless it was really inspired. The prequels were a mistake and everything else thereafter has also been a mistake. There is no inspiration in SW’s made by Disney, it’s become nothing more than the film equivalent of a fast food burger not a meal to remember and look forward to.

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett 27 days ago

    Ha! Hilarious video! Awesome

  • Ben V
    Ben V 27 days ago

    JJ please listen to this, KK, RJ THIS!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! You nailed it!!!!

  • DJ The Great
    DJ The Great 27 days ago

    100% agree Jeremy.

  • Chris Vaughan
    Chris Vaughan 27 days ago

    The only purpose of a woman is either fucking or cooking, nothing else!!! Kathleen Kennedy is a cunt!!! Please feminists respond to this, I want the reason to shit down your throats! Women are objects and nothing more!

  • bailey behzadi
    bailey behzadi 27 days ago

    The prequels were better than the Disney star wars at least the prequels gave us the clones and Darth Maul the Disney one's are way to political and the last Jedi ruined Luke Skywalker and I feel they lost the point

  • Anthony Emrick
    Anthony Emrick 29 days ago

    Rouge One was really good, too bad they fell so hard and far since then.
    Just go look at the photos of how long the lines were when EACH OF THE FIRST 3 films came out. That WILL NEVER happen again. They have just shit on it too much. Even the first prequel had people camping out to get the first tickets. I remember I got a #0002 ticket for my Birthday and was soooo stoked. Now I would throw away the ticket stub for any of these new movies. They took something special and unique and made it mediocre and about profit only.

  • Anthony Emrick
    Anthony Emrick 29 days ago

    The only thing I hated about the prequels, JAr Jar Binks, and casting that Whiney Brat that couldn't act his way out of an elementary school play as Anakin.

  • DarthDevorin
    DarthDevorin 29 days ago

    Chewie being guilted into veganism. WTF!?

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz Month ago +1

    To your point, and I did enjoy your commentary, you speak about processing new data, that goes back to basic computer programming, garbage in, garbage out. And that is what Disney has given us. Were there prequels great? No, but they were still enjoyable, and you could follow the story. This new stuff is out right, weapons grade crap.

  • jz35
    jz35 Month ago +2

    it boggles my mind that disney let johnson kill snoke like he did , he was the most interesting , powerful and mysterious villian they,ve ever had and they just killed him like a bitch before we could find out anything about him

  • Candy Chan
    Candy Chan Month ago +1

    Disney does not see Star Wars as a legacy, for them it's just a property and that is the saddest part. They can sell merch as long as they want but they cannot bring the charm Star Wars once had.

  • fluffyknight Player
    fluffyknight Player Month ago +1

    The facebook unfriend. Dude how is it that guys don't understand different levels of disagreements? Some will cause you to hate, punch, got to war with or kill. Others will simply be meaningless like wheat vs white bread. The civil war turned brother against brother. That is life and stop everybody has to get along an accept your dissenting point of view and take no issue.

  • Thoren Eaton
    Thoren Eaton Month ago

    Let George Lucas co-direct or something to make sure his dream and vision of Star Wars is still there

  • Mark Siupinski
    Mark Siupinski Month ago +3

    Star Wars has become coarse, rough and irritating.

  • Stoneciano Mars
    Stoneciano Mars Month ago +1

    Is star wars going to be okay ? The new cartoon coming out isnt getting good feedbacks and the new movies aint exactly good. Im kinda getting worried

  • john thebaker
    john thebaker Month ago +1

    star wars sucks ass after Lucas left...

  • Walter Robles
    Walter Robles Month ago

    I did like the robot liberation robot but because I felt it as a metaphor for happening now but also a mock of the people who take it that seriously, a smack to both sides

  • James Ward
    James Ward Month ago

    Jeremy .... this was a good video essay. I am a fan of many Movies and I’m also a fan of Star Wars. I’m the kid that was there in the beginning watching a new space film in 1977 ..... totally blown away! I may not have the same expectations as my present Star Wars fans but I am that strange fan that loves me some Star Wars! I guess I always will ! Jeremy I say this to you ....”keep up the good work”

  • bozworthy
    bozworthy Month ago

    JJ, LOVE what you're saying. Too many cuts though. It's jarring to watch.

  • Matt Byers
    Matt Byers Month ago +1

    It’s all the social justice warriors fault

  • Matt Parsons
    Matt Parsons Month ago

    "Let the Past die. Kill it if you have to"
    "Oh great. Well fuck you too."
    My thoughts exactly.

  • Darkseid
    Darkseid Month ago

    Actually Jake Llyod has stated it was more due to kids making fun of him for being in Star Wars rather then being crap in Star Wars. Whether he was aware of the fan backlash against his character I don't know. Honestly I can't blame Jake Lloyd for his performance no more then I can blame Hayden Christensen for abysmal portrayal of older Anakin. Ultimately they had a shitty script and a poor director to work with. It's like trying to blame the cast of any Uwe Boll movie for their shitty performances.

  • VDfewds 11
    VDfewds 11 Month ago

    For all their flaws, the prequels at every moment felt like Star Wars films, because it kept the story about the skywalker family and didn’t destroy the mythos of Star Wars (apart from midiclorians) and it had a direction the entire way through, we knew what it was building too!! This new trilogy is so directionless, it’s scary how careless it seems they’re pumping out movies just to make money, ffs bring back anakin, Luke and obi wan in episode 9 so we can atleast tie this stupid new trilogy to the previous trilogies

  • Katherine Alvarez
    Katherine Alvarez Month ago

    I just saw a video with a guy comparing fans to abuse victims. I don’t care anymore. This, this is.... yeah, I need to go back to the real world.

  • Ryan Hurley
    Ryan Hurley Month ago

    spot on

  • paralentor
    paralentor Month ago

    So where are the hundreds of people that attacked the few of us that didn't like it when the movie was released?

  • Florida Bhoy
    Florida Bhoy Month ago

    The Disney stuff is fucking shit lmao. But let’s face it, the original stuff isn’t all that great either.

  • Rychleji
    Rychleji Month ago

    So are you saying that if we want entertainment without SJWs we should watch old movies and play old games? That sounds pretty discriminating.... 🤔🤔

  • Rychleji
    Rychleji Month ago

    Jar Jar could be awesome. Still believe he was Sith lord...
    Anyway prequels were fine. Terrible romance I get it... But otherwise fine

  • flydye45
    flydye45 Month ago

    You are, of course, an idiot. Here is why: George Lucas, as you quoted, made on the nose political commentary IN THE PREQUELS. One needs to dig DEEP to find anything resembling social issues except 'torturing bad armored guys who blow up planets are bad' in the first three...otherwise known as 'The Good Ones'.
    As soon as jumping George went 'on the nose', he started getting savaged. I saw the political messaging and that turned me off quite a bit. Granted, the glaring plot holes, the wooden acting and the absolute lack of nuance helped a lot.

    So maybe you need to rethink that 'putting Social Issues into Fairy Tales' theory you have.

  • i'm That Guy
    i'm That Guy Month ago

    My opinion on Star Wars is it's dying and it's got one last shot to prove me wrong if Episode IX is a two parter. it's dead. If the movie isn't good enough to clean up the mess of XIII. it's dead. They have one last chance to redeem themselves to me.

    • Aj Jingco
      Aj Jingco 11 days ago

      There needs to be an Episode X.

  • i'm That Guy
    i'm That Guy Month ago

    It took risks!
    Fucking your wife's friend is a risk doesn't make it good.
    Well said, subscribe earned.

  • JediKeyblade
    JediKeyblade Month ago

    Yeah I'm starting to not want to watch another Star Wars movie after all the crap that Disney is doing.

  • James emadison
    James emadison Month ago +1

    Disney has ruined Star Wars no more movies please

  • James emadison
    James emadison Month ago +1

    Fuck Kathleen Kennedy she has destroyed Star Wars lore it isn’t as special to me anymore fuck her she needs to gooooo!!!!!

  • Jackson Cohn
    Jackson Cohn Month ago

    Fans are the worst thing in Star Wars since episode 1-2,and jar jar binks

    • Jackson Cohn
      Jackson Cohn 17 days ago

      I don’t like Star Wars fans and the fanbase

    • El El
      El El Month ago

      Jackson Cohn - wtf r u squealing about btch

  • fstorm001
    fstorm001 Month ago +1

    Freakin Siths are making the lightsabers gay

  • NesDogg
    NesDogg Month ago +2

    The Last Jedi made me appreciate the Prequels....more

  • Lance Basket
    Lance Basket Month ago +1

    Yup... simply yup.

  • Tasty Not tasty
    Tasty Not tasty Month ago +2

    I like all star wars movies except eps 7 and 8. And yes i am the one that thinks that Jar Jar was actually great character.

  • Joey Mcleod
    Joey Mcleod Month ago

    Solo was a great movie

  • Michael Nally
    Michael Nally Month ago

    Maybe it’s because I’m not a die hard Star Wars fan but I’ve been okay with the recent films. Now I enjoyed the original trilogy. The prequels came out when I was a kid and I honestly didn’t really remember them that much. I’ve also liked the video games and the tv shows. But I wasn’t as obsessed with it or liked it as much as I like Marvel and DC. I like the force awakens but not as much as when I first saw it. Rogue one I feel is a fun action movie in the somewhat “turn your brain off” sorta way. Last Jedi I feel is the best Star Wars film since Empire Strikes Back(I will defend my opinion!), and I felt Solo was just Okay. I know some hate that the new characters they loved are getting the ax. And I can understand that but from my perspective. If they’ve done everything they can with the characters and can’t really develop them anymore then I feel best to kill them while they still have the actors around to do so. Keep in mind some of these actors are no longer with us and they don’t get the opportunity that Hugh Jackman and Harrison Ford did to properly say good bye to their characters and give one last swan song. Granted I’m sure they felt that way in episode 6 but I feel they still knew they could return one day. I dunno if they planned on killing off Leia in episode 9 before Karrie Fisher passed away (as no one planned on that happening). but I personally that given these actors ages that’s the biggest reason they’re killing them off. I mean would any of you have been happy if they recast Han Solo, Luke, or Leia to be played by different people all together? Or at least this is how I see it.

    • Gabriel Arredondo
      Gabriel Arredondo Month ago

      Michael Nally you bring up a good point with recasting the original actors. I remember after Carrie passed away, I was an advocate for Leia to be recast because this was an emergency. And everyone told me that I was idiot for thinking that and ultimately, they’re going to use unused footage of Leia from The Force Awakens, which I’m ok with. But it would be hypocritical of the people who called me an idiot to want the expanded universe to be canon, because if the expanded universe was canon, they would have to start from the Thrawn trilogy, which takes place right after Return Of The Jedi, and in that case, you would have to recast Luke, Han, and Leia.

  • SoloriderTV
    SoloriderTV Month ago

    All the cuts in this video made me dizzy. Is that really necessary?

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz Month ago

    I was disappointed since the force awaken... so I actually liked the last jedi, was so different, very risky , but still don't like how they make more answers than question... I sincerely don't know what expect from episode 9 ...

  • street fighter marin gutierrez

    State of Star Wars after The Last Jedi: DEAD
    Even if JJ Abrams pulls off a miracle and makes a semi-decent film, Star Wars is dumb now.
    Space fuel? When was fuel ever a thing in any of the films?
    Is laser ammo going to be a thing too? Hopefully not, for the Stormtroopers sakes.
    Hyperspeed wiping out of fleets of Destroyers with transport vessels?
    No. Too many laws of physics have been broken that changes the entire fundamentals of space battles.
    The Empire is led by Kylo Ren and General Hugs, so in other words, there is nothing to fear in this next film. Abrams has to completely invent some one or some thing.
    The Prequels were not great, but I appreciated them. I got right away the Bush Administration commentary, and I loved it for that. It made the movies somewhat more boring because of all the political scenes, but it looked and felt like Star Wars, even with all of its flaws. These films feel nothing at all like Star Wars, even though they are rehashing everything they can from it.
    The 1 positive thing people can say about it, is that "it looks great".
    Well I for one don't think so. It looks nothing like Star Wars.
    If it were any other movie, then sure, some scenes do look great.
    But this is Star Wars and it doesn't look like anything like Star Wars.

  • Tyler Remer
    Tyler Remer Month ago

    no. I do not want to talk about social issues in my escapism from social issues jeremy

  • CypHiLL2007
    CypHiLL2007 Month ago

    I agree , directors and writers SHOULDNT listen to fans regarding their story! Because every fan wants something else and you cant NEVER satisfy all of them ! But here is the thing: When you as a screenwriter or director have no idea what youre doing, you shouldnt have taken that job in the first place. Take Chris Nolan for example: He had a full fleshed out story for his Batman Trilogy! He knew always what hes doing from Begins to Rise!
    Back to SW: I thought Awakens was a decent movie! Liked it. Rogue One i loved actually. Then Last Jedi i thought was messy and had too much slapstick XD. Solo i didnt watch ,had no interest at all in that. am i going to see SWIX ? Guess so..
    SW is just ONE Franchise of many . Had it all: From outstanding (Empire Strikes back) to massiv shit (Attack of the Clones and Last Jedi) I wont take it personal if a shit movie is released! Thats stupid! I have other things to do like writing this nonsense :-)

  • Cong Ngo
    Cong Ngo Month ago +1

    A good movie needs to have a developed character arc (how did Rey get her abilities?), memorable plots (what was the point of the entire Casino plot line?) and cleverly written script (what did you do to Luke?!?). Nohlan did a great job rebooting The Dark Knight. We need a better team to make Star Wars great again!

  • David Qvist
    David Qvist Month ago +3

    I'm not even a fan, but God the storytelling and the character development in 7 and especially 8 was just completely nonexistent or off.

  • thatoldemondays
    thatoldemondays Month ago

    I actually liked what they did to Luke, it was unexpected and that made it interesting

  • Tamaki742
    Tamaki742 Month ago

    A good story is always able to weave a narrative that is able to get its message across, yet keeps it cleverly hidden within the overt writing. It's what makes movies like Star Wars timeless, people gradually starts discovering the layers that are in there and they keep talking about them. On one part, I do enjoy The Last Jedi simply by visual merit alone. On the other hand, even though some moments are pretty nice to watch, the writing is still something I'm not a fan of. I agree the way they're trying to send messages are too on the nose, it was almost similar to how they treat the Beauty and The Beast remake. It slowly became clear that the changes they're making are just to address what people on social media are hammering about, which leads to decisions that ultimately sounds good at first, but down the road it poses more problems. It makes the movie eventually becoming even worse in comparison to what you think was wrong before.

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson Month ago

    Modern star wars is the pits.

  • Eddie Moreno
    Eddie Moreno Month ago

    I mean for real, Fuck the prequels, fuck blue screens, fuck that Jar Jar banks fuck and FUCK your A B camera editing. George you are a lazy fuck.

  • FunkeeMawnkee
    FunkeeMawnkee Month ago

    I died @6:46 because its exactly how I felt.

  • JL B
    JL B Month ago

    I so much agree!!!

  • Raine S
    Raine S Month ago

    Great video!
    I've been working on a paper on the "hate" that Star Wars gets nowadays and after a month of viewing ridiculous amount of articles and video's yours is the one closest to my statement!
    Aka you are taking the middle ground, you understand both camps (loving it and hating it) but you never really pick a side. Every other video out there is black and white. Either you hate it or you love it, but I'm in the middle ground. I don't love it and I don't hate it. And I was a Star Wars fan since I was 5 (I'm 26 now) so there you go!
    full disclosure ; I didn't love the Last Jedi, but I didn't absolutely hate it either. Overall a very enjoyable Star Wars movie with a bunch of things that threw me off.
    But hey why choose the Dark Side or the Light Side when you can go full on Grey Jedi am I right?

  • The Dudelino
    The Dudelino Month ago

    Yeah, I am on board with you. It was completely unnecessary​ to kill off Han Solo.

  • Zachary Turbide
    Zachary Turbide Month ago

    At this point they'll have to rely on spin offs to please the fans cause the new trilogy has been ruined by the fate of the original characters

  • John Inglis
    John Inglis Month ago

    Bring George Lucas back can't believe we made him go away and we want him now