Fanswers | Manchester United | Chevrolet FC | Everything But Football Season 2

  • Published on Mar 1, 2018
  • Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku, and Sergio Romero get the biggest surprise from one of their littlest of fans, Nyah Rose, on our #EverythingButFootball Football Show.
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  • Leo _lloy
    Leo _lloy 5 days ago

    What’s the chances there all from London

  • Golden Roses
    Golden Roses 5 days ago +1

    Pogba: *Dabs*
    Nyah: *Does look around*

  • Sophie Hayes
    Sophie Hayes 6 days ago

    They only support Man Utd because Ronaldo used to play for them and because everyone supports them aswell

  • Ruhaan Shyam
    Ruhaan Shyam 6 days ago

    No questions asked from sergio

  • olliesgrandad
    olliesgrandad 6 days ago

    This doesn't make sense because it's everything but football football show so how can it be not about football


    messi is the best player better than c. ronaldo

  • P O G zak
    P O G zak 8 days ago


  • fouzoob'264
    fouzoob'264 8 days ago

    she roasted him

  • Thar Nyo
    Thar Nyo 9 days ago

    Pogba the best right

  • Wali’s Video hub
    Wali’s Video hub 9 days ago

    The way that the host say De Gea by not making the g silent hurts me

  • Ágúst Logi Garðarsson


  • WhoAmI ?
    WhoAmI ? 10 days ago

    Is Pogba a Muslim?

  • Jo B
    Jo B 11 days ago

    Pogba is so handsome and funny too... pog yeah!!

  • Rick Y
    Rick Y 12 days ago

    rip for Romero after she drew de gea instead of him

  • LaDevil77
    LaDevil77 12 days ago

    Nyah made the new dab🤣

  • Sheela Murugan
    Sheela Murugan 13 days ago +1

    The girl made me so happy and laugh just after i had a fight with my friend

  • Zachary Ozzie
    Zachary Ozzie 13 days ago

    At 5:06 the guy who says the quistions says Davis dea gea how it’s spelt

  • savage pro
    savage pro 14 days ago

    Man u you are such a bad team Liverpool is way better we beat you a few weeks ago we won 3 1 hahahaha

  • Khaled Al amarzooqi
    Khaled Al amarzooqi 14 days ago +1

    They said the final word would go to Nayah then they all said yay

  • Justine Gray
    Justine Gray 16 days ago

    Michael Carrick Marcus rashford jesse lindgard

  • Justine Gray
    Justine Gray 16 days ago

    Who ur fav play oh Juan Mata do u live next to the Eiffel Tower lol no xD

  • Adam Parkinson
    Adam Parkinson 17 days ago

    Do a new fansters

  • The Gmeister
    The Gmeister 17 days ago +1

    I hope pogba plays for Liverpool some day

    SLIPPY SLIDES 19 days ago

    Wat a little cute pogkids, get it......forget it

  • F2 Football
    F2 Football 19 days ago

    Pobga is going down

  • farhan_ov_s9 is my fortnite neame

    Yep eric is a ninja

  • C X N T
    C X N T 20 days ago

    “Is you”

  • xxxtentacion ,
    xxxtentacion , 21 day ago

    City we love you city come on

  • Opl Hh
    Opl Hh 25 days ago

    Manchester untd but not one are English 🔥👏

  • Pacy Tube
    Pacy Tube 26 days ago

    5:03 lol da gaya

    BADOU BOY 27 days ago +1

    So Paul Pog comes before any word right?
    I'm the next Pogba 🏆⚽️🏅

  • King Kibble
    King Kibble 29 days ago

    They have no fans.

  • Afro Gaming
    Afro Gaming 29 days ago

    It’s David de hea pronounced

  • Navid Atiq Shahriar
    Navid Atiq Shahriar 29 days ago

    Pogba is great to chill with , he is that best friend whom everyone likes to have

  • NM H
    NM H Month ago

    Am I the only one who thought the kid saying "Lewis" was adorable

  • Griffo Boy
    Griffo Boy Month ago

    Does anyone else think Lewis looks like ole Gunnar

  • Agentc03
    Agentc03 Month ago

    Manchester is blue

  • Denis Aizak
    Denis Aizak Month ago

  • WonDaGamer
    WonDaGamer Month ago

    Lol "David de gea" It’s pronounced David de hey er

  • naina Omar
    naina Omar Month ago

    the dab is the pog dab

  • Yameen Theoneandonlylegend

    My favorite players:
    1.Pogba #DAB
    5.De Gea

  • Yameen Theoneandonlylegend

    ‘Sits down’
    Who’s your fav man united player?
    Juan mata

    *^%# YOU!!!!!

  • Tychios Gaming
    Tychios Gaming Month ago

    Pogba at 0:10

  • Romelu Ronaldo
    Romelu Ronaldo Month ago

    That kid will be a LEGEND . mark my words.

  • Zero Quinze
    Zero Quinze Month ago

    Lakoeke wat is die hier toch keihard

  • Leesh Sparkle
    Leesh Sparkle Month ago

    ‘Juan Mata’ 🤣 gets me every time, mine too kiddo.

  • Aliya MOHAMMAD
    Aliya MOHAMMAD Month ago

    She's so adorable😍😍😍

  • ancy sabu
    ancy sabu Month ago

    Lewis 🤣

  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans Month ago


  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans Month ago


  • 正 仁林
    正 仁林 Month ago

    Kid Nyah cute

  • GarethCooke94
    GarethCooke94 Month ago


  • natalia mwanza
    natalia mwanza Month ago

    I like Mata too.

  • Limmerman
    Limmerman Month ago +2

    I guess Pogba is the PogChamp then

  • Ahmed Nuur
    Ahmed Nuur Month ago

    Juan Mata come back is complete

  • Ahmed Nuur
    Ahmed Nuur Month ago +1

    Pogba pest player in the Manchester United

  • Ahmed Nuur
    Ahmed Nuur Month ago

    Lukaku ...pogba..Romero

  • Ahmed Nuur
    Ahmed Nuur Month ago

    Hello Manchester United players

  • Abdullah Alhumaidi
    Abdullah Alhumaidi Month ago

    2:26 cringe🤢🤮

  • Derrick From Walgreens

    bruh i think we all know that meme

  • Shreki Boi
    Shreki Boi Month ago

    Can do more of this

  • Jo B
    Jo B Month ago +2

    Pogba is adorable !!!

  • Fortnit& Fifa
    Fortnit& Fifa Month ago

    Mark: you surrounded by your heroes, Nyah
    Nyah: yeah
    Mark: happy to be here?
    Nyah: yeah
    Paul: yeah, everything is yeah, pog yeah

  • CactusMan !
    CactusMan ! Month ago

    Did anyone notice how the guy said David De Gea?

  • M Abu
    M Abu Month ago +4

    0:30 Pogba got that confidence from Zlatan for sure

  • Nitin Bhat
    Nitin Bhat Month ago +1

    Juan mata ...... legend

  • EscargoTouChaud
    EscargoTouChaud Month ago

    "I think would beeee... Lewis. Yeah, Lewis" + the girl's "dab" :D

  • Adam Kowalczyk
    Adam Kowalczyk Month ago +1

    Pogba dab on the fist like smock BRO😂😂😂

  • vicky hauheng
    vicky hauheng Month ago

    until i die ,,,i love MUFC,,,GGMU,,💖💖💖

  • Iris Farmer
    Iris Farmer Month ago +2

    These boys are beautiful , good humoured , it’s nice to see them in this mode. 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘⚽️
    United we stand🌟🌟🌟

  • Me sawyer 5186fish
    Me sawyer 5186fish Month ago +1

    Gayest club in the world
    Ford and Cummins all day every day

  • Zac Forsey
    Zac Forsey Month ago

    I think Phil Jones would make the bets ninja

  • Mimo Jallo
    Mimo Jallo Month ago +1

    omg pogba and lukaku😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Ilan sebastian asp hollinger

    Pog- yeah!

  • Noro Shut
    Noro Shut Month ago +1

    I love her wisdom in choosing her favorite from the three, she opts for Juan Mata. Truly on the safe side.

  • Andre
    Andre Month ago +1

    The way he said David de Gea made me cringe so hard

  • God knows my name 100%

    I'm here after Manu Vs PSG

  • Apdèlla JR
    Apdèlla JR Month ago +55

    Who is here after we defeated psg 1-3

  • Derpz Melon
    Derpz Melon Month ago

    Even if you hate united, you have to love nyah

  • Dylan James
    Dylan James Month ago

    Yh Yh me too nyah 😂

  • Dylan James
    Dylan James Month ago

    Who’s your favourite out of these 3
    ‘Juan mata’
    Do you live next to the Eiffel Tower ?

  • Argentina Seleccion
    Argentina Seleccion Month ago +13

    Unlucky Sergio Romero is so underrated goalkeeper.he should get more matches.

  • SukhoiBoi. jpeg
    SukhoiBoi. jpeg Month ago

    David de gaya

  • Mixalis777
    Mixalis777 Month ago


  • tzuyu
    tzuyu Month ago

    Nyah is so funny😂

  • Bobo Van Don
    Bobo Van Don Month ago

    Who’s the best of lukaku
    De Gea

  • wahyu nia ningtyas
    wahyu nia ningtyas Month ago

    OMG so cute baby😝

  • hocine laouar
    hocine laouar Month ago

    kids will watch this tell them no shirts off yellow cards

    TRANSLATOR 2 months ago

    *never knew Chevrolet had a football blub..*

  • MiniNinjaKing
    MiniNinjaKing 2 months ago

    3:45. Juan Mata

  • lucas
    lucas 2 months ago


  • Jake Blake
    Jake Blake 2 months ago

    What places is that,

  • DT TV
    DT TV 2 months ago +1


  • Tommy Jommy
    Tommy Jommy 2 months ago

    When solskjaer didn't do anymore what pogba said, they lost every game same way when Mou was coach.

  • fiddlestickz muzik
    fiddlestickz muzik 2 months ago

    That was bloody brilliant made my day that :)

  • Mxson F
    Mxson F 2 months ago


  • Shama Shaik
    Shama Shaik 2 months ago +1

    4:03 she or somebody fauted !

  • Mr Biggo
    Mr Biggo 2 months ago +1

    My name is pog Archie
    And I live in a pog house
    I also play games on a pog PS4
    So you pog Xbox players get the hell out of here and go buy yourself a pog PS4

    ZYPIZON 2 months ago

    Braf romero not understanding a shit

  • Manprit Kaur
    Manprit Kaur 2 months ago