This is What Being Tased Feels Like

  • A Taser is NOT a toy! Do not try this at home. Mark is a professionally trained idiot with people on standby to help in case something goes wrong. This is what it feels like to be hit with a taser or stun gun.
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Comments • 80

  • Lily Alexandra
    Lily Alexandra 3 minutes ago

    lmao I’m 16 and I’ve been tased twice for “scientific” purposes 😳😂

  • Christian Perez
    Christian Perez 4 hours ago

    "This is not a toy", well the whole video says otherwise.

  • Rae Byte
    Rae Byte 5 hours ago

    I didn't have a choice ethan my uncle tazed my leg anyways and I'm a girl lol it didnt hurt much like a sharp pinch lol guess I'm more manly then some lmfao

  • its just me LoZzO
    its just me LoZzO 5 hours ago

    I fucking cried laughing at 3:27

  • AnnoyingAlto
    AnnoyingAlto 5 hours ago

    My my my, I have never laid eyes on such a big andor brave boy in all my long long years!

  • jamiso liee
    jamiso liee 6 hours ago

    This could have been 7 minutes shorter if Ethan would have just stopped bitching, when he didn't even get taxed in the end.

  • Jaden Thompson
    Jaden Thompson 6 hours ago

    It's like pissing on a electric fence

  • Sailing Away
    Sailing Away 12 hours ago


  • Grace’s World
    Grace’s World 14 hours ago

    Little did Ethan know.. in 2 months he and Mark would get pepper sprayed. In my opinion, being tased isn’t as bad as being pepper sprayed. The kind that sticks into you.

  • Nathan Follett
    Nathan Follett 15 hours ago

    I know this is kinda late. But a stun gun and taser are 2 different feelings. Stun guns are ment to scare and deliver mild shocks as a deterrent to crime. Tasers are ment to incapacitate your opponent for several seconds by delivering more shocks at a higher voltage.

  • Traelee DeLarme
    Traelee DeLarme 16 hours ago

    Someone should start a counter of how many times ethan has said iTs A cObFoRt ThinG on this channel

  • Vroom Broom
    Vroom Broom 19 hours ago

    them: taser is not a toy
    *Michael reeves laughing in the background*

  • jbgsbg
    jbgsbg 23 hours ago

    Mark: nObOdY iS AskINg yOu tO gEt TaxED
    Me: Ethan please gEt tased

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 23 hours ago

    3:26 it's 6 AM and I am WHEEZING

  • Angie T
    Angie T Day ago

    What a big brave boy!


    Reverse psychology

  • Ella Beans
    Ella Beans Day ago

    Yes Ethan, its okay....tbh i was kinda scared to watch this

  • BeallBoy18
    BeallBoy18 Day ago

    My dad got tazed in police academy and he said that it almost makes you piss your pants

  • kareem ciceron
    kareem ciceron Day ago

    you got pepersprad and you dont whant to be tazed

  • Jacerator
    Jacerator Day ago

    At this point how does mark keep denying he’s a masochist?

    • TheZombifiedFairy
      TheZombifiedFairy Day ago

      This channel is basically Mark dragging Ethan through dangerous or uncomfortable scenarios and then comforting Ethan through his pain or discomfort lol.

  • Icelily17
    Icelily17 Day ago

    Mark, clearly offended: "We're not doing stupid shit!!"
    Amy: *immediately pans camera to taser*

  • Amara
    Amara Day ago

    Ethan: I dont wanna be tased!
    Also ethan: gets pepper sprayed

  • glitch co.
    glitch co. Day ago

    No one asked Ethan to get tased, but he needed permission to say no anyway, and I relate to that SO heavily

  • Liam Tapp
    Liam Tapp Day ago +2

    Ethan: I don't want to be tased.
    Mark: *Tasers ethan right after*

  • sith_slayer684
    sith_slayer684 2 days ago

    still wish ethan was tazed for content but i respect his decision

  • exanimalus
    exanimalus 2 days ago

    could you fight through this pain...
    random dude on youtube getting tased for 10 seconds and still standing like nothing happened

  • Emma Wright
    Emma Wright 2 days ago

    Ethan used PK Thunder!

  • Psychotic Bean
    Psychotic Bean 2 days ago

    i read the news report thing it was funny

  • Skylar Johanson
    Skylar Johanson 2 days ago

    As someone who has been tazed with a home tazer like that, I can say that Mark’s reaction is genuine. I have a weird tolerance to electricity, and the muscle contraction is worse than the pain.

  • Honey Bee Talks
    Honey Bee Talks 2 days ago

    Ethan its okay. Chill. We love you, you're our soft baby boi and that's okay.

  • Honey Bee Talks
    Honey Bee Talks 2 days ago

    Mark probably has an internal catalog of types of pain and how they effect you.

  • Zahm Bohddie
    Zahm Bohddie 2 days ago

    how would you know what you are capable unless you know how to loose and stand above it....let ethan remain a looser

    • Zahm Bohddie
      Zahm Bohddie 2 days ago

      Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser Uno Loser v

  • Kraken 05
    Kraken 05 2 days ago

    2:35 they look like a disfunctional family

  • Kraken 05
    Kraken 05 2 days ago

    Mark: this isn't a pleasure thing
    The taser: **is a dildo**

  • ScarriorIII
    ScarriorIII 2 days ago

    They got the easy probes, no neuromuscular incapacitation, and not 5 seconds.

  • TinyTRex
    TinyTRex 2 days ago

    You should watch a Michael Reeves video if you want to see the efficacy of a taser.

  • G_reen_ie xGr_een_ie

    Ethan is literally my anxiety in human form in this video 😂

  • Patrick Anderson
    Patrick Anderson 2 days ago

    The entire time I was on edge, thinking Mark was going to tase Ethan.

  • Dialga Media
    Dialga Media 2 days ago

    I thought the title said “this is what being tasted feels like”

    TOXIK NINJAZ 2 days ago +1

    I forgot, arent they deleting this channel after the countdown?

  • Tim Wodzinski
    Tim Wodzinski 2 days ago

    Owww... Ethan.. You surely dont have to get tased for a Video... 🙃

  • Ariel Isai
    Ariel Isai 2 days ago +1

    I think... just saying... not too sure... that... mabye... Ethan dont want to be tased

  • Ariel Isai
    Ariel Isai 2 days ago +1

    They do a lot of things to their bodies :v

  • Dylan DeLuca
    Dylan DeLuca 3 days ago

    My dyslexia came up with an even better idea... being tasted 😂

  • Radical Mary
    Radical Mary 3 days ago

    I don't want to know what it's like to get tased either, so I'm OK with Ethan's choice.

  • Enzho The Omega
    Enzho The Omega 3 days ago +6

    Mark: "This isn't a _Pleasure_ thing!"
    Me: " _Well, maybe not for you-_ "

  • Jose Valiente
    Jose Valiente 3 days ago

    I wonder what would happen if you tase a balloon

  • Saturn 2000
    Saturn 2000 3 days ago

    i have a heart condition and my heart can’t even handle a cold, i can’t imagine being tased lmfao. hearing ethan and mark mention a heart condition and being considered makes me super happy tbh.

  • Bianca Bliss
    Bianca Bliss 3 days ago


  • Hailey willock
    Hailey willock 3 days ago

    Aw Ethan we love you 💖 same to you Markimoo

  • Angie Denny
    Angie Denny 3 days ago

    At the police academy, we have to get gassed, tased, and pepper sprayed all in one day. It’s hell.

  • tokyo ghoulfan53
    tokyo ghoulfan53 4 days ago

    my mind went to what if you got tased in the balls

  • Airi mage
    Airi mage 4 days ago +1

    When mark got tased, he did a spin around that reminded me of Matt smith during his doctor who days

  • leslie huerta
    leslie huerta 4 days ago

    It’s okay for Ethan to not get tazed and in no way shape or form am I upset

  • Bing bong Ding dong
    Bing bong Ding dong 4 days ago

    Mark: Tase me
    Ethan: cOmFoRt gOoSe

  • Uglybadsisterfriend Platt

    This whole channel in a nutshell:
    Mark: I'm not a masochist
    Ethan: I'm scared, I don't want to
    Mark: This is what it means to go beyond
    Ethan: This all started because of a backflip
    Mark: I was *almost* an engineer
    Ethan: It's a comfort thing
    Amy: **Good Idea**
    Ethan and Mark: yes
    Ethan and Mark: I *kind of* know what I'm doing

  • Dara Meng Long
    Dara Meng Long 4 days ago

    Ethan, well done on not giving into peer pressure, as us, the views being the peers. Take care of yourself.

  • bread
    bread 4 days ago +1

    I was really hoping mark was just going to straigh up taze ethan in the stomach at the end.

  • Oskar Matthäus
    Oskar Matthäus 4 days ago +1

    Ethan, what a big brave boy!

  • Dale Tarian Jesdro
    Dale Tarian Jesdro 4 days ago

    Disliked, only because Ethan wasn't tased.

  • Stoic-ruin
    Stoic-ruin 4 days ago

    the binary says cloak

  • Bricks
    Bricks 4 days ago

    marc the masochist

  • Jordi Boogerd
    Jordi Boogerd 4 days ago

    4:50 That was a hilarious edit. Well done.
    Btw Mark you had the opportunity to ask Ethan to tase him once at some point during an Unus Annus video.
    He had the fear of paintball, but what about the fear of tasing?

  • Konniptionz
    Konniptionz 4 days ago

    Awww... Ethan, no. We respect your choice to not be tasered you poor thing. You're no less of a person in our eyes for not having to go through it, though Mark does get to brag just because he did it. You have to give him credit. :P ( Though both of them get pepper sprayed and both recover incredibly quickly. )

  • DrizzlyEarth
    DrizzlyEarth 4 days ago

    I truly understand the message of this video, but I also truly am sad we didn't get to see Ethan get tazed

  • Bacon & Biscuits
    Bacon & Biscuits 4 days ago

    I love Ethan XD ♡

  • Electric Stag
    Electric Stag 4 days ago

    My my my, I have never laid eyes on such a big and or brave boy in all my long long years!

  • Jonathan Bronner
    Jonathan Bronner 4 days ago +2

    Ethan: consistently saying he won’t get tased
    Me: He’s going to get tased
    Me at the end: oh

  • Raymundo Daniels
    Raymundo Daniels 4 days ago

    I regret not watching this when you uploaded. Its NMI, so the more muscle the more pain. At least you guys didnt get the prongs.

  • moss covered log
    moss covered log 4 days ago

    ethans ranting about not wanting to be tased is a visual representation of anxiety

  • isabelle
    isabelle 4 days ago +1

    Mark: you do not have to get tased.
    Ethan: *wow is this peer pressure*

  • Silverclaw Ria
    Silverclaw Ria 4 days ago

    1. Mark and Amy reassuring Ethan that no, he doesn't have to be tased if he doesn't want to, its his choice
    2. Serious Ethan

  • Aero Flare
    Aero Flare 5 days ago

    This video makes me want to be tased

  • Dakoda
    Dakoda 5 days ago

    Why did mark decide to make a channel with him he’s such a little bitch

  • the epic squad
    the epic squad 5 days ago

    ethan a pussy

  • nice kill afm
    nice kill afm 5 days ago

    I read the news paper edit and it was pretty good

  • Aerobrake
    Aerobrake 5 days ago

    by senor diknbutts

  • Van-Allen
    Van-Allen 5 days ago +1

    I live in the future where Mark “doesn’t know why his shoulder has been hurting for weeks”

  • Hjonccers
    Hjonccers 5 days ago

    nobody at all:
    Ethan: *BZZZZT*

  • Rose Szalay
    Rose Szalay 5 days ago

    To add to their message- DO NOT FUCK WITH: Cattle prods, electric fences- particularly ones rated for farm/large animals, or high voltage shitake of any kind. Be smart and stay safe!