The Impeachment Evidence Against Trump Is Overwhelming: A Closer Look

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Seth takes a closer look at the President facing three more days of impeachment hearings this week after a second day of damning testimony and yet another conviction of one of his associates.
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    The Impeachment Evidence Against Trump Is Overwhelming: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 5 899

  • Matt Crammer
    Matt Crammer 16 hours ago

    Won't be surprised if mitt Romney comes out to defend Trump. I want to give Whatever Trump is giving to republicans, to all my ex girlfriends.

  • American Lost
    American Lost Day ago

    This is the man the GOP says is the victim of a witch hunt give a break.,

  • Shane Gross
    Shane Gross 2 days ago

    Trump was the fall man for the republicans from the beginning, They needed someone willing to act in ways only trump could. I believe he's achieved everything he has set out to do, now its time for his replacement to come in as the savior, but only to be the real devil in disguise.

  • syd barrett
    syd barrett 2 days ago

    seth you're and ugly man inside n out.

  • Jenew Winedic
    Jenew Winedic 3 days ago

    Why are you leaving out every president for the last 20 years? You guys ready for another Trump term, I'm not for it but with the power we give the government it's inevitable.

  • Richard Alexander
    Richard Alexander 4 days ago

    Monopoly guy? 😉😜

  • joe sifford
    joe sifford 5 days ago

    Just DUMP this "GOLDEN SHOWER" PEE-PEE prez trump-TURD and FLUSH 3 times!

    • Jemmabee &Family
      Jemmabee &Family 2 days ago +1

      Trump says we have to flush 10-15 times...🤪..because we don't have any water pressure in the States remember..the whole country can't even wash it's hands apparently...tsk tsk..hehe😉

  • Valentina Richard
    Valentina Richard 5 days ago +2

    You can't make this crap up.

  • James Sefcak
    James Sefcak 8 days ago

    Trump virtually presented Adam Schiff and the democrats all his incriminating evidence to them on a silver platter, he could have said, "I committed another stream of crimes go ahead and arrest me now?"

  • The Blessings Of Jesus Channel

    The evidence for idiots like this with Trump Derangement Syndrome is OVERWHELMING.
    Every single one of you laughably irrelevant President Trump haters and all like you are delusional, defeated, deranged and total and complete wack jobs.
    "Impeach" THIS:
    I've been saying this for over 3 years that anyone coming against President Trump to attempt to bring him down will never, ever succeed and eventually they will not only be brought down and defeated by The Father, Son and Holy Spirit but that by their own formed weapons they will defeat themselves as well.
    President Trump will have 2 Full Terms just as I have said since before the 2016 election and that nobody and nothing can or will be able to stop it.
    "Donald" means "world ruler, world leader."
    "Trump" means "to defeat someone or something often in a public manner and in a public way."
    God made sure Trump was born into the family with that last name and made sure the family would name him DONALD because that was God's predetermined plan for him to become a world ruler and world leader defeated people and circumstances that would come against him OFTEN IN A PUBLIC MANNER AND IN A PUBLIC WAY!!!
    What could be more clear!
    Its not "Trump," its the Hand of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit ON Trump to do whatever and all the good pleasure God wants to do through Trump in the political arena and Satan and fallen demons know this. They know God has unusual plans to use President Trump in ways God has never used any President before and this is why all the attacks are coming against him, ALL IN VAIN!!!
    "I have named you though you have not known Me." Isaiah 45:4 ( 45 - President Trump is The 45th President of The United States since George Washington. )
    "I have raised him up in righteousness ( GOD'S Righteousness, not Trump's, liberals, conservatives, moderates, independents, etc! ) AND I WILL DIRECT ALL HIS WAYS." Isaiah 45:13
    AND SO IT IS!!
    C'MON!!!!!!!! TRY HARD!!!!!! TRY HARDER!!!!! HARDER!!!!!!! HARDER!!!!!!

  • bad bob
    bad bob 10 days ago

    And yet no crime was mentioned by any libs are insane

    • RedHairedRiot
      RedHairedRiot 6 days ago

      bad bob you smoke crack? Is that what you smoke? Crack?

  • Marie Torres
    Marie Torres 11 days ago

    I didn't know ambassadorships were for sale. Really. Trump needs unqualified personnel around him, cause He doesn't want to look inept.

  • Marie Torres
    Marie Torres 11 days ago

    Jim Jordan THINKS everyone's deaf. CAN he YELL ANY LOUDER.

  • Dana D
    Dana D 11 days ago

    Stop saying "been convicted of OR pled guilty" A guilty plea IS a conviction!

  • bbsy1
    bbsy1 11 days ago +2

    I thought thought the name of the place was pronounced “key-ev.”

    • bbsy1
      bbsy1 8 days ago +1

      Amber Kelly ok thanks!

    • Amber Kelly
      Amber Kelly 8 days ago +2

      bbsy1 You are correct don’t worry. He kept saying it wrong. He’s not even saying it like they do in the Ukraine , he’s just saying it wrong.

  • Bartlomiej Kasprzyk
    Bartlomiej Kasprzyk 12 days ago

    People actually think that he will get impeached? Lmao.

  • Raymond Mejias
    Raymond Mejias 13 days ago


  • Raymond Mejias
    Raymond Mejias 13 days ago

    I should have made the t-shirts with #25the45, would have made so good

  • Kevin Leleu
    Kevin Leleu 14 days ago

    I can't wait for this impeachment to flop so I can come back and lol on all of your videos. #TRUMP2020 #MAGA #KEEPAMERICAGREAT

  • Kevin Leleu
    Kevin Leleu 14 days ago

    You're an actual joke. I hope Congress sues you as well.

  • Sonya Bowles
    Sonya Bowles 14 days ago

    They need to haul Trump and Pense out in handcuffs. They cheated and committed treason to get elected. As far as I'm concerned, Trump is not a legal sitting president, but rather a criminal squatting in the White House.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 14 days ago

    Donald Trump is for Donald Trump not MAGA

  • onlyceltic1
    onlyceltic1 15 days ago

    In 3 words, name one offense. Next, using 3 more words, name one more offense. Can't??? Do you even know what an "offense" is? NO? Gee.

  • Armadio
    Armadio 15 days ago

    Whats scary is that the ultra-evangelist Mike Pence is possibly your replacement president. Have fun with that ride Americans....oh wait, I'm on this planet too. Damn!

  • Armadio
    Armadio 15 days ago

    I hope a big , gay Ukrainian inmate loves his ass in Rykers

  • Harris Gaffin
    Harris Gaffin 16 days ago

    Six criminals convicted of no crime but of "lying" during interrogation in which they were not charged with a crime. FBI only does this to Republicans. Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Democrats exonerated before investigation. Super funny. Stay tuned December 9 when the serious felonies are announced.

  • Tamsin Parker Art
    Tamsin Parker Art 16 days ago

    2:12 They look like Troll Dolls.

  • THE MYLES REVOLUTION #NewRevolutionIsComing

    Meanwhile, Trump is just sitting here like...LOL

  • Scott Sperico
    Scott Sperico 17 days ago


  • Michele Fioretto
    Michele Fioretto 17 days ago +1

    I read recently that Trump has lied like 15,000 times since he became president. That is also the amount of crimes that he and his despicable cohorts have committed since he became president. Not that I'm keeping track.

  • ssi1991
    ssi1991 17 days ago +1

    Seems like Trump could commit mass murder while humping the corpses of the dead , all live, and the GOP would still believe him to be stoutly innocent and far, far above the law. Anything that keeps them in power and turns the US into a single party dictatorship.
    That’s what seems to be the essence of the GOP now: party above anything else, be it country, world or humanity. They probably would rather see the world in ashes than give up power...

  • massaï Santos
    massaï Santos 17 days ago +2

    How can a man his age with a 4 years old child intelligence still be president????????????????????????? Any one of the Muppet show personnage could be president too!!! For the rest of the world, AMERICA IS NOT SERIUS ANYMORE BECAUSE OF TRUMP!!! What a shame for all americans!

  • Arch Linux
    Arch Linux 17 days ago

    Fake subscribers on Seth Meyers channel and fake, views and likes. Do your research folks, this guy is a hack. A loser. Paid to give idiotic rants to an audience that is purely SJW libtarded. #TRUMP2020 #JESUSFIRST #BOYCOTT #HOLLYWOOD

  • Pat Riarchy
    Pat Riarchy 18 days ago

    The Impeachment Evidence Against Trump Is Overwhelming: A Closer Look
    Yeah, exactly the same as the Mueller report.
    Definitely gonna overturn democracy this time
    President Trump is killing it and the American people are still not sick of winning yet.

  • apackofhoboes
    apackofhoboes 18 days ago +8

    This administration are the worst criminals of all time.

  • brainwashedliberals
    brainwashedliberals 18 days ago

    You liberals are so dumb lol

  • gage field
    gage field 18 days ago

    Our only chance in 2020 is cow-farts cortez.......

  • CItec Xeon
    CItec Xeon 18 days ago

    Hey Seth, just keep on pedaling, one day you'll might get there... **lol**

  • Gabrielle Howee
    Gabrielle Howee 18 days ago


  • Gabrielle Howee
    Gabrielle Howee 18 days ago

    an my updatedidMr.PRESTRUMPANSWER''tohismommy''firstdebtorsprisonrequiresIRSidentityallinclusivefamilycirclesbusinees'mommyholdsinvisiblepoint'''

  • Rise of the Minute man

    You’re a fucktard fucktard fucktard you fucktard Trump 2020 Fucktard 🖕

  • justin castillo
    justin castillo 19 days ago

    10 bigly, huge bits of evidence in under 30 seconds at 6:45 and I'm shocked the legal experts didn't include the moment when Frank Figliuzzi quoted Billy Martin.

  • Corky Brown
    Corky Brown 19 days ago


  • partybiscuit
    partybiscuit 19 days ago

    Overwhelming evidence 😂

  • Neil White
    Neil White 19 days ago

    Yea but imagine if Hillary's emails were not so damaging.... Like they were good emails about here saving Haiti and promoting peace in the Middle East. ... Imagine if Anthony Weiner didn't send dick pics to children....? I want to live in that world.

  • William Baker
    William Baker 19 days ago +6

    >evidence is overwhelming
    Ok... house is in session hold an impeachment vote.... now....
    >nah we need to do more investigations....

  • Kimsinza Art
    Kimsinza Art 19 days ago

    I hope politicians work for world peace

  • gggnumber1
    gggnumber1 19 days ago

    On a possible unrelated note: If you're seeing the "Super Amazon Seller" ad ..... What a bunch of horseshit. She says she's got all this spare time because of her thriving successful business? Ha. Sounds like a more than full time endeavor.

  • 3dmixer
    3dmixer 19 days ago +13

    They should look into his friendship with J Epstein

    • Amelia Cook
      Amelia Cook 4 days ago

      Hell yeah, he was up the with randy Andy (Prince Andrew)

    • Flash Gordon
      Flash Gordon 6 days ago

      @Pamela Cass She is Dershowitz.

    • Pamela Cass
      Pamela Cass 18 days ago

      They need to find Jeff's co-conspirator, but I figure she's hiding from whoever's arranged for Epstein to "suicide".

  • Meow
    Meow 19 days ago +48

    If Ivanka testified against him he'd deny knowing her.

    • Pamela Cass
      Pamela Cass 18 days ago +5

      Hmmm...I believe I'd pay to see that.

  • Fawkes.
    Fawkes. 20 days ago +16

    At this point the jokes write themeselves

  • Cre8-Health - Hollywood Health Coach

    Crimes? Tweeting is Crime now?? The only crimes he commited were the ones Hilary paid the press to make up.

  • Cre8-Health - Hollywood Health Coach

    ahhh humor ... the best way to be a shill

  • Antonio OchoCinco
    Antonio OchoCinco 20 days ago

    Seth is making his master's happy😂😂😂push that agenda

  • gomi saburo
    gomi saburo 20 days ago +1

    C'mon Seth...evidence? All you have provided are soundbites, have-truths, factoids pulled out of context, completely ignored contradictions in the so-called witness testimony (I use the word witness sparingly because they are not actually witnesses of anything), and a range of other propaganda stuff that relies heavily on subjectivity and fallacies of logic. Seth, you sound just like CNN who appears to be your greatest source of information? Perhaps THAT is the reason you sound like a propagandist...surly you, as a comedian, don't take yourself seriously. I mean, CNN? Really? THAT's who your getting into bed with?

  • Robert Berry
    Robert Berry 20 days ago +1

    This man is a pathological liar. Sondland admitted the call happened and gave no denial to what the witness stated was said on the call.

  • gomi saburo
    gomi saburo 20 days ago +1

    LOL...was there evidence put forward at the so-called impeachment hearing? Seth, did you actually watch the testimonies or just the parts that confirmed your bias?

  • gomi saburo
    gomi saburo 20 days ago

    How does Trump tweeting while Yovanovitch is testifying equal to witness intimidation? Look, I get it that Democrats HATE Trump...but if we have reach so hard to confirm bias, doesn't that make us intellectually dishonest and disingenuous in our efforts to confirm our bias? I'm reminded of bad science...1) come up with a hypothesis, 2) test that hypothesis, 3) manipulate test results to prove the hypothesis. This is all liberals are doing...which means Seth is neither educating nor informing on the issue...he's another propagandists in a crowded market, sadly.

  • gomi saburo
    gomi saburo 20 days ago

    So...Seth's source of information is CNN...a well known and established propaganda machine...a network dedicated to have-truths, factoids pulled out of context, and well...Trump Derangement Syndrome?

  • gomi saburo
    gomi saburo 20 days ago

    so...trump associates being charged for crimes unrelated to collusion, quid-pro-quo that never existed, bribery, obstruction, and other things unrelated to the impeachment inquisition is proof of the so-called impeachable offenses? This fallacy of logic obviously works on people like Seth...