Mistia - Village Speed Mapping (Rpg Maker MV parallax)

  • Published on Feb 15, 2020

  • We decided to record a video to show you how we make the maps of Mistia. I hope you enjoy it!

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    Thanks to Paolo Brigatti, official composer of Mistia (The Kingdom of Krasten).

Comments • 28

  • Metatron

    Lavoro eccellente. Una domanda, gli alberi e le torri sono veramente belli, dove li hai presi? Comunque complimenti.

  • Syfodias
    Syfodias Year ago +3

    Looks really stunning! Keep this up

  • Green Dragon
    Green Dragon Year ago +1

    That's a joy for me seeing this kind of dedication on parallax mapping. Very detailed and aesthetic map. But i would love to see it in game where you run around to see the true beauty of the map.

  • Jessica St-Pierre
    Jessica St-Pierre Year ago +10

    Wow this looks really good! :)

  • We Know Video Games
    We Know Video Games Year ago +1

    Beautiful! Some custom made assets, some default? Would love more info on the tilesets and assets used if possible! Not looking to mimic Mistia, but new to RPGMaker and curious what tilesets the great ones use!

  • Yaboihere
    Yaboihere 21 day ago

    The amount of detail is immense! You have talent, my friend!

  • Yrythaela

    I like how you stayed true to the RTP Assets of RPG Maker MV itself! You're also not straying too far from it. Nice!

  • asapas8
    asapas8 Year ago +1

    Classic RPG's, SNES style RPGs the best of all time. How amusing to play and enjoy the story!!! I believe that there are many like those in RPG maker ( I have just started looking into it BTW)

  • William

    Magnifico trabalho, realmente impressionante🤜👍

  • Ash

    Really captures an atmosphere, fantastic work mate

  • Nimethua Games

    Hello from RU RPG Maker Community! Looks really good. Thanks a lot for this video, was find some interesting moves for myself.

  • smokeldogg

    This could be the game I’ve been waiting for.

  • Jacopo Magrini
    Jacopo Magrini Year ago +2

    Impressionante, complimenti!

  • Yanami

    How long did this take in realtime? o.o

  • Rasta Nonymous

    Hi ! What app do you use to mapping like that ? I'm beginner in Rpg Maker MV but wow you made an awesome work ! Kisses from France

  • Reokein
    Reokein Year ago

    Wow, its beautiful)

  • VitaminJ7734

    That is just absolutely amazing! But how do you navigate that world? With so much editing in a Photoshop program how is the pathing when the player walks?

  • Ryan Ye
    Ryan Ye  +1

    I am curious that how can you ppl put this into MV if you almost complete the design in photoshop?

  • Day20Oo
    Day20Oo Year ago +5

    I still dont get how you make stuff "above" tue Player with this like beeing able to walk behind trees and stuff

  • breaknox
    breaknox Year ago

    looks great, but I think the title is misleading, for me what you are doing is photoshopping and mapping is actually working with ingame engine.