We Trained Like Superhero Stunt Performers

  • Published on Apr 26, 2017
  • Jordan, Kelsey, and Michelle learn professional stunts from the Marvel stuntmen for a final action sequence.
    Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/10903
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    DIRECTION: Garrett Warren, Director www.garrettxwarren.com/
    Steve Brown, Stunt Coordinator instagram.com/stevebrownwrestler/
    Matt Miller, DP www.mattmillerdp.com
    Kevin Stiller, 1st AC www.kevinstillerdp.com
    COSTUMING: RPC Studio, Superhero Suits instagram.com/therpcstudio
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    Yoshi Sudarso, instagram.com/yoshistunts/
    Brandon Melendy
    RIGGING: Cord Walker Jason Sanfillippo

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  • Sol Lillemoen
    Sol Lillemoen 6 hours ago +1

    Them: superhero training
    Me: sitting in my room eating pretzels and watching youtube
    Like if the same!!

  • Joeliz Santiago
    Joeliz Santiago Day ago

    The grup Name is The feed sisters😅😅😅

  • Kyla Ashlee
    Kyla Ashlee Day ago +1

    Did anyone else see at 6:40 where he tapped her butt. No just me🤣😂😅😅

  • Leonora Barbosa
    Leonora Barbosa 2 days ago

    Who else just got off there couch/bed and started doing moves

  • 12SuperStargirl AW
    12SuperStargirl AW 2 days ago

    Markplier is that you.

  • GR B
    GR B 3 days ago

    There team name is DAT WAY 👉🏾🔜➡️➡️➡️

  • Gatcha Dancer
    Gatcha Dancer 6 days ago


  • Pandapigs Pineapple
    Pandapigs Pineapple 7 days ago +1

    [this was great 👍]

  • Amy’s Gaming
    Amy’s Gaming 7 days ago

    The girl with the bad back scared me because it could mean something really bad but I think she’s good! Thank god!

  • Julia Luster
    Julia Luster 7 days ago

    fav part:13.00 to 13.02 for some reason

  • EmilyWhy
    EmilyWhy 7 days ago

    1:58 iS THAT A NIGHTWING SHIRT I SEE??? *Screeches but like don’t take me the wrong way more of a Red Hood gal but, still, BatFam*

  • Rajitha Sanath
    Rajitha Sanath 10 days ago

    Is the guy who trained them Markliplier ???

  • Phoebe Duke
    Phoebe Duke 11 days ago

    6.41 😳

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 12 days ago +1

    I love how they described Kelsey. Comic book fan girl

  • Ella Dawe
    Ella Dawe 12 days ago

    Holy moly best film ever

  • Chester Koch
    Chester Koch 12 days ago +1

    This man is a mix between Markiplier and Nick Jonas

  • Camrynthegeek14
    Camrynthegeek14 14 days ago

    Kelsey reminds me of Courtney Miller from smoosh

  • Riri’s World
    Riri’s World 14 days ago

    Is it just me but the trainer looks like markiplier lol

  • teezy lopez
    teezy lopez 14 days ago


  • Erin Sarofim
    Erin Sarofim 15 days ago

    The superhero’s: shows their badge
    Badge: I’m between their-

  • Cinnamon
    Cinnamon 15 days ago

    ' #YOLO, because I might die'

  • Imani Squad
    Imani Squad 15 days ago

    That Looked Like It Hurt To Look Like The Powerpuff girls

  • Anime Queen
    Anime Queen 15 days ago

    You guys look like the power puff girls don't you😂

  • AlyssapOtAtO kidd
    AlyssapOtAtO kidd 16 days ago

    Why do they remind me of the power puff girls

  • XxCandy _EditsxX
    XxCandy _EditsxX 16 days ago

    In 13:49
    When Kelsey notice she used 2 bottles and smashed it on someone’s head
    She was shocked

  • Rosaluz Martinez
    Rosaluz Martinez 16 days ago

    she said tel my datuer i love him is it a girl or a boy

  • Christine Llarenas
    Christine Llarenas 17 days ago

    I’m laughing all throughout 😂😂😂

  • Young Suit
    Young Suit 17 days ago

    Check them for CTE

  • Aylin The Queen
    Aylin The Queen 17 days ago

    I see Kelsey,
    *I click*

  • Gacha Queen
    Gacha Queen 18 days ago +1

    The teams name should be the correct arrows

  • Phoebe Panda
    Phoebe Panda 18 days ago +1

    That was awesome! Also super funny

  • oopsiedoopsie00
    oopsiedoopsie00 18 days ago

    I felt like Michelle was overacting

  • Hiba Jaghama
    Hiba Jaghama 18 days ago

    It was dramatic so dramatic

  • Violet Peters
    Violet Peters 19 days ago

    I want to be a stunt performer

  • Doggo_Judging
    Doggo_Judging 19 days ago

    #YOLO bc i might die.

  • Sienna Rose
    Sienna Rose 19 days ago

    That was freaking gooood

  • alex
    alex 19 days ago +1

    *4:18** that was cool*

  • Kawaiibunny 101
    Kawaiibunny 101 19 days ago +2

    ZACK AND KEITH WERE IN IT!!!! I’m FANGIRLING!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I love how Keith and Zack were so calm when being kidnapped!!

  • Hyness high
    Hyness high 19 days ago +1

    0:55 Wonder Woman!

    **internal fangirling**

  • chinton1973
    chinton1973 20 days ago

    has nobody notice that they r in powerpuff girl colors. they r the powerpuff girls

  • Krystal Aly Ramirez Portorreal

    who else know Kelsey because of "100 baby challenge"

  • Honey bear Xox
    Honey bear Xox 20 days ago +1

    I like how u guys added Zach and Keith hahaha

  • Emily McMillen
    Emily McMillen 20 days ago +1

    2:34 bOoM

  • viva
    viva 21 day ago

    did that guy just smack her butt?😂

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 21 day ago +1

    Choose your weapon
    A sword
    A knife
    A gun
    A cereal box

    Kelsey: I choose a cereal box

  • CNM Sisters
    CNM Sisters 21 day ago

    I love how you made it funny

  • Izzy Owens
    Izzy Owens 22 days ago

    When Michelle said “ I think a bomb exploded” And Kelsey said “ Thanks Michelle” I died😂

  • Just Alana
    Just Alana 23 days ago

    Now I wanna be a superhero when I grow up :D

  • Just Alana
    Just Alana 23 days ago

    :3 best hero’s ever

  • SteviexRoblox
    SteviexRoblox 23 days ago +2

    It the power puff girls Michelle :buttercup Jordan: Blossom Kelsey: bubbles

  • Mommy Fluffy
    Mommy Fluffy 24 days ago

    13:16 it can be seen it’s between his arm and body

  • Hi?
    Hi? 24 days ago +1

    I am getting powerpuff girls and totally spies vibes from this video oh my-

  • Sam
    Sam 24 days ago

    It's like the adult version of power puff girls

  • Life hacks and Art stuff

    Did anyone else think they were like the powerpuff girls cuz of the colors?
    Just me?

  • O L
    O L 24 days ago

    My favorite characters are the kidnapped guys XD

  • aubrey plays most roblox

    How many times did they say badass?!

  • Cupcakelujayn500
    Cupcakelujayn500 26 days ago

    butt shot at 13:00 XD

  • samie luna
    samie luna 27 days ago

    At 6:38 a guy slaps her butt

  • Ray S
    Ray S 28 days ago

    "Well who are these sexy men" 🤣🤣
    Keith and Zach crack me up 💀

  • Maci Rink
    Maci Rink 28 days ago

    8:51 wow that was good

  • Pandaplayz Gaming
    Pandaplayz Gaming 28 days ago +1

    I’m so jealous :(
    It’s still awesome tho x great job

  • Naomi Carrillo
    Naomi Carrillo 28 days ago +1

    Powerpuff girls who?

    ABC DEF 28 days ago

    Kelsey 😍❤❤

  • Erica Coruzzi
    Erica Coruzzi 29 days ago

    Powderpoof gals

  • Onyeka Igbolomi
    Onyeka Igbolomi 29 days ago


  • Weird Demonic Angel
    Weird Demonic Angel 29 days ago

    Ayyyye, saw the Try Guys!

  • Melanie and Bugs' World

    I'm only watching this to see "Chelsea Impeaccishmay". Correct me if I spelled that wrong.

  • Millie Sophia
    Millie Sophia Month ago

    @ 11:31 did anyone notice that Jordan was holding a pizza

  • Periwinkle Gacha
    Periwinkle Gacha Month ago

    when u only know kelsey from 100 baby challage

  • Aura Chip
    Aura Chip Month ago +1

    Who else thought this was Michelle's channel until seeing the channel ;0;

  • It's Rebecca A
    It's Rebecca A Month ago

    I think the cw superhero casts will be proud 💙

  • GamingWith Wildkid
    GamingWith Wildkid Month ago

    the guy scresming in the backgrounf tho

  • Misra Ahmed
    Misra Ahmed Month ago

    Did anyone else notice that guy hit Michelle’s butt (6:40)??????

  • Layla Chiddington
    Layla Chiddington Month ago

    11:32, that 🍕 pizza...

  • Addyson Yanish
    Addyson Yanish Month ago

    That was so good

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You Month ago

    Why is markiplier training them

  • Shey Desai
    Shey Desai Month ago

    red girl looking thiccc

  • Madeline Lofrano
    Madeline Lofrano Month ago

    So cheesy but I loved it so much 🤣😗

  • pupcat drawing
    pupcat drawing Month ago +1

    So cool! Omg make something like this more

  • Mayita Texta
    Mayita Texta Month ago

    I love stunts I want to be a stunt women I do stuts in my house it's fun

  • Dragon Girl
    Dragon Girl Month ago

    Omg lol “did you figure out that bomb ahh no” that’s so me lol

  • Dit Kind
    Dit Kind Month ago +1

    7:06. *”I FEEL GREAT!”*

  • Elise Mosley
    Elise Mosley Month ago


  • Sierra Laira W.
    Sierra Laira W. Month ago +1

    *i saw michelle i clicked*

  • Melissa Pena Ortiz
    Melissa Pena Ortiz Month ago +2

    Who else came because of the 100 baby challenge by Kelsey, no, just me. Ok 👌

  • Alyanna Zarek
    Alyanna Zarek Month ago

    Who else saw that 6:39

  • Desiree Turner
    Desiree Turner Month ago

    What's the movie called

  • Seena Kurian
    Seena Kurian Month ago +1

    It's funny how Michelle's whole yt Channel now is these challenges 😂💜 I love her channel

  • Chloie C. De Jesus
    Chloie C. De Jesus Month ago

    I want to be a real supper hero 🦸‍♀️

  • s o d o n e
    s o d o n e Month ago

    *Power Puffgirls WHO?!!!! I only know KELSEY, MICHELLE AND JORDAN!👁👄👁*

  • Anya Duz Random Stuff

    Meet the new PowerPuff girls :D
    And Kelsey is so pure and innocent in the final product xD

  • Aubrey 312
    Aubrey 312 Month ago

    Lol #yolo bc I might die

  • Maria Mendoza
    Maria Mendoza Month ago

    Looks like the power puff girls

  • Cookie Yui ʕ•ع•ʔ -I'm funny and boring :P-

    I love the powerpuff girls and my favorite is bubbles... And kelsey was the best she was super funny

  • The Girl in the mask

    Kelsey,Zach and Keith
    I laughed so hard😂😂😂😂

  • ellee
    ellee Month ago

    Marvel should pick this up I would like to see some development of this trio

  • Gage Spencer
    Gage Spencer Month ago

    They need to work on the sound quality. Still kinda sounds like a 6 year old screaming into their mic.

  • Bronwen Morgan
    Bronwen Morgan Month ago

    I LOVE marvel

  • Piranha
    Piranha Month ago

    They were more like actress not a stunt performer but hey, pretty good for how long they were training

  • Torva
    Torva Month ago +2

    13:41 the way Jordan looked at him is scary I would not wanna be given that look.