Kids vs. Veganism | Playground Politics | The Russell Howard Hour

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • This week on Playground Politics Russell and the kids are taking on veganism, and they don't seem particularly keen on a world without meat.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 823

  • Beedle the Bard
    Beedle the Bard 13 hours ago

    Kids are just tipsy midgets

  • CandidlyOpinionated
    CandidlyOpinionated 17 hours ago

    I love how that little girl sees her friend’s confusion at “Gerbil” and just leans over and whispers _It’s a small hamster_

  • amal zuhair
    amal zuhair 18 hours ago

    0:34 that girl is so me

  • Carys Brown
    Carys Brown 20 hours ago

    Love how they asked if piers Morgan is insane😂😂

  • Rachel Mpofu
    Rachel Mpofu 2 days ago +2

    “I make it myself no one eats it” I’m deadddd

  • Lophtus
    Lophtus 7 days ago +1

    On next weeks show: Kids watch Earthlings

  • Maddie Deakin-Berry
    Maddie Deakin-Berry 7 days ago

    I'm a meataholic carnivore, never will I ever go vegan and I just love meat and can't live without it, I bloody hate vegans and vegetarians

  • Kacey Matthews
    Kacey Matthews 8 days ago

    Mini-meat kid's like the new Carl Pilkington, with a dark side

  • The Vegan Potterhead
    The Vegan Potterhead 10 days ago

    In all seriousness, though, they should've told the kids about what veganism actually is. Veganism is about not contributing to animal suffering, which I'm sure none of them would want to do.

  • Sensitive Skeptic
    Sensitive Skeptic 11 days ago


  • Siobhan Speaks
    Siobhan Speaks 13 days ago

    They should all go on a school trip to the slaughterhouse. Why not? It’s the same as taking them strawberry picking.

  • mat mul
    mat mul 14 days ago

    Oh boy if you sat them down and explained what veganism actually is then everyone of those kids would go vegan. They are indoctrinated from day one. From the day they are born we tell them its ok to do what we do to animals because we need to eat meat. The fact that vegetarians are healthier than people who eat a standard diet, and Vegans are healthier than vegetarians, tells us all we need to know really.

  • Ruben Maesfranckx
    Ruben Maesfranckx 14 days ago

    I'm getting some Dexter Morgan vibes from next question kid lol

  • Link The Fox
    Link The Fox 15 days ago

    don't wanna know where that kid gets "mini-meat" from

  • Matthew Fairman
    Matthew Fairman 15 days ago

    Oi some of these kids have wham fat heads

  • S Judas
    S Judas 16 days ago +2

    I wonder if their opinions on veganism would change if they were actually thought how animals are kept, killed and processed.

    • S Judas
      S Judas 12 days ago

      @Happy dog So your saying keep them ignorant. It's very important to know how our foods are being prepared. A lot of the foods that we grew up eating in the last number of years have been outed as not as healthy as the marketing companies made them out to be. If you actually knew how chickens are raised and prepared I doubt you'd ever eat them again. With free range and factory farming there isn't much difference as they are both cruel

    • Happy dog
      Happy dog 12 days ago

      Probably not because they’re children and that stuff isn’t their concern :/ Leave them to eat their chicken nuggies

  • Alex Atwater
    Alex Atwater 17 days ago +2

    Show them some slaughter house footage.

  • Lizzy Tatam
    Lizzy Tatam 17 days ago +1

    This is dumb because kids don’t know anything about veganism

  • summon_the _luminaries
    summon_the _luminaries 19 days ago +2

    Vegans are the future ❤

  • MasterM
    MasterM 19 days ago

    Sad to see that our next generation is being brainwashed :(

  • Andrew luke
    Andrew luke 19 days ago

    You look like an egg that's been dipped in pubes

  • Sept1x X
    Sept1x X 19 days ago +1

    "A gerbil is a small hamster" 😂aww its its bigger than a hamster and longer tail, but i can see where shes coming from

  • ALBUMOF2008
    ALBUMOF2008 20 days ago +1

    Cognitive dissonance at its strongest

    • David R
      David R 13 days ago

      I'm vegan and I agree that they're wrong not to be, but their kids, half of them didn't know what veganism was or why it's necessary.

  • Amna Malik
    Amna Malik 22 days ago


  • Marc 5150
    Marc 5150 22 days ago

    Aaaaaaaand.... you’re still not funny.

  • Wnatrysrfatbv
    Wnatrysrfatbv 23 days ago

    Mini meat kid is funny, not a psychopath

  • StevePeeve
    StevePeeve 24 days ago +1

    00:50 Does it sound fun to torture & kill animals? Exactly

    CHUBBS 24 days ago

    That’s kids trim on something els Lmao

  • Akash Kumar
    Akash Kumar 26 days ago +1

    The kid on the thumbnail is an accurate picture of my reaction to Russell's beard

  • GamerZoneArmy
    GamerZoneArmy 26 days ago

    I asked my 5 year old cousin during lunch, she said "No! You can't take me away from my chicken!"

  • StuTheBru me
    StuTheBru me 28 days ago +1

    it may seem funny having a lol at vegans,but its not so funny 150million animals are killed for food EVERYDAY thats just as crazy as when the kid says "why would you eat dog"

  • Prajna Shenoy
    Prajna Shenoy 28 days ago


  • nck1Dlarrie
    nck1Dlarrie 29 days ago

    1:52 “It’s a small hamster” These kidssss

  • nck1Dlarrie
    nck1Dlarrie 29 days ago +1

    0:23 I eat Ice Cream and Chocolate

  • Grogamier Dear
    Grogamier Dear Month ago

    I'm vegetarian and eat mostly vegan. It's really not bad! I never understand how people can completely reject it because of simply missing meat, there are alternatives!
    I'm 13 years old and find it easy, of course, my family can afford it so it's no issue to me but those who can afford it should at least try

  • isla
    isla Month ago

    I wish he came to my school if you heard the opinions of my friends on these topics you would literally be deceased. But he doesn’t go to secondary schools

  • I AM EVIL! !!!!!!!!

    Btw there no way in 10 years everyone is gonna be vegan

  • I AM EVIL! !!!!!!!!
    I AM EVIL! !!!!!!!! Month ago +4

    Btw there no way in 10 years everyone is gonna be vegan

  • yeah boi
    yeah boi Month ago +2

    That kid is gonna become Dexter lol

  • Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    Never quite worked out how you can eat flesh but not if it comes from certain animals.
    Nobody noticed any difference when they found horse in the meat and nobody will have noticed when the human meat scandal finally gets here.

  • joseph
    joseph Month ago

    vegans are stupid they thing not eating meat is saving the animals life or saving the planet. if every one went vegan all animals would be killed to stop them eating the crops and deforestation will still be happening to make land for all the crops, the crops that vegans eat use diesel powered machines to plant grow and harvest the crops, they are then shipped in diesel trucks, trains, ships, or plains to take the crops that grow in certain climate to the people, to make "vegan meat" requires a lot of processing and adding a lot of different chemicals to the product to make the final fake meat product. to add to this by eliminating the need for farming live stock there will be no manure to put back in to the land and will mean crops wont yield as well so ether more chemicals will need to be added or more land for growing will be needed

  • Jonathan Cunnane
    Jonathan Cunnane Month ago

    Mini meat

  • James O Connor
    James O Connor Month ago +3

    "Would you eat a dog"
    Kid looks at him weirdly
    Old American cleaner comes in
    "GoOd MoRnIg ViEtNaM

  • Emilia Claire
    Emilia Claire Month ago +3

    We can eat more than they think!! These kids should watch slaughterhouse footage

  • Jessica Jessica
    Jessica Jessica Month ago +19

    “Is he going insane?” Kids know more than adults sometimes 😂

  • 3DiFilms
    3DiFilms Month ago

    think the kid's been eating glass and tried feeding it to his friends lmao

  • Chani Iosia-Sipeli
    Chani Iosia-Sipeli Month ago

    I think that 'Next Question' kid is Karl Pilkington's son

  • Jen Has Bananas
    Jen Has Bananas Month ago +2

    When I was vegan, I was so ill.

  • Najdah Golaup
    Najdah Golaup Month ago

    Playground politics is my new favourite show 🤣🤣💛

  • recurf
    recurf Month ago

    i think he meant mincemeat

  • Isaacsmile
    Isaacsmile Month ago +1

    It’s a small sample of society but I see the meat and dairy industry has their parents trained.

  • Isaacsmile
    Isaacsmile Month ago

    Piers certainly lost his mind.

  • Abdul Salim
    Abdul Salim Month ago

    I think Russell had just met the son of Karl Pilkington. Sounds like him and says the weirdest things😂

  • Finley Robertson
    Finley Robertson Month ago +10

    I’m worried about the “next question” and mini-meat kid. He likes a bloody mouth. I MEAN WHAT!!!

  • Giles Mitchell
    Giles Mitchell Month ago

    Sad thing is that most grown adults don’t even know basics because they were never taught that baby boys are killed and thrown away as trash in dairy and egg industry simply because only the girls will grow up to produce breast milk and menstruations. Some adults don’t even know that cows are forcibly made pregnant every year since, just like humans, cows make milk for their babies (babies that will be separated from their mother on day one and denied that milk then shot in the head if a “commercially useless” boy)

  • Frantabulous
    Frantabulous Month ago

    The Rhino/ mini meat kid is basically Jay off The Inbetweeners 😂

  • Martin Ruck
    Martin Ruck Month ago

    Jo Swinson doesn’t even know what a women is
    What a total retarded horse face bint

  • the Clay
    the Clay Month ago

    Russell piss off to N Korea or something Please

  • 0AK
    0AK Month ago

    Mini-meat is a rat stuffed with onions. He devours raw rats.

  • Megan Bacon
    Megan Bacon Month ago

    Next question... You ok Hun? 😵