Black Coffee & David Guetta - Drive feat. Delilah Montagu [Ultra Music]


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  • AchiriTV
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    comment 1001 Hhh Plzzz Like & Subscribe 😍🌴🙌 { -NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE- }

  • Farhanul Alam
    Farhanul Alam 18 hours ago

    Perfect long drive song!!

  • Phathu Mudau
    Phathu Mudau 18 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing. SA all the way

  • Ntokozo Shabalala
    Ntokozo Shabalala 20 hours ago

    This Black coffee is keeping me awake all night!

  • Angel Olivia
    Angel Olivia 21 hour ago

    It's officially my perfect cardio song 🌴

  • Lisetta Leone
    Lisetta Leone 22 hours ago

    Black David guetta e una grande bellissima canzone e anche la musica e une spediamo del tua voce e speciale

  • Aditya Kanda
    Aditya Kanda Day ago

    Listen to this song and Indobae - Start Now, will boost your day 😊

  • Jack Kekana
    Jack Kekana Day ago

    This song made me dance until my legs went off❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • keith tebape
    keith tebape Day ago +1

    eisshh...this man z a legend...i have long followed black coffee since and this time its a december killer,......abaswe!!!!!!tuneeeeeeee!!!!!

  • Miabella Sweetheart

    Love this sound 💞💞💞.... put pink heart emojis if u agree 😊😋

  • w4ll str33t Records

    Friday evening. Some wine. Some friends. Good times...

  • Brittany Carriger

    I cannot get over this song!

  • Jayde Maasdorp
    Jayde Maasdorp Day ago

    Ayyyy Black Coffee, you make me one proud Saffer 🇿🇦

  • gpman2002
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  • Natalie Keatley
    Natalie Keatley Day ago

    Kathryn ❤

  • Ibraaheem Amajee


  • Nun Mul
    Nun Mul 2 days ago

    The song gives me South Africa vibes, the vocals of Delilah complement the beats perfectly. Thumps up to Black Coffee for keeping it African and the collaborators for making us a DOpe Track.

  • Nicole Gomez
    Nicole Gomez 2 days ago

    Black Coffee on the beat is music that feeds your soul.

  • Thabelo Sibubuni
    Thabelo Sibubuni 2 days ago

    Yall stupid if you think David Guetta worked 10% of this track.

  • Ígor Matos
    Ígor Matos 2 days ago

    Já tava na hora do Guetta fazer uma música boa de novo.

  • Zeffirelli Redd
    Zeffirelli Redd 2 days ago

    She sounds a little like Kesha.

  • Jeff Yeoh
    Jeff Yeoh 2 days ago

    Dope song

  • mfanafuthi innocent
    mfanafuthi innocent 2 days ago

    itiye elimnyama (black coffee)

  • Elvis Souza
    Elvis Souza 2 days ago

    Que musiquinha da hora

  • Kleit mac
    Kleit mac 2 days ago

    You can hear Guetta in this track. The mixing. The use of reverb. On the synth and the vocal and of course black coffees drums. Two great artists I'm sure coffee will take alot away from this collab 👍👍. Proudly S.A

    SLINGSHOTPRO 3 days ago


  • Khousbu Nunkoo
    Khousbu Nunkoo 3 days ago

    I can't stop myself to stop listening this awesome song love it

    KADİR KELLECİ 3 days ago


  • Sulfuristik
    Sulfuristik 3 days ago


  • Hafiz Asad
    Hafiz Asad 3 days ago

    This song is just super good!

  • Shaheen Isaacs
    Shaheen Isaacs 3 days ago

    Black Coffee plays to ones Soul , Delilah Montagu voice is hypnotic and David Guetta never fails to communicate. will film this music for free just to listen to this track and have fun while filming it !

  • Markyv69
    Markyv69 3 days ago

    Big ups for my man black coffee!!

  • Selloane Mohlokoane
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  • Thabo De Visser
    Thabo De Visser 3 days ago

    Let's go, Mzanzi and France collab

  • Pedro Felipe
    Pedro Felipe 3 days ago

    Good vibes ❤️😎

  • sabelo nkuna
    sabelo nkuna 3 days ago

    Living legend never stop 2amaze me

  • Dror Levi
    Dror Levi 3 days ago

    Ghost producing, the reason there is no such a thing as a david guetta sound

  • Ina Lozbeņa
    Ina Lozbeņa 3 days ago +1

    Nice song ♥♥♥

  • Stacie Kipruto
    Stacie Kipruto 3 days ago

    Love 💕💕

  • Antosia Ketla
    Antosia Ketla 3 days ago

    Polska : dobra muzyka do odrabiania lekcji ❤🌈
    Good to do my homework❤🌈

  • Dj Tuxa pånakush
    Dj Tuxa pånakush 3 days ago +1

    Ýėş....ğønnå mąkə a děëphøuse mîx wit thïs šønğ...izja..💯👌🔥🔜🔚

  • The Beat Armory
    The Beat Armory 4 days ago

    I can't get this song out of my head... Is just perfect!

  • GibbGodD
    GibbGodD 4 days ago

    🔥🔥 Bring the fire Black Coffee! 🔥🔥

  • Tsholofelo Ramafoko
    Tsholofelo Ramafoko 4 days ago

    My ex dedicated this song to me, its beautiful. Everything Black Coffee touches turns into Magic! What a wow!

  • BlackHusky
    BlackHusky 4 days ago

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    But i uploaded a new Song and im looking for some feedback on it. Thanks:)

  • Alexander Kraus
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  • Alexander Kraus
    Alexander Kraus 4 days ago

    Like the barimbasound

  • keep Calm And Listen To Music

    Verguiiiiizima que bueno que se pegue un poco de tech a este barrio de por aquí

  • Priyanka Harripersad

    Proudly South African and Loving this track so much!!

  • c j
    c j 4 days ago

    this song is trendy-chic

  • Kimone Kistan
    Kimone Kistan 4 days ago

    🌬💋 black coffee since 1995 .... this beat is life 🙌💗

  • Urbe Deep Connextions Music


  • Calvin Tshemesi
    Calvin Tshemesi 4 days ago

    Best way to just say shut up and drive..... #the2018FestiveIsGonnabeLit

  • Gano Jonkers
    Gano Jonkers 4 days ago


  • mucic and gameplay game play

    must watch this if like this song

  • justice moseamo
    justice moseamo 5 days ago

    Shout out to 94.7, we love joburg.

  • Lizwi Nondabula
    Lizwi Nondabula 5 days ago

    Dope! Only if SIA was on the vocals cause this could have been 10 times bigger!

  • Zainab Manuela Matimba

    Love this song when driving!!!!

  • Evgeny Sagutdinov
    Evgeny Sagutdinov 5 days ago

    Боже, как же это душевно!!!!

  • Facundo Acevedo
    Facundo Acevedo 5 days ago

    Me gusta si sos de Argentina/Mexico/Cuba

  • Luyanda Brian
    Luyanda Brian 5 days ago

    South African beat.

  • Francesca Mariangeli
    Francesca Mariangeli 5 days ago +1

    The magic of Black Coffee❤️

  • Oscar Ng'ang'a
    Oscar Ng'ang'a 5 days ago

    Perfect driving song especially at night damn

  • Gift David
    Gift David 5 days ago +3

    Oh man, every time i listen to this song I sink deep in my thoughts. What a jam!!! Shout out to Black coffee & David Guetta. Delilah Montagu is on fire, she's killing the vocals with her sweet poetic words. .shout out♡♥★★★★★

  • Muziayifane Maluleka
    Muziayifane Maluleka 5 days ago +2

    on behalf of the society of longest songs, I only have one question, why is this song short.?? it must be tall......#TEKA!!!!!!!!Black coffee never disappoint. Keep driving mkhulu wethu!!!

  • Alfai Bene
    Alfai Bene 5 days ago

    🎧🎶Escutando de Moçambique

  • Tsotetsi SELLO
    Tsotetsi SELLO 5 days ago

    expensive music indeed

    TEBOGO RAPHIRI 6 days ago

    rea leboga Black coffee

  • Thizwilondi Munyai
    Thizwilondi Munyai 6 days ago

    Nice one for December

  • Masibulele Ntshiliba

    Please watch my video I'm a soul poet

  • Tshepo Msimango
    Tshepo Msimango 6 days ago

    Thank you BLACK COFFEE!!!!

    KADİR KELLECİ 6 days ago

    Freedom Drive🤩

  • Antonella Roitero
    Antonella Roitero 6 days ago

    Argentina presente 🔥🚀

  • Tumishang Selamulela

    Coffee to the world

  • Jacqueline Okeyo
    Jacqueline Okeyo 6 days ago

    oh my gawwwwwwshshshshs!!!! FInally!!! Love it! love it!!

  • Bryant Monzon
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  • pavol ildza
    pavol ildza 6 days ago

    what a tuuuune 😎😎⚡

  • Emanuel Taruvinga
    Emanuel Taruvinga 6 days ago

    this is my song for life. i love everything about it. its amazing

  • Ryan Branigan
    Ryan Branigan 6 days ago

    Nice work Giorgio Tuinfort & Black Coffee!

  • Bloomin Onion
    Bloomin Onion 6 days ago

    The background art looks like the game Rad Racer for the NES. The one where you could press select and it would cycle between red and blue for a 3D effect

  • Levi Van Doren
    Levi Van Doren 6 days ago

    Can someone tell me if this is a 1963 or 1964 corvette stingray!?

  • Andrea Jenei
    Andrea Jenei 6 days ago


  • busangani petros
    busangani petros 6 days ago


  • Djfjfj French
    Djfjfj French 6 days ago +1

    ✌ ⁦🇦🇪⁩

  • Manathi kingking
    Manathi kingking 6 days ago

    Black coffee we here as South Africans

  • Guilherme Araújo
    Guilherme Araújo 7 days ago

    Brasil ! 🎧❤️

  • Eole Enkess
    Eole Enkess 7 days ago

    I was waiting this colab since day 1

  • jacob hams
    jacob hams 7 days ago

    luv this song >>>never heard of black coffee or delliah montagu but add in d guetta great 3sum

  • jason takalani
    jason takalani 7 days ago

    Beautiful jam , Dankie malume black coffe !!!

  • Sango Dukada
    Sango Dukada 7 days ago

    Nice song

  • Tropical Vibes
    Tropical Vibes 7 days ago

    David Guetta!

  • Lwazi Ngcebetsha
    Lwazi Ngcebetsha 7 days ago

    A guy from mthatha to feature David!

  • N Junior
    N Junior 7 days ago

    Amazing! I love this song😍 Brazilian from Italy 🇧🇷🇮🇹

  • Anisa Bejko
    Anisa Bejko 7 days ago

    the more i listen the more i love it! the voice of delilah fits so well to this song!

  • Tommy Groove
    Tommy Groove 7 days ago

    70% black cofee 30% delila
    David guetta: make my name in the music for more views

  • Eleonora Rubini
    Eleonora Rubini 7 days ago +1

    Can't stop listening to it! Makes you wonder with the mind..

  • Gareth
    Gareth 7 days ago

    South Africa !!!!!