BEST Ramen Noodles in New York! New York City Ramen Tour Part 1

  • Published on Oct 8, 2017
  • I LOVE Ramen noodles! One of my most memorable eats in Japan was slurping up some hot broth and chewy noodles from a huge bowl. This is why I want to try all the BEST ramen noodle places in New York and find out which ones are truly worthy of a trip. Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE:
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  • DanielA
    DanielA Day ago

    He should team up with man vs food

  • Aeisha Munkipa
    Aeisha Munkipa Day ago

    I don’t know why I watch this before lunch.

  • rainy day
    rainy day 3 days ago

    I'm watching this hungry. 😭

  • 嘉史
    嘉史 4 days ago


  • 嘉史
    嘉史 4 days ago


  • 嘉史
    嘉史 4 days ago


  • Secret Diary of a Foodie

    You should come to Sydney Australia to try the ramen scene here. Outside of Japan it's pretty good.

  • James Galam
    James Galam 9 days ago

    Ramen truly is about 'Completing You'

  • None Ya
    None Ya 18 days ago

    Lke I already said in a previous post that was quite lengthy, and can be considered by most a rant, you are my favorite expert foodie. However, in this particular ramen comparison video I don't know how you can consider Ivan's Ramen to out taste Ippudo's or Ichirah Ramens (?spelling on both?), wherein the latter two show up between the top one and three spots on almost every internet top ramen comparison sites on lists of best top 30, top 10, top 7, and top 5 respectively, whereas Ivan's Ramen doesn't even show up in a couple list of the top 100 on any of the sites that I researched on Tokyo's top ramen places. Yes, it's true that your comparison testing of these three places was done in the US, but I just don't see how the transition from Tokyo to US for the same places can be that drastic. Am I missing something...?

  • Carmen Mendez
    Carmen Mendez 20 days ago

    I did not kno you had this channel usually I watch your other one where you talk about cryptids and stuff I’m glad I found this one !!

  • weiyi li
    weiyi li 26 days ago +1

    “I wish every morning could be like this, go to a ramen shop, eat 3 bowls of ramen, and just feel GOOD about yourself.” LOL the most inspiring quote ever.

  • panto mk
    panto mk 27 days ago

    2019 update: After watching this vedio i make a spicy noodles and eat one small bowl and now im full.....i think i have a bigger appetite than mikey hahaha.

  • Kate Samonte
    Kate Samonte 27 days ago +1

    I am so obsess watching Mike eating Ramen,😆makes me want to have Ramen everyday.😉

  • Cactusfly
    Cactusfly Month ago

    that prince William prince harry comment aged badly

  • Belle Hampton
    Belle Hampton Month ago +1

    IF I had a $1 EVERY TIME he "mmmmed" I'd be a millionaire. 😝🤣

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis Month ago

    Went in weighing 250lbs left weighing 255lbs wth.😕😦

  • Nyxofdead YT
    Nyxofdead YT Month ago +1

    Even if he starved himself to eat ramen instead of making you eat more your stomach would shrink and you'd eat less

  • kateland g
    kateland g Month ago

    I love how he sneezes when hes full😂

  • Yeety Dab
    Yeety Dab Month ago +2

    Imagine walking into a restaurant and just seeing a man talking to himself and moaning while he eats.

  • maha malik
    maha malik Month ago

    Try knorr chatpta noodles from pakistan

  • its ok, im white
    its ok, im white Month ago

    "Attraction foods" aka appetizers

  • MT Yankin
    MT Yankin Month ago

    You alright, Mike? I would need an immediate lie down after a bowl of that triple pork ramen (always with lime) at Ivan!

  • Lincoln Hawthorne
    Lincoln Hawthorne 2 months ago

    Sneezing into your hand?...

    • MT Yankin
      MT Yankin Month ago

      Better than sneezing into the air and have others catch your germs.

  • Ronan Minutello
    Ronan Minutello 2 months ago

    dude how do u chug SO MUCH RAMEN

  • Kaylan Seaman
    Kaylan Seaman 2 months ago

    You have to come to Cincinnati to eat Cincinnati chili ,skyline or gold star

  • Inna Kay
    Inna Kay 2 months ago +4

    This man ate 3 bowls of ramen in a Soviet babushka would have loved him.

  • el fancy pants
    el fancy pants 2 months ago

    Always satisfying eating with you while I eat ichiban sapporo ramen

  • MacKinley
    MacKinley 2 months ago

    The people in the background are shouting for some reason....?

  • Shanty Town
    Shanty Town 2 months ago

    i feel like i can eat more when i eat while watching ur videos, then the video ends and my appetite is gone

  • Raja Hazim
    Raja Hazim 2 months ago

    How dare you betray hot oil.

  • BirdyTV
    BirdyTV 2 months ago

    All ramen needs LIME!!!! 😊👌🏽

  • Hi-TechGaming23
    Hi-TechGaming23 2 months ago

    The music is used by I forgot who but a guy who makes naruto vids and has naruto and everyone dancing .... it’s all I can think about now

  • Orbiting Esau
    Orbiting Esau 2 months ago

    One bite everyone knows the rules

  • Wavy Kay
    Wavy Kay 2 months ago

    My fiancé asked me to take her to a fancy revolving sushi bar this Saturday. I was freaking out like the uncultured swine I am and looked up the menus not knowing ANYTHING on there but Raman. After watching this I’m actually super excited to go!

  • Looks can be very deceiving.

    When he says good amount of spice for him, it’s an hour on the toilet for me

  • Karen Short
    Karen Short 3 months ago

    Come to Denver Colorado too

  • Karen Short
    Karen Short 3 months ago

    You should go to Las Vegas and try their Japanese food.

  • Kian Lilley
    Kian Lilley 3 months ago

    Tried Ippudo today because of you. Thanks mike!!!

  • avery
    avery 3 months ago

    ippudo has the best ramen in new york... hands down. their westside location has the best vibe too

  • Leah Lamipeti
    Leah Lamipeti 3 months ago

    I found a new love for ramen!

  • Novemberlynn Tso
    Novemberlynn Tso 3 months ago

    Have you considered to try those ramen burritos?!

  • Chapman Collects
    Chapman Collects 3 months ago

    Nice shirt Mike!

  • Dawn Cresswell
    Dawn Cresswell 3 months ago

    Just pointing out...Vancouver!! My hometown! Love your shirt :)

    ABCD EFGH 3 months ago

    What's the name of the song/instrumental at the very beginning?!

    It's gorgeous!

  • Zama -L
    Zama -L 3 months ago

    Im the only one who never had ramen in 20 years of life :'(

  • Vijay Kumar Dilor
    Vijay Kumar Dilor 3 months ago

    Why am I watching this guy.. I'm vegetarian anyway.

  • Vision33r
    Vision33r 3 months ago

    These days ramen is way overpriced. Back in the early 2000s you could walk into NYC Japanese ramen places and a bowl starts at $6 and priciest is $9 for big bowl with scallop and shrimp. Today, you pay $13 and it's nothing but a few slices of meat. The ramen itself is all the same everywhere. I usually prefer my ramen undercooked but some places seem to overcharge by selling on their al'dente ramen. Majority of places I have recently have overly fatty broth and not enough fish broth. Tend to be overly salty instead of having umami flavor.

  • Paul Lane
    Paul Lane 3 months ago

    It amazes me how much this guy can eat! He's like a black hole!

  • Monetization
    Monetization 4 months ago +1

    How to be immature: Aroused hehehe

  • Crystal R
    Crystal R 4 months ago

    Lol when I first saw ur show as a recommendation from TheXvid I thought u only did flight reviews! So I stopped watching, but i've bn totally binge watching since I saw other stuff, subscribed now! Would love 2 meet you someday! You have an awesome personality and love how you anthropomorphize your food so well! Love love love

  • avery
    avery 4 months ago

    ippudo is the best ramen in new york.

  • Michael Pellegrino
    Michael Pellegrino 4 months ago

    You hit most of the best spots. Ippudo for sure has best pork and chicken buns. But you must go to the original totto best ramen by far

  • TheMoonlover93
    TheMoonlover93 4 months ago

    He inspires me to go out one meal date by myself

  • xKeNniii
    xKeNniii 4 months ago

    Ippudo is the best ramen i’ve had, broth is too good. Wish I could try some others in Japan though, but outside I believe Ippudo is the best

  • Eleni panagiaris
    Eleni panagiaris 4 months ago

    that roman place is also in Illinois

  • Lena Huang
    Lena Huang 4 months ago

    Mommy, mike chen is scary

  • starlord
    starlord 4 months ago

    If you had the ingredients. You could replace the top ramen poweder pack..with like some sausege to replace the pork...and a perfect soft boiled salted egg.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 4 months ago

    Hey Mike chane they should pay you for promoting all that good food

  • Tjia
    Tjia 4 months ago

    A polite person always says sorry to they're food

  • UnbeatableGaming
    UnbeatableGaming 4 months ago

    491 dislikes are from DC Fan base.

  • H E
    H E 4 months ago

    Drink every time he says “broth”

  • gp
    gp 5 months ago

    Why didn't you go to Mr. Taka, it's right around the corner from Nakamura!

  • Aaron Stephenson
    Aaron Stephenson 5 months ago

    how to get free ramen and eat free for a week - @8YNg

  • Jon Weaver
    Jon Weaver 5 months ago

    What's the name of the track when you entered Ivan Ramen? Thanks.

  • Skuash
    Skuash 5 months ago

    It's the same as ramen in Japan? Even if the chef is Japanese, the ingredients can make a difference, that's why I'm asking. Even if I cook local food somewhere else, it won't be the same due to the ingredients.

  • Edmund Tam
    Edmund Tam 5 months ago

    "That broth can pick up girls anywhere" lol

  • BapBop
    BapBop 5 months ago

    “This ramen can get you girl anywhere” well time for me to buy that ramen and bring with me everywhere

  • Vonna Lyfe
    Vonna Lyfe 5 months ago

    So Mike Chili Oil and Lime in Ramen for now on?

  • Jade Oatis
    Jade Oatis 5 months ago

    14:43 that cup is a *beaker* ....

  • IsseiKurogane
    IsseiKurogane 5 months ago

    anyone just come back to these ramen videos and rewatch?

  • justin wilson
    justin wilson 5 months ago

    I think mike like ramen more than naruto at this point

  • Martina Lola fraser
    Martina Lola fraser 5 months ago

    Yummy 😍🤤

  • denniszenanywhere
    denniszenanywhere 5 months ago

    Any suggestions for ramen for lactose-intolerant people?

  • Better With Rum
    Better With Rum 5 months ago

    I don't know why I do this to myself... I need Ramen this week now... I need to learn to make Ramen myself at home.

  • Joy Lan
    Joy Lan 6 months ago


  • Carlos Uriarte
    Carlos Uriarte 6 months ago

    I fell like I’m on porn hub

  • Ryan Harper
    Ryan Harper 6 months ago

    Please don't insult the bowl of Ramen by comparing it to Taylor Swift! Lol

  • Diego Ramos
    Diego Ramos 6 months ago

    I cant believe I was outside of this place and I didnt want to enter because there was a very tall guy at the entrance and I didnt feel confident about going inside...

  • Now beg for your life in Spanish

    I tried kaedama at Ippudo and almost fell asleep at my booth
    10/10 would eat two bowls of ramen again

  • Asako Labit
    Asako Labit 6 months ago

    I just noticed Hayao Miyazaki wrote a message for Nakamuraya...(refer 8:42) WOW That's awesome. Thank you Mike for videoing that wall inside of the shop!

  • donjz777
    donjz777 6 months ago

    Ramen is not a healthy food. I wonder if the West knows this.

    SAVATH LUK 6 months ago

    In Cambodian me means ramen

  • jeremiah lau
    jeremiah lau 6 months ago

    So he thinks ramen is stinky because silk is stinky not creamy

  • Alrucards
    Alrucards 6 months ago

    8:32 been going to this place since September and never not happy having a bowl of ramen soup. Also can have takeout if the place is crowded.

  • SR3711
    SR3711 6 months ago

    Without having to add Chili oil and getting emotional, you know its the best ramen you have had in NYC. Love the vids man. Keep them coming.

    SHADOWRIDER88 6 months ago

    Tonkotsu ramen is my favorite! I always get an extra helping of noodles, and extra egg and some extra chashu pork! The thick milky broth is sooooo awesome and flavorfull!

  • Oogie Boogie
    Oogie Boogie 6 months ago

    Those ramen look great but I'm so bothered by Mikey grabbing a small bite and chopping off the noodles instead of slurping the length of the noodle!

  • Budi Darmawan
    Budi Darmawan 7 months ago +1

    Vicarious. That's the word.
    I eat vicariously through you, Mike.
    In every. Single. Bloody. Video.

  • A Lad and a Dad
    A Lad and a Dad 7 months ago +1

    Wow glad you had Ivan Ramen in there... his ramen cookbook is awesome, not just a recipe book but a good story of his journey too. Love the videos Mike.

  • Product933
    Product933 7 months ago

    I think I love ramen now

  • W h e e z e
    W h e e z e 7 months ago +1

    *_Actually Thought the music at the start was The howard the alien song_*

  • Shubhangi Raghuvanshi
    Shubhangi Raghuvanshi 7 months ago +3

    I am a vegetarian and yet I have watched all your eating videos countless times,I guess you're just too hot and I love the expressions you make while eating. So cute.

    KIRA WOLF 7 months ago

    I want my cheap spicy ramen now

  • Edward Tabion
    Edward Tabion 7 months ago

    Jackie chan is that you?

  • Anna Gregory
    Anna Gregory 7 months ago

    My parents won’t take me to a ramen 🍜 place because well I don’t know why

  • Pilvi the Parakeet
    Pilvi the Parakeet 7 months ago

    U must have an extreme work out

  • Adrianna Turner
    Adrianna Turner 7 months ago

    Dang it Mikey :( I was trying to eat in for lunch today but watching this physically forced me to enjoy a great bowl of ramen with some gyoza :((( how unfortunate :(((((

  • Ernesto Alamo
    Ernesto Alamo 7 months ago

    This video requires payment to watch. .?

  • tovarish sophia
    tovarish sophia 7 months ago

    ur thumbnail face says otherwise

  • Nathaly Gomes
    Nathaly Gomes 7 months ago

    Do you know what I hate about this channel? It makes me SOOOOOOO hungry! LOL I just had to order food because I couldn't take it anymore, first the pizza tour and now this! You made me want to try all the ramens I can get my hands on! Love this channel