Are we a normal couple?

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
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Comments • 2 477

  • EzeyKi
    EzeyKi 6 minutes ago

    U smash bro?

    ZRK OUT Hour ago

    rah you can just tell that they having sex like once a month xause of how they answered the question

  • DaveyBoyy25
    DaveyBoyy25 6 hours ago

    Talia is way too hot for simon, fair play to him tho he pulled a stunner!

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 6 hours ago

    No you’re fucking not mate

  • Greta Boccaletti
    Greta Boccaletti 18 hours ago

    9:41 they’re so flipping cute 😂❤️

  • Ieuan Slocombe
    Ieuan Slocombe Day ago

    Why does talia look like that sluty English teacher ever had a crush on

  • navvez
    navvez Day ago

    I really do not understand why they are both virgins, they have a good relationship and are both in their 20's smh, both christian maybe? no sex before marriage? why?

  • Yuan Wullink
    Yuan Wullink 2 days ago +2

    I've seen about... 7 videos with talia and i can now say with 100% certainty. Talia is a lil freak in bed 😂

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    9:54 "Absolutely, dapsolutely"?

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    9:24 Now THAT, I can get behind!

  • Trit Dighero
    Trit Dighero 2 days ago

    We wanna see it you to need to kiss on camera chicken

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    5:22 Whatever happened to being monogamous?

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    4:46 Whatever you say, Trump's crew will be sure to exaggerate it!

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    3:16 Hmm, you could definitely find one less offensive than that. Best not risk it, though.

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    2:23 Josie Jones from Fresh Meat 1,860 times at least. ;-)

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    2:12 I might even be inclined to put "monogamous" as better than "married". After all, some cheat even after marriage.

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago +1

    1:05 What a great friend...

  • Joshua BAKER
    Joshua BAKER 2 days ago

    0:34 Oh, but that does seem to be becoming more and more the norm...

  • idk what to do
    idk what to do 2 days ago

    When she smiles she looks like girl Harrie potter

  • Азамат Бабаев

    but what about HARDCORE DOGGY YEAH!!!

  • Anime Tids
    Anime Tids 4 days ago

    Talia looks like the teacher in every porn just sayn

  • shippo notme
    shippo notme 4 days ago

    Tf she wearing

  • Liz Council
    Liz Council 5 days ago

    i actually felt bad for simon when she said he's the one

  • Erblin Avdyli
    Erblin Avdyli 5 days ago

    Her mouth is enormous it gave me chills

  • S7 Cryptic
    S7 Cryptic 6 days ago

    Talia the tangerine

  • Linguid Tuber
    Linguid Tuber 6 days ago

    Talia is so fucking peng

  • Nazplays
    Nazplays 7 days ago

    Talia looking sexier than ever

  • Hadidawi Akrami
    Hadidawi Akrami 7 days ago

    Plz make JJ do this

  • Katie Gray
    Katie Gray 8 days ago

    im from Notts

  • Migen Taf
    Migen Taf 8 days ago

    You have had sex you liar

    SHADOWBULLET 2 9 days ago +4

    Is your girlfriend from iTALIA

  • Egg Man bug boy
    Egg Man bug boy 9 days ago

    Nobody cares about your girlfriend homeslice

  • Declan Blake
    Declan Blake 10 days ago

    Talia to peng

  • Abdul Mo
    Abdul Mo 11 days ago +6

    10:00 had me crying miniminters Videos with talia are the best

  • Fetus Deletus
    Fetus Deletus 12 days ago

    The answer is if your dating Simon the answer is your relationship isn’t normal

  • Ted Wilson
    Ted Wilson 12 days ago

    Why will you never have sex with talia

  • Dyllon YT
    Dyllon YT 12 days ago

    Simon we all know u and talia aren’t virgins

  • Chicharito IsGoat
    Chicharito IsGoat 13 days ago +1

    7:07 lmao

  • SeanTheMan1
    SeanTheMan1 13 days ago

    Talia is so hot she needs to be a pornstar

  • dickweed 22
    dickweed 22 14 days ago

    Why does she have trousers on her head

  • Charlottesaffy
    Charlottesaffy 14 days ago

    *sees an attractive girl wearing something sexy*
    "omG WhY DoES ShE loOK LiKe A POrN sTar ThO 😂? "

  • Alucard99
    Alucard99 14 days ago

    Talia is deffo the stereo typical slutty teacher 😂

  • Juliana Hilliard
    Juliana Hilliard 14 days ago

    Her makeup looks so orange in the thumbnail lol

  • Callum gave me an std
    Callum gave me an std 14 days ago

    I’d shag talia lowkey

  • KingDomofSkeough
    KingDomofSkeough 14 days ago

    When noone on the comments has met a real women and all they do is watch porn so they think Talia looks like a pornstar

  • Sricharan
    Sricharan 14 days ago

    9:40 is my fav part

  • NaturalCauses 619
    NaturalCauses 619 14 days ago

    Simon-“It was the Fourth of July the other day”. The day you lost America Simon?😂

  • RoZe Savvy
    RoZe Savvy 14 days ago

    But Simon isn’t a virgin

  • Jordan Ofwono
    Jordan Ofwono 15 days ago

    The banter is strong with them

  • Chainzthegamer
    Chainzthegamer 15 days ago

    Poor Simon A Man always wants to lose their virginity when they are older than 20

  • Kyro Easter
    Kyro Easter 15 days ago

  • X Yeez
    X Yeez 16 days ago

    Talia Looks a bit Like SSSniperWolf no cap

  • Hannah Eyre
    Hannah Eyre 16 days ago

    I live in Nottingham!

  • FAKE Nedim-?
    FAKE Nedim-? 16 days ago


  • EVB Mystic
    EVB Mystic 17 days ago +1

    mad, simon didn’t even put talias links in the description

  • Kate A.
    Kate A. 18 days ago


    TG ELITE 18 days ago

    Well we all know from the personal questions video that the virgin comment was a lie

  • Stace Porter
    Stace Porter 18 days ago

    Why do British people celebrate 4th of July it’s literally the U.S declaring independence from the British

    • rohan
      rohan 16 days ago +1

      Stace Porter it was sarcastic

  • Claire Fagan
    Claire Fagan 18 days ago

    Simon stimp dog

  • Hassnat Hussain
    Hassnat Hussain 19 days ago +6

    He leg were shaking when she was with deji deji said it to reacting to a diss track

  • Tygz OpTiCz
    Tygz OpTiCz 19 days ago

    Tobi definitely fucked talia 🤣

  • Copper 4
    Copper 4 19 days ago


  • Mohammed yusuf
    Mohammed yusuf 19 days ago

    Hardcour doggy

  • ZI
    ZI 19 days ago

    What da faq is she wearing?

  • Dead Brayan
    Dead Brayan 19 days ago

    He is not a virgin is he

  • Aditya Dwivedi
    Aditya Dwivedi 19 days ago

    How are they not at all cute?!

  • Alexander Betts
    Alexander Betts 20 days ago +1

    Talia is so sexy but I wouldn't have sex with her cus of simon

  • FireNinja
    FireNinja 20 days ago +4

    Who else when Simon said his aunt was scary thought of that woman in mitilder

  • Agonxz
    Agonxz 20 days ago

    I have a fuckin crush on Talia

  • GabyIT Cheetah
    GabyIT Cheetah 20 days ago

    Talia is T H I C C

  • nick Ronin King
    nick Ronin King 20 days ago

    The every couple months is a sex question

  • Matthew Ricciardi
    Matthew Ricciardi 20 days ago

    In this video talia is looking extra thiccccc

  • James ODowd
    James ODowd 21 day ago

    TALIA IS FINE AF u lucky u got her, she given u mad views, mad cooch