It's Time To Talk About That Spider-Man Scene In Avengers: Infinity War

  • Published on May 2, 2018
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    Once Spider-Man joined the MCU back in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, it seemed like we'd entered a bold new era of cinematic web slinging. Actor Tom Holland is a young man, portraying a high-school aged Peter Parker still trying to figure out how to put the Man in Spider-Man. So in the lead-up to Avengers: Infinity War, everyone expected to see Spider-Man doing some pretty cool stuff, suiting up as the Iron Spider to take on Thanos and his gang of creeps. We should probably pause the video now to let you know that there are some Thanos-sized spoilers ahead. Still with us? Good...
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  • Srividhya Venkat
    Srividhya Venkat 5 days ago +1

    Anyone after ENDGAME?

  • Gabriel Cuneta
    Gabriel Cuneta 14 days ago

    "Mr Stark, I don't feel so good"

    And it's sad

  • Tort
    Tort 16 days ago

    are you kidding me? i never saw infinity war! disliked!

  • Leilani .Mariyah
    Leilani .Mariyah 16 days ago

    Little does she know he comes back in endgame 🤩

  • darrell holland
    darrell holland 17 days ago

    Spring movie idints

  • Kr1stalStudios
    Kr1stalStudios 17 days ago

    Oh, you mean the saddest scene in all of Marvel?

  • KnightRaymund
    KnightRaymund 19 days ago +2

    We won Mr. Stark,

  • PYT 1
    PYT 1 23 days ago

    why does everyone think spidey is weak.
    in a comic he just supports a plan that is about to land and he just blocks winter soldiers punch like it was Casual or something.

  • Brandon Deleon
    Brandon Deleon 24 days ago +1

    Rip Iron man

  • Brodie Jackson
    Brodie Jackson 24 days ago +1

    This was made 12 months ago it says why doesnt it just say 1 year ago?

  • Tegan Little
    Tegan Little 25 days ago

    ThE aMaZiNg DeAd SpIdErMaN:
    I just watched endgame and I’m
    Pretty sure he’s alive

  • João Morais
    João Morais 28 days ago

    how in the hell are peter school mates the same age as him in the far from home movie? should they be 5 years older?

  • Zac Jones
    Zac Jones 29 days ago

    Spiderman and the others r not dead they are trapped in the soul stone

  • Patricia_23 XD
    Patricia_23 XD Month ago

    I was balling my eyes out when Peter (Spider-Man) hugged Iron Man and begged for him not to was like a father and son moment.😭🤧

  • Kier Taña
    Kier Taña Month ago +1

    Have you noticed when spidey said he's from the future?

  • Hyper Ninja
    Hyper Ninja Month ago

    I was about to cry who eles was about to die

  • Marissa Savage
    Marissa Savage Month ago +2

    Peter: finally becomes avenger
    Peter 30 mins later: is dying in Mr. Stark’s arms

  • Nijel White
    Nijel White Month ago

    When I just heard Peter Parker saying he doesn't want to go I was crying I was crying😭😭😭😭

  • subscribe to me for no reason taco

    You guys do know spiderman holds back ALL the time right?

  • avi video
    avi video Month ago

    I watched this scene over a million times and usually I don't cry during movies but Everytime I watch this scene I cry Everytime. Even though I know it is not real

  • BTS Tus Patrones
    BTS Tus Patrones 2 months ago

    I seriously cried at the end of the movie

  • Bolty
    Bolty 2 months ago +1

    *I Don't Feel so Good, Mr. Stark...*

  • fenrirdies
    fenrirdies 2 months ago

    Another reason the movie was trash

  • William Colebrook-Smith

    Thug breaks in marvel studios with machine guns. Asked who wrote infinity war. Shoots him 80 thousand times and rewrites the movie so spidey doesn’t die.

  • Divised-Pheonix YT1
    Divised-Pheonix YT1 2 months ago +1

    He went to a quantum realm

  • Andreas Tsoumaris
    Andreas Tsoumaris 2 months ago +1

    Spiderman it is not dead.

  • Janine Rusinovich
    Janine Rusinovich 2 months ago

    i cried at the ending

  • 5Dave Akilan5
    5Dave Akilan5 3 months ago

    Reported misleading whata exactly did they talked about spiderman in the scene

  • Joann Nguyen
    Joann Nguyen 3 months ago

    The most heartbreaking moment is when he said
    "I'm sorry"
    You don't just casually say I'm sorry for dying.
    But don't worry guys our Peter Parker is strong, he'll make it.

  • WolfLover crazy24262
    WolfLover crazy24262 3 months ago +1


  • Sofia Karjala
    Sofia Karjala 3 months ago

    I cried at his death as much as I cried at Ace's death in One Piece. X'C


  • Leonard Mosca
    Leonard Mosca 3 months ago

    I think this one takes place in an alternate universe where the infinite war never happen

  • Pink Girl 101
    Pink Girl 101 3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure Spider man survives since it says he is in the Avengers Endgame cast

  • Jeff Pappa
    Jeff Pappa 4 months ago

    Iron Man is about to take the hammer to the face before spideys entrance in infinity war. “Hey kid where’d you come from” -Iron Man “The Future!” Time travel confirmed?

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 3 months ago

      He said "Field trip!! To MoMA!!"

  • Theodora L
    Theodora L 4 months ago

    Amazingly dead, OK LISTEN HERE-

  • dj spiderman
    dj spiderman 4 months ago

    So that's why Spiderman far from home was made

  • Mr. Jostur
    Mr. Jostur 4 months ago

    I love how the death of spiderman was so traumatizing a bunch of people had to make videos saying "He'll be back, don't worry, calm down."

  • MR B
    MR B 4 months ago

    Couple of things. During the initial scene in Infinity war Spiderman shows up Tony asks him "Kid whered you come from" Spiderman says "The Future" and something intelligible. Also in the end of this video when they are all attacking The hulk is there! Not banner in the hulk buster but the actual Hulk. ALl that happened will be undone

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 3 months ago

      He said "Field trip!! To MoMA!!"

  • Abi talent SOS
    Abi talent SOS 4 months ago

    Dude, the others who got snapped by Thanos were sent in another universe, Including Spidey/Peter. So he is going to escape that universe so he gets back in Avengers 4: End-game, or Mr. Stark is going to save him.

  • Emari Davis
    Emari Davis 4 months ago

    Why do people think they died?

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 3 months ago

      Because the movie showed them dying? :)

  • Finn Franz
    Finn Franz 4 months ago

    In avengers endgame witch hasn’t come out yet you can look at the cast and Tom Holland is in it so I’m pretty sure that he’s coming back

    KRYPTIX 4 months ago

    Mr wank I don't feel so good.

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 4 months ago

    What if when Spider-Man disappeared he was sent back to nyc lmao

  • Max - G
    Max - G 4 months ago

    So, you don’t care Spider - Man’s dead?

  • Neternis
    Neternis 4 months ago +1

    The most stupid part was when dr strange didn’t try to use the time stone to reverse the issues

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 3 months ago

      +Neternis Yes. At least some of them.

    • Neternis
      Neternis 3 months ago +2

      Mike Dasik ohhh now I get what ur saying. This is still continuing so they would come back

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 3 months ago

      In the beginning of the movie, Strange said to Iron Man, that if he had to sacrifice Time stone to save him or Spidey, he wouldn't do that and would let them die to protect the stone.
      But then he saw in the future and changed his mind. He saw that he had to give the stone to Thanos, so Thanos would get all the stones. Because only that way they would be able to win eventually.
      It had to happen. If he stopped Star Lord from punching Thanos, the heroes would lose forever and half of universe would die permanently. Now, they have a chance to win in Endgame. They wouldn't have this chance if they took him the gauntlet. He would get it again and would kill them all.
      This was lesser evil. They can reverse it yet.

    • Neternis
      Neternis 3 months ago

      Mike Dasik how one of the character’s girlfriend died and then made thanos get mad he could of made him not do that

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 3 months ago

      +Neternis He saw the future. And knew it all had to happen this way. If he reversed time, he wouldn't help anything.

  • Carralié Alice
    Carralié Alice 4 months ago


  • Matthew Thorpe
    Matthew Thorpe 4 months ago

    Ok my assumption from the A4 trailer is bc of his spider-sense that’s is the reason why he is able to walk around in the soul place and no one else can, and I feel he’s going to have a conversation with little gamora and she’s going to tell him something important, just my opinion on what’s next for Spider-Man in A4

  • Third Eye
    Third Eye 4 months ago

    Did anyone realise that in the fight scene with iron man in infinity war, spidey says he is from the future. Is there anything on this anywhere?

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 3 months ago

      He said "Field trip!! To MoMA!!"

  • Hi
    Hi 4 months ago +2

    I cried when he died

  • SevenFrogs
    SevenFrogs 4 months ago


  • elle souffle
    elle souffle 4 months ago


  • Jack Tsai Jr
    Jack Tsai Jr 4 months ago

    Why why why did he die wahhhh he was my favorite

  • Big C
    Big C 5 months ago

    Well I give tony credit because he tried

  • Big C
    Big C 5 months ago

    Wait wait so tony is Peter's dad?

  • Raven
    Raven 5 months ago

    Spider-Man is going to be back for next avengers infinity war movie

  • ImHereFriends
    ImHereFriends 5 months ago

    San do anything a spider can
    Everything's going dark
    I don't feel so good Mr stark
    Oh no..
    There goes the spiderman

  • Joey Ball
    Joey Ball 5 months ago

    All of that for some grape juice

  • Lucy phamtomhive
    Lucy phamtomhive 5 months ago

    So he's not dead

  • Nidhi Nair
    Nidhi Nair 5 months ago

    The 'endgame ' of the fight..

  • One Eyed Rohan
    One Eyed Rohan 5 months ago

    *cough* Spider man into the spider verse *cough*

  • Korrey
    Korrey 5 months ago

    Spot on for Avengers 4 title. Good Job.

  • Jonathan Getachew
    Jonathan Getachew 5 months ago

    What Movie Theatre Did These Guys Go To, No One In My Theatre Cried

  • Dont correct Plisss
    Dont correct Plisss 5 months ago

    rip PITZZA parker

  • TeloDell
    TeloDell 5 months ago

    So Spiderman is not dead I do not believe it!!!....

  • Android Andrew X
    Android Andrew X 6 months ago

    "Hey, let's put pretty much all the characters in one movie and kill them all."

  • Lane Martin
    Lane Martin 6 months ago

    Avengers infinity war endgame 2

    Thanos: I’m glad he didn’t kill me
    Corvus Glaive: who
    Thanos: that insect
    Corvus gaive: what insect
    Thanos: shut up
    Spider man: me
    Corvus glaive: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!
    Spider man: I wanted to kill you to
    Thanos: your back
    Spider man: no we are
    Thanos: what do you mean
    Iron man: he means he’s not alone
    Dr strange: I noticed something I know two ways to defeat you
    Thanos: what
    Dr strange:you’ll see
    Ant man:you’ll sqaush me like a bug bug but not like a human I’ll survive you because of my daughter Casey
    Black panther: you mess with my friends you mess with me
    Spider man: my spider senses are tingling ...

  • Lane Martin
    Lane Martin 6 months ago

    November 20 2018
    I don’t get it so spider 🕷 man is saying sorry to stark but why🤔? also peter died why ? It didn’t mention why so please tell us why sorry about all the why’s 👌And they can’t make any more marvel super heroes because Stan Lee died

  • Michael Gilbert
    Michael Gilbert 6 months ago

    Am i the only one who wants to see venom, wolverine, and deadpool in A4?

  • Milou B
    Milou B 6 months ago +1

    4:19 he did it in lip sync battle😂

  • 404 4
    404 4 6 months ago

    *cries in Danish*

  • David Johnstone
    David Johnstone 6 months ago

    Utter utter utter fish scales....

  • David Johnstone
    David Johnstone 6 months ago

    Stop this channel

  • David Johnstone
    David Johnstone 6 months ago

    Quite possibly the worst and most unauthenticated channel on youtube.

  • David Johnstone
    David Johnstone 6 months ago


  • David Johnstone
    David Johnstone 6 months ago


  • Lucky Gal
    Lucky Gal 6 months ago

    Well my dad said NONE of them are dead

  • BrendonUrieIsDaddy
    BrendonUrieIsDaddy 6 months ago


  • CarpFOON O’hydrate
    CarpFOON O’hydrate 6 months ago

    what would ahve happened if there was a odd number of total inhabitants of the universe?

  • Justin Amador
    Justin Amador 6 months ago

    The reason he was pleading and not feeling so good was because his Spider Sense knew what was going on other than him just acting normal then immediately being dusted like Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Star Lord, etc.

  • Lk Brady
    Lk Brady 6 months ago

    Spiderman for life

  • Xlr8 The gamer
    Xlr8 The gamer 6 months ago

    At the end I cover my eyes

    ARIAS RELOADED 6 months ago

    "He uses his last words to apologize to his surrogate father for not doing better."
    What? (Also what are you talking about?) That's not what happened. He apologized because he was dying and he knew that it would crush Tony. Remember this line?
    *"And if you died... I feel like that's on me. I can't have that on my conscience."*
    Peter apologizing here is a testament to his character, putting others before himself.

  • BeebaLazyVlogs
    BeebaLazyVlogs 6 months ago

    He didn't apologise because he felt he didn't do good enough. In Homecoming, after the Staten Island Ferry scene, Tony says to him " . . . If you'd died . . . I'd feel like that's on me." He was apologising because he knew Tony would blame himself, and despite his fear over dying, decided to use his last breath in an attempt to comfort his mentor in that moment.

  • Corrupt angel
    Corrupt angel 6 months ago

    Mr stark I don't feel so good

  • Stephanie Palma
    Stephanie Palma 7 months ago

    Infinity war is the best movie

  • Grow
    Grow 7 months ago

    We finally get a good spiderman actor (tom holland) and he dies

  • Chris Kelly
    Chris Kelly 7 months ago

    Did anyone notice when iron man asks Spider-Man where he came from at 22 minutes in he says "the future!"???

  • Unidentified Alien
    Unidentified Alien 7 months ago

    Spider-man is the best marvel hero.
    Change my mind.

  • Trooperofdeath21 -
    Trooperofdeath21 - 7 months ago

    Peter will be back, in the comics Stark reincarnates him.

  • Jonathan Gaming
    Jonathan Gaming 7 months ago

    I finished my popcorn tho

  • gxfan039
    gxfan039 7 months ago +1

    I felt like somebody took a knife, and stabbed me in the heart. 😢

  • TheProfessional
    TheProfessional 7 months ago

    Spider Man is my favorite super hero to ever exist.

  • Full Clock
    Full Clock 7 months ago +1

    Heroes newer dies

  • Quilt
    Quilt 7 months ago

    Spider-Man at his full potential could actually be pretty strong. He’s a pretty heavy hitter himself. If he does have his spider sense in this universe, that combined with his agility and intelligence could allow him to be pretty powerful.

  • Spiffybox Studios!
    Spiffybox Studios! 7 months ago

    New drinking game!: Everytime she mispronounces Thanos, take a shot. You'll be out cold in minutes..

  • cassie
    cassie 7 months ago

    nah we still dont gota talk about it.

  • wHAtS uP fUcKeRs •
    wHAtS uP fUcKeRs • 7 months ago

    I cried when peter died.

  • ukezi
    ukezi 7 months ago

    Rip groot :d :(

  • SandybeachesAG
    SandybeachesAG 7 months ago

    "we don't want to kill you but we will"
    spider-man:" Thats funny, the directors told me the same thing"

  • Carolyn Elkins
    Carolyn Elkins 7 months ago

    4:18 if Tom Holland can dance to Rihanna's Umbrella I'm pretty sure that he can dance to this