Joe Wilkinson & David O’Doherty Look Like WHO??! | Best of David | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  Month ago +9

    Have YOU ever had a genius app idea?!
    Watch the FULL SERIES:

    • Stalin’s Mustache
      Stalin’s Mustache 28 days ago

      It’s not an app but how about you make videos about 8 out of 10 cats does countdown videos that we HAVENT seen before

    • Strawberry Unicorn
      Strawberry Unicorn Month ago


    • nbbim2012
      nbbim2012 Month ago

      Give the people what they want.... the first part of MY suggestion #revengeoftheguests was VERY WELL received hurry up with part 2 already... get your act together channel 4

    • michael Longford
      michael Longford Month ago +3

      An app that detects when people are talking bs would be good. It would just shout "Bullsh*t!" When anyone lied.

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis Day ago

    Joe Wilkinson looks like John Bonham

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins 3 days ago

    He looks absolutely nothing like Keith Moon. Like almost as little like Keith Moon as an average weight, brown-haired, average-looking white guy can possibly look like Keith Moon.

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins 3 days ago

    Suzie Dent is crazy-hot for her age.

  • Anjalena
    Anjalena 17 days ago

    I say David looks like Jim Henson, too. =)

  • Matt Mosley
    Matt Mosley 19 days ago

    Same old clips :-(

  • Josh Cohen
    Josh Cohen 21 day ago


  • Nick Currie
    Nick Currie 23 days ago

    I respect Lee Mack going in for a feel of the padded gusset.

  • Ashley S. MacKenzie
    Ashley S. MacKenzie 26 days ago +4

    "That's good and all, but tell us where you've buried your gold."

  • .
    . 28 days ago

  • Tali Zorah
    Tali Zorah Month ago

    David O'Doherty is shit.

  • Damo
    Damo Month ago +5

    Saw David live a good decade ago supporting Rich Hall, not a lot of comedians are funny enough to have that sort of staying-power but he's managed it. Quality act. Shit dress sense.

  • BeardedGhinzu
    BeardedGhinzu Month ago

    daamn, i love you guys!)
    That is awesome )

  • ThatGuyWhoDidThatThing

    I've heard new episodes have been recorded. Does anyone know when they air?

  • Xav
    Xav Month ago +10

    Is David O’Doherty purposely unfunny?

    • dB
      dB Month ago +8

      Xav If you think he’s not funny I dread to think what you think of Nish Kumar et al.

  • Kris A
    Kris A Month ago +1

    6:13 I wouldn't mind covering Susie Dent. ;)

  • bread&butter
    bread&butter Month ago

    The joke about the house... Hilarious!

  • pukeylukey199
    pukeylukey199 Month ago +4

    "thats for the nerds to work out, im an ideas guy." Yeah everyone and their mother has said that "joke"....

    • pukeylukey199
      pukeylukey199 Month ago

      You guys are very funny and original like him...

    • Big Shaq!
      Big Shaq! Month ago +2

      Have you worked it out yet?

    • Willy T
      Willy T Month ago +3

      Found the nerd.

  • Francisco Collado
    Francisco Collado Month ago

    i JUST got the title

  • Kayleigh Steinel
    Kayleigh Steinel Month ago

    "Saimun Cowell type figurr"

  • Mia
    Mia Month ago +8

    Why does that ceramic lion look so much like David 😂😂😂

    • Saoirse del Tufo
      Saoirse del Tufo Month ago

      Mia cos they used to just draw animal faces like human faces. Seriously, look up some old art with animals in, it’s hilarious

  • Wayfaring Stranger
    Wayfaring Stranger Month ago +88

    Channel 4 are great at recycling clips we've seen 1000 times before.

    • Phill Robinson
      Phill Robinson 7 days ago

      Its because they are funny . What do you have to offer ???

  • chokinonashes61
    chokinonashes61 Month ago +13

    David O'Doherty is gorgeous, in my humble opinion.

    • james johnstone
      james johnstone 29 days ago

      Except for his tiny legs

    • dB
      dB Month ago

      chokinonashes61 I saw him live two months ago. Legendary.

  • john Baldock
    john Baldock Month ago

    "Leprechauns" are Offensive to Irish People" But FUCK IT The IRA IS COOL! WANKERS.

  • OriginalPiMan
    OriginalPiMan Month ago +11

    Jon is a David in-training and David is a Joe in-training.

  • Noah Addison
    Noah Addison Month ago +18

    I ain't gay but joe wilkinson is joe wilkinson ;)

    • Michael Jenkins
      Michael Jenkins 3 days ago

      Hmmm. I feel like you''d have to work your way through a lot winnets.

    • Big Shaq!
      Big Shaq! Month ago +2

      Well spotted

  • james johnstone
    james johnstone Month ago +46

    Feel like we need a Rachel one soon, she hasn't been exploited anywhere near as much as everyone else

    • Mugshot Marley
      Mugshot Marley 29 days ago +2

      james johnstone id like to abuse....erm I mean exploit her.

  • Mike R
    Mike R Month ago +77

    Next 2 vids. Best of Lee Mack and best of Rachel Riley

    • Crucial
      Crucial Month ago +2

      and Danny Dyer





    • Ashley Teece
      Ashley Teece Month ago


  • Hugh S
    Hugh S Month ago +87

    Hey Channel 4 how about something we havent seen countless times before?

    • Jake
      Jake 8 days ago

      Raymond Mogg Dead

    • Raymond Mogg
      Raymond Mogg 11 days ago

      *Countdownless times

    • Michael McGrath
      Michael McGrath Month ago +22

      Could be worse. Could be The Last Leg

    • Cameron Wood
      Cameron Wood Month ago +11

      Hugh S how about there hasn’t been a new episode since August so no

  • Harrison Clark
    Harrison Clark Month ago +24

    Not a fan of the 't-shirt under the t-shirt under the cardigan' type look