Gordon Shocked at Bankrupt Chef's Expensive Ingredients | Kitchen Nightmares UK

  • Published on May 24, 2017
    Chef Ramsay is fed up with the cook's excuses.
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  • Ruby Morris
    Ruby Morris 3 days ago

    Gordon just looks clean and smart.

  • Michael Piperni
    Michael Piperni 5 days ago

    They need to do a 'Chef Swap' where the chefs of the US and UK Kitchen Nightmares shows swap restaurants

  • Dusty Jarvis
    Dusty Jarvis 6 days ago

    Fuck California

  • Louie Watson
    Louie Watson 7 days ago

    Do you have a condom?
    Gordon: Nah baby, it's RAW!!!

  • theymusthatetesla
    theymusthatetesla 7 days ago

    ...Ready, Steady....TWAT!....fucking awesome!!!!

  • Yin YuPeng
    Yin YuPeng 9 days ago

    Where can I watch Kitchen Nightmares UK? The only one I can find is the US version on Amazon

  • Heathen Wolf
    Heathen Wolf 12 days ago

    "Ready Steady Twat"
    My sides have left orbit lads.

  • Krawurxus
    Krawurxus 15 days ago +1

    Seriously, these guys suck at managing their place but at least they're real chefs for once who can make use of the experience Gordon has.
    Most of the others on the show had to have it explained to them that they couldn't serve rotten food prepared in a filthy kitchen 6 weeks ago to their guests.

  • Jason Reyes
    Jason Reyes 16 days ago

    Doing that kind of menu w only two people Is absolute madness. Ducking idiots.

  • b24harman
    b24harman 16 days ago

    Why does it always include a clip of him changing his shirt? Not like he's a cut muscular dude or anything. WTF?

  • gouri sahota
    gouri sahota 16 days ago

    This guy will never get satisfied.

  • Unbeastable
    Unbeastable 17 days ago

    whats the name o this episode"?

  • jonatopik
    jonatopik 18 days ago

    One area where ive always felt Gordon "has his head up his own ass" is his obsession with food being "so 80s" or "so 90s" ...real ppl dont give a shit whether good food is trendy or passe.

  • Patrick D Rochfort
    Patrick D Rochfort 18 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay, one word .....CUNT

  • Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid

    He would be better suited for making meals to present for food advertisements.

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews 19 days ago

    That's probably with a lot of Europeans. They can be so fucking snobby and pretentious they forget the reason for what they're doing in the first place.

  • lombardo141
    lombardo141 20 days ago

    I watched this episode I remember that dude used to be a Michelin Star holder.

  • Kanjo Racer
    Kanjo Racer 20 days ago

    3:56 We've all been there...

  • kingX777
    kingX777 21 day ago

    Daym I wanted to see the whole episode

  • Aniruddha Datta
    Aniruddha Datta 21 day ago

    The difference between us and American versions of the show . . The UK version is at least hygienic

  • Underdog Boxing
    Underdog Boxing 22 days ago

    At 4:35 Gordon almost said Perfect but then changed his mind and words.

  • Play That Again Bruh
    Play That Again Bruh 22 days ago

    Which ep is this

  • Conqwiztadore22
    Conqwiztadore22 22 days ago

    This guy is like the idiot at my work.. Making customers wait 20 minutes for fkin burgers and fries

  • isaac milanda
    isaac milanda 23 days ago

    Less = more therefore 2 = 5...now I understand how the world works

  • NeonTime
    NeonTime 23 days ago +1

    Restaurant has okay to bad ingredients and no customers
    Gordon: are you insane??? This is why nobody is eating here!
    Restaurant has good to great ingredients and no customers
    Gordon: are you insane???

    • Doug Jones
      Doug Jones 19 days ago

      Its two extremes. Gordon wants them in the balancing point.

  • Jamie Thunder
    Jamie Thunder 23 days ago +1

    U.S version: ~electric guitar rift, bald eagle scteeching~ *TONIGHT* dun dun *ON KITCHEN NIGHTMARESS*
    UK version: quiet town centre, soothing voice .. I'm here in chelsea, trying to save a

  • James Valadez
    James Valadez 24 days ago

    I always assumed he wore a shirt under the white chef one. Interesting

  • Holden
    Holden 25 days ago

    He should take orders in advance and have the food ready when guests arrive.

  • S K
    S K 25 days ago +1

    “Ready steady twat” 😭

  • Inner Core
    Inner Core 29 days ago

    The first time the food wasn't vomitted by Gordon.

  • ruuzap
    ruuzap Month ago

    Damn, the UK version is an actual business that can eventually be helped. While we have a bunch of fucking donuts just wanting to call themselves restaurant owners

  • Demetrie Alger
    Demetrie Alger Month ago

    Gets mad at chefs for using cheap ingredients then gets mad if they use expensive ingredients

  • Mac
    Mac Month ago

    Such a different beast to the US version. I actually like Kitchen Nightmares USA, but it's total 'trash tv', with those incessant horror movie sound effects, caricature chefs and endless drama. Would this UK format not work on American tv'?

  • Aka
    Aka Month ago

    difference between Uk and US is these chefs don't let stuff sit in the freezer for 2 years

  • Jeff Cockmann
    Jeff Cockmann Month ago

    i saw so many restaurants like this in my city, they take awesome real estate, the rent must be fucking insane, they have the most pretentious menus and after a month the place is empty on a friday night (and the rest of the days) and they shut down after a year or two..

  • Justin Truax
    Justin Truax Month ago +2

    This guy must’ve plated and then re-plated the same plate at least 7 times... 😳😳😳

  • Ryan Riel
    Ryan Riel Month ago

    Not Sotendah!

  • Simply Rise
    Simply Rise Month ago

    4:22 there is so much fucking around😂🤣🤣🤣😂🐁🐀

  • Dr.B Mirza
    Dr.B Mirza Month ago +1

    Ready ,steady , twat ! Sounds like my last night.

  • Techvolve
    Techvolve Month ago

    Fuak Mai

  • CamoDrako
    CamoDrako Month ago

    4:32 Ah, the classic French dish, "Crêpe en Crêpe"

  • EnergyLeech
    EnergyLeech Month ago

    Ready steady twat. lol

  • Greg
    Greg Month ago

    If I had a penny for everytime Gordon said "f*ck me", I'd be a rich man. haha!

  • James Morris
    James Morris Month ago

    It cracks me up. 99% of the episodes he complains about quality of ingredients and presentation being shit then he comes to this place and is outraged by the high quality ingredients and too much time on presentation.

    • Elvick
      Elvick Month ago

      James Morris or, don’t overspend on ingredients when you have nights with literally no customers.

    • James Morris
      James Morris Month ago

      @Elvick My point is, you can't see a place being slow and then assume it's slow because one thing isn't done "exactly" how you would do it. It's like saying well CO2 levels are higher and temperatures are higher, so it must be the CO2. You have to take into account everything else going on as well. Before changing the way the chef does things, maybe see if there are other problems like advertising and how other restaurants in the same location are doing. If you don't get this is a TV show it's more important for Gordon to be dramatic than to make moderate assessments of what could be tweaked then you probably also enjoy the needless point of how many episodes he goes bare chested to change into a chef's shirt.

    • Elvick
      Elvick Month ago

      James Morris because they have no customers so can’t afford it. And he was obsessive compulsive with presentation, he was creating an “art piece” not food. Have you ever seen Gordon prep a plate that slowly?

  • Ben Matheson
    Ben Matheson Month ago

    Ready steady twat lmao

  • ImR0nBrgndy
    ImR0nBrgndy Month ago

    This seems more like the chef / owner forgot rule one. Know your customers. It’s a business. You don’t serve polished beautiful dishes to someone just looking for a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

  • ImR0nBrgndy
    ImR0nBrgndy Month ago

    Wtf did they say in the first 40 seconds
    Didn’t understand at all what the sous chef said

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson Month ago

    'ready steady twat' 😂😂😂

  • Boston Towny4life
    Boston Towny4life Month ago

    I love how Kitchen Nightmares UK it's just some chefs who are good but just make some mistakes that are setting them back while the US version are owners who are just completely inept, half retarded, and don't know what dimension they live in.

  • Turok, not the dinosaur hunter, the adult film star

    Hey, someone that actually has all their shit together before Gordon goes through the refrigeration. I’m sincerely shocked. Has the world ended!? Am I dead!?

  • CM99501
    CM99501 Month ago

    The fact that someone would pay more than $15 for a plate of 3 tiny carrots, some weird cake things, and a blob of sauce is beyond me. I could go to a Sub joint and get a MASSIVE sub for 15.

  • Robin Vettier
    Robin Vettier Month ago

    Honestly... the food looks good! But I think the place is just in the butthole of England

  • Bh 11
    Bh 11 Month ago

    “Ready steady twat” had me 😭😭😂😂😂

  • Ruby Castillo
    Ruby Castillo Month ago

    Beginning of the video: yaaaaaASSSSS!!!!!!

  • pejpm
    pejpm Month ago

    The UK version is just so much better

  • Goldenblade14
    Goldenblade14 Month ago

    UK version: *kitchen ambiance*
    US version: "FUCKING BULLOCKS!"

  • 748Duc
    748Duc Month ago

    Finally a chef who’s problem is wanting to be to good.

  • Dominus Providebit
    Dominus Providebit Month ago

    This guy doesn’t seem to be a bad chef. He just needs some help in achieving certain goals, like feeding customers.

  • mex herr
    mex herr Month ago

    Tony Stark is now a bankrupt chef

  • J.
    J. Month ago

    Ramsey likes to tease. I didn't get to see one nipple.

  • DC Sniper
    DC Sniper Month ago

    which season and which episode is this from?

  • ABandApart01
    ABandApart01 Month ago +3

    “Ready. Steady. Twat.”

  • Jericho Mortlock
    Jericho Mortlock Month ago

    4:53 "That's not true..."

  • Perry Saker
    Perry Saker Month ago

    At the end of the day it's just food...I have no respect for pretentious menus...food is a nessesacity not a luxury..doesn't matter how you ponce it up, it's not worth the the prices people charge

  • Bastijn Vos
    Bastijn Vos Month ago

    US: kitchen nightmares
    UK: kitchen inconveniences

  • A Lee
    A Lee Month ago

    Cant lie I love how organized he was and using great Ingredients

  • ?,?,
    ?,?, Month ago +2

    This chef has a feminist wife
    No wonder he's lost the will to live

  • Eric Heym
    Eric Heym Month ago

    First Ramsay complains about kitchens buying cheap product because they’re broke and now he complains about a chef who isn’t cutting corners??

  • Sage DeSol
    Sage DeSol Month ago

    We should all be lucky that Gordon is going around the world fixing shit restaurants for us. He says what we are all thinking.

  • K N
    K N Month ago

    "Less is more" - GR

  • Lee Ball
    Lee Ball Month ago +1

    He should think hard on this famous quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery - "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne Month ago

    Its hard for the owner to know that his little bubble and what hes thinking is wrong thats why they cant accept it.

  • Flufferz626
    Flufferz626 Month ago

    Of all the things I expected upon opening the video, a shirtless Gordon never crossed my mind.

  • Evelyn Howard
    Evelyn Howard Month ago

    Is this the first time Gordon has ever complained that a chef was using high-quality ingredients?

  • Deel2506
    Deel2506 Month ago

    I don't understand Gordon. He complains that the meat is not fresh in other restaurants, but now the chef is getting the freshest if lamb and shrimp and Gordon is annoyed by it.