Gordon Shocked at Bankrupt Chef's Expensive Ingredients | Kitchen Nightmares UK

  • Published on May 24, 2017
    Chef Ramsay is fed up with the cook's excuses.
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  • BassGod
    BassGod Day ago

    It’s odd to see that the problem is everything being so good

  • Edie Beacon
    Edie Beacon 2 days ago

    who would spend that money for supposed art

  • Matt Plyley
    Matt Plyley 4 days ago

    I think his main trouble was the booze

  • Felix
    Felix 4 days ago

    "Video about expensive ingredients"
    > Starts with shirtless Gordon
    Bloody hell that's very priceless alright

  • Pâtes Au Saumon
    Pâtes Au Saumon 9 days ago

    I don't understand the cook manages to have fresh Toulouse sausages but struggles to find fresh shrimps?

  • Dakoda Gordon
    Dakoda Gordon 11 days ago

    No dishes came back but I love you gordon

  • Alan Malcheski
    Alan Malcheski 14 days ago

    Ramsay is jealous, the whole fine dining industry is based on presentation. He makes the same old crap look expensive, like it's supposed to. That's sure af not the problem, it isn't cutting into business, the dumbass has too many things on his menu, if that's how he wants to do it. Plonkeys shouldn't be eating little lambs anyway. You want low prices you gotta go to the source. Buy a goat, plonkeys.

  • L S
    L S 15 days ago

    1) People who wave cigars around indoors when anunciating are minging.
    2) Speaking of the bloke with the cigar, isn't he the one from the Welsh michelin starred place who went for the interview?

  • Anirudh Kumar
    Anirudh Kumar 16 days ago

    This guy's too much of a Perfectionist...

  • PidLive
    PidLive 16 days ago

    As a Brit, I do like the UK version from time to time as it's more familiar and close to home. It's calming, educational, invocative. But the US version is more of a dumbed down, slap-slick comedy, high intense drama... And I need that just as much!

  • Will Siu
    Will Siu 18 days ago

    I go for Cafe fast food come and fill you up if still not order a side hamburger :)

  • Red Five
    Red Five 18 days ago +2

    0:28 lol they made homeboy dry his sweaty face

  • 120starter
    120starter 20 days ago

    I honestly dont see how any fish of any recipe could sell for more than $5. Fish is the poor mans food, it doesnt taste anywhere near as good as a type of beef.. I dont care how well anyone decorates a plate, it's still fish!

  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous 21 day ago

    Ready steady twat 😂

  • Ap3xAl3x
    Ap3xAl3x 22 days ago

    Ramsay up close is terrifying

  • TPA tennis
    TPA tennis 22 days ago

    Ready, steady, twat lol

  • Misfit 636
    Misfit 636 23 days ago +1

    Make up your mind Gordon. If it’s good shit they shouldn’t have it. If it’s cheap they should have better lol

  • Dragonfire511
    Dragonfire511 23 days ago

    Oh, those last words Gordon said apply too to studying.

  • Date Masamune
    Date Masamune 23 days ago

    UK: Soothing jazz music
    US: Action movie music

  • TheAnxoiusHero 21
    TheAnxoiusHero 21 23 days ago

    So why is he getting changed on camera for literally no reason

    • michalos14
      michalos14 23 days ago

      Because it's a transition device for the show, in which he talks about what he is going to do and what he thinks so far. He is not only a chef, but also a celebrity running a show.

  • Gianluca Tartaro
    Gianluca Tartaro 24 days ago +1

    “Of this caliber” What, one who has run himself into the ground? XD

    • Caleb Fuller
      Caleb Fuller 24 days ago

      He actually earnt a Michelin star at one point, so certainly knew how to cook, he'd just got stuck in the past style-wise and wasn't business savvy in terms of the local market and dining trends.

  • FreeTube
    FreeTube 27 days ago

    **"It's F**king piling crap on top of crap and using crap on crap"**-Gordan Ramsey

  • nieceypiecey100
    nieceypiecey100 Month ago

    You don’t wear a shirt under the jacket? Hm 🤔

  • Peachesxo
    Peachesxo Month ago

    I would eat there because of the fact that this is the first restaurant I’ve seen on this show that keeps their kitchen clean, food labeled and dated, and good fresh products. Ever since I started watching Gordon I go out to eat 1 every other month, and that’s a maybe.

  • Suhas C
    Suhas C Month ago

    What episode?

  • Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    America needs to take note. There is absolutely no fucking reason for shitty camera zoom ins & that garbage ass “suspenseful” music.

  • Paula Catlover
    Paula Catlover Month ago

    I see the title and think of this

    Mr. Krabs: Hey, Squidward, look at this! [holds up a plate with a small fruit on it] We're charging 52 smackeroos for this little guy. [laughs and then Squidward smells its horrible odor]
    Squidward: Oh! What is that?!
    Mr. Krabs: I don't know! Some kind of bean paste or something.
    Le Schnook: Wrong, monsieur! It is ze Rare Fruit of ze Kazook Tree.
    Mr. Krabs: So it's supposed to smell like a rotten gym socks?
    Le Schnook: Its naturally rancid odor can only be neutralized by shredded gold.

  • Barrier Boy
    Barrier Boy Month ago

    while there's some merit in seeing the home dynamic as featured in the US version, i wish ours included legit kitchens and not just strip mall disasters. its less kitchen nightmares than it is hoarders

  • War Wolf
    War Wolf Month ago

    "The kitchen is soulless" brits have no souls confirmed.

  • Dennis Wolter
    Dennis Wolter Month ago +1

    *slow restaurant serving top products*: "why aren't you buying cheaper?"
    *slow restaurant serving cheaper products*: "Ghastly. Disgusting. The worst [insert anything] I've had in my life"

  • Patriot Gamer Boy
    Patriot Gamer Boy Month ago

    Where the fuck Nino came from at the end 😂😂😂

  • Rod Belding
    Rod Belding Month ago

    The UK version is so much more normal and believable than the US version. That proves the US version is pretty much all acting to get ratings, because the producers know US viewers are more interested in screaming and fighting.

  • johnthegreek1980
    johnthegreek1980 Month ago

    Less screaming towards the UK chefs than the American ones.

    • pastoramaru
      pastoramaru Month ago

      Labeled and fresh ingredients will do that

  • The Analytical Menace

    90% of all comments here: UK version > US version
    8% of all comments: Wow, Gordan is so much calmer in the UK version.
    Me: Holy crap--those dishes look complicated as fuck!! What was that chef thinking?!

  • ChiquitaSpeaks
    ChiquitaSpeaks Month ago

    @1:30 just calls the little chef fat lol

    PENGDO Month ago

    I could see the sweat dripping on the food 🤮

  • Sunmoon Stars
    Sunmoon Stars Month ago

    I don't see why he has to be so mean.

  • Thrilla Whale
    Thrilla Whale Month ago

    Wow. These are a lot better without the fucking blaring reality tv stock music and shattering plate sound effects they cram down our throats in the American version.

  • Darren Cagey
    Darren Cagey Month ago

    It's resTAURANT not restrunt you scotch lunatic.

  • Senbazuru
    Senbazuru Month ago +1

    0:56 Oi you leave Ainsley alone 😂😂

  • Enrique Sanchez
    Enrique Sanchez Month ago

    American shows are so much better

  • Wulf-Jäger91
    Wulf-Jäger91 Month ago +1

    I'm liking this UK version, not a ton of stupid sound effects and camera editing

  • Americas Most
    Americas Most Month ago

    Ramsey should've shut down the building and hired the man. Obviously dude has potential and is loaded with a higher caliber

  • 24 Lancelot
    24 Lancelot Month ago

    No t-shirt underneath?

  • Joel Marble
    Joel Marble Month ago

    Gordon is so baffled he can't stop saying FUCK.... he's stopped yelling as a result

  • v montclair
    v montclair Month ago


  • Xi Jinping
    Xi Jinping Month ago +3

    “Open heart surgery, without antiseptic”- Gordon Ramsey. Gordon doesn’t know the difference between anesthesia, and antiseptic.

  • Gerry Wolf
    Gerry Wolf Month ago +3

    "Less is more." That is what he says to his wife, unless his name is Less.

  • FadiCrafter
    FadiCrafter Month ago

    *F U C K M E*

  • 79dogface
    79dogface 2 months ago

    Did Stan get his groove back?

  • jmm1233
    jmm1233 2 months ago

    another case of chefs being too fancy in not the right location , should turn down the fancy to local inn style for seaside dinner

  • jmm1233
    jmm1233 2 months ago

    lol "stimulated by ready steady twat"

  • ForkTasTic Games
    ForkTasTic Games 2 months ago

    Your food sucks you twat. Your foods to god damned good for you you damn twat.

  • Noe Angel
    Noe Angel 2 months ago

    US version: Legit problems requiring professional assistance
    UK version: Pbs level Boring with no real issues other than incompetence

  • J Jimenez
    J Jimenez 2 months ago

    That's the reason i don't go out to these kind of restaurants. I want to eat, not to be mesmerized by pretty raw crap.

  • Tandra arisandi
    Tandra arisandi 2 months ago

    the NINO part always get me

  • Taps Ars
    Taps Ars 2 months ago +1

    For a restaurant that often has not a single guest , it has too many utensils . I think I saw around 20 saucepans.

  • sketchi
    sketchi 2 months ago

    CANADIAN Version: Kitchen Sorry

  • 2468 1357
    2468 1357 2 months ago


  • 2468 1357
    2468 1357 2 months ago