*NEW* Ram-7 Assault Rifle! | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 is here and with it new weapons like the Ram-7 and Holger-26 as well as new maps, battle pass, blueprints and more!
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    *NEW* Ram-7 Assault Rifle! | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
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  • AMOGaming
    AMOGaming 8 days ago

    if you think the white phosphorous isn't that good some times then use chopper gunner and I think its better

  • Michael Caen
    Michael Caen 11 days ago

    Look you might not care but it's Willie Pete for white phosphorus? Just so you know.

    VMV GAMES Lol 15 days ago

    White phosphorus is literally a war crime like actually it’s a war crime it’s lethal gas the UN doesn’t like that

  • Jeff Newman
    Jeff Newman 19 days ago

    Do you even like watermelon?

  • Alex Gaming-epic-vids tr

    Average game play. Have to watch on mute.

  • Christine jus
    Christine jus 20 days ago


  • Christine jus
    Christine jus 20 days ago


  • Damian Sigouin
    Damian Sigouin 21 day ago


  • Rangertwozero
    Rangertwozero 23 days ago

    White phos is called willy Pete not whiskey. Fyi

  • Dcwood1979
    Dcwood1979 25 days ago

    P is papa all day long

  • Trevak D'hal
    Trevak D'hal Month ago

    Yep. There's a reason you get the large Machine gun first. I don't know what it is exactly, but it makes me sad that it sucks.

  • Twofive1 MRJ
    Twofive1 MRJ Month ago

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  • Steelie 44
    Steelie 44 Month ago


  • Hayden Gross
    Hayden Gross Month ago

    The Ram-7 is just a Gen 1 IWI Tavor

  • daniel koval
    daniel koval Month ago

    That is the Tavor rifle manufactured by IWI.

  • Devlicious
    Devlicious Month ago

    p is papa lol

  • Majin Roob
    Majin Roob Month ago

    the game does not matter... Mr. Fruit is reviewing a weapon and I must watch and like.

  • Michael Ervin
    Michael Ervin Month ago

    P is papa

    II-BAD-SPORT-II Month ago

    Sand snake is fkn crazy!!!!

  • Mr. Pretzels RG Twist

    Oh i like the inside joke with the war crime

  • DEATHbySp00Nz15
    DEATHbySp00Nz15 Month ago

    Put Damascus camo ontop the cool blueprint.. The anime chick oden blueprint would look sick af with it

  • Harold Hashim
    Harold Hashim Month ago

    It’s like the mtar from ghosts

  • Malcolm Driggs
    Malcolm Driggs Month ago

    White phosphorus is called Willy P and phonetic P is Papa not Pacific... I'm active duty of 16 years.

  • Major Kaboom
    Major Kaboom Month ago

    Does the guily suit make your hit box bigger?

  • Christian Gonzalez-Caro

    I like how he got them all right except for "papa" and "sierra"

  • cjpiper1976
    cjpiper1976 Month ago

    Willy Pete. WP White Phosporus (SP?)

  • Marshall Brannock
    Marshall Brannock Month ago

    P is Papa, but I like Pete better haha

  • Darrell G
    Darrell G Month ago

    P in the Military Phonetic alphabet is Papa.

  • Darrell G
    Darrell G Month ago

    "You won't take me alive suckers"
    That's the entire game! 😂

  • Alexandre Dufour
    Alexandre Dufour Month ago

    Tar 21 remake

  • Byron Hyman
    Byron Hyman Month ago +1

    10:40 killhouse? Are you ok?

  • GuavaG3
    GuavaG3 Month ago

    Crash is perfect because it’s an old map with less doors and windows and corners to camp. They need to make more based off old ones like they always have and this COD will feel amazing.

  • Tasty Penguin
    Tasty Penguin Month ago +1

    Whisky Pete is Liquid Fire. Pete being hot sauce

  • blazewrecker
    blazewrecker Month ago

    Honestly, it looks more like a remake of the vector from bo2.

  • Greyson Greyson
    Greyson Greyson Month ago

    Oden 2 shot body shots

  • Levi Stermer
    Levi Stermer Month ago

    Fruit for President 2024

  • jbgaters
    jbgaters Month ago

    we waNT SHOOT HOUSE!!!!!!!!!

  • DESTRIAZ 1997
    DESTRIAZ 1997 Month ago

    P is papa

  • folgore
    folgore Month ago

    P is actually Papa in the phonetic alphabet.

  • david sellers
    david sellers Month ago

    P is papa.

  • Adria Murteira
    Adria Murteira Month ago

    Alpha, bravo, charly, delta, echo, foxtrot, golf, hotel, india, juliet, kilo, lima, mike, november, oscar, papa, quebec, romeo, sierra, tango, uniform, victor, whiskey, x-ray, yankee and zulu.

  • Alex Ranes
    Alex Ranes Month ago

    P is Papa S is Sierra

  • T-Rock
    T-Rock Month ago

    HA....blaze thru it.... #420

  • Crack-51
    Crack-51 Month ago


  • MikeyGetsBuckets
    MikeyGetsBuckets Month ago

    P is PaPa you uncultured swine

  • Shaquille Wortherly

    Buddy funny af

  • DiippyDog
    DiippyDog Month ago

    They gotta add shoothouse 24/7 back all the other maps suck

  • chris hatter
    chris hatter Month ago

    It’s the NATO phonetic alphabet used for spelling on the radio

  • Mallard Mafia94
    Mallard Mafia94 Month ago

    P is papa

  • Dr.Deagle
    Dr.Deagle Month ago

    Its cool and all but you need to like grind for an hour just to rank up

  • Ralsei
    Ralsei Month ago

    This is BO4 all over again. Give it a season or two before the battle pass weapons completely wipe the floor with everything else.

  • Milton Brooks
    Milton Brooks Month ago

    Ammo guys call it whiskey Pete tho

  • Milton Brooks
    Milton Brooks Month ago

    P is papa

  • Israel Lopez Perez
    Israel Lopez Perez Month ago

    how is it free if you have to pay?

  • Nyssiss
    Nyssiss Month ago

    Fruit really out here like he didn't already buy tiers.

  • TheTruePhantom
    TheTruePhantom Month ago +1

    White phosphorus is "Willy peter"

  • Austin Howell
    Austin Howell Month ago

    Its not Pacific or Pete. To my knowledge its Papa

  • melonhead247
    melonhead247 Month ago

    Play some titanfall 👀

  • Michael G
    Michael G Month ago

    Damn, that frickin’ battle pass infects every game today. -_-

  • Tyler Vaughan
    Tyler Vaughan Month ago

    For your favorite WAR Crime White Phosphorous!
    They call it Whiskey Pete for the older phonetic alphabet that had W = whiskey and P= Peter
    The current phonetic alphabet now has P = Papa
    Enjoying the content!