Henry Cavill And WB's Non-Responses To The Superman Story

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
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    John discusses Henry Cavill and Warner Bros. response to the Hollywood Reporter's story of Cavill no longer playing Superman.
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  • ssh king
    ssh king 2 months ago


  • LeAnthony Holden
    LeAnthony Holden Year ago

    Keep Cavill as Clark Kent. Have Val Zod and Kara cameo in Cavill's Man of Steel 2 Movie.
    Learn the Truth of DC Canon Supermen.
    Clark Kent has always been a white actor for Superman; but, Calvin Ellis and Val Zod are also DC Canon Supermen.
    This is the same as Hal Jordon and John Stewart as Green Lantern.
    The Full Story of Earth 2, Clark Kent and Val Zod: thexvid.com/video/eF0hM0OBzCc/video.html
    Cavill is my Clark Kent; but If talks are true about Michael B Jordon, Superman, He should not be Clark Kent.
    In the Multiverse, there is a Black Superman on Earths 23, Earth 2 and D. This is DC Comic canon: He could be a cameo in Cavill's Man of Steel 2.
    Val Zod of Earth 2: www.dccomics.com/comics/earth-2-society-2015/earth-2-society-20
    Calvin Ellis of Earth 23: www.dccomics.com/characters/earth-23
    Superman of Earth D: comicvine.gamespot.com/superman-earthd/4005-115385/
    The truth about the Supermen: thexvid.com/video/zou8JNJ7EoA/video.html

  • B_A_ Entertainment

    Henry did have a status that says "today was interesting... #Superman" sooooo, he most likely meant he didn't know where that rumor came from. So it looks more like he is still Superman.

  • The Finish Line
    The Finish Line Year ago

    Maybe they are trying to keep their options open, because they just don't have things figured out entirely. If they sound non-committal with their statements, it may be because they haven't made specific decisions as if they could say yay or nay regarding them.

  • Sean S
    Sean S Year ago

    This is BS
    I won’t be supporting any DC movies going forward. I’m sick and tired of being lied to...
    but moreover I’m pissed off that WB will never give Cavill or Affleck another chance at being Batman/Superman with a better writer
    They lost the best Batman/Superman actors they ever had. And now they’re gonna go and release a film with a black Superman?
    Fuck you WB, Fuck you

  • GLcool A
    GLcool A Year ago

    @JohnCampea you are awesome! That WB non-statement playbook is just bad publicity! WB is letting all of us see that they kicked Cavill in the nuts with what they apparently were planning to do with the Superman character!

  • Bill Clark
    Bill Clark Year ago

    Henry Cavill is Superman and I'm old enough to have seen Superman actors from the past and he owns this character as of now . ben Affleck rocked as Batman and yes I know people weren't thrilled but seriously the actors aren't the problem here it's the producers and writers... it's the lack of passion that goes into developing the characters and buildings them up .
    we like the actors except flash so after marketing and the writers failed now you are scrubbing everything . freaking good job losers

  • Dennis Menace
    Dennis Menace Year ago

    DC should sack off WB and get over the Disney

  • tizzlin87
    tizzlin87 Year ago

    With all due respect F supergirl, we DONT need it 👎🏾

  • tizzlin87
    tizzlin87 Year ago

    I think Henry Cavill is THE BEST SUPERMAN EVER FILMED. I’m 31 so Im old enough to have seen the evolution of superman.

  • Stefano Lancioni
    Stefano Lancioni Year ago

    Henry Cavill IS Superman

  • Ced 2X
    Ced 2X Year ago

    RIGHT! 2:20 We don't know anything from that response

  • Out Above
    Out Above Year ago

    Why has no one addressed the fact that Henry's own agent said Henry has "the cape still in his closet"? If you think WB pulled off a bad PR move, that's fine but it's clear from Henry (and his agents) response that he still wants to be Superman and plans on it.

  • mash4al
    mash4al Year ago +1

    I mean i love the way henry potrays superman and i really don't know why people think the actors and the director made it bad.. while the real reason is Warner brother. Zach Snyder had a really good story i feel dceu and marvel must have a new shit like they under same thing and they can have crossovers💯 and we still wait for the Snyder's cut. They now fucking lost a fucking good person just cause they are dumb. I really wouldn't watch dc movies anymore if they loose one more.

  • Ryan LP
    Ryan LP Year ago

    Omg he's pissed just like me.. 😅

  • B.Anantha Narayanan

    DC movie directors and Warner Bros are ruining DC. They have probably ruined it completely.

  • Why Bother
    Why Bother Year ago

    I have been a hardcore fan of DC. Have fought countless marvel fans over it. But I am done now. I am not watching any more of their movies.

  • the light the truth

    Agree with everything

  • IcemanRab2008
    IcemanRab2008 Year ago

    Another critic ? Piss, shit & moan , what movie have you made ? Bought a mic & say shit hoping other negative (critic) people like it .

  • The Austin Experience

    Well the answer is "no decisions have been made" i take that as no decisions have been made.

  • Miner Gate
    Miner Gate Year ago

    Another reboot of superman. Here we go again. They will kill superman and reborn him as a new one with new face

  • mike fury
    mike fury Year ago

    I loved Man of Steel as well perfect superman film that's why I never understood these other critics saying it's too dark it triggers me this is why john is the best film guy out there he knows what's good, if Henry cavill and Ben Affleck is out I am too, they should have done individual films first.

  • James Rhymer
    James Rhymer Year ago

    I 100% agree with you on Man of Steel and Henry Cavill being our best Super Man. I am the sole insane person among my friends with that point of view 😂

  • FSG
    FSG Year ago

    I also love Henry as Superman. He is perfect. He MUST remain Superman! Man of Steel was a great film. It's now one of my faves of all time. I wish Snyder could have finished his Superman arc. I want MoS 2.

  • Xeozy Zeoxy
    Xeozy Zeoxy Year ago

    Breath through your mouth John!

  • Jacob Coombs
    Jacob Coombs Year ago

    Wimpy Brothers Studios

  • Scitch2781
    Scitch2781 Year ago +1

    Dc is dead

  • josh brown
    josh brown Year ago

    He will be back after super girl bombs

  • Don Diddy
    Don Diddy Year ago

    I think DC and WB are plotting something and this is just a part of the plan to get people talking.

    Hi TUBERS Year ago

    Henry Cavil is an MI6 agent

  • Frederick Ferruzola

    M A R K E T I N G

  • Christopher Garrett

    I still dont belive the report. Im waiting for the day they official announce it

  • hjames78
    hjames78 Year ago

    I hope WB sees this lol

  • renegade6k
    renegade6k Year ago

    Not saying this isn’t a shit show of PR, but...
    They (WB and Cavill) can’t say he is or isn’t, because until there’s either a superman or justice league film announced, there is no superman at all.
    He’s got no contract has he? So to give him a contract they’d need a movie.
    Movie has to come before the casting.

  • Issie wizzie
    Issie wizzie Year ago

    Love your Vlog

  • Mutton Man
    Mutton Man Year ago

    The only thing wb got right was the casting. Shame I thought he played superman really well.

  • Horizontal View
    Horizontal View Year ago

    WB off the record : "up up and away with Henry" ------uggggg

  • Christos philippos

    If you can read beneath the lines it says that make a cameo in Shazam and we will consider making a man of steel 2.

  • TigonIII
    TigonIII Year ago

    Maybe it's just nothing, but WBs statement used "had" instead of "has". So they had respect and a relationship, whereas if they had used has, meaning they still has respect and a relationship. I don't know but it could be something.

  • Hasan Miah
    Hasan Miah Year ago

    . Henry cavil is the best superman. Man of steel is one of the best superhero movien.

  • The Awesome Incarnate

    DCEU was destined for the garbage bin the minute they couldn't keep Christopher Nolan onboard.

  • Mario Sanon
    Mario Sanon Year ago

    Henry and his manager Dany Garcia both made funny mysterious responses about the rumors. I won't believe this Henry Cavill that he is out because they did the samething with Jake Gyllenhaal is going to replace Ben Affleck and this happened January and a couple months later Jake Gyllenhaal is playing Mysterio and don't want to play Batman.

  • BP Rokosz
    BP Rokosz Year ago

    WB and DC just have one wasted potential/missed opportunity after another.

  • Marco Zolo
    Marco Zolo Year ago

    Another theory, Warner and Cavill cannot confirm or deny because maybe after the big meeting they had a conditional release of Cavills contract, meaning if they can't keep him on financially and if the Aquaman and Shazam movie tanks and seems like there won't be a 2nd justice league film, then he won't get a Superman 2 movie. So he has to remain tight lipped until then, so it's a wait and see scenario. Fingers crossed. Of course if Aquaman, Shazam and Wonderwoman 2 are instant hits, then Superman 2 will be immediately greenlit putting Cavill back in the driver's seat.

  • lucas michael
    lucas michael Year ago +1

    Keep Henry and Ben. Best portrayals of Superman and Batman! MOS was inspiring, Batfleck proved everyone wrong!

  • Biblical Adrian
    Biblical Adrian Year ago +1

    Why not have Black Adam take Supermans spot in the DCEU

  • Eric Watkins
    Eric Watkins Year ago

    This is B.S. WARNER BROS needs to stop with the nonsense. Henry cavill is the BEST SUPERMAN. He is not responsible for the writer's F- Up with JUSTICE LEAGUE

  • Thomas Whaley
    Thomas Whaley Year ago

    Even that I’m not a big fan of the DC movies. I thought he was a good person for the role. If he is out that’s a shame.

  • Marco Zolo
    Marco Zolo Year ago +1

    Imagine an MCU without Ironman 2 and later films or without a Tony Stark heading any Avengers movies. Well that is what's happening now with the DCU. The future looks grim. DCU without Cavill is like an MCU without Robert Downey Jr.

  • Conrad Motherfucking Wright

    The WB answer seemed straight forward to me. U just wanna find conflict. The Cavill response was straight forward to me. Cavill's agent said the same shit. Yall just wanna create shit news, all based from a shit site with shit "inside" knowledge.
    HR also said Ben was done.. 😐
    He is still Superman, all the parties INVOLVED (WB, Cavill & his agent) said that.
    The WB statement means Superman will be used in the DCEU just like Hulk is used in the MCU. Appearing in other character's films or teamup films. There are no plans for a solo MoS2.
    I thought all were perfectly clear.

  • Mike McCown
    Mike McCown Year ago

    WB has the model for how to create a Cinematic Universe, which is literally a cheat sheet. It's called the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and yet somehow, someway WB still manages to completely screw up the DC Universe. Makes me wonder and so want to be a fly on the way in the board room when WB has discussions about the DC Universe. How do you screw this all up when you have the template for 10+ years of how to make a Cinematic Universe??? Baffles me and so annoys me because I love DC. It has so much potential to be way better than Marvel if done right, but somehow they keep proving they all have their heads up their collective backsides.

  • Rock Barcellos
    Rock Barcellos Year ago

    Yes, punch WB Superman, they deserve it!

  • Wendy Son
    Wendy Son Year ago +1

    now everybody hates warner bros.

  • Jim Bellemare
    Jim Bellemare Year ago

    This is why WB/DC can’t get their act together.

  • Aleksandar Radovanovic

    My best hope, this is all about negotiations between the two parties. After MI6, Cavill wants to be paid.

  • Bentzen's Emporium

    WB Should sell DC Universe to Disney - they are clueless at making SuperHero films.

  • Derek Jang
    Derek Jang Year ago

    Just get Chris Nolan and David Goyer to be the "Kevin Feige" of the DCEU and they will right the ship's course.

  • Peter Matthews
    Peter Matthews Year ago

    The problem is that WB have not made any decisions as they stated. They need to make some and have no clue what to do with the character without Zach Snyder's "vision" for the films. Make a Superman movie that tells a story fit for the big screen if they want Henry Cavill to stay. Give him a sequel in exchange for the cameos.

  • Garrie Catlow
    Garrie Catlow Year ago

    Yeah it does seem like this is confirming it to me it feels like he is out and they just said this to try and throw us off their sent.
    Because they know that people are going to be mad and won't watch Aquaman and Shazam because they are pissed at WB

  • Dustin Delacruz
    Dustin Delacruz Year ago

    it's cryptic because he's kryptonian