"It was a tricky one but we did it" Jurgen Klopp speaks after Liverpool book passage to last 16

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp spoke to Des Kelly after his side's 2-0 win over RB Salzburg to progress to the knock-out stages of the Champions League and had plenty of praise for their opponents.
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Comments • 275

  • Car Fli
    Car Fli Month ago

    How many teeth has this guy got ?

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    Jurgen is like a scouser

  • A Roshan
    A Roshan Month ago +3

    If he also wins the League for us, then I'll personally donate money for his statue outside ANFIELD.

    • Car Fli
      Car Fli Month ago

      If he wins ?
      Liverpool will never give away an eight point lead to Leicester,but if they do they won't get champions for a long,long time !
      They did it last year ,but if they manage to do it again,they do not deserve to be champions !

  • Dedi Pontianak
    Dedi Pontianak Month ago


  • John Cambridge
    John Cambridge Month ago

    Best coach in the world..I can’t stop looking at Klopp teeth..he got too much teeth or something

  • Jj Kemp
    Jj Kemp Month ago +1

    Only 1 team in Liverpool (LFC)

  • J unio R
    J unio R Month ago

    Liverpool is the only team I’m really scared to meet/ Barça fan

  • shai brown
    shai brown Month ago +1

    I Don't care if we are the best team in world.
    But surly I know, we have the best manager in the world.
    Every day he stays at Liverpool is a dream for me.

  • Simon LFC #YNWA Serobian

    Where is mr tap-in haaland?

    RAKESH R Month ago

    Listen to Klopp and then to Pep...what a difference of talk

  • subrosa
    subrosa Month ago

    Does Klopp has his own teeth? They look very fake or way too good!

  • Rudra G
    Rudra G Month ago

    7th coming home??

  • Edd 1
    Edd 1 Month ago

    So anyway are Jurgens teeth real

  • Nama Saya Toro
    Nama Saya Toro Month ago

    He is German speaking English

  • Daragh Morrissey
    Daragh Morrissey Month ago +1

    Amazing to see the fringe players coming back in and delivering, great man management from Klopp

  • Carl Whitby
    Carl Whitby Month ago

    Another great result, against a good team ,yeah 👏🏽👏🏽😊

  • E to the azy
    E to the azy Month ago

    L.I.V.! -E. R. P.! Top of the world Liverpool FC!

  • Positive vibes Always

    This guy always makes his players feel good that's one of the reasons I love him

  • Nader Moustafa
    Nader Moustafa Month ago

    Mane is the best player and best team . Liverpool now is Mane .

  • Godzilla Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

    The front three of Liverpool always gets the praise . But what I notice in this game was the work of the liverpool midfield . Yes Keita is like having an extra Mane in attack , but the difference between the two teams was mainly in the middle of the park where Gini and Hendo constantly closes down the attack of the opponent .

  • Esmeraldito Prishka

    Kapoios Na enhmerwsh th diva skoupidiwn mou celin dion oti den kolhse to roloï mou ______🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Marvin Nash
    Marvin Nash Month ago

    I want Liverpool - Real Madrid in the next round :) .

  • pac dmx
    pac dmx Month ago +2

    I hope liverpool win epl and 7th champion league ... liverpool players work so hard,play with pride and dignity..
    Im not liverpool fan..

  • Stephen Little
    Stephen Little Month ago

    That salah goal wtf

  • J
    J Month ago

    Yeah, Liverpool as the European Champion should go though easily , not until last tricky match

    BAI MAC JOE KAMARA Month ago

    Liverpool haters gonna die, after we collect the champions league and premier league

  • John Rothwell
    John Rothwell Month ago +2

    Allez allez allez were going all the way, again lmao 😂 merry kloppmas 🤪

  • alfadi said
    alfadi said Month ago

    the best boss

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago

    Fantastic manager. One of very few not been sacked in his career and where the whole team stayed together after winning the CL.

  • A Roshan
    A Roshan Month ago +2

    The Best Manager in the World is Jürgen Nörbert Klopp.

    • Tommy 2973c
      Tommy 2973c Month ago

      I dount that his second name is Nörbert😂but close enough ;)

  • A Roshan
    A Roshan Month ago +1

    We are going for the Treble.

  • Rory Hogan
    Rory Hogan Month ago +9

    Please sign minamino Jürgen? Has the quality coutinho had and would be an insane signing in the no 10 role with 4 up top and would fit into our system well

  • Mr Anomalous
    Mr Anomalous Month ago +1

    Saltzburg where a class young team some promising talent there.

  • Cornflakes Packet
    Cornflakes Packet Month ago

    Just for Men sign him up

  • Alexander Hikmala
    Alexander Hikmala Month ago +3

    When Your Manager ❤️u so much..u gave him 💯 YNWA lads🏆

  • lamp man
    lamp man Month ago

    Everyone was antsy that Liverpool weren't playing that well, just scraping by in matches, a bit lucky here and there, will they collapse?.........NO WAY. They are a team on a mission and it's an absolute pleasure to behold! Look at the effort that they put in, their match-hardness and fitness and the determination! Shankly would be proud. Walk on!

  • fragr33f
    fragr33f Month ago +3

    Whoever wants to win the Champions League next, really should hire Klopp.

  • Karl Fulton
    Karl Fulton Month ago +1


  • Mr Red
    Mr Red Month ago +4

    Its just an utter joy to be a Liverpool fan these days. Wonderful football. Incredible team that play for each other. A class manager. And of the best fans. YNWA :)

  • Senninha mcl
    Senninha mcl Month ago +5

    Klopp gonna win the FIFA award for the best manager also in 2020.

  • david beckinsale
    david beckinsale Month ago

    🏆🏆🏆 🏆 🏆🏆🏆

  • ALI khirkhaah
    ALI khirkhaah Month ago +14

    Jurgen will always be the best manager ever in Europe.

    DAVES LFC CHATS Month ago +12

    I’m dreaming of a Red Christmas 🏆👏

  • Alexandre Renard
    Alexandre Renard Month ago +3

    Best manager in the world
    Liverpool top of the league
    The best football team in the world!! Ynwa

  • Stephen 4evr
    Stephen 4evr Month ago +2

    Must be on for the quadruple

  • Matthew Jackson
    Matthew Jackson Month ago

    We should of 6 or 7 tonight we are the best team in Europe 100 per cent

  • Ganja Mozart
    Ganja Mozart Month ago +1

    Klopp would get all the votes if he went into politics. Thank god he likes football too much to become a dictator.

  • Shaurya Sinha
    Shaurya Sinha Month ago

    Only one team in England can defeat Liverpool......Team of the Humble One

  • khaled-ynwa
    khaled-ynwa Month ago +6

    World ♥️

  • Zanity NR
    Zanity NR Month ago

    Fair fair salah does something good and gets a bj from all the scousers but I swear the man raheem sterling is underrated as hell scores a hatrick for city no one talk bout it scores for england nobody talk about it

  • LFC 4 LIFE
    LFC 4 LIFE Month ago +1

    We loved the fight shown by the lads tonight. YNWA

  • LFC 4 LIFE
    LFC 4 LIFE Month ago

    We loved the fight shown by the lads tonight. YNWA

  • bushat asllani
    bushat asllani Month ago +1

    Klopp looks like dolphin with those 🦷

  • kosar fatih
    kosar fatih Month ago

    Its only salsberg

  • carl cullen
    carl cullen Month ago +9

    The mechanic klopp he as fine tuned liverpool

  • mokaddem abderrahim
    mokaddem abderrahim Month ago +3

    There is no team that knows how to deal with Liverpool 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    • Machete Lucius
      Machete Lucius Month ago

      @Barca 1999 In an all or nothing game Liverpool would beat Napoli tho.

    • Barca 1999
      Barca 1999 Month ago

      Except napoli tbh 👍

  • Patrick Henderson
    Patrick Henderson Month ago +51

    “Go big or go home” ~ Mo Salah

  • N Mz
    N Mz Month ago +30

    Klopp deserves a statue at anfield

    • Quazimoydo The hedgehog
      Quazimoydo The hedgehog Month ago +1

      Not yet

    • Hugo A
      Hugo A Month ago +3

      He will if wins the league, 1000%

    • A C
      A C Month ago +4

      N Mz I’m sure the great man will get a stand named after him as well when he leaves, the main stand that is.

  • John Paul Reed
    John Paul Reed Month ago +4


  • Lintflas
    Lintflas Month ago +128

    He already was the best coach 10 years ago. The world just didn't know yet.

    • someone
      someone Month ago

      Humongous dub

    • Kevin Kuranyi
      Kevin Kuranyi Month ago +2

      Anas Chkolo He has also developed many Players in Mainz for example Noveski oder Zidane back then when he got them to the Bundesliga

    • Anas Chkolo
      Anas Chkolo Month ago +11

      Blank Frost Klopp was already recognized at Mainz, but at Dortmund he went beastmode. He beat Madrid in the Ucl semis and won the german league twice or something, and developed players like Lewandowski, Mikhtirian, Götze, Gundogan etc.. and he is even developing players at Liverpool.

    • eivom
      eivom Month ago +11

      @Blank Frost there was a lot of hype around Dortmund in England during the Klopp years