Angry Joe vs WowCrendor - Blood Bowl Week 2


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  • Mortarion
    Mortarion Year ago +3

    15 minutes in, haven't heard anything but complaining joe... Aw op here, shit luck there. Mate. Stop whining. I know your never surrender attitude. Should've put it to work in this game. I'm rewatching this tournament amd tb's video is a replay and I can't stand watching that so hey lets watch the most competitive game of the week instead...well... I guess I'll have to force myself to sit through this if you shout complaints into a shitty mic 90% of the time. Sad. But hey at least you two are having fun, just frustrating to watch. Anyways, still like you as a person Joe. No one will read this anyway. 2+2=4. Abrakadabra. Mxpltzyp. Isn't that a DC 5th dimensional kobold? I like helicopters. And sharks :) my ex girlfriends name is Annika. MAAAAADNEEEEEESS (%8#'EIXn

    • notyoursavior78
      notyoursavior78 17 days ago

      *Repost* I read this. Joe seemed upset and angry at how the game was going but he was not at full bitching/rage/crying I've seen people irl or online get to. ~~edit ok so Joe yells a lot but the fact that Wow is so chill, and just slyly chuckles it off I guess it balances out!~~ So I really enjoyed this and iirc at the end of the match Joe admitted that the better team won I think, but did complain about RNG and OP anyway. It sounds like Joe is just playing up some of his anger because he is Angry Joe.

  • Gerythion Argarys
    Gerythion Argarys 3 years ago

    ... Had to skip to the end. I won't name names, but holy shit am I not looking forward to very certain videos.

  • René Olivo
    René Olivo 3 years ago

    1:05:50 what the gods give, the gods take.....

  • Alexaeus
    Alexaeus 3 years ago +3

    Who needs eardrums, anyway? Thanks, Joe!

  • Commander1991NOR
    Commander1991NOR 3 years ago +8

    1:03:49 NUFFLE STRIKES WITH VENGEANCE! And again at 1:05:43. The only thing that is certain in Blood Bowl is that the great Nuffle is always smiling.

    • Vaping Dad
      Vaping Dad 3 years ago

      +Commander1991NOR That's so unlikely, fucking christ Nuffle was not pleased

  • Alex Lewis
    Alex Lewis 3 years ago +1

    Joe your mic quality is fucking unacceptable in this video, jesus.

    • Vaping Dad
      Vaping Dad 3 years ago +1

      +Alex Lewis I know, my fucking ears

  • dan223344556677
    dan223344556677 3 years ago

    salty joe. Couldnt he just injure alot of the skinks? the saurus' aint gonna be able to pick up the ball

  • Elijah Fuller
    Elijah Fuller 3 years ago

    Are you guys going to do another tournament when the blood bowl 2 multiplayer beta comes out with preorder?

    • Vaping Dad
      Vaping Dad 3 years ago +1

      +Elijah Fuller Crendor confirmed he will

  • Fearior
    Fearior 3 years ago +4

    We want Blood Bowl II :D

  • wyvern hunter
    wyvern hunter 3 years ago +1

    How does a zombie get a pinched nerve? Shouldn't he not be able to feel those?

    • Alex Lec'
      Alex Lec' 3 years ago +3

      +wyvern hunter True ^^

  • qweqweqwe as
    qweqweqwe as 3 years ago

    I cannot see the point to this. Chess is a much better game. Hell solitaire is a much better game....................

  • notyoursavior78
    notyoursavior78 4 years ago

    I actually wanted this board game back when Joe was reviewing. Not that I would have anyone to play with, but I thought it was cool. A strategic football game with fantasy creatures? Sure it's not Mutant League Football but it's still something. Anyhow I found the first few games Joe streamed wildly entertaining and just tried to learn along as he played and I as go through my old likes. I am more than happy to experience this again on a late night at home.
    Hell yeah Lil' Skittles.

  • Jessup Jones
    Jessup Jones 4 years ago +5

    that angry fool needs to stop shouting and whining, himself and that cynical prick fella start making their excuses for loosing before the games even begin

  • Lord Fudge Packer Mc Gooberson

    Man i saw so many opetunities for joe to score its crazy XD

  • Lord Fudge Packer Mc Gooberson

    Also yeah once you get rid of their little lizards they are fucked. the big lizards have 1 agility they cant pick up the ball! once the little lizards are gone the offence for the lizards stops dead

  • Lord Fudge Packer Mc Gooberson

    Technically the Ogers have the best frontline, and i personally consider the Orcs and dwarfs the most diverse team (well rounded and high armor) and I think the skavens are the best runners, and the elves have the passing game down.
    so no the lizards are not OP >P

  • Shawnee Longbow
    Shawnee Longbow 4 years ago

    This game just looks unnecessarily tedious. Is it meant to be some sort of football game? And, if it is, why does it take so long to do anything? Isn't football long enough? That is, after all, why "Delay of Game" is a penalty in football. Also, what's the deal with having to "roll the dice" in order to do somethin' as simple as pick up the ball?

    • Banhammer72
      Banhammer72 4 years ago +6

      I sense much anger in you, so deep down I doubt it!

    • Shawnee Longbow
      Shawnee Longbow 4 years ago

      Considering the fact that I wrote my comment back in May of last year, and haven't made one on this piece of shit game since, I'd say I _have_ moved on.

    • Banhammer72
      Banhammer72 4 years ago +4

      +Shawnee Longbow There is an old saying "One persons trash is another persons treasure!" You don't like it, fair enough don't watch, move on. As for the game being "Retarded" as +rev pointed out it's a computerised version of a board game, it uses the rule system from that game.

    • rev
      rev 4 years ago +7

      its called a board game .... look it up .. its awesome ..

    • Shawnee Longbow
      Shawnee Longbow 4 years ago

      That game is retarded...

  • namingsway
    namingsway 5 years ago +1

    Love angry joe show , but that game sucks goddamn boring .

  • FoulPlay ShadowMan
    FoulPlay ShadowMan 5 years ago

    I love joe

  • NC A
    NC A 5 years ago

    angryjoe would love to play you with my nurgle team (Kleaveland Steamers), Ork (waaghshintun Greenskins) or SKaven (Reichard Gears)

    • Gerythion Argarys
      Gerythion Argarys 3 years ago

      Awesome team names.
      My Dwarf team ended up being called "Clan Rock'N'Roll".
      Yep, I ran dry on ideas.

  • Capt. C.Lock
    Capt. C.Lock 5 years ago

    dude, that joe rly lives up to his name...

  • D-Black
    D-Black 5 years ago

    so... does Joe know its actually better to kickoff so then that way with the right management he can get the ball at the half potentially after scoring?

  • MetalicVestigial
    MetalicVestigial 5 years ago

    ya I liked that part most!

  • MrTawnyMan
    MrTawnyMan 5 years ago

    you forgot "yep"

  • MrTawnyMan
    MrTawnyMan 5 years ago


  • Fluffyfier
    Fluffyfier 5 years ago

    I really dislike Angry Joe...

  • daryl co
    daryl co 5 years ago +1

    1 thumbs up for everytime you heard the word "bullsh*t"

  • MetalicVestigial
    MetalicVestigial 5 years ago

    WowCrendor's response to everything "haha"

  • Gail Gurman
    Gail Gurman 5 years ago

    You should have moved up to the sides then hit with the golems and saved your blitz for a 3rd saury

  • Thumper17
    Thumper17 5 years ago

    Joe needs better catchers. Maybe the Joes would catch better, switch them with the wolves.

  • SaittaMicus
    SaittaMicus 5 years ago

    That's just your opinion!

  • Chris Duncan
    Chris Duncan 5 years ago

    Major weakness on them though. Once you lose some Saurus, then your chances to win a game are greatly decreased.
    However, they have great speed, and the ability to bash a bit. I have the SICKEST Lizard team ever.... look them up Cold Blooded.

  • mecas
    mecas 5 years ago

    Angry Joe, you be angry.

  • Lord Hawkeye
    Lord Hawkeye 5 years ago

    AJ just wasn't exploiting their weaknesses. A lot of them are skillless and their agi is rubbish. Just mark them and they can't get away because they'll likely fail a dodge roll.

  • Brother Malachai
    Brother Malachai 5 years ago

    Lizardmen are OP/Broke...end of story.

  • Maldus Alver
    Maldus Alver 6 years ago

    The Gobos cereated Blood Bowl, A Goblin decyphered the sacred text and lore of Nuffle.

  • Maldus Alver
    Maldus Alver 6 years ago

    of course you can buy fame, it is called marketing and every one does it from game publishers to advertisments and politicans for campaign.

  • Hurlumhura
    Hurlumhura 6 years ago

    Mind blown.

  • LordTatters
    LordTatters 6 years ago

    It's not rocket science dude. I obviously rebooted.

  • Hurlumhura
    Hurlumhura 6 years ago

    How the actual fuck did you write that comment then?

  • notyoursavior78
    notyoursavior78 6 years ago

    Lil' Skittles hahaha I don't even know what I am watching sometimes but this is great.

  • LordTatters
    LordTatters 6 years ago

    Dude... I have everything closed down. I have literally every fucking thing on my PC closed and I can't close the music from Blood Bowl... WTF???!!?!? 0/10 ruining my computer!!!!

  • s criss
    s criss 6 years ago

    Well, now we know Joe likes to receive.

  • alastor461
    alastor461 6 years ago

    What version of Blood Bowl is this. I know it is the PC version,but is it legendary, chaos edition, regular?

  • Lord Waffle McWhiskey
    Lord Waffle McWhiskey 6 years ago

    I saw my name

  • Etarnalazure
    Etarnalazure 6 years ago

    Fanboy much?

  • Mr TiT00N
    Mr TiT00N 6 years ago


  • thatsheavydude
    thatsheavydude 6 years ago

    @Zuriki09 yeah I know, he probably felt pressured though. Thanks for your reply.

  • Zuriki
    Zuriki 6 years ago

    Then he shouldn't have agreed to play in the league, nobody forced him to, he also has access to a libraries worth of information regarding how to play the game. I mean I think beardman did damn well against TB considering the fact that he's brand new to the game, he lost but he didn't get dominated. I don't even play the game but I can see when Jesse is making glaringly bad decisions like taking 1-die rolls or trying to pick up the ball as his first action.

  • thatsheavydude
    thatsheavydude 6 years ago

    @Joe K leave Jesse alone and stop judging him, maybe he doesn't want to play blood bowl.

  • thatsheavydude
    thatsheavydude 6 years ago

    Next person to talk shit about Jesse or crendor needs to fight to the death with me first

  • OWL
    OWL 6 years ago

    Crendor is so great

  • SpecterSt
    SpecterSt 6 years ago

    i just started blood bowl and got a Lizardmen team and i still lose.i need much practise

  • Ufc nexus
    Ufc nexus 6 years ago

    Jesse Cox channel is filled with those comments blaming Blood Bowl XD

  • Gabriel Hellsing
    Gabriel Hellsing 6 years ago

    My my, you should really check his channel...
    He is all but cocky, check out smokergamer if you wanna see someone cocky... >_>

  • Papa Sloot
    Papa Sloot 6 years ago

    Week #4 please!

  • 殺してください
    殺してください 6 years ago

    However Wood elves have to be played well to work well. Without a solid coach who knows the game well, they get the shit kicked out of them

  • harvested97
    harvested97 6 years ago

    not really.

  • ncamon
    ncamon 6 years ago

    Praise be to Nuffle for he may smite us at any moment.

  • Iqbal Zain
    Iqbal Zain 6 years ago

    look at the sponsor banner
    Orca Cola, Painasonic

  • soymatrix1
    soymatrix1 6 years ago

    there's only a 1 in 216 chance of getting 3 red skulls... and that was ridiculous

  • Papa Sloot
    Papa Sloot 6 years ago

    1:03:50 Best Joe moment ever...

  • mr meme man
    mr meme man 6 years ago

    AngryJoe was raging the whole first game when he was making a lot of mistakes. Then he won the second and got really cocky instead. lol

  • Jason M
    Jason M 6 years ago


  • Chris Fernandez
    Chris Fernandez 6 years ago

    i can't wait for the AngryJoe vs TB game, that one will be interesting. The players with the most experience going at it. Can't wait

  • Rustovich78
    Rustovich78 6 years ago

    It's "One die," not "One dice." Die is singular (1), dice is plural (more than 1).

  • 308tube
    308tube 6 years ago

    AngryJoe matches are by far the most fun to watch

  • hydra66
    hydra66 6 years ago

    'newest comp version' takes the teams and rules from the living rulebook for the boardgame which you can find online

  • ShadeGrey
    ShadeGrey 6 years ago

    Reminds me of when I played my Neco team against my friends Lizardmen team. Just like when we played, feel sorry for Joe.

  • Nicolas Masson
    Nicolas Masson 6 years ago

    Ow my ears joe... ow....

  • Lizard Lord
    Lizard Lord 6 years ago


  • Nightcrouser
    Nightcrouser 6 years ago

    if he doesont lose them before that

  • kane36507
    kane36507 6 years ago

    just like real sports I don't know what your talking about

  • J S
    J S 6 years ago

    Id never wanna play with Joe... My fucking hearing would be gone

  • sredgor hcaz
    sredgor hcaz 6 years ago

    PS2 has Shin Megami Tensei which kicks AASSS

  • sredgor hcaz
    sredgor hcaz 6 years ago

    PS4 is coming out and I still have a PS2

  • KaiserTeufel
    KaiserTeufel 6 years ago

    I'm glad Joe doesn't keep the grid up all the time otherwise it'd be kind of annoying to watch.
    Anyway, tough break but very entertaining. I'm rooting for Joe but damn it, now I kind of want to buy this game...

  • WoodStove
    WoodStove 6 years ago

    bebopvox was out of town

  • JumboStevo
    JumboStevo 6 years ago

    it was one of those comments that has a link in it

  • TytanicalG
    TytanicalG 6 years ago

    BeBopVox didn't show up/couldn't find the time to play the match. Sidestrafe gets a 2-0 default win plus randomly assigned SPPs to two players + MVP SPPs.

  • jedipika2012
    jedipika2012 6 years ago

    Vox had to forfeit the match because of technical difficulties... :(

  • mayrana2
    mayrana2 6 years ago

    She also seems to be having a bit of fun with it despite losing. She deserves like a good sportsman award or something. lol

  • Parluxgrounds
    Parluxgrounds 6 years ago

    Angry joe if you read this. You made me a Blood bowl Viewing fan. I even cracked open a beer. GO HOLLYWOOD HORRORS!

  • estarz 25
    estarz 25 6 years ago

    shame on you please leave youtube you crap

  • Drumbas
    Drumbas 6 years ago

    If you don't have 2 dices then the ods are on the enemies favor please only role shit that has a decent chance of winning.

  • Viking102938
    Viking102938 6 years ago

    Who would've guessed the man dubbed "Angry Joe" would be angry.
    World is full of suprises x D

  • Viking102938
    Viking102938 6 years ago

    It not showing you the odds means you don't have a chance, Joe x D

  • Carnassious
    Carnassious 6 years ago

    this was accually a great match
    cant believe joe lost XD

  • Jacob Peckmann
    Jacob Peckmann 6 years ago

    Best match hands down. Well actually it might be funny to watch Jesse lose half his team to TB...

  • gruntmaster1
    gruntmaster1 6 years ago

    Ok, thanks for the reply (also goes to the six or so other replies).

  • Akoluvu
    Akoluvu 6 years ago

    That 3 skulls roll follow by the two skull one was absolutely hilarious :D

  • Jakob Otten
    Jakob Otten 6 years ago

    RNG dice game, people should just deal with it. The best team can suck if it only gets shit rolls throughout the game. Or if you play into your opponents strenghts completely disregarding your own teams. :)

  • jargon
    jargon 6 years ago

    bebop forfeited because he was really busy with flights/work this week

  • Matthew Woodrum
    Matthew Woodrum 6 years ago

    The Undead are the best in the long run due to regeneration. Assuming you play that long.

  • Matthew Woodrum
    Matthew Woodrum 6 years ago

    Where's Gore Throatgouger and Ramtut III?

  • BootySweat4491
    BootySweat4491 6 years ago


  • Felipe Akira
    Felipe Akira 6 years ago

    I literally stopped watching 10 minutes in because Joe's screaming was fucking annoying

  • FearEngine
    FearEngine 6 years ago

    Other serious errors were that he shouldve lined up the minimum (3) players on the line of scrimmage to minimize the free hits of the superior saurii hitters. He moved the wolf he was going to throw to first making it a long pass, rather than running up handing it off then running the receiving wolf out of range of everything but the skinks. And that was just in the first 2 drives.

  • ThaJuhis
    ThaJuhis 6 years ago

    Something wrong with that?