i play “ain’t no sunshine” but the intro is a bit different

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • hey guys i made this very normal cover of "ain't no sunshine" very normal nothing different at all about it just standard normal. i am sorry
    Thank you so much for watching!

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  • SethEverman
    SethEverman  Month ago +112339

    hey guys i'm back

  • Eleni Psarros
    Eleni Psarros 3 hours ago

    His voice his voice his voiiiiicee😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Linux_Baltasar Hegre
    Linux_Baltasar Hegre 4 hours ago +1

    I made a guitar tab on this whole thing and now I can't stop playing it

  • Ola Lukowska
    Ola Lukowska 8 hours ago

    absolutely epic

  • Gianluca Esposito
    Gianluca Esposito 9 hours ago +1


  • Andrew Kern
    Andrew Kern 10 hours ago

    Can you make a full cover

  • ByJuanjox 1299
    ByJuanjox 1299 10 hours ago

    i'm the bald guy

  • soza
    soza 15 hours ago

    i need this on every streaming service urgently, seth.

  • Canned Dinners
    Canned Dinners 16 hours ago

    This is my new religion

  • Black _ Jack209
    Black _ Jack209 19 hours ago

    This is amazing!!

  • Grucci.
    Grucci. 19 hours ago


  • Fael Rodrigues Darakinos78

    Cara por favor uma versão completa da música original que voz do krl

  • Nick Randall
    Nick Randall 21 hour ago

    No joke. The best singing I have every heard. He has a beautiful voice. No homo.

  • Uncle Bus
    Uncle Bus Day ago

    I am sick rn and this made me happy

  • The Berry Juice
    The Berry Juice Day ago +1

    Okay this is the best thing i have ever seen!

  • Dark Knyght
    Dark Knyght Day ago

    Imagine if Rocky used this as a theme song

  • caribou companion
    caribou companion Day ago +1

    we will always hear the swedish in your voice

  • POPO
    POPO Day ago

    Popo demands a full song with your glorious voice.

  • Luqman Kiani
    Luqman Kiani 2 days ago +1

    I will sell my soul to the devil, I will prostitute my body and I will sell my organs just so that I pay him to cover the entire song.

  • Geros6
    Geros6 2 days ago

    bro 1st video of 2020 that i seriously clapped !!!

  • Electra _FX
    Electra _FX 2 days ago

    Escaping copyright for the 100th time

  • Pinnper
    Pinnper 2 days ago

    Its so nice

  • BunnyBombers
    BunnyBombers 2 days ago

    (Instep smurk here)

  • Alge
    Alge 2 days ago


  • Gugos Games
    Gugos Games 2 days ago

    Por q no lo pones en spanish

  • skate1062
    skate1062 2 days ago

    Can u do a full version of your singing part? 😩😩

  • Oliwarder
    Oliwarder 2 days ago

    So, when new phone durability tests?
    *Edited:* Sry, wrong channel.

  • Moxxie Crook
    Moxxie Crook 2 days ago

    This already has more views than the original, and it’s a meme, please, I want the full version of this

  • William Samuel
    William Samuel 2 days ago

    We demand full version...
    Or we'll sue you

  • Akiiko
    Akiiko 2 days ago

    Best part 1:24

  • brenna's psychedelic breakfast


  • Jo An
    Jo An 2 days ago

    Im in love ❤️

  • LaserBeamDynamite
    LaserBeamDynamite 2 days ago

    "a bit"

  • marcelo iripino
    marcelo iripino 3 days ago

    Que agradable sujeto!

  • Ethan Holmes
    Ethan Holmes 3 days ago +1

    I watch this all day just FYI

    • MayaM
      MayaM 2 days ago

      you know what? same story!

  • Ethan Holmes
    Ethan Holmes 3 days ago

    PLEASE release a full version

  • InfinityMax365
    InfinityMax365 3 days ago


  • Spaceman Spiff
    Spaceman Spiff 3 days ago

    I grew an extra bone in my body when i heard him sing

  • Jim Henson
    Jim Henson 4 days ago

    Smooth as duke silver

  • JollyFatPig Jolly
    JollyFatPig Jolly 4 days ago


  • Gabriel Aguilar
    Gabriel Aguilar 4 days ago

    I want a full version of this

  • DeralTGM
    DeralTGM 4 days ago

    he looks too deep into my soul!

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 4 days ago

    seth, as much you try to make yourself a meme, you will never mask the fact that you are an absolutely incredible musician

  • YaBoiZevYT -
    YaBoiZevYT - 4 days ago

    Bald man sing

  • Krowe
    Krowe 4 days ago

    Yo guys whys this low-key fire

  • Kelly Clark D
    Kelly Clark D 4 days ago

    1:23 At least we know know how he might have done the Mirror Selfie

  • Áron Márk Csernák
    Áron Márk Csernák 4 days ago +1

    Please make a complete version

  • Abstraxxt
    Abstraxxt 5 days ago

    i typed ain't no sunshine piano dude (forgot his name)

  • M4XIM
    M4XIM 5 days ago

    Does anyone know which keyboard he uses ?? in this video

  • JustCallMeTommy
    JustCallMeTommy 5 days ago

    I love everything about this, I come back weekly since the video was posted, I've liked it, favoured it shared it and I still feel like I'm not showing enought appreciation for it!

  • josiah klassen
    josiah klassen 5 days ago +1

    He needs to make a modernized version of this song with his voice, I'm talking about ain't no sunshine.

  • Vini Van Gogh
    Vini Van Gogh 5 days ago

    Whait a moment the bald guy can sing??

  • Dominus
    Dominus 5 days ago

    when he said "gonna vibe now" i felt that..

  • наш футбол ,

    Eminem stands by XD

  • Marcos Ferrer
    Marcos Ferrer 5 days ago


  • Scorpio
    Scorpio 5 days ago +2

    So what kind of musician are you?

    Seth: *yes*

  • Kametama Love
    Kametama Love 5 days ago

    I want to hear you sing more!!!!! Please please please please please please!!

  • TaeTaTan
    TaeTaTan 5 days ago

    No regret

  • King Potato
    King Potato 5 days ago

    E P I C

  • KenzoJsg
    KenzoJsg 6 days ago

    I dont find any twist