SPENDING ALL OUR MONEY IN Adopt Me Roblox Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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  • Renee Tsielepi
    Renee Tsielepi 47 minutes ago

    Norris nuts Norris nuts

  • Jeremy Thomas
    Jeremy Thomas Hour ago

    I’ve always wanted to play with them there my fav TheXvidrs

  • Potato Squad
    Potato Squad 5 hours ago

    Pls do more adopt me and do Royal high!!!!🥳😚😀😁

  • Brooke Russell
    Brooke Russell 8 hours ago

    omg I love leah ashe

  • Fashion Ava
    Fashion Ava 11 hours ago

    1:08 plz accept

  • terrah mercedat
    terrah mercedat 12 hours ago +1

    Does anyone else think she was laughing so weird oh cool I think it’s cool Like if it’s weird comment if it’s cool I’m gonna come in because it’s cool

  • Sharon Brodsky
    Sharon Brodsky 15 hours ago

    I was in sockies car in ADOPT MEH my username was IZZY😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🦊

  • Xd Noobslaya85
    Xd Noobslaya85 16 hours ago +1

    I am a legend on every Chanel you have! I love you guys soooo much! If I had 1 wish it would be to meet you guys!

  • tony meehan
    tony meehan 16 hours ago

    i belive naz the dragons are UGLEY sorry sab

    i subbed to both channels and sockies cooking channel

  • nawazraz Ranya
    nawazraz Ranya 21 hour ago +1

    Pls pls if one of u have the cloud pls i will give u a Griffin pls my roblox name is Cloudyrain453 pls pls pls I beg u

  • Fruity Kids
    Fruity Kids Day ago

    The last video of them they had 750k and now they have 800k

  • BFF's forever morgan sophia maliah ja'nail karen

    i was sing we the #legends when i was walking

  • Sophie Henderson

    I want a fly uni for all my pets ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Amanda Wetteland
    Amanda Wetteland Day ago +1

    Who thinks that the Norris nuts are so nice on Roblox

  • HSB Family
    HSB Family Day ago

    Sorry if I spelled it wrong

  • HSB Family
    HSB Family Day ago

    Your my favorite boggy

  • HSB Family
    HSB Family Day ago

    Love buggy your crash loves your presence

  • Sophie & Imaan
    Sophie & Imaan Day ago

    I only have 3 pets my user name is ImaanAryssa

  • Agnieszka Kuberna
    Agnieszka Kuberna 2 days ago

    Nas And Saber dont give up on making a neon unicorn😇

  • Taco Squad
    Taco Squad 2 days ago

    I WISH I COULD PLAY WITH YOU GUYS :( I AM THE BIGGEST LEGEND EVER! ILYSM I WISH U GUYS COULD TURN YOUR GAMES TO PUBLIC AND EVERYONE CAN JOIN 😭 I would give you guys cool pets :( like I could give a ride griffin! Or something like a bat dragon :( user: julia4932

  • Gail Carroll
    Gail Carroll 2 days ago

    If any of you wanna send me a friend request my user is rilcar2027 on roblox feel free to!

  • Carl Schuetze
    Carl Schuetze 2 days ago

    love you guys

  • Ollie Progamer
    Ollie Progamer 2 days ago

    Ur so annoying just quit

  • Sallie Durbridge
    Sallie Durbridge 2 days ago +1

    I love the Norris Nuts

  • unicornlover love anaimals

    one like : means how many pepole think naz should get a gunie pig !

  • 江燕芳
    江燕芳 2 days ago

    1:15 look at naz face lol

  • Stefanie Hatch
    Stefanie Hatch 3 days ago +1

    Help them get roebucks in subscribe

  • Stefanie Hatch
    Stefanie Hatch 3 days ago +1

    I love the Norris nuts

  • troy jordan
    troy jordan 3 days ago

    All these people love u guys 👇🏼
    And we think u can get robux and we all should subscribe and like and share this video

  • Jilliane Adamos
    Jilliane Adamos 3 days ago

    Biggy your crush like someone else😞😞😔😔

  • Johanna Arlandson
    Johanna Arlandson 3 days ago +1

    Something really great happened to me on adopt me! This lady said abc if u wanna play a game, so I said abc, she said if u could find me I will give u a rideable rhino! So I found her and she said let’s trade, and I asked if she wanted anything for it and she said yes so I gave her a brown bear for it and she accepted! Of course I was like “OMG TYSM” and she said, “I just love to make people happy!” And I think that was so nice, like the nicest thing that’s happened to me on adopt me, I just feel really happy in my heart right now❤️

  • its patato plays ;-;

    I love the norris nuts so much I have my name like in adopt me my name says #legend I love norris nuts soooooo sooo much

  • Nya Does everything
    Nya Does everything 3 days ago

    Ayyyyy Leah Ashe I love her and you guys #youguysarethrbestyouterbersever

  • It’s just bellaboo19 Hello

    Moto moto LoL I LOVE THAT NAME!

  • Signing Hands
    Signing Hands 3 days ago +1

    When sock says "Welcome back to NORRIS NUTS GAMING" it makes me laughhh

  • Esma Blloshmi
    Esma Blloshmi 3 days ago

    Leah ashee is a proper youtuber

  • fluffyclouds
    fluffyclouds 4 days ago

    Go Slender Mum! ❤️

  • Lilly Cautela
    Lilly Cautela 4 days ago


  • Eka Chagelishvili
    Eka Chagelishvili 4 days ago

    Slender mum is best❤❤❤

  • WaterEater1111112
    WaterEater1111112 4 days ago +2

    This is how many times they got scammed

  • donut girl
    donut girl 4 days ago

    I love you guys

  • Amina Khan
    Amina Khan 4 days ago

    I can't even save that much money

  • eireann downes xx
    eireann downes xx 4 days ago

    Norris Nuts can ye be my friends on roblox my name is eireannthepup I love ye so much ye make my day so if ye were my friends on roblox I will be so happy so plsss be my friend on it plsss it would realy make my day lots of love eireann/eireannthepup love ye

  • Keituciszz
    Keituciszz 4 days ago +2

    Why Biggy in adopt me Looks like boy??

  • phoebe heart
    phoebe heart 4 days ago

    I love I always which you vids

  • Bella Bonallie
    Bella Bonallie 4 days ago

    So lucky I love your vidieos

  • Maegan Saalwaechter
    Maegan Saalwaechter 4 days ago

    I like Leah Ashe too and I like you guys too

  • Cala Harte
    Cala Harte 4 days ago +1

    For some reason the norris nuts make me happy when I'm sad I lve how they always so nice to each other :D

  • Laney Bug
    Laney Bug 5 days ago

    Go slender mom!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️

  • Juliana silveira
    Juliana silveira 5 days ago

    u pronounce Leah Ashe- Leah Ash, k Sab Ps. love u soo much ♥♥♥

  • Cute cat 4 Kenned
    Cute cat 4 Kenned 5 days ago

    Sockie I have a TheXvid Channel

  • Sung Hong
    Sung Hong 5 days ago

    They can make a neon dragon, red panda, and i think a unicorn

  • Sung Hong
    Sung Hong 5 days ago

    If you have 4 pets you can make a neon

  • Riley J
    Riley J 5 days ago

    come on legends we need to get the Norris nuts 1 million subscribers. we can do it

  • Cambria's Corner
    Cambria's Corner 5 days ago +1

    I I want you guys to make a video and the patriots

  • Destiny De La Luz
    Destiny De La Luz 5 days ago

    when theres a poll asking who do u think will win no one ever picks naz only the people who belive in naz and i am one of those people. I love you nazzy

  • SUMthefox 1234
    SUMthefox 1234 5 days ago +5

    I like how ur like- “There’s so many legends in this server”
    Everyone is a legend ;-;
    Like seeing you in game I’d cry!
    I might not tho.. I’m in uk and there’s different time lines.

  • Katie Keane
    Katie Keane 5 days ago +1

    Pls I'm your biggest fan I watch you every day can I have a shout out in your next vid

  • Katie Keane
    Katie Keane 5 days ago

    Can you all add me on roblox my name is katiebooxxox

  • Pinky sky
    Pinky sky 6 days ago

    Omg u wacth leah ashes vid i love her!