Star Wars: Why Solo FAILED At The Box Office

  • Published on May 30, 2018
  • Why Disney should have had a bad feeling about this.
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Comments • 4 681

  • Jari Sipilainen
    Jari Sipilainen Month ago

    released 1 year later. was ewoks good movie?

  • TheBlueQuasar
    TheBlueQuasar Month ago

    Knowing that Han and Chewie faced no real danger made dramatic scenes feel empty. It was still fun, but there was too much focus on explaining where Ep 4-6 things came from. The story itself was fine, too much window dressing.

  • Bitchslapped
    Bitchslapped Month ago

    Every Star Wars film blends together in the wrong way. None is special, you see them and immediately forget them, if you don't see one and you are curios about the next one they'll reboot it, prequel it, animate it, deage it with CGI, whatever. I just don't care and I used to.

  • Turkstank
    Turkstank 2 months ago

    solo is a good flick. i didn't want to see it at first, because of last jedi, but i decided to see it in theaters and i was glad i did. the reason why it failed is only because of the last jedi.....

  • A Penandroll
    A Penandroll 2 months ago

    Because it one asked for this piece of shit movie.

  • Carmine Bokesch
    Carmine Bokesch 2 months ago

    I wanted to go see it, but I thought I couldn't go with any other company. So, me and my friends went to other films

  • TehBigB4dWolf
    TehBigB4dWolf 2 months ago

    I liked it actually, and would gladly watch the sequel. It was much better then VIII (that I also liked somewhat).

  • philbertmill2
    philbertmill2 3 months ago

    The casting was simply awful, too many already famous actors, it ruined the feeling of being in another galaxy.

  • David Maloney
    David Maloney 3 months ago

    I have the solo shins

  • Ivan Stankovic
    Ivan Stankovic 3 months ago

    Ok, so this is my opinion on the whole star wars disney movies. Its totally subjective so there is no need for anyone to get offended. What i think happened in the beginning of the development is next: The writers and directors sat down in a conference room with the chart analysis of the movie market and came to this conclusion - Fictional quote: "Lets make a movie that will have the following:
    1. Easy plot so everyone can understand (so we can have a lot of paying customers)
    2. Super cool special effects (everyone loves stunning visuals)
    3. Super cool action (kids will love it)
    4. Obvious racial equality (more paying customers)
    5. Lets take something from the old movies and make the back story for it. This way we win over old fans. (smart - more money)
    6. Lets put in some feminist power (more paying customers)
    7. No need to develop the characters , make it simple
    8. No need to make the consistent and intelligent story (its not like we are targeting super smart people) " ......
    But the problem is that this way - you are underestimating fans intelligence. And that is why everything backfired for Disney. The point here is that Disney should learn from their mistakes and make the film that the FANS will appreciate.

  • Dean Tobin
    Dean Tobin 3 months ago

    Solo bombed for one reason. The Last jedi was total garbage.

  • harrylongbaugh1
    harrylongbaugh1 3 months ago

    Disney should have followed the books. There are at least 3 Han solo books about him before he joined up with Leia and Co.

  • Creative Aviator
    Creative Aviator 4 months ago

    Actually watch it again or see if it you haven't seen it. Think it was as good as rouge one as a Star Wars story. And shut up boy cotting George Lucas and Alen Enhenrich made it to the Cinemas. Be great fall for that!

  • D Mereel Alhucema M423
    D Mereel Alhucema M423 4 months ago

    wearing a classic dorks Tshirt. good job

  • Uxbridge
    Uxbridge 4 months ago +1

    Solo was better than the Last Jedi but wasn’t perfect. For me the three reasons I was reluctant to see it were because
    Number 1: The Last Jedi was terrible
    Number 2: Timing. Releasing it in May was a terrible idea, because it was competing with movies like, as you mentioned, Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity War, which I frankly was much more interesting in seeing.
    Number 3: The idea of a Han Solo prequel with a different actor isn’t really that interesting. Sorry.
    Nonetheless I am a committed Star Wars fan so I went to see the film and I came out of the theatre mildly satisfied. It didn’t blow me away as a film, but it had its moments to shine. Essentially it went right in some areas and failed in others.

  • Itsyaboi 91
    Itsyaboi 91 4 months ago +1

    I like how every person in the comments is like"BeCauSR BoYcOtT" oh please it wasn't from that. Marketing, behind the scene trouble, it's a star wars STORY, it would come to Netflix, no one asked for it(though it was quite good), competition(infinity war and deadpool 2), people worrying if it will be good or not. The BoYcOTt didn't do shit and you have to admit that

  • Sean White
    Sean White 4 months ago +1

    It failed because the film wasn't very good. Also they had the wrong guy for the role. Anthony Ingruber should have got the part.

  • Russ Green
    Russ Green 4 months ago

    Why it failed? Alden being cast as Han Solo. He was TERRIBLE!
    The story was TERRIBLE!
    After The Last Jedi I won't see another Star Wars movie.
    The Last Jedi was COMPLETE GARBAGE!!

  • david C
    david C 4 months ago

    I would have loved to see solo but Han died in force awakens and last jedi Luke dies no reason to watch another sw

  • Jonah Kiel
    Jonah Kiel 4 months ago

    Yaaaawn😴 Solo's boring AND predictable! Not to mention Donald Glover is a terrible actor AND irritating😠

  • jonnygogo bravo
    jonnygogo bravo 4 months ago

    I liked Solo. The ending makes me want to see what is up with Kira's dark side (Maul) and Solo working for Jabba. Give Ron Howard the green light for a sequel or at least another Star Wars story (Obi wan -whispering).

  • Mace Windu
    Mace Windu 4 months ago

    It didn’t go to Solo because of the last jedi, but i just watched the movie and its one of my favorite star wars movies

  • Scott Harris
    Scott Harris 4 months ago

    Another idiot saying F the fans make the movie for people who don't like Star Wars.

  • Nolan Olivier
    Nolan Olivier 4 months ago +2

    I tried watching Solo, it was pointless, boring and cringey. It left me with largely the same response as TFA. I just felt nothing.

  • Costas J.T.
    Costas J.T. 4 months ago

    They put that idiot from "Cheers" in it. It was over right there.

  • AdamWayneone
    AdamWayneone 4 months ago

    *If the last jerkaround was a shit movie then Solo was pure piss! At least we got the obligatory cameo for Ron Howard's mongoloid little brother. Sadly, the ONLY one that nailed it was Donald Glover as Lando! Somehow though, I knew from the getgo, Howard could not save this film. AND (incoming pun) I've never seen such a wooden performance from Harrelson. And I've seen Zombieland!*

    • AdamWayneone
      AdamWayneone 4 months ago

      *With all that said, this Disney sanctioned rant (check the logo in the corner!) holds little water and is not going to pacify fans to generate less hate on Disney.*

  • Db R
    Db R 4 months ago

    Why did disney do it

  • celticwolff
    celticwolff 4 months ago

    Solo's biggest problem was the same all prequels have: no suspense. No matter how much danger you put them in we know Han, Lando and Chewie will be ok.

  • Maxisamo1
    Maxisamo1 5 months ago

    - Came in right after the biggest divisive film (Last Jedi) in the whole series
    - Had a lot of public knowledge of the bullshit that went on behind the scenes
    - Was waaaaaaaay more expensive than it needed to be thanks to the behind the scenes bullshit
    - Didn't have any trailers (not even teasers) until a Quarter of a year before it's release
    - Is riding off the coattails of Harrison Fucking Ford
    - Infinity War

  • steveverboom
    steveverboom 5 months ago

    Well thought out. However, the main reason Solo flopped was the BOYCOTT due to The Last Jedi.

  • Chris Ward
    Chris Ward 5 months ago

    They should have done a movie about the Knights of Ren, a Snoke movie or something that fleshed out the new trilogy which is painfully bare bones. They have to stop with the sjw feminist crap as well. They need to show men and women working together, not a bunch of sassy Mary Sue bitches kicking the incompetent males in the nuts to score some Hollywood back-patting points.

  • Easy Grin
    Easy Grin 5 months ago

    Loved this movie its the closest we will ever get to to the exspanded universe stories from the old comics and books i read when the OT was all there was. They gave Chewbacca a proper character arc he had stuff to do and was next to Empire the movie where he has his best scenes. He isnt Han's servant or pet he is friend they are great together. The story is great too the feeling and atmosphere of the Starwars criminal world. Woody Harrellsons Becket is a awesome character and i love the way they mirror him with Han in New hope.

  • AlucardsQuest
    AlucardsQuest 5 months ago

    Rogue One sucked too.

  • KesumaofEO
    KesumaofEO 5 months ago

    Who's to blame? The Last Jedi. Never seen a movie completely destroy everything set up to the prior film like that one did so everyone probably expected Solo to either be the same or boycotted it as due to TLJ.

  • me that guy
    me that guy 6 months ago

    I watched it for the Lore. How Han met Chewbacca and Legendary Wookie Strength, Where Han got his Infamous Blaster(A hand held Rifle mind you),Hans first Mission and the Advice from Beckett that became his Motto("Trust No One"), The Kessel Run, The Beginning of the Rebellion, Han and Lando's Mercurial Friendship.....and Han's Beginning. That being said I don't understand one thing, Crimson Dawn was one of the five Syndicates (The Money generating arm of the Empire)....yet they were stealing from the Empire..... essentially stealing from themselves..........what was Darth Maul up to(besides making Qi'ra his apprentice after she killed her Master((Rule of Two))......I want to see THAT movie.
    *Edit: Not sure if Qi'ra is Lore.
    *Missed Opportunity: Escaping the Maw -Hyperdrive Failure Han should have said "It's Not my Fault" because it was his Idea.......shame 😒.

  • MrTruth111
    MrTruth111 6 months ago

    what a disaster this starwars thing has become, I hope the darkside wins, and get it over with.

  • Caleb Munoz
    Caleb Munoz 6 months ago

    The only reason I didn't go see it was because they didn't get the right actor

  • Lee Price
    Lee Price 6 months ago +1


  • George Aitken
    George Aitken 6 months ago +3

    I liked solo hated last jedi

  • DragNetJoe
    DragNetJoe 6 months ago

    Finally got around to watching it on DVD. 1 - Not absolutely horrible, but not very good either. 2 - Tried to cram in too much backstory. Name, check. Childhood, check. Millennium Falcon, check. Lando, check. Chewbacca, check. Kessel run, check. 3 - Ending was horrible. Leave Darth Maul dead (yea, I know Clone Wars resurrected him). Terrible awful idea best left in a cartoon. You don't bring characters back from dramatic on-screen deaths without cheapening every dramatic event. If writers are willing to ret-con away something everyone saw happen clearly on-screen, well then nothing is off limits. Look up Dallas season 9. I guess Snoke is probably still alive since he getting chopped in half is only a flesh wound.

    SHAWN DABKOWSKI 7 months ago

    Is this inside knowledge from disney

  • Craig Lowkey
    Craig Lowkey 7 months ago

    all the new characters r so bad

  • Michael Richter
    Michael Richter 7 months ago

    He doesnt LOOK OR ACT like Han Solo!!

  • Pawel Rybicki
    Pawel Rybicki 7 months ago

    The last jedi ruined star wars and I wasn't even interested in seeing Solo.

  • gregs1020
    gregs1020 7 months ago

    we all know why Solo failed. i waited to rent it and it's actually pretty good. easily as good as TFA. not as good as Rogue One, but a solid effort. i hope they make a sequel to TFA some day.

  • Eric Gaiser
    Eric Gaiser 7 months ago

    Idea for SW Anthology film:
    "Maul: A Star Wars Story"
    After "Kenobi: A Star Wars Story" of course after "Solo: A Star Wars Story".
    Forming a Darth Maul Anthology Trilogy of sorts. It's a good save IMO what do y'all think?

  • Michael Sebi
    Michael Sebi 7 months ago

    Because it was unnecessary

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard 7 months ago


  • fuck2016
    fuck2016 7 months ago +1

    TFA was overrated, the last Jedi and solo Were garbage although I will say I enjoyed rogue one the last 30 minutes alone were better then all the most recent movies combined

  • submissivelover
    submissivelover 7 months ago

    The casting was clearly the issue. There was not a single solid performance on the screen. Alden and Donald were fucking horrendous. Truly garbage, unbelievably disappointing. I think the film was a fine adventure film, Ron Howard just has that affect, it failed on the performance end, the acting routinely spoiled the experience for me. They should have gone with an impressionist, it was stupid to make not particularly great actors do impressions, better to assist impressionists into stronger performances as actors in general.
    I don't understand the commitment to Alden Ehrenreich, he so clearly wasn't the right choice and yet every warning was ignored. He doesn't look like him, sound like him, act like him, was too short.
    I greatly disliked The Force Awakens, i saw it for free with a friend and noticed immediately i was watching "A New Hope" with a female.

    AWSOMUS LATEST 7 months ago +3

    Solo....was actually great compared to...last jedi.....

  • Joshua Wagner
    Joshua Wagner 7 months ago

    I didn't see Solo in theaters because I was sore about The Last Jedi. So was my wife.
    I bought it on DVD and watched it with her. It's a shame we didn't see it in theaters, because we really liked it.
    Doesn't change the fact that I, and many others, didn't see it because of the disappointment inflicted upon us by The Last Jedi.

  • Ricardo Luján
    Ricardo Luján 7 months ago

    why would i go to see a film about a guy that disney already fucking killed??? come on!!!!

  • Felix Trejo
    Felix Trejo 7 months ago

    This movie was awesome . People didn’t watch it because of the last Jedi. But this movie has nothing to do with how bad the last Jedi was . Solo was great

  • Joe Sycamore
    Joe Sycamore 7 months ago +1

    No one wanted this movie, that's why it failed

  • AJ Maldonado
    AJ Maldonado 7 months ago

    Were you guys intrigued by Emilia Clarke’s character Quira?

    • AJ Maldonado
      AJ Maldonado 7 months ago

      I mean i want to see where her ark ends up especially with her new position 👿

  • Dipanker Chatterjee
    Dipanker Chatterjee 7 months ago

    deadpool 2 was better than infinity war by miles..

  • fcsuper
    fcsuper 7 months ago

    Release date and competition is a cop-out. SW used to come out in early summer, and other movies were more successful with similar scenarios in 2017 and 2018.

  • Become Fitness
    Become Fitness 7 months ago

    Bought by Waltdisney.. you bitch

  • andy. hello.
    andy. hello. 7 months ago

    a grown man

  • Star Wars Talk
    Star Wars Talk 7 months ago +2

    The boycott was a big part. Personally, I say good on those people who are boycotting the film. Glad they are making a statement against the Disney movies. I would boycott myself, but I didn’t mind Solo, as I said in my review. Please check it out.

  • Llywylln Gryffyn
    Llywylln Gryffyn 7 months ago

    When Solo was in the Theaters, I went to see Deadpool 2. I hadn't even heard of it until I saw a movie poster for it on the wall... not as an upcoming movie but one that was already playing. I only just saw it yesterdayas a rental and I really enjoyed it. Given how bad the 'talk' about it was, I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it all worked in the end. Sure, it wasn't the best of Star Wars but it was a lot better than the prequels.

  • Urbexx Jeremy
    Urbexx Jeremy 7 months ago

    I refuse to watch anymore Disney Star Wars wannabe movies. They’re trash.

  • Clint Pot
    Clint Pot 7 months ago

    A masculine character like Solo can not exist in today's soy boy culture.

  • Totte Kallkvist
    Totte Kallkvist 7 months ago

    Saw half Solo yesterday but fell alsleep. Felt like a child western is space. Not that bad but not good either. Like the majority of Disney movies this days.

  • Demir Çalışkan
    Demir Çalışkan 7 months ago

    Last jedi was horrible so I did not want to go to another star wars movie ever again.. But people who saw solo thinks it's a good movie...

  • Reina Fox
    Reina Fox 7 months ago

    I didn't see it because 1 I was burnt out on Star Wars at that point and 2 I just didn't know it came out. I enjoyed wail watching it but thinking back I see why people didn't like it. If this wasn't a "Solo" story I but random character it would an alright story.

  • Shah ZaZa
    Shah ZaZa 7 months ago

    This is just my opinion but the reason i didn't watch solo (and also last Jedi) is because i feel like the main reason for watching a movie isn't present anymore in star wars films and that is being told a good story..
    What im trying to say is that the star wars films aren't trying to tell a story but just giving us fan service so they can cash in on the franchise the plot just doesn't feel natural with cocky characters cracking jokes and action without context instead of giving us good character development. Say what you want about the prequels but they knew what they we're doing telling a tragic story of Anakin becoming darth vader while also expanding thé universe with interesting new lore.
    Im sure that a lot of people will disagree with me but this is my reason for not seeing new star wars movies

  • GoofyOldGuyPlays
    GoofyOldGuyPlays 7 months ago +1

    I'm surprised when you mentioned the "Boycott", you didn't mention the "Boycott" due to the horrible SJW influence...which is why I didn't see it. I'm 57, saw the original when it was in the theaters. Followed through all of them (even the gawd awful prequels and remakes). THIS is the one I called it quits on.

  • Monitory Report
    Monitory Report 7 months ago

    As soon as I read the twitter statement regarding one of the clowns involved in Star Wars about NOT BEING SORRY FOR INJECTING STAR WARS WITH IDENTITY POLITICS I WASNT GIVING SOYLO MY COIN.

  • Powerbomb1987
    Powerbomb1987 8 months ago +1

    didn't they make Lando "pan sexual" that's all the more reason NOT to see it, SJW bullshit!

  • Liam Flecksing
    Liam Flecksing 8 months ago

    I actually liked the last Jedi. I don’t know why you all hate it.

  • Joseph zink
    Joseph zink 8 months ago

    Finally sat down to watch it and was pretty neutral about it really. Expectations were low. Felt similar to Rogue one. What I definitely seen right away was the fact that they had to tie a lot in with just the one movie. I think giving it at least two parts would of made it better. Was like he gets his blaster, he meets Chewbacca, gets falcon. Rapid fire leaving less detail which is what the fans drool over. We want stupid details we can speculate over. In a new hope no one new what a parsec was but we liked talking about it. Stuff like that.

  • Anjie Marie
    Anjie Marie 8 months ago

    The last Jedi ruined it for me so I'll be boycotting any new movies unless there's a miracle.

  • TheCockmeister
    TheCockmeister 8 months ago

    Same here... I've just got around to watching Solo online now because the Last Jedi was so SHIT.. And Solo has joined it in the toilet bowl as a smaller slightly less smelly turd... But its still a turd... This dude here is skirting around the obvious issue... Fans boycotted Solo because TLJ sucked and Disney blamed the fans....

  • ChadDad123
    ChadDad123 8 months ago

    It just comes down to writing. I watched it again today and it was one long car chase action flick. It would be like if ROTJ removed the Vader/Luke good vs evil plot and was all about destroying the Death Star.

  • Niceguy Eddie
    Niceguy Eddie 8 months ago

    Didn't see it in the theater. Finally watched it last night, and acrtually really enjoyed it. (Hey: My expectations were set VERY low!) But there is no escaping that fact that this is not a movie that ANYBODY wanted. (We wanted KENOPBI! lol) Couple that with all the other stuff... studio meddling, poor marketing, bad timing, too soon/saturation, and it was doomed from the start. Still had fun watching it though, even if it is one of the lesser entries.

  • Jake Anderson
    Jake Anderson 8 months ago

    I liked Last Jedi, I liked it even more after watching Rian Johnson explain some of the story choices he made (still incredibly dislike Luke throwing the sabre over his shoulder).
    That said, I did not feel a drive/need to see Solo in theaters. I saw it on (digital) video, and wish I had seen it in the theaters.
    There WAS one question this film answered that I've wanted answered for a long time...and that is "How did Chewie and Solo end up together." The answer to that question and how it was presented was ABSOLUTELY the best part of the film for me. Once that scene was complete, I was officially on board for the duration.

  • Shitizens United
    Shitizens United 8 months ago

    I hated last Jedi, and refused to watch another SW movie. And I heard Solo was all just a SJW flick. Just watched it. And I have to say it was fucking awesome.
    Huge SW nerd, I was the DM for the west end games SW RPG so the lore, and the fucks are given. And watching this, even if some of it was changed. There is still much held to the old lore.
    Movie was just fun as hell to watch. I was wrong about almost everything.

  • James Morris
    James Morris 8 months ago

    I love this channel. But is Disney now producing your channel. Cause this video makes me think it is. Solo was boycotted because of the last jedi everyone knows it. But not just because of the last jedi but insulting the fans and telling us we don't care what you think and this is the way is going to be so if you don't like it don't watch it. So we didn't.!.!

  • mean he
    mean he 8 months ago

    It bombed for most people because of SJW’s and the liberal political climate going on right now in American/western culture. The influence of the liberal agenda/SJW’s is ruining movies.

  • Doctor Cthulhu
    Doctor Cthulhu 8 months ago

    Solo was just a story no one really wanted. Then you add in the terrible set stories, and changes, and it never had a real chance.

    I didn’t go see it in theatres, because Infinity War was my whole theatre budget that month. Plus, moviepass didn’t make it available only area, so there was zero chance I was spending extra money on it.

  • Dont Needtoknow
    Dont Needtoknow 8 months ago

    Last Jedi destroyed Stars Wars saga for me. Not interested in what they produce in future cause Last Jedi sucked so bad and ruined entire Star Wars storyline for me.

  • Brian Deluca
    Brian Deluca 8 months ago

    Failed because of the last Jedi a lot of us hardcore Star Wars fans boycotted the movie to show Disney/Lucas films we don't like the direction they are taking Star Wars.

  • mattgeorge78
    mattgeorge78 8 months ago

    You love Kylo....Nuff said.

  • james rowley
    james rowley 8 months ago

    i refused to go to see it cause Harrison ford was not in it.

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia 8 months ago

    Thank you for addressing "some" of the reasons as to why "Solo, a Star Wars story" flopped at the box office. No one of those commenting below fully agree with you because we all know that there is "the elephant in the room" that has to be ignored by all those (like yourselves) who are associated with the current viewpoints of Lucasfilm and of Disney. We understand that you have families to feed and telling the truth often leads to unemployment (for some) or being labelled horrible things (as many of us, SW long time loyal fans have experienced) by those "few" in control of things right Now! I am looking forwards to hear your review of "why" SW episode IX flopped at the box office (when it comes out in 2019)

  • Tiago Baenre
    Tiago Baenre 8 months ago

    The reason why it flopped is because Ron Howard directed it and his movies are just eeeh..there I guess. And I watched The Solo movie and the Sith Lord in the movie was sooo crappy and cheap make up job that it looked like a low budget movie made bad guy. The movie was sooo boring and they had the girl in it from West World and shes a AWSOME actress and she was probably like: wtf am I doin in this crappy movie. :) And Kylo Ren is such a HUGE whimpy sith that they should have just made him turn to the light side cause its sooo comical seeing him try to put on The Sith Big Boy Shoes and act like a real sith. OMG sooo funny!!!!!!!

  • king crow
    king crow 8 months ago

    The last Jedi ruined star wars for me I have 4 kids and we are done with the force because of the last Jedi...

  • Kimberley Morris
    Kimberley Morris 8 months ago

    I loved Solo in the cinema at home meh

  • Themuleplays
    Themuleplays 8 months ago

    Legit the only Star Wars film in which I was wondering how long was left until it ended and I could leave

  • Themuleplays
    Themuleplays 8 months ago

    It is because it’s the shittest Star Wars movie by a mile

  • gdprsn
    gdprsn 8 months ago

    Stop putting sjw bullshit in these movies.

  • Concreteowl
    Concreteowl 8 months ago

    The Last Jedi killed it. The film itself is pretty good.

  • PungiFungi
    PungiFungi 8 months ago

    It is amazing how laser focused the comment section is on every shill channel and article I read visit or read. All of these shills never state the obvious. The mainstream media think the public is stupid. News flash...we see right through your narrative and is smarter than you are. We practice our freedom of speech...perhaps you should stop shilling and practice your freedom of the press.

  • Mr. Carroll Ware
    Mr. Carroll Ware 8 months ago +1

    Enough with prequels just get last movie done and sale it off to different company. I doubt will happen but man can dream.

  • Alejandro Castro
    Alejandro Castro 8 months ago

    Who cares about solo he died like a bitch.

  • Ade2Bee
    Ade2Bee 8 months ago

    The reason why solo failed, isn’t because it wasn’t a good film, there were points that were annoying, particularly the SJW android. It was because of the pure belligerents of the newest and most prevalent ideological driven members of Lucasfilm who were quite vocal, plus the results of the Last Jedi and people being so disgusted with the film.
    Because this has continued even up to now, I believe that episode nine or suffer the same fate

  • Caedus
    Caedus 8 months ago

    Hands down, Solo is a horrible movie.

  • rob brindisi
    rob brindisi 8 months ago

    The new star wars sucks