Hamilton apologises to Albon before losing podium spot & Gasly reacts to second place finish!

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
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    Pierre Gasly reacts to his second place finish at the Brazil Grand Prix, a race won by Red Bull's Max Verstappen. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton issues an apology to Alex Albon following the collision which saw Hamilton lose his 3rd place podium spot after the race had concluded.

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Comments • 240

  • gay freakin frog
    gay freakin frog 13 days ago

    Lewis fans are so delusional

  • Iain young
    Iain young 14 days ago

    Helllooo the brunette on the left 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • dave
    dave 15 days ago

    The most bullshit "sport " ever I won the championship let a few stragglers have their moment even taking the tiniest sip of a branded drink cause he had to, ALL FAKE, disgraceful abuse of what used to be proper racing.

  • john doe
    john doe 15 days ago

    Put sainz in Vettel Ferrari c'mon

  • jerste
    jerste 16 days ago

    A great race although the penalty on Lewis was a poorly handled cheap shot. Unfair to him and unfair to Sainz. Also the no-action decision about the Ferrari crumble shows how perspective varies a lot for the race direction. Not happy on that, yet glad for Max and Pierre. Driver of the day: Sainz.

  • Stuart Yaxley
    Stuart Yaxley 16 days ago

    Max will win his first title next year

    • Tommy Phillips
      Tommy Phillips 15 days ago

      I disagree but I certainly hope he does. Definitely my favourite driver.

  • OJD Creative
    OJD Creative 16 days ago

    I dont really like gasly but this is pretty cool

  • SANG
    SANG 16 days ago

    "the red tyres"

  • Richard-Anthony Gilbey

    Albon should get a ten place grid penalty for ramming Hamilton

  • mr betamax
    mr betamax 16 days ago

    Funny how the redbull likes hills ..Austria. .now Brazil. ..cancel Silverstone. .all back to brands hatch. .lol...has for no.44 not so long sins he was taking the p..out of honda..now he as to knock em off to beat em...!

  • Richard Dale
    Richard Dale 17 days ago +1

    Rachel Brookes fucking shite reporter.

  • ian petherick
    ian petherick 17 days ago +3

    Verstappen is a reckless driver hes going to kill someone

    • Richard Knight
      Richard Knight 16 days ago

      What on earth are you on about. I dont even like max but I'm not blind to see That was brilliant driving from max.

    • ian petherick
      ian petherick 16 days ago +1

      So you didnt see him nearly take hamilton out on that corner what race was you watching

    • BIGBOYY -
      BIGBOYY - 16 days ago +1

      I dont remember verstappen hitting anyone maybe have a look at Vettel the past 3 races

      BADBOYONE 16 days ago +1

      And when i happens Brundle will shout "Racing incident"

  • M ell
    M ell 17 days ago +12

    I think the LH was a racing incident. AA made an error and left the door wide open. LH didn’t lock up, was in control. If the championship wasn’t settled that would have been a huge call. LH offered it to be cool however to me it would have been better if he had said that it was a racing incident. When AA was interviewed he knew he screwed up.

  • geez Lee
    geez Lee 17 days ago +4

    I think Lewis's regret is that he likes Alex Albon to progress to podium, rather than the accident itself. Alex Albon is a likeable character. As far as the accident is concerned, Lewis doesn't need to apologize, I rewatched it several times, Albon wide opened the space, Lewis saw his chance.

  • Nirutt Sibutda
    Nirutt Sibutda 17 days ago +2

    So Bottas DNF and parked his car right next to the pull in zones for the cranes and the safety car goes out for 4 laps.
    69 laps in and two Ferrari crashes and one racing point? With loads of tyre debris caused by the Ferraris and safety car stays out for only 2 laps? Like seriously?

      BADBOYONE 16 days ago +1

      Yeah that was strange, and there was way more mess to clean up with the Ferrari crashes

  • Official Ollie
    Official Ollie 17 days ago +12

    OK but is anyone going to speak about RUSSELL ALMOST GOT POINTS

  • Evan Scanlan
    Evan Scanlan 17 days ago +1

    Helmut is getting the rope

  • Chicken kids
    Chicken kids 17 days ago +4

    Rip Alex feel so bad for him

  • Conor Elleby
    Conor Elleby 17 days ago +1

    That would of been a no penaltie because gasly was going to the inside so therefore it's no penaltie

  • Brown Pants
    Brown Pants 17 days ago

    Hamilton got greedy. Took away poor guys podiums

    • Brown Pants
      Brown Pants 16 days ago

      @Gilmore he's a naughty boy

    • Gilmore
      Gilmore 16 days ago +1

      @Brown Pants Is that Hamilton's fault too?

    • Brown Pants
      Brown Pants 17 days ago

      @Gilmore kubica got 1 point this year

    • Gilmore
      Gilmore 17 days ago

      You don’t get to be a 6 time world champion without the killer extinct. He’s a racer, not a Sunday driver.

    • Chris R
      Chris R 17 days ago +5

      Good joke.

  • Badly_Dubbed
    Badly_Dubbed 17 days ago

    He should be apologising for that f*cking haircut.

  • Nerf oem
    Nerf oem 17 days ago

    Gets in a championship winning car gets 10th
    Same fucking year in a toro roso let's get 2nd place bois

  • Awo Mangala
    Awo Mangala 17 days ago +1

    Lewis Hamilton must be under a great pressure to keep succeeding in F1: we hope he can cope with the pressure in and out of stock F1!

  • skua stone
    skua stone 17 days ago

    Hamilton should not apologize, he's going soft, that's why I liked shummi, no apologetic

    • skua stone
      skua stone 16 days ago

      @MsPinkwolf hate is very bad you know.

    • MsPinkwolf
      MsPinkwolf 16 days ago

      @skua stone I don't 'hate' any F1 driver. And I follow and support Lewis so no idea where you got that from.

      BADBOYONE 16 days ago

      ​@MsPinkwolf Max gets away with worse and they call it a "Racing incident"

    • skua stone
      skua stone 17 days ago

      @Craig Heslop melt?

    • Craig Heslop
      Craig Heslop 17 days ago

      @skua stone What a melt

  • Surender
    Surender 17 days ago +2

    4:36 lewis voice cracked 4:37

      BADBOYONE 16 days ago +2

      Dehydration can do that to you, hence why it happens a lot when drivers are giving interviews not long after the race!

    • Stephen Charlton
      Stephen Charlton 17 days ago +1


  • Floyds high heels
    Floyds high heels 17 days ago +3

    All Hamilton does is cry, literally blames everything, the day he retires I'll have a party

    • Kevin Wilson
      Kevin Wilson 14 days ago

      @Qasim Mir your welcome

    • Qasim Mir
      Qasim Mir 15 days ago

      Kevin Wilson Thank you! 🙏🏼

    • Kevin Wilson
      Kevin Wilson 15 days ago +1

      He gets paid millions to win in the best car , he whines and moans because hes a perfectionist even bottas had become a better driver after his second season. He even admitted that lewis is so hard working and now realises what he has to do to beat lewis. Listen to Alonso's radio chat if you want to her moaning mate.

    • Qasim Mir
      Qasim Mir 16 days ago +1

      Floyds high heels If one was driving a car that’s capable of winning every race, it would be considered a failure finishing anywhere but first. This is why Hamilton is concerned over the radio whenever he’s not winning. It’s his job to win.

    • Floyds high heels
      Floyds high heels 17 days ago

      @Stephen Charlton Carried to easy titles by a dominant team in a weak period of F1, he can have 6 or 12 titles but he'll never be more talented than someone like Senna

  • Nik Holliday
    Nik Holliday 17 days ago +5

    Lewis Hamilton pretending to drink Monster for the product placement...

  • SuperMillwall1885
    SuperMillwall1885 17 days ago +1

    I love Hamilton but can’t help but feel if he was still going for the title he wouldn’t be apologising lol. Now that it’s all settled it’s easy to take responsibility for any mistakes.

    • M.Y
      M.Y 17 days ago +3

      Tbh I don’t rlly think it was his fault entirely - more of a raving incident. Albon left the gap, Lewis took it and Albon didn’t realise he was there and turned into him. Defo don’t think it’s a penalty but 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • BlueFlyer
    BlueFlyer 17 days ago +26

    Sebastian Vettel when he makes a mistake:
    Lewis Hamilton when he makes a mistake: Sorry :-(
    I think that says it all.

    • F1MvBoTECH Virk
      F1MvBoTECH Virk 14 days ago

      little boy Dedoid ppl keep criticising Vettel more than Hamilton by miles and you are acting like no one criticises him bloody Hamilton fan boys.

    • F1MvBoTECH Virk
      F1MvBoTECH Virk 14 days ago

      Omg do u even realise this guy has won the championship so he doesn’t care what he does so when he made a mistake he pretends he’s a good person but if u saw him with Nico I think that tells it all

    • little boy Dedoid
      little boy Dedoid 16 days ago +2

      Yet people hate on Lewis and say he’s arrogant and say nothing when Vettel shouts out 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Urbanrider
    Urbanrider 17 days ago +2

    Honda are definitely back.

  • M Man
    M Man 17 days ago +2

    They need to bring F1 back on BBC. SKY F1 are pathetic

    • Stephen Charlton
      Stephen Charlton 15 days ago

      BADBOYONE yeah I watched it on BBC for years, Ayrton Senna years then moved to channel 4 with them and watch it on there to this day, fuck sky lol

      BADBOYONE 15 days ago

      The sky guys was originally on BBC!

    • Stephen Charlton
      Stephen Charlton 17 days ago

      Channel 4 🤔

  • tittlemouse92
    tittlemouse92 17 days ago +5

    Lewis pretending to be glock on the last lap 😂

  • Mini Mead3
    Mini Mead3 18 days ago +2

    In Singapore Hulkenberg crashes into Sainz on the first lap in the exact same way as Hamilton does to Albon but hulk doesn’t get a penalty as it’s seen as a racing incident but Hamiltons does gets penalised why? 🤷‍♂️ Because there’s absolutely no difference.
    The consistency with the stewarding really needs to improve because what I think is a penalty isn’t, so i reframe my thinking to think that’s not a penalty but then all of a sudden it is a penalty.
    Anyone else left confused? 🥴

    • Mini Mead3
      Mini Mead3 17 days ago

      F1MvBoTECH Virk
      maybe I should of been more clear in my post. I think Hamilton’s move was deserving of a penalty, no question.
      but what I don’t understand is Hulk did exactly the same move on Carlos in Singapore but Hulk didn’t get a penalty. I also think that this move was deserving of a penalty too but the stewards said it was a racing incident, no further action, no penalty.
      Ok then so if that’s the new standards and the stewards are going to deem hulks move a racing incident, then they have to deem Hamiltons move a racing incident. But they didn’t.
      That’s the bit that is confusing to me. They are either both a penalty (which I think they are) or they’re not. You can’t have one being ok because it’s in the midfield and the other not ok because it’s at the front. It’s double standards. Do see what I mean?

    • brsrbck
      brsrbck 17 days ago

      Mini Mead3,

    • F1MvBoTECH Virk
      F1MvBoTECH Virk 17 days ago

      Mini Mead3 no because I’m sure in that incidence one was ahead of the other and plus they take in account what lap it is especially if it is first lap as they are all bunched up they are more leineint so don’t go acting as a Hamilton fan boy like he did nothing wrong I tell u what he did wrong he denied a deserved f1 driver a podium. When he has won championship and didn’t need to do that silly dive. I do respect Hamilton and still do as he took full responsibility for his actions. The thing that needs to improve his how fast they make the decision cus it robbed Carlos moment of podium. Consistency I think that they have got better at past races but the time for a decision needs to be quicker

  • Emmanuel Munyani
    Emmanuel Munyani 18 days ago +2

    Gonna seem strange but I feel like the Lewis and Albon collision wasn't as one-sided as it seems as Albon took a wide line knowing Lewis was behind him and even said that he couldn't see him and expected a crash and was just waiting for it to happen in his interview, if they could have some sort of system that lets you know a driver is beside you in your blind spot then Albon could have finished 2nd or 3rd. Realistically was a racing incident due to the poor visibility of the cars

    • M.Y
      M.Y 17 days ago +1

      Emmanuel Munyani yeah I agree, Albon didn’t leave any space and turned in on Lewis

    • Emmanuel Munyani
      Emmanuel Munyani 17 days ago +1

      F1MvBoTECH Virk But it wasn’t a dive bomb, he just took the better racing line, then Albon knowing Lewis was nearby closed the door, he said in he’s lost race interview

    • F1MvBoTECH Virk
      F1MvBoTECH Virk 17 days ago

      Emmanuel Munyani no pls do not ever say that Hamilton didn’t deserve as much of the blame . Albon took the normal line which was a bit wider in the red bull. Hamilton few metres back kinda dive bombed him with albon coming across and then locked up into albon. It was Hamilton fault but albon maybe should know to just defend the position rather than taking normal line. Idk that’s what I think but mind u tbh my opinion might be a little one sided as i am a lando and albon fan. So idk...

  • Owen Simpson
    Owen Simpson 18 days ago +20

    Say what you will about Lewis but respect to him for owning up to his mistake and apologising. You don't see many drivers do that

    • Craig Heslop
      Craig Heslop 13 days ago

      Lmao he blames the other guy when it's his fault.... hence his 'points'

    • F1MvBoTECH Virk
      F1MvBoTECH Virk 14 days ago

      Craig Heslop yes he has omg do u even watch a race after it’s finished! And now u guys love Lewis he’s won the championship so he doesn’t care on what he does

    • Stegblob
      Stegblob 17 days ago +1

      It literally is PR. He would never have owned up to it if he hadn't won the championship already.

    • Craig Heslop
      Craig Heslop 17 days ago +3

      Exactly, has vettel apologised for the many times he's crashed into someone? Nope

    • Liam H
      Liam H 17 days ago +3

      inb4 people say it’s just for PR.
      Regardless of the reason behind it, sometimes personal pride gets in the way. Lewis didn’t let it get in the way and apologised for a collision he caused.

  • Leo Brown
    Leo Brown 18 days ago

    I literally spat out my drink when gasly was celebrating, shit was too funny man

  • Cameron Gold
    Cameron Gold 18 days ago +32

    1:00 Will Buxton having a good sniff of his microphone

  • Raxta Emu
    Raxta Emu 18 days ago

    Shut up , Pierre 😂

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams 18 days ago +8

    The myth, the legend, ... Will Buxton and his camera guy in the background

  • James Bolton-Mason
    James Bolton-Mason 18 days ago +1

    Put gasly in a Williams and he will win drivers championship in Australia

    • Stephen Charlton
      Stephen Charlton 17 days ago

      How can he win drivers championship in Australia when it's always first race of the season you doughnut ffs

    • Gilmore
      Gilmore 17 days ago +2

      Meanwhile on Planet Earth...

  • R C
    R C 18 days ago +4

    Fair play to Gasly - after the season he's had but also a shame for Albon too

  • Louise Crawford
    Louise Crawford 18 days ago +1

    Pierre is just the cutest human 🥺

  • Sgt Jablonskiv
    Sgt Jablonskiv 18 days ago +1

    Crofty:Let’s see ted, who do you thinks gonna be driver of the day today? Seems to be an incredibly tough one.
    Ted: I don’t know why but I think, I know it’s a risky bet, but I think it’s verstappen. I have no idea why, I have a feeling...
    After race: somehow isn’t verstappen for once since he came into f1.

    Ted and all of the orange army go jumps of a cliff.

    • Nickelodeon81
      Nickelodeon81 17 days ago

      Max gets driver of the day even when he crashed out of lap 1 generally.

    • Alex
      Alex 18 days ago

      You havent got a clue! Max got driver of the day today lol

  • Enyalios Ares
    Enyalios Ares 18 days ago +1

    Max is a great racer. Amazing guy. Looks like a frog though.

    • M Man
      M Man 17 days ago

      LOOOOL... Hence why he frequently wears baseball cap

  • Slacky2k13
    Slacky2k13 18 days ago +57

    Very classy from Hamilton

  • Barry  Herron
    Barry Herron 18 days ago +56

    Sainz P20 to P3

    • Shanley Savage
      Shanley Savage 17 days ago

      Drivers of the day
      Sainz and

    • brsrbck
      brsrbck 17 days ago +4

      Barry Herron,
      And give Verstappen driver of the day.

  • Kieran
    Kieran 18 days ago +88

    I've talked a lot of crap about Lewis over the last few years but he really changed my mind on his mentality of racing tonight. straight outa the car he knew he was wrong and apologized. Mabe if the title fight was still raging it would be different but i do admire that.

    • F1MvBoTECH Virk
      F1MvBoTECH Virk 14 days ago

      TSR_Jimmie taking the normal line is apparently illegal wow Hamilton fan boy

    • Kieran
      Kieran 17 days ago

      skua stone well if you don’t care don’t bother replying

    • Kieran
      Kieran 17 days ago

      drloppy yeah I know. That’s what I’m saying. It was his fault

    • Ben gee
      Ben gee 17 days ago +4

      Hamilton has never been any different.. haters will hate.. probably a vettel fan

    • drloppy
      drloppy 17 days ago +7

      Kieran that wasn’t the normal racing line. Every commentator said Albon left the door open, one which Lewis tried to go through. He most certainly didn’t dive bomb. He went into Albon, so it was his mistake, but to call it a dive bomb is insidious.

  • Millie Wood
    Millie Wood 18 days ago +11

    Just think it's unfair to let a driver onto the podium before an investigation, they had plenty of time to make a decision, seems a mean spiteful act to me, not a decent way to treat a champion which is what Lewis is. They ought to be ashamed of themselves, if a penalty was warranted fair enough, Lewis is man enough to take it, but it wasn't done in a decent way. His team should complain about how this was handled, the penalty should have been applied as soon as he stepped out of the car.

    • F1MvBoTECH Virk
      F1MvBoTECH Virk 16 days ago

      hicm 1of12 yh I actually understand where he was coming from of he was just relating to Hamilton that he missed out when he’s had like 100’s of podiums. Yh ik stewards need to make decisions quicker sometimes

    • hicm 1of12
      hicm 1of12 17 days ago

      @F1MvBoTECH Virk - I think you've missed the essential point I believe that Millie Wood was making!
      She didn't talk about feeling sorry for Hamilton, but rather the whole investigation into the incident, and the subsequent decision could have been handled in a far more speedy; professional, and fitting fashion, such that the driver who benefitted from the decision (in this case Carlos Sainz) got his rightful chance to stand on the podium, and celebrate this to the maximum in front of the whole world watching!
      If this could be done in Austin last season - after Max exceeded track limits on the last lap to overtake Raikonnen, and erroneously claim a podium, then I don't think there are any real excuses for The FIA Stewards on this latest occasion!

    • Patrick
      Patrick 17 days ago

      💯 agree... surely if there is any race investigation with top 3 how much harm would it do with a slight delay to confirm positions 🤦‍♀️

    • F1MvBoTECH Virk
      F1MvBoTECH Virk 17 days ago +2

      Alex exactly why feel sorry for Hamilton he wasn’t even supposed to be there and who cares if he is a champion. Feel sorry for Carlos robbed of his moment

    • Alex
      Alex 18 days ago +2

      Why have u not picked up on how heart Carlos must feel? Instead u have picked up on how unfair it is on precious lewis! Lewis got to go up on the podium when he shouldnt have, dont feel sorry for him ffs

  • johnny chebolita calderon

    Ferrari fan, but Verstappen is the best right now

      BADBOYONE 16 days ago +1

      Max only won because Merc messed up both of Hamilton's pits strategies

    • kearon sherwin
      kearon sherwin 17 days ago +4

      Wow he wins a race and now he's the best grow up child

  • jono walker
    jono walker 18 days ago

    Today's race can be named "the moaning of Hamilton" what an absolute bitch, even the commentary team ripped the piss out of him.

  • jono walker
    jono walker 18 days ago

    Cry baby Lewis trying to get some fans back onside by faking caring about albon. That bloke is an absolute cock womble, how ANYONE can be a fan of him is beyond me, so good to see max prove he can out race him, that should shut the doubters up! Probably wont tho as they have the collective IQ of a house plant.

  • Luc Williams
    Luc Williams 18 days ago +47

    Sainz's interview should be on here

    • Luc Williams
      Luc Williams 16 days ago

      @Ayoub Musetrue. But i was just refering to the meme of sainz never being on tv (watch wtf1 if you dont get what i mean)

    • Ayoub Muse
      Ayoub Muse 16 days ago

      @Luc Williams Daniel Riccardo in mexico 2016

    • Luc Williams
      Luc Williams 16 days ago +1

      @SANG typical , hes the only man to get a podium and not be on tv

    • SANG
      SANG 16 days ago

      he never gets coverage

    • JensenAmory
      JensenAmory 17 days ago +1

      Luc Williams it would have been if it wasn’t before the penalties were given

  • JChimos 14747
    JChimos 14747 18 days ago +82

    Max - Hands down the best driver here all weekend. Nobody can argue that fact seriously. Hat's off to you. Well done.
    Pierre - Absolutely solid drive and strategy, congrats to the team for the hard work. It would have been a dream to achieve this result in Japan for Honda but this, what a result. Refreshing to see. Well done.
    Carlos - It's been on the cards for so long, we knew it'd happen soon. Mclaren's pace has been vastly improved and that kind of thing only happens with such a smooth operator behind the wheel. Let's hope you can be in the mix for the podiums more often next season.
    Lewis - In my opinion the best driver over the past 7 years and a true sportsman and champion. Brilliant to see you speak about Alex and express your feelings so honestly after the race.
    Alex - Bad luck. You should have been on the podium today, there'll be plenty in the future.

    Interesting to see the first reliability issue for Mercedes this season.
    Ferrari, you guys just gotta learn to race fairly. Making the team look like a bunch of.... what was it that Gunther Steiner said?🤔

    Best race for entertainment this season.

    • Ayoub Muse
      Ayoub Muse 16 days ago

      @JChimos 14747 na its the best race after germany but this year has seen some proper entertainment

    • JChimos 14747
      JChimos 14747 17 days ago

      Camyx absolutely. In fact I can't really fault Mclaren's strategy this season.

    • Camyx
      Camyx 18 days ago +2

      Don't forget to mention McLarens insane strategy to get Carlos from P20-P3. Hats off to the engineers

    • JChimos 14747
      JChimos 14747 18 days ago +1

      Wesley Laws I can't disagree with that, but personally I enjoyed this more. Perhaps because its fresh. I do already agree that Germany was the best up until now.

    • Wesley Laws
      Wesley Laws 18 days ago +8

      JChimos 14747 Comments on all drivers spot on but Germany was definitely better. Germany was nonstop action throughout whereas brazil was just the last 10-15 laps.

  • Abdul •
    Abdul • 18 days ago +5

    Skys bias towards Hamilton makes it almost unbearable to watch

    • Stephen Charlton
      Stephen Charlton 17 days ago +2

      Alex hahahahahaha wow did you really just say Hamilton is overrated? Think that is one the dumbest comments av EVER seen from a Hamilton hater, seriously buddy that shit your spouting is embarrassing and your making yourself sound soo dumb and that you clearly have no knowledge about F1 what so ever

    • MsPinkwolf
      MsPinkwolf 17 days ago +1

      The problem is with some people they're only hearing half of what's being said, ready to pick up on it. Like when the BBC or sky say something positive about brexit' They're so biased'. when they say something negative about brexit 'They're so biased. Believe people when they say it's all in your head.

    • brsrbck
      brsrbck 17 days ago

      Enyalios Ares,
      Why cant you and thousands of others accept that people dislike Hamilton for multiple reasons, that they have an opinion and a right to express it?

    • slick_Bwoy
      slick_Bwoy 17 days ago +1

      @Alex I look at the Red bull and Ferrari and those are equal to the Mercs. The Ferrari didn't have the downforce in the first half of the year but they have gained and overtaken the silver arrows since and the Honda units in the Red bulls were shown to just be much more powerful than the Mercs too.
      Take it or leave it Hamilton is a great driver deserving of all his success and deserves to be in an equally great car. No one gives a good product to a mediocre athlete
      Enjoy your bitterness

    • jam talawah
      jam talawah 18 days ago +1

      @Miss Piggy what were you watching he apologised while talking to Rubens, well before the Podium ceremony/penalty. Agree with everyone though FIA should have sorted this quicker so Carlos could celebrate his first podium properly.

  • Sam Durling
    Sam Durling 18 days ago +40

    Very impressive that Gasly was able to out-drag Hamilton at the end.. Mercedes will need to up their game on the engine to continue their winning form

    • rockypup1968
      rockypup1968 16 days ago

      Good hopefully Honda can start beating the Mercedes as watching hamilton winning week in week out is getting boring .

    • inelectron
      inelectron 16 days ago

      The weather and altitude worked for the red bull cars, dont think it was to do with a honda upgrade

    • Point Blank
      Point Blank 17 days ago

      Too much drag on merc

    • TimoStudios
      TimoStudios 17 days ago

      Sam Durling probably worse for McLaren who effectively dumped Honda for Mercedes

  • Alex
    Alex 18 days ago +41

    Massive congratulations to gasly aswell by the way! When he was screaming over the comms... I felt that!

      BADBOYONE 16 days ago

      Me too, in my headphones lol

  • Alex
    Alex 18 days ago +369

    Cant believe they left it till after the race to investigate Hamilton! Poor sainz missed out in the experience of his first ever podium ffs!

    • GraffBox
      GraffBox 16 days ago +1

      @Wilko Too many bias against Hamilton and moaning it's funny that they're probably middle aged men haha, Hamilton was humble and I think he's an inspiration to the kids to get out there and go for your dreams. This sport has been intense from day 1 and it's great to see it still going!

    • GraffBox
      GraffBox 16 days ago

      @R C It was rather delayed for sure but Hamilton got the penalty either way hey

    • GraffBox
      GraffBox 16 days ago

      @Alex Guessing you're not a Hamilton fan haha. If there's a gap then isn't it fair? Everyones precious in a sport as dangerous as this ;) He's still humble so quit moaning

    • vinay _22
      vinay _22 16 days ago

      The whole mclaren crew went up after but idk if there was a big audience

    • BIGBOYY -
      BIGBOYY - 16 days ago

      @paint 67 sometimes it actually takes ages to review footage and make a verdict it's not just watch and BOOM it's a 5 second penalty they have to do a proper investigation on it exactly on what on Vettel vs Hamilton in Canada it happened I think on 17th lap (dont quote on it) and they gave the verdict on it a few laps near the end of the race

  • Zak Wilby
    Zak Wilby 18 days ago +21

    Where’s Sainz?

    • Ben Asquith
      Ben Asquith 18 days ago +2

      F1 forgot who he was

    • Amal Jacob
      Amal Jacob 18 days ago +8

      Zak Wilby these interviews were done before Hamilton was given a 5 second penalty

  • Alex Vickery
    Alex Vickery 18 days ago +119

    Sainz and McLaren with a podium?

    • EX RT Games
      EX RT Games 16 days ago

      @Leonardo Datore still doesn't rectify what I said tho

    • Leonardo Datore
      Leonardo Datore 16 days ago

      Yes, but it took Hamilton getting a penalty, Bottas to DNF, both Ferraris to DNF, and a safety car for that to happen.

    • moms spaghetti
      moms spaghetti 16 days ago

      Shanley Savage 2014 hungary*

    • EX RT Games
      EX RT Games 16 days ago

      He came from p20 to get the podium

    • Shanley Savage
      Shanley Savage 17 days ago +1

      Yup last time a Spaniard has been on the podium since 2013

  • Obee formula
    Obee formula 18 days ago +2