ASMR | WORST Reviewed Make-Up Salon

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • Inspired by the many Worst/One Star Reviewed makeup / nail salon / etc videos that were then made into many ASMR counterparts! My favorites below :D
    Come on in....if you want????? Please leave a review.
    Ices The Enchantress
    ASMR Jonie
    ^they are ALL hilarious AND tingly so please enjoy!! x)

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  • Chloe Morgan
    Chloe Morgan 31 minute ago +1

    Just because it’s gibi

  • Liam Brown
    Liam Brown 41 minute ago


  • Jess H
    Jess H Hour ago +1

    Love that the accent sounds like joey from friends😂x

  • cervidae
    cervidae Hour ago

    Omg when she said "close your eyes" for the second time I got scared because they weren't closed and it was like she could see me or something 😂


  • Dylan uhh
    Dylan uhh Hour ago

    “I have a skin disease now. Took a star off because she also took my wallet.”
    -a very satisfied customer

  • Lydia Rodriguez
    Lydia Rodriguez Hour ago

    The comments:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • cervidae
    cervidae Hour ago


    She plays Candy Crush
    -A 14-year old that wastes all her time on phone games

  • Butera Clips
    Butera Clips Hour ago

    Gave me a vsco girl style makeover very dissatisfied.
    -save the turtles.

  • Lol kill me
    Lol kill me 2 hours ago +1

    I asked for a natural mu look but came out looking like a birthday clown.
    Very pleased 😀
    - a very pleased customer

  • FINN Drake
    FINN Drake 3 hours ago

    I’m a buff baby but i dance like a man

  • Novo12
    Novo12 3 hours ago

    She plays Candy crush!

    -satisfied 3rd grader

  • Theo Botha
    Theo Botha 3 hours ago


  • Esraa Alsehlawi
    Esraa Alsehlawi 10 hours ago

    9:21 when the photographer is taking my passport photo.....

  • nakedscrapman
    nakedscrapman 11 hours ago

    you sown like aud

  • Gay Noise
    Gay Noise 12 hours ago


    *couldnt tell where she was from, accent is very confusing. Also I love how I look just like the Mona Lisa-SHE SPILT LALAKAKAKDJC LIPSTICK IN MY VALINTINO WHITE BAG!

  • girlovecupcake
    girlovecupcake 13 hours ago

    Gibi: Close your eyes.
    Me: *not doing it*
    Gibi: Close your eyes!
    Me: ok. ;-; xD

  • milo
    milo 13 hours ago

    "She made me go from 🙂 to 🤡"
    - Lil Yung Ketchup Water

  • A . L . E . X
    A . L . E . X 13 hours ago +1

    -Ariana grande

  • IAmTheGabyG //:D
    IAmTheGabyG //:D 14 hours ago +1

    Beauty gurus are QUAKING

    JKDONNIE23 15 hours ago +1

    Yo I love ur New Jersey accent! Yeess

  • Latte's Life
    Latte's Life 15 hours ago

    Whymis everyone writing that?????

  • Reagan’s World
    Reagan’s World 16 hours ago

    “My mom said that if I don’t give a good review, I won’t get my allowance. So ya.👍🏻”
    -owner’s daughter

  • burned potatoe 1923
    burned potatoe 1923 16 hours ago

    -that one person who doesn’t know how to write reviews

  • Dustin Stanton
    Dustin Stanton 16 hours ago

    More worst reviewed

  • Eve The Panda Queen
    Eve The Panda Queen 16 hours ago

    I'm waiting for someone to start the best rated series.

  • Eve The Panda Queen
    Eve The Panda Queen 16 hours ago

    I love how she can talk in her normal voice and I still get tingles!❤❤

  • DylaN EvaNs
    DylaN EvaNs 17 hours ago

    I thought the thumbnail was for her app💀

  • FrenchFry Studios
    FrenchFry Studios 17 hours ago

    Said " I look like the underside of a camel. "
    -a pleased customer

  • Natalie Davis
    Natalie Davis 17 hours ago +1

    12:21 killed me

  • Lulu Capeles
    Lulu Capeles 18 hours ago

    Amazing mua! She got all my cats fur off my face. AND she made me into a clown. 10/10 would recommend !!
    -karen Smith, 36 from long island

  • Syrina
    Syrina 19 hours ago

    "Used new methods of makeup like lint rollers to clean my face. Very satisfied with the youngsters these days learning to adapt!"
    -A very satisfied old woman

  • Evelyn Williams
    Evelyn Williams 19 hours ago

    Scary it's lynda's (Bob's burgers however you spell it) voice and gibi's

  • 3000 subscribers with some videos

    Rappers be like

    🖕 🤟

  • NeonLights Bloxer
    NeonLights Bloxer 20 hours ago

    Gibis Sponsor: "Today gibi is going to beat your face, just like brooke beats her dog!"
    Gibi: Dramatic eyeroll

  • kirsty richardson
    kirsty richardson 21 hour ago


    "Never been so happy with a makeup look in my life, maybe I won't finally get judged for having a mask on I'm very greatful"
    -a greatful customer

  • ItssLxly
    ItssLxly 22 hours ago


    "She was so nice, and my gorgeous new skin rash is gleaming"
    -An extremely satisfied customer

  • CobaltTheWolf Bear
    CobaltTheWolf Bear 23 hours ago

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️unique tools, put white bronzer on me when im black, but still great.
    -Some Visitor From France

  • Alfie Francis
    Alfie Francis 23 hours ago

    Why does she sound like cha cha from Grease?

  • Alfie Francis
    Alfie Francis 23 hours ago

    Why does she sound like cha cha from grease?

  • LJenn
    LJenn 23 hours ago

    “What’s the makeup for?... a wedding.” (Me thinking to myself).. oh Christ 😂😂😂😳😳

  • did i stutter
    did i stutter 23 hours ago

    ⭐️- - - -
    “I think the straw in her Starbucks cup was PLASTIC!”
    - A vsco girl who wants to save the turtles

  • Mythical CS
    Mythical CS 23 hours ago

    So did the camera turn in to a model XD.

  • Charley Godsil
    Charley Godsil 23 hours ago

    8:25 is the way I look at myself in the mirror.

  • Ellie C.
    Ellie C. Day ago

    “My seven year old loves skeletons! She was so overjoyed that she screamed, and started to cry when she looked at herself in our mirror at home!”
    -a messed up mother

  • Just Raccoon
    Just Raccoon Day ago +1

    How I be walking in : 👩
    How I be walking out: 🤡

  • BTS needs to see this

    She really reminds me of Veronica and Vanessa (yt twins if you don’t know them)

  • Asthmatic FN
    Asthmatic FN Day ago +1

    I would just slap you

  • Blossom Gill
    Blossom Gill Day ago



  • Lexi Chan
    Lexi Chan Day ago

    When it's Gibi it's always 5 stars.

  • asmr ellie
    asmr ellie Day ago


  • Youth Fx
    Youth Fx Day ago

    Burn this salon down

  • Aaliyah
    Aaliyah Day ago

    *looking at the reviews in the comments*

    how is this the worst reviewed makeup salon??

  • ira Gojanović
    ira Gojanović Day ago +2

    came to the wedding and my husband started playing hide and seek..

    i never found hin
    -the bride

  • Sadie Mumford
    Sadie Mumford Day ago


    I thought it was a pub they she started doping mąkę up on me!
    - a drink elderly man

  • Some emo girl
    Some emo girl Day ago

    "The makeup was the worst but she had a great accent and it was relaxing so.."
    -Random Person

  • Peppermint Shrimp

    heh heh....

    *blush brush*

  • StarWolf 197
    StarWolf 197 Day ago +1

    My face has never felt weirder
    -a random client

  • Clark Estandarte
    Clark Estandarte Day ago +1

    *literally being called a fart after this at prom*
    - SsSniperwolf2019

  • 、。* Trashy Panda * 。、


    “The foundation matched perfectly! Because I look like I just rose from the dead! Not that I did.....”
    -Totally not a corpse

  • arduous Popsicle

    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
    “Hey, that’s pretty good!”
    - Idubbbz