Sansui Auto-Reverse Turntable - Closing the drawer on a HiFi legend

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • Sansui made some brilliant HiFi components - this wasn't one of them.
    Also featuring a final word on the Laser Turntable and the fate of Sansui in the 21st century.
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  • NTICompass Computers

    I spy a Nintendo Switch! :-D

  • Le Visionarium
    Le Visionarium 4 days ago

    CHINA *roll eyes*.

  • Johnathan Waters
    Johnathan Waters 5 days ago

    Timing related electronic issues are usually due to failed/failing electrolytic capacitors...

  • madmat 134
    madmat 134 6 days ago

    I have a sansui turntable and I love it

  • Lane Bardo
    Lane Bardo 9 days ago

    That looks like a cheap printer :/

  • Kingnotail
    Kingnotail 12 days ago


  • Kingnotail
    Kingnotail 12 days ago

    Sometimes I think I'm getting a bit bored with TheXvid...then I remember you're on here ;D

  • Andrew Bowers
    Andrew Bowers 15 days ago

    I remember going into a Radio Shack with my dad once about 12 or so years ago, and they had some flat screen TVs branded as Akai, and HH Scott, and dad was excited to see those brands around again, only to be dismayed when he learned they were just used by some Chinese holding company to sell cheap TVs to boomers.

  • 31 Kuroshiro XII
    31 Kuroshiro XII 15 days ago

    rede record 1996 vinheta techmoan intro?

    SCREAMIN' LORD BYRON 15 days ago

    Why didn't I look away... seeing the sansui brand on that tape player has me traumatized.

  • John Barry
    John Barry 18 days ago

    I seen standard turntables with Bluetooth advertised on Facebook eBay however surly you would need one these auto reverse turntable rather than a turntable you have to turn the album over yourself

  • AuntyM66
    AuntyM66 21 day ago

    I had a portable cassette player from Sansui in the mid 80s.

  • j j
    j j 21 day ago

    I found the ultimate solution to all turntable problem. Get yourself a CD player.

  • Dru Bie
    Dru Bie 22 days ago

    Sansui made some nice sht . Had a bunch of their stuff in the early 90s. Everything was supreme quality

  • Moon Hitsearth
    Moon Hitsearth 24 days ago

    Loved my Sanusi Eq with that spectrum display

  • Data Banks
    Data Banks 24 days ago

    I'm pretty sure we had that same tape player (or one identical) under the Akai brand back in the 90s, too.

  • Will Man
    Will Man 25 days ago

    I'm quite fond of Saisho and Matsui. When you're a kid you don't really have any money to spend. Reasonable (not high) quality, well-made technical goods for people otherwise unable to afford it.

  • den2k88
    den2k88 25 days ago

    I own the Pioneer shown on video!!

  • Shibu
    Shibu 26 days ago

    6:22 oh shit I actually initially thought that was a plate with a burger on it. Jesus Christ

  • Foebane72
    Foebane72 27 days ago

    TechMoan, you didn't explain how a vinyl record is played upside-down, when normally, gravity would keep the stylus on the groove. In any case, the procedure to change the stylus on this device is RIDICULOUS!

  • Kalte Nilsen
    Kalte Nilsen 29 days ago

    Wow, what a load of toxic comments here..

  • Ryan Horwitz
    Ryan Horwitz Month ago

    What is the song at 10:44 called?

  • jayc
    jayc Month ago

    You had me really interested with 'Auto reverse ' on a record deck... Shame it was poor quality :(

  • macnerd93
    macnerd93 Month ago

    I have an XR-Q7 turntable like Techmoan and I love it. However, this thing is an abomination it looks so awful.
    It looks like an office laminator not a record player

  • Santaji Shirke
    Santaji Shirke Month ago

    What a pile of garbage! But some mid 80s Sansui stuff is actually not bad for the price

  • kevnar
    kevnar Month ago

    I had a Sony turntable once where the speed control was underneath the damn unit. There was a hole you'd stick a screwdriver into and make micro adjustments, trying to get it to exactly 33 RPM. Problem was, it was underneath the bottom of the unit. So how are you supposed to know when it's exactly 33 RPM? You had to take the record off, flip the unit over, turn the dial slightly, put the record back on, and check if the song was in tune with A440. After about half an hour of trial and error, I accidentally got it perfect. But wow... what an ordeal.

    It occurred to me later that I could have made 4 stacks of books under each corner and did it that way, but it's still a ridiculous design.

  • allan redford
    allan redford Month ago

    that Sansui G-900 would be a good one, if and when you do a quad extravaganza ! or their QRX series, maybe. one withGgood built-in multi-system capablity - SQ,QS,UHJ,CD-4, UD-4.
    for a test record (orchestral) recommend Johnny Gregory's Man for all seasons in SQ format.
    whethervintge gear can cope with current surround media, is an interesting thing for me. A.
    FOR A

  • BOB
    BOB Month ago

    Looks only a mother could love.

  • william bailey
    william bailey Month ago

    How would you replace a stylus on a draw loader?

  • TheBudgie29
    TheBudgie29 Month ago

    Hi Matt. Sweetvinyl are Putting out a Brand New Mini version. This might be In Your price Bracket. It Is highly Improved from the one I have. If You download (By the Blue Button) the PDF file It will give You Specs. It also comes In Two Flavors but the one I have linked to should be the one for You. Hope this Helps.

  • Erik Carson
    Erik Carson Month ago

    I noticed nakamichi was one of the brands owned by that Chinese holding company. I bet that will make all the people thinking about getting a Dragon nervous.

  • Martin Peache
    Martin Peache Month ago

    Just seen this on Kickstarter. You can cut your own vinyl records!! Any chance you could review in the future?

  • originalmossman
    originalmossman Month ago +1

    At last! 33 years I've been waiting for an answer to this question, and here it is...
    As a teenager in 1986 a girl took me home and the other thing she impressed me with was her dad's amazing stereo rack featuring a machine that not only inserted the record but could also play it track by track - both sides - like a CD.
    It's been bugging me for decades that I didn't know more about it, but seeing this video reminded me it was Sansui and this is definitely the deck in question.
    Funny you describing it as a bit cheap and tacky now since I'm sure it was seriously expensive when that girl's dad got it.

  • John-Paul Parker
    John-Paul Parker Month ago

    Yeah I have seen Sansui in dollar stores as cheap headphones and plastic FM portable radios.

  • Jaap Aap
    Jaap Aap Month ago

    Oh right... the ELP.
    This thing has some issues. It is mainly aimed at Japan, so what do we get here? Nothing, but tiny reports, only a couple of dealers (if there are any), etc.
    The reasoning behind it seems to be sound. What ELP has done for years and years: only providing a line-out, which goes through some crappy riaa-amplifier. This means they have not been very impressive sound-wise. This seems to have changed, somewhat. There are finally getting some good reviews coming out over the last few years about the sound quality it can really do. It seems to be really good.
    It still is a crazy idea. But compare it to a air force 1 from TechDas, with a high-end cartridge. (roughly $120k) Somebody should run a test like that :-p
    It is a shame it can't play coloured discs. Picture discs don't matter, they all sound shit anyway.

  • Dragon Butt
    Dragon Butt Month ago

    10:43 this is what hell sounds like

    PATTY BEATS Month ago

    I have The Who maximum R&B on a picture disc

  • Poppa Steve
    Poppa Steve Month ago

    It sure wasn't just Sansui that had its wheels fall off. The whole audio industry, with a few exceptions *cough* Macintosh *cough* fell apart. As someone who was in college in the late 70's, when spectacular gear was everywhere, this was really sad to see. I pick up pieces in thrift shops these days for pennies on the dollar (or pound).

  • imark7777777
    imark7777777 Month ago

    10:50 well at least you don't have to worry about the TheXvid algorithm catching that copyright claim, what a disaster in sync.

  • Christopher Hall
    Christopher Hall Month ago

    I don't know if you'll find this interesting, but here's a clip from the American children's television show "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" where its host, the late Fred Rogers, demonstrates a record cutting lathe. The episode is from 1972.

  • Сварочная мастерская

    Tape with Auto-Reverse, Vinyl with Auto-Reverse, what about CD or DVD with Auto-Reverse??

  • Paul Leonard
    Paul Leonard Month ago

    Another classic video.

    TRIPPLE JAY Month ago

    Dear Mr Techmoan, I saw this video today from a channel called Hainbach with this amazing vinyl cross cassette tape disc. I mention to Hainbach about letting him get in contact he replied if I let you know on his behalf as he has no contact to yourself and would like to make a possible collaboration. I've enclosed link to the video of interest. All best, techhead Jay

  • Pizza Gogo
    Pizza Gogo Month ago

    I was surprised to see you discuss this issue as thought I was one of the few sansui enthusiasts who lamented it’s downfall. in the 1990s when I could finally afford them , I lashed out a lot of money to buy several second-hand early 80s components and I still have some of them in use. Same for akai especially their pro-audio equipment. Shame so many Japanese hi-fi manufacturers went that way.

  • jwades77
    jwades77 Month ago

    i bought a beautiful 70's sansui 9090 receiver like @6.52 at our local thrift store (charity shop) for $5 and the wife said what do you want to get a piece of junk like that for? but i got it home (it weighed about 75lbs) and it powered up, but sometimes had a tripping out issue on 1 channel. but nothing i owned since has ever matched it. I sold it later on ebay about a 100bucks. a good one will fetch up to a grand these days. wish i still had it.

  • VeryRich Guy
    VeryRich Guy Month ago

    agree at 13:14 at 13:00 the show I thought it was cool to have and this Sunday 20th I watch this program and now I don't want this unit.

  • Linkale_
    Linkale_ Month ago

    A product that makes replacing an ordinary part overcomplicated just for the sake of it? That sounds like something that would be sold as premium nowadays.

  • Deranged Chicken
    Deranged Chicken Month ago +1

    This is going to mess up headphone users...
    Me: Ahhhhh reminds me of the days i tried to mix...

  • Black Swan
    Black Swan Month ago

    Maybe just maybe the sony is running fast and the sansui is running correct time.

  • paulparoma
    paulparoma Month ago

    It's pretty sad to see what's happened to the once-venerable names in Hi-Fi. Pioneer, Onkyo, Sansui, Denon, Teac, Audio Technica etc. - what and where are they now? Some are still making professional gear, but the consumer market is virtually non-existent. Sad indeed. Everything is MP3 today, which is not exactly Hi-Fi.

  • V3ntilator
    V3ntilator Month ago

    12:05. Technics and Nintendo Switch is a better combo than the Sansui "combo".
    12:50. Who would have guessed that is is a Mono player with "Stereo design"? lol

  • Gary Cameron
    Gary Cameron Month ago

    Laser turntable sounds like an overpriced and overly technical POS

  • Watcher3223
    Watcher3223 Month ago

    The direct drive motor in that Sansui is likely an FG servo as opposed to quartz locked servo as is the case of that Sony PS-F9 record player. There may be adjustments that have drifted in the Sansui due to age.

  • OM19 MO79
    OM19 MO79 Month ago

  • reggiep75
    reggiep75 Month ago

    I don't think my dad could've been bothered with any of this and he was still heavily into vinyl in the early 90's.
    He can't be arsed these days tho and all his good Pioneer gear is mothballed as he's opted for convenience in streaming, MP3's, FLAC and anything else where pressing play gets you your music in seconds.
    Had he seen this he'd have been interested over it's concept but finally just went.... |:-\ 'No, No, No.. Play one side and to the absolute best of it's quality and stop being a lazy sod, swap the album over!' haha.
    The daft, but smart, old sod!

  • Mlf Conv
    Mlf Conv Month ago

    its probably coming back with tidal

  • Broder Perdurabo
    Broder Perdurabo Month ago

    I just bought a set of AU-555 and TU-555.

  • Adam Ziolkowski
    Adam Ziolkowski Month ago

    Love this channel!

  • Eli Suryana
    Eli Suryana Month ago +2

    "Gold standard: you can just swap out the stylus in the technics turntable
    Even the sharp double sided turntable included access to either stylus
    The sansui turntable you have to take apart the thing to take off the stylus"
    *_W h y S a n s u i W h y_*

  • Paul Wheeler
    Paul Wheeler Month ago

    10:53 OMG that is sooo sour!