the very true story how we met 🥰

  • Published on Nov 27, 2021

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  • Tracy M
    Tracy M  +11

    Not gonna lie, you had me at first😂😂😂

  • jCare
    jCare 14 days ago +983

    “I love our family and his money” the honesty is beautiful!

  • Sky Usual Girl
    Sky Usual Girl 20 hours ago +421

    Died laughing when I saw "I'm glad his fishes are still swimming".

  • Richard Vega
    Richard Vega 17 hours ago +44

    Wow. Totally awesome. I can feel the love honestly...this really touched me.

  • April Showers
    April Showers Day ago +431

    The people taking this seriously is hilarious. They can’t tell with every picture he’s getting older and older 😂😂

  • Defender YT

    Best line is “I love our family… and his money.” and also “We are glad his fishies are still swimming.”

  • LeoBoobi
    LeoBoobi 21 day ago +507

    "I Love our family and his money."

  • Divij Kulkarni_AI
    Divij Kulkarni_AI Day ago +245

    My respect for Thanos keeps growing every day

  • Davi Serries
    Davi Serries 14 days ago +340

    “I love our family… and his money.” this is why humanity is doomed

  • Toxicity Level
    Toxicity Level 21 day ago +128

    "True love" "Love at first sight" With a sugar daddy had me on the ground

  • p k
    p k  +5

    "I love my family and his money" was epic.

  • Rock&Roll Rebel
    Rock&Roll Rebel 21 day ago +469

    Girl, you must carry the fountain of youth, because he looks like he's pulling a Benjamin Buttons since he's been with you. 👍

  • Gina Shugarts
    Gina Shugarts Day ago +153

    This is hysterical 😂 he’s a great sport lol, so beautiful to see a happy family. I just lost the love of my life Dec 23, this made me smile. We had this kind of comedy in our relationship, & he WAS older than me 😊💔

  • P∆WS
    P∆WS Day ago +134

    The Wedding photo was absolutely stunning 😊

    M.R.S.DOTKENNEDY 14 days ago +15

    This is hilarious!!! Gotta love the old face filter 🤣🤣


    "I love our family and his money"

  • Ladessa Marie
    Ladessa Marie 21 day ago +5

    The way I fall for this everytime 😂😂😂

  • Ken E
    Ken E 21 day ago +114

    Literally don’t have to say you love his money, can easily have said you love his ability to financially provide for you and your children.

  • Darryl Butler
    Darryl Butler 28 days ago +63

    Honesty is by far the best trait in any relationship .

  • K Jimenez
    K Jimenez 28 days ago

    Beautiful family ❣️ May God continue blessing you all