The Fluffiest Brioche Bread Recipe By June | Delish

  • Published on Dec 30, 2019
  • Delish test kitchen manager, June, is showing you how to make golden, light and puffy brioche bread.

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  • junelikethemonth
    junelikethemonth Year ago +510

    A few crucial updates to this recipe following everyone's response! 1) If you're in a hot and humid climate, reduce your eggs down to 5. Also keep your butter on the cooler side so that it can help chill down your hot dough as it mixes in. 2) If your dough is having trouble coming together, before or after the butter, crank up your mixer speed. As you see in the video, you will have to hold the mixer down because it's a lot of agitation! If you're following your mixer manual and staying on a low speed like 2 or 4, the dough will never pull away.

  • Gerard Jones
    Gerard Jones 2 years ago +802

    The dark color is very good, most people bake it too light, its not danish.

  • Michelle
    Michelle 2 years ago +625

    I tried this tonight without a stand mixer, just used a plain rubber spatula. My arms died but the bread was SO GOOD!!

  • LordFurquan
    LordFurquan Year ago +5

    Made this brioche recipe today and gotta say this was by far the best bread I have made. I tyipcally make the Japenese Milk Bread as its similar but gave this one a try.

  • A M
    A M Year ago +5

    The first time I made this, it came out perfect😋 even though I made it all by hand. Thank you for your clear and precise explanations and your video. I’ve made this four times during this pandemic and each time they were perfect, so delicious 😍. Thank you June, you’re the best 🤗

  • Year ago +6

    I love brioche and I never knew it was made this way. Makes me respect it even more. Can't wait to try it! Thanks June!

  • Chelsea Lupkin
    Chelsea Lupkin 2 years ago +73

    I’m learning so much about baking every time I shoot with you, June! Butter makes everything better! 🖤

  • Jabez Selwyn
    Jabez Selwyn Year ago +16

    Came out just like the video. I used Almond milk instead of cow's milk and it was picture perfect. One i baked immediately and the other today morning. Both were so alike and very tasty.

  • Hannah Mostert
    Hannah Mostert Year ago +24

    I love June’s self confidence and straight forward manner, keep it up June 🤗

  • Tammy
    Tammy Year ago +13

    My hubby tried this over the weekend - it was amazing!

  • Lady Macan
    Lady Macan Year ago +3

    It’s become so hard to find good brioche. This recipe was just perfect. The bread came out so soft. Thanks June!

  • Guadalupe Jimenez
    Guadalupe Jimenez Year ago +11

    I loooove how you explain the recipes, so easy to understand, so interesting. You're a great! Thank you so much for your good vibes!

  • manisch kreativ
    manisch kreativ Year ago +12

    I have prepared my dough yesterday evening and both brioches are in the oven now.

  • jedi maiden

    I love how detailed she is in every step. Will definitely try this recipe. <3

  • David Inouye
    David Inouye Year ago

    Fantastic! Thank you for the amazing recipe! Very thorough - covering every nuance about the process. Much appreciated. Turned out amazing. Totally worth the time.

  • Chris Novelli
    Chris Novelli Year ago

    Thank you for this amazing recipe and video! This was only my second time making bread. The first time was a basic French loaf, and then this wonderful brioche. What an amazing tutorial video - I followed it to a T, and it came out perfect!!! And SO yummy!!

  • Margi Rogers
    Margi Rogers Year ago +1

    I love love love your instruction! I am so stealing the idea to write the time on my plastic wrap with a Sharpie as I never remember when I left dough to proof. I am making this today and will use one loaf to make Brioche French Toast on Sunday for my brother’s birthday brunch. Thank you!!

  • Nhung Crosbie
    Nhung Crosbie Year ago +8

    I can’t wait to trying this recipe out! Thank you June for the lesson!

  • Aimee
    Aimee Year ago +8

    Best brioche I've ever made. Thank you for the recipe and video!!

  • Ileana Fratut-Filip
    Ileana Fratut-Filip Year ago +2

    Thank you much for this wonderful recipe! I just made it! It came out perfect!