Sharp Shooting Ahead of Tunisia Clash! | Inside Training | World Cup 2018

  • Published on Jun 15, 2018
  • The England squad get to work on their finishing ahead of their opening clash with Tunisia on Monday.
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Comments • 327

  • WhyAlwaysMe
    WhyAlwaysMe Year ago +344

    england social media has been on point lately.

    • M W
      M W Year ago

      WhyAlwaysMe z@

    • WhyAlwaysMe
      WhyAlwaysMe Year ago

      keep it up guys! enjoying the content.

    • Joseph Parker
      Joseph Parker Year ago

      Jennifer Wright you having a laugh mate?

    • Joseph Parker
      Joseph Parker Year ago +2

      it must be good if england likes it.

    • England
      England  Year ago +18

      Love this comment!

  • Naveen Gannishvail
    Naveen Gannishvail 2 months ago

    0.43 , Does Delph looks like Bugzy Malone or is it just me ? 🙄😂

  • Alex
    Alex 6 months ago

    the editors of this video really are awful. Why are you changing the camera angle when they have just taken a shot? Just keep it to one angle!

  • Icto Agn
    Icto Agn 7 months ago

    I love watching videos of blokes kicking a ball better better than I ever could

  • totallynotme
    totallynotme 10 months ago

    Nooo Tunisia lost :(

  • A one legged man
    A one legged man Year ago

    I'd struggle with this drill.

  • Marcus Vickers
    Marcus Vickers Year ago +3

    I would like to say well done to the lads during the World Cup it’s been amazing

  • Huzarif97
    Huzarif97 Year ago

    Sir Harrold of the Kane has the type of goalscoring that you can't teach.

    • A one legged man
      A one legged man Year ago

      He is very good. But everything can be taught and mastered with practice.

  • Itz Louieee
    Itz Louieee Year ago +2

    Why cant england score bangers like that in a game we need to look oit for each other on the pitch other than that keep it up bois and dont forget ITS COMMING HOME

  • Sophie C
    Sophie C Year ago

    What were they staying silent for at 1:05???

  • Elvis Visi Cufaj
    Elvis Visi Cufaj Year ago

    Football's comming home

  • Jack Wilshere
    Jack Wilshere Year ago +2

    What a win lads! Keep it up and we can go far!!!

  • amelsellami mabrouk

    make tunisian football team the winner

  • Vice City
    Vice City Year ago

    They are training to lose.

  • john barbour
    john barbour Year ago

    All this good training ive seen but does the GK ever get trained as we all know the england Gk will make a mistake inthis toruments 😂

    • A one legged man
      A one legged man Year ago

      These were the back up GKS. Pickford had proper training.

  • Stefan Trajkovski

    Mark my words England will finish strongly this World Cup. They may even go all the way and win it. I can guarantee you they'll at least make it to the semi-finals.

  • Tom Andrews
    Tom Andrews Year ago

    I hope the finishing is as clinical come the game. Come on boys.

  • Antidote54
    Antidote54 Year ago +1

    History shows teams like Tunisia can beat England on the big stage. Every game should be like a final

  • hassen belaweyd
    hassen belaweyd Year ago +2

    Tunisia win ✌💪🔝

    • Unique
      Unique Year ago +1

      Lol England won
      Hah u lose!

  • slaven didak
    slaven didak Year ago +2

    This sound of hiting the ball is so satisfying

  • notsooobad
    notsooobad Year ago +1

    What were they doing at the start when they were standing on a line?

  • Fin Attwood
    Fin Attwood Year ago

    what was the silence for

  • Cameron Dove
    Cameron Dove Year ago

    Rubens on fire

  • Shimon Hadif
    Shimon Hadif Year ago

    Camera angle sucks

  • Average Commenter

    Keepers are shite

  • MiiniDimi
    MiiniDimi Year ago

    If only they could do this in a game. We'll see them missing open nets on Monday

  • Eddie Gyasi
    Eddie Gyasi Year ago

    England looks sharp af. Can’t wait to see them play

  • Love Boxing
    Love Boxing Year ago +6

    Loftus Cheek is a proper baller

  • Ryeley Mcdonald
    Ryeley Mcdonald Year ago +1

    Lingard is such an underrated player

  • Sam Wood
    Sam Wood Year ago

    I really dont like dier and i dont know why

  • ArkhamuS
    ArkhamuS Year ago

    U know i feel sorry for england cuz they will not made it to next round...
    #Tunisia 😏

    • Lilya Tn
      Lilya Tn Year ago

      brabi matafdha7nech 9oddemhom houma a9wa

  • M W
    M W Year ago

    Last World Cup was a world class embarrassment, this squad looks better but I’m not optimistic.. prove me wrong for once....bloody win something!

  • Ronak Desai
    Ronak Desai Year ago

    Notice how all the black and white players hang out with there own

  • Ronak Desai
    Ronak Desai Year ago

    Notice how all the black and white players hang out with there own

  • Naveen kumar
    Naveen kumar Year ago +1

    Egland need jack wilshire, adam lallana and jonjojo shelvy

  • Lorena Aragorn
    Lorena Aragorn Year ago

    Tunisia will beat England you heard it here first.

  • KyleAP
    KyleAP Year ago

    Please stop showing the goals from behind the goal proper ruins the video in my opinion

  • Provenia Evermi
    Provenia Evermi Year ago

    Support to tunisia from morocco, Goodluck both Teams

  • British Comment Police

    Half of your players are Africans, pathetic.

  • Ouelhazi Mahmoud
    Ouelhazi Mahmoud Year ago

    is this goalkeeper going to play against our Tunisian team?
    waw !!!

  • Mouzied boughzala

    Tunisia Team is the best

  • jas mine
    jas mine Year ago

    Nachlh tarb7 tones ya rabi

  • Harley The Salami
    Harley The Salami Year ago +2

    Looking sharp lads!

  • Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack

    Harry Kane quote "We have to win the World Cup, nothing else is good enough" IN THAT CASE HARRY, IT DEFINITELY WONT BE GOOD ENOUGH coz there is ZERO CHANCE of England winning the World Cup, you'll get to the Quarter finals & that's where it will end.

  • TripinHipHop
    TripinHipHop Year ago +1


  • Mohammed Tahid
    Mohammed Tahid Year ago

    passing in a circle with one in the middle. england lack sim passing skills.

  • Mohammed Tahid
    Mohammed Tahid Year ago

    it's ovious what they need to practice. simple passing and move.

  • George Bryant
    George Bryant Year ago

    didn't realise the scottish guy was big time

  • Jamie Emery
    Jamie Emery Year ago

    🎼 football’s comin’ home 🎼

  • Charlie Sharp
    Charlie Sharp Year ago

    So what we have learnt is Welbecks finishing isnt as good as everybody else. And Loftus-Cheek is an animal and will be Englands next best player and Captain once Kane is gone

  • Daily Footy Rumours

    A moment of silence for every England fans hopes and dreams

  • Omar Thomas
    Omar Thomas Year ago +2

    Kane shooting ability is insane

  • Hamza azmah
    Hamza azmah Year ago +2

    Tunisia is coming guys ✌✊

  • Mazzina's
    Mazzina's Year ago

    Out in the final 16 as usual, they should be able to get out dis group though but then again it's england...

  • Salvador Fuentes
    Salvador Fuentes Year ago +1

    Will Rashford play against Tunisia?

  • She w
    She w Year ago

    All too quiet for me all I can hear is the coach! why we wasting time playing with toys I don't know? finishing was great yeah but id like to see a defender backing into them not just a staticman, that's never going to happen in a game so of course your finishes are going to be good. Sorry to be the Roy Keane but we could be doing better, its all too nice...

  • Jasser cssiste
    Jasser cssiste Year ago

    RIP England against Tunisia 😉 From Tunisia

    • Jasser cssiste
      Jasser cssiste Year ago

      Unique Congratulation ❤ Good match for the king Kane .

    • Unique
      Unique Year ago +2

      TUN 1-2 ENG
      Hah think again!

    DANIEL JEON Year ago

    Does anyone know what that small whistle football called? I've been trying to get one but can't find one

  • WhereNextToConquer
    WhereNextToConquer Year ago +1

    How to get injured days before the World Cup - 1:48

  • Soni Paplekaj
    Soni Paplekaj Year ago

    our third goalkeeper doesn’t look to bad 😤😤

  • Jack wilkinson
    Jack wilkinson Year ago

    How many fans are going ?

  • Sharif A
    Sharif A Year ago

    Delphy makes me laugh

  • Rodric Van Hauwerrmeiren

    Kane is so clinical, keepers got no chance

  • Faraz Al Blooshi
    Faraz Al Blooshi Year ago

    England always loses not because they can't score. But because their keepers are trash. Sad but true.

    • Imed Tunisian soul
      Imed Tunisian soul Year ago

      and of course as a saudi patriot you support england not your brothers you dirty ugly porc tfouhh ,touness bech tnikek inti willi eta7nelhom trash ass

  • Capone Savage
    Capone Savage Year ago

    All this togetherness to once again fall below expectations can already see how this is playing out

  • Petyr Baelish
    Petyr Baelish Year ago

    I'm sorry but Ashley Young walks around with the body language and demeanour of someone who thinks they are on Messi or Ronaldo's level. He struts around doing gang signs and trying to act all cool, acting like he is the leader and most popular kid on the block, like how Pogba acts. Even in his FA interviews Young is trying to be the centre of attention and bigging himself up.
    I guarantee if Young was picking a World XI, he would put himself in it, and make himself captain. He kind of acts a bit similar to Lingard, as well as Pogba, but the problem is you're Ashley Young blud. You should be playing for Accrington Stanley, not England! If he starts against Tunisia, God help us.

    • Imed Tunisian soul
      Imed Tunisian soul Year ago

      make sure we Tunisians will beat you with a lesson ,let s wait and see ;)

  • Mark Gable
    Mark Gable Year ago

    Hold on. Why are they teaching international footballers how to shoot the ball.??? Waste of time.. Pick your team let them practice playing together that's it. Make sure they're conditioned. They're determined proffessionals, they have a brain let them work things out themselves.

  • Benjamin Huggle
    Benjamin Huggle Year ago

    Looking good. Come on england

  • farh cherni
    farh cherni Year ago

    @England General Hannibal Barca said #If_we_do_not__find_the_path_to_success_we_have_to_invent_it
    Long live sportsmanship but we will triumph over you

    • Imed Tunisian soul
      Imed Tunisian soul Year ago

      well said bint l kef and good english ,a9wa ma famma wled chamel l gharbi fi koll chay ghir ezhar ,by the way you speak english so good .

  • Ephraim Lisk
    Ephraim Lisk Year ago +2

    more goalkeeper training!

  • Nav 07
    Nav 07 Year ago +2

    I wish I could work for the England social media it’s too sick ffs 😭😍

  • ProFormance Global
    ProFormance Global Year ago +2

    Spent the video feeling sorry for the net :-) PING!

  • LaryBoyZ
    LaryBoyZ Year ago

    How you gonna with a team thats almost all tottenham top bottlers

  • T Robinson
    T Robinson Year ago +2

    Was that Butland before Pickford? Not hard to pick a better keeper on that showing. Pickford shows more effort, attitude and quality

  • Neil Chanda
    Neil Chanda Year ago

    Where’s Rashford ??