Species Profile : Metriacanthosaurus | Jurassic World Evolution


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  • BestInSlot
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    I'm going to start banning specific individuals from the channel if they persist after my many, many warnings. I have absolutely no problem if you have problems with Evolution, I really don't, I'm excited, most of us are, but it's more than okay to not be. What isn't okay is bitching on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO with factually incorrect information and promoting your own channel in the process. Been lenient till now, but this is the last warning. Okay. Much love.

    • DZ
      DZ 7 months ago

      Eat it ya sod-waxes.

    • Anthony Bissett
      Anthony Bissett 7 months ago

      This dino appears in walking with dinosaurs the documentary episode cruel sea it was not a picky eater it hunts it scavenged the longest and loudest roar wins heck this dino even swam well that's it was or had a selfish personality towards sharing with its own kind and would even resort to cannibalism it came before allosaurus who was late Jurassic it likes living alone timid genomes won't work on it's territorial extincts it is an amazing dino

    • Neeraj Appari
      Neeraj Appari 9 months ago

      BestInSlot keep up with the good work, you're so close to 500K

    • Ultimate Agent
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      BestInSlot good on you bestinslot I one hundred percent agree with. Love your videos.

  • My_nan_is_dead_banter_cx Uwu

    Me likey

  • The Jet
    The Jet 7 months ago

    Hey people viewing the comment section the Metriacanthosaurus alt skin is a refrence the to the Albertosaurus from jpog

  • GoGojiraGo
    GoGojiraGo 7 months ago

    In Operation Genesis the carnivores could coexist peacefully depending on the mix: Acrocanthosaurus and Carcharadonotsaurus especially, but most of the others could as well depending on their numbers and the space and food supply. The only ones who could never coexist were T. rex and Spino, even if they're amicable at first eventually they will attack each other regardless of their conditions. Hopefully JWE has more variety and intricacy regarding carnivore coexistence.

  • ImARaptor
    ImARaptor 8 months ago

    0:22 and 0:25 - see the difference?

  • Baragon301
    Baragon301 8 months ago


  • SW Irish
    SW Irish 8 months ago

    To me the look seemed more like it was preparing to run away in case the Metri became aggressive

  • multisturge
    multisturge 8 months ago

    wasn't metria a dino from JP1 it was listed and think there was an embryo of it but didn't see the actual dino in the film.

  • Fostertsn
    Fostertsn 8 months ago

    Seeing the metri Roar and the deinonychus look at it made me think if you have two of the same dinosaurs in different paddocks will they call out to each other from across the park

  • Patrick Kuhns
    Patrick Kuhns 9 months ago

    Now put these dinosaurs in a hunting game called ( The Hunter call of the dinosaurs )

  • Sam Finlay
    Sam Finlay 9 months ago +1

    I don't think the deinonychus was acc looking at the metri. I think the two are separate animations that occur at the same time because the deinonychus keep moving its head like it heard something it cannot locate. If it was responding to the metri it would have just stared at it

    VELOC1FAPTOR 9 months ago

    I preordered the deluxe edition

  • richard crumpton
    richard crumpton 9 months ago +1

    i think wat wuold be cool is one there a 100% you can make them breed on there own

  • WilDSergi 96
    WilDSergi 96 9 months ago


  • Keaton Fleming
    Keaton Fleming 9 months ago +1

    Super excited for this game thanks you did a great job on the video

  • Italian Muscle
    Italian Muscle 9 months ago

    Dope, hope for Giga

  • Cody Clonecraft
    Cody Clonecraft 9 months ago

    You should play a series of Jurassic world

  • Ranzcid
    Ranzcid 9 months ago

    looks like an allosaurus to me lol

  • Isaiah Clay
    Isaiah Clay 9 months ago +1

    Love the outro music and all the funny jokes about letting your dinos eating humans

  • Kevin Norwood
    Kevin Norwood 9 months ago

    Is Metriacanthosaurus in the same family as Megalosaurus and Neovenator?

  • I Usually Say the Manga Was Better

    "Are dinosaurs actually aware of each other" I can just imagine a t rexs' social bar rising as it talks to people by the entrance to its pen

  • Silent_and_Violent 84
    Silent_and_Violent 84 9 months ago +6

    Deinonychus is like "what the hell man I'm just trying to drink and your screeching roar is not helping my anxiety"

    • Zestful Maple
      Zestful Maple 7 months ago

      Silent_and_Violent 84 this comment deserves more likes

  • Antoine Rossouw
    Antoine Rossouw 9 months ago

    I wonder if they picked such an incomplete dinosaur in the hopes that more information is published later. Frontier has a reputation of changing things in Elite as more scientific evidence is discovered (Trappist being an example, it was added to the game), and it is really awesome seeing them go out of their way to do this. I am so hyped for the game, and absolutely cannot wait!

  • Maurice
    Maurice 9 months ago

    That alt skins reminds me of JPOG’s Albertosaurus it’s a nice throw back

  • Captain Stroon
    Captain Stroon 9 months ago

    I guess the Metri is going to be this games Acrocantho. Not only because of the similar name. I'm glad they included lesser known dinos like the Metri. As much as I love T-Rex, Trikes and Stegos, seeing new faces is always apprechiated.

    IH8COMMERCIALRNB 9 months ago

    Diononychus is not an animal I imagine is docile, it's probably the most dangerous species of dinosaur known to man. I would say the exhibit is well fed. I know that's how they keep sharks from eating each other in the aquariums.

  • Conor Chipolina
    Conor Chipolina 9 months ago

    if u look behind the metri in the 2 clip u can see the tail of what looks like a ceratosaurus

  • Алексей Ефимчик

    Ну ты и пидр

  • themccman
    themccman 9 months ago

    Why does the deinonychus have a frill? Honestly thought it was a guanlong at first lol

    • themccman
      themccman 9 months ago

      Okay, interesting! Thank you for the info! :)

    • Mark Cobuzzi
      Mark Cobuzzi 9 months ago

      I heard the idea was that the Deinonychus would have a non-bone crest similar to a male rooster’s comb, as an added (and likely pure fiction) ornamentation like the Dilophosaurus frills.

  • Ema' Design'
    Ema' Design' 9 months ago

    Hey BiS! Your Analysis are awesome!
    But did you have noticed the Apatosaurus in the pre order trailer???
    That was the first time, that we have seen the Apatosaurus.

  • george kirish
    george kirish 9 months ago

    anyoen notice something behind the metri during the second bit of footage looks like a cerata so thats some nice comparison i guess

  • Jave
    Jave 9 months ago

    "Sail"?! It doesn't have one! Not sure that's the correct term unless the spines protrude from its back. Which they don't in this case.

  • Aspiring Marauder
    Aspiring Marauder 9 months ago

    You talking about dinosaur interaction and the bit between the utahraptor (?) and the metri reminded me of this:

  • Juan Lepez
    Juan Lepez 9 months ago +1

    In jurassic world evolution how do u change the dinosaurs skin color

    • Juan Lepez
      Juan Lepez 9 months ago

      Calico Jackosaur but which one science entertainment or security

    • Nature's Compendium
      Nature's Compendium 9 months ago

      Juan Lepez cosmetic genes

  • A.J. Zalar
    A.J. Zalar 9 months ago +1

    I hope the spino is soon I’m super excited for this game and that’s my favorite dinosaur

    • Nature's Compendium
      Nature's Compendium 9 months ago

      A.J. Zalar it's in. I've seen the head of the spino model and it will look exactly like the JP3 spino

  • A.J. Zalar
    A.J. Zalar 9 months ago

    This dinosaur is absolutely beautiful

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 9 months ago

    phenominal animating going int othis game, so stoked for its release. need to upgrade my PC so that I can actually play it lol

    CAPTAIN JIGGLES 9 months ago

    BestInSlot you are one of my favorite you tubers and I would like to tell you that if you go on eBay you might be able to find some of the JW 2 toys not even available yet or go to your friend TheGamingBeavers channel and watch him get the toys and review them and they are pretty cool

  • IconBombShell
    IconBombShell 9 months ago

    I saw fight between the ceratosaurus and the triceratops, and the ceratosaurus won, wtf??

  • Christopher O'Neil
    Christopher O'Neil 9 months ago

    That's something they need to work on ( making the Dinosaurs aware of each other ). I don't want herbivores feeling comfortable anywhere near carnivores. It would also be awesome if they found a way to improve hunting behavior ( carnivores waiting within tree lines for herbivores to come close and then exploding out of their cover ).

  • jurassicman11
    jurassicman11 9 months ago

    @Bestinslot, you missed the 2 dinosaurs under her tail @1:50, to the right of the gyro sphere @1:50

    • jurassicman11
      jurassicman11 9 months ago

      There in the back, and pretty hard to make out

  • Sum Duck
    Sum Duck 9 months ago

    Question. Will the goat have alternate skins. Thats my favorite dinosaur and I really hope it dose

  • MaKKowey Tapkin
    MaKKowey Tapkin 9 months ago


  • Nolan Hanley
    Nolan Hanley 9 months ago

    Is the power system good or is it annoying?

  • The Dishonored Coward
    The Dishonored Coward 9 months ago

    It does not seem a second video will be uploaded today, and it is the end of the week, so, if you don't mind, I would like to make a poll. I'd like people to join in if they wish.
    So, to my fellow fans, of all Bestinslot's playlists, which one would you say is your favorite?
    Please mention which ones you like, and if someone mentions the one you wanted to, just give their comment a like.

  • *put name here *
    *put name here * 9 months ago

    3:33 dinosaur behind the metri

  • Hervis Daubeny
    Hervis Daubeny 9 months ago

    The alt skin for the Metri resembles the Albertosaurus from JPOG

  • Brian Levine
    Brian Levine 9 months ago

    I was on the same page as you with the Deinonychus' reaction to Metri's roaring.
    Regardless, it's a breath of fresh air to see carnivores getting along and just being casual around each other.

  • Josh M
    Josh M 9 months ago

    There is a good english dinosaur for you all

  • Mr. Sentinazo
    Mr. Sentinazo 9 months ago

    Are there really people raging about accuracy in a friggin jp game?? this know-it-all paleontologist teenagers are getting annoying...

  • EvishuGaming
    EvishuGaming 9 months ago

    OMG BIS you're going to play SOTC I'm a huge Fan right here, also I'm so hyped for Jurassic World: Evolution!

  • Timber Wolfe
    Timber Wolfe 9 months ago +2

    Really hoping for lots of possible dino interactions~

  • Aaron Reimann
    Aaron Reimann 9 months ago

    Wait, i want to preorder the deluxe edition but it seems that its only possible for xbox. So how do the Pc players preorder (to get stuff like the extra 5 Dinosaurus)?
    Edit: BestInslot helped me.

    • Aaron Reimann
      Aaron Reimann 9 months ago

      Thank you never thought about it. :D I am so Stupid having over 100 games on Steam but do not think about preordering it on Steam.

    • BestInSlot
      BestInSlot  9 months ago

      Aaron Reimann hm? You just preoder it on Steam.

  • Yng_jdn.19
    Yng_jdn.19 9 months ago

    Check what JWE did on instagram they tell you about having different species in the same enclosure 😁

  • Blu
    Blu 9 months ago +1

    Has anyone ever told you how sexy your voice is?

  • Headshot
    Headshot 9 months ago

    I wonder if we will get some dlc with Balloon ride/ the classic Car ride or even the river ride that was in Jurassic World.

  • fixer10091994
    fixer10091994 9 months ago

    So, what are those dinos in the back in the first clip? Or am I imagining stuff on my phone screen

  • The Gaming Paleozilla
    The Gaming Paleozilla 9 months ago

    we got a quick glimpse of the Deinonychus

  • Brett Stevens
    Brett Stevens 9 months ago +1

    Buzzing to get mixed exhibits when JWE is released , always enjoy watching these evaluation vids of the species profiles 🦖

  • Lewis Archer
    Lewis Archer 9 months ago +4

    Definitely need to add allosaurus, carcharodontosaurus and possibly sarcosuchus for pens with large amounts of water

  • KingFluffs
    KingFluffs 9 months ago

    I like the stripes on this one. I hope we can breed a pure black one with either red or yellow stripes. That'd look amazing.

  • LordOfThe Flightless
    LordOfThe Flightless 9 months ago +1

    BUT WHAT ELSE FROM ENGLAND. There's some interesting choices indeed.
    Rule Britainia, Britainia rules the waves, etc lol.
    Hopefully cetiosaurus or dacenturus, or megalosaurus. But the skins are definitely nicr

  • Im_AngRy
    Im_AngRy 9 months ago

    in jpog you can put ceratosaurus and allosaurusin the same enclosure but when allosaurus get hungry it kill the ceratosaurus so we dont know if they will kill eachother when they are hungry

  • DTV Entertainment
    DTV Entertainment 9 months ago

    i have the feeling that deinonychus is bigger than Velociraptor And did someone saw his back ?

    • fixer10091994
      fixer10091994 9 months ago

      DTV Entertainment Well, the metri is relatively small, its femur length is about 80cm so it should be about 2m tall...give or take a few cm. If the deinonychus is only half its size itd be smaller than the jw velos

    • DTV Entertainment
      DTV Entertainment 9 months ago

      no not drunk only saw it in the picture in the Second scene and think it looks like the Deino is halfe the size of the metriacanthosaurus.

    • fixer10091994
      fixer10091994 9 months ago

      You drunk?

  • Torracat11
    Torracat11 9 months ago

    Idk but isn’t there a dinosaur most likely a theropod carnivore next to the metriocanthosaurus, or maybe I’m just tripping,either way love ur vids so keep it up xD! Oh yes I forgot to say, what I’m talking about is in the second scene and no I don’t mean the deinonychus

  • Sajmon Beseda
    Sajmon Beseda 9 months ago


  • MGman70
    MGman70 9 months ago +2

    I'm sooooo hyped for this game but I'm really worried about the guest and the animal control is just too easy

  • jake gross
    jake gross 9 months ago

    I’d love to see actual dinosaur programs you’ve done a few and there fascinating.

  • True Iron Leg
    True Iron Leg 9 months ago

    I think it's amazing on how much you know about these dinosaurs and research you do for your videos I look forward to your videos every day

  • Its_Me_Romano _
    Its_Me_Romano _ 9 months ago

    Lol the little deino is looking at the metria when it roars like: Bro chill I'm just here to grab a drink pls don't eat me

  • SDino Gamer
    SDino Gamer 9 months ago

    Dino behind Metri in cam.2

  • Red Raptor Writes
    Red Raptor Writes 9 months ago +2

    Moderately spined lizard? Can't paleontologists think of cooler names?

  • Extra White Sweet Mint
    Extra White Sweet Mint 9 months ago

    BestInSlot What is your best dinosaur joke?

  • Dominik Luki
    Dominik Luki 9 months ago +3

    Metriacanthosaurus : I hate rains!!!
    Deinonychus : Dude..relax!

  • Heather White
    Heather White 9 months ago +30

    Found your channel yeaterday and have just BIIINNGGED your videos! I'm suuuper excited for this game and really glad I found your channel! Keep up the great work! New subbie here! :D

    • Sajmon Beseda
      Sajmon Beseda 9 months ago

      Yeah velcome Heather🤗🤗

    • The Dishonored Coward
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      Welcome to Bestinslot. We are a friendly community about several topics that mostly center around gaming. I am glad you could join and hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to tell your friends and family if you like.

  • fish fry
    fish fry 9 months ago

    Metri looks awesome

  • Gandalf the Tsaagan
    Gandalf the Tsaagan 9 months ago

    I have the feeling that the change in color on the second clip is due to the lighting and it's sking being wet
    Although, it is admitedly really dark in comparision to it's regular/dry counterpart

    • fixer10091994
      fixer10091994 9 months ago

      Actually possible

    • Gandalf the Tsaagan
      Gandalf the Tsaagan 9 months ago

      I know, but I have doubts in this particular case

    • CaptainClipy
      CaptainClipy 9 months ago

      Gandalf the Tsaagan it's definitely different. Besides, alternate skins have been confirmed already.

  • Nicholas Simmons
    Nicholas Simmons 9 months ago

    man I'd be happy if that crest on the deinonychus left us

  • JMoon
    JMoon 9 months ago

    I don't think that is a dinonicus ( probably spelled wrong) it is a monolophosqurus

  • Kaiju Slayer333
    Kaiju Slayer333 9 months ago +3

    Cool design. But the only new thing is them revealing the walking animation. Also does anyone notice that the Metriacanthosaurus’s skin in 2nd clip looks like the Albertosaurus from JPOG?

  • Someanimal Guy
    Someanimal Guy 9 months ago

    I think the mystery dinosaur is a Guanlong, the small red one that looks at the Metri

  • Marcelthebeast McDaniels

    Aaah nice more carnivore Dino's

  • codplayer331
    codplayer331 9 months ago +1

    Ngl Deinonychus is one of my favourite dinosaurs of all time and I'm super hyped for this game, but I'm disappointed in how they chose to represent the deino, I mean I always thought it was a big raptor with maybe some feathers...

    • codplayer331
      codplayer331 9 months ago

      Mark Cobuzzi now that would be so cool

    • Mark Cobuzzi
      Mark Cobuzzi 9 months ago

      Maybe the Jurassic World Evolution game could have hypothetically feathered both species and just called them Velociraptor mongoliensis (now with an accurate size) and Velociraptor deinonychus (which look exactly like the movie raptors and need to be dug up in North America), respectively.

    • Mark Cobuzzi
      Mark Cobuzzi 9 months ago +1

      Personally, I would much rather have the Deinonychus exist within the JP universe as a larger North American species of the Velociraptor genus, since we already mentioned how both Crichton and Spielberg based their raptors more on Deinonychus rather than the turkey-sized Mongolian Velociraptor, making it almost redundant to then introduce Deinonychus as a separate genus. Plus, not only would it sort of mirror how real-life Paleontologists once actually considered putting both species under the Velociraptor genus (allowing JP to be interpreted as an alternate universe where that happened), but it would also at least account for how the Velociraptors in JP could be so huge and Grant could possibly be digging up a Velociraptor fossil in Montana during the first film’s beginning.

    • codplayer331
      codplayer331 9 months ago +1

      Hmmm your right, but still I'd rather them represented them better instead of slapping the name on something that looks nothing like one

    • Disappointed Turtle
      Disappointed Turtle 9 months ago +3

      CaptainClipy Correction: a very outdated Deinonychus without the name

  • Alexander Leimer
    Alexander Leimer 9 months ago

    Do you think that there will be breeding in the game, or age alterations like in the prehistoric kingdom?

    • Gandalf the Tsaagan
      Gandalf the Tsaagan 9 months ago

      Alexander Leimer -Not in THAT way if the genetists do their work-

    • Alexander Leimer
      Alexander Leimer 9 months ago

      but life always finds a way ;)

    • Gandalf the Tsaagan
      Gandalf the Tsaagan 9 months ago

      You can have diferent skins and breeding is unlikely since they're all meant to be female

  • MrFluffyribs
    MrFluffyribs 9 months ago

    I wonder how much money it would take to get it early

  • Arhan Shareef
    Arhan Shareef 9 months ago

    Bro this game is online or offline

    • I_am A_Lizard
      I_am A_Lizard 9 months ago

      Obviously offline, it'd be extremely hard to do multiplayer tycoon games.

  • Man of Manifesto
    Man of Manifesto 9 months ago

    Shouldn't Spinosaurus be called Canthosaurus in that case?

  • Alexander Leimer
    Alexander Leimer 9 months ago

    waited for this video the whole day :D

  • howardisadinosaur
    howardisadinosaur 9 months ago

    Reminds me a bit of the allosaurus from jpog, in the best way :)

  • Hyper Arbiter67
    Hyper Arbiter67 9 months ago

    How can I get Jurassic Park operation genesis

  • Lasagna198
    Lasagna198 9 months ago

    Well, the gyrospheres are invisible to dinos, so the visitors are fairly safe, unless the carnivores are going ham

  • TheEnabledDisabled
    TheEnabledDisabled 9 months ago +3

    Do u see what I see? a dinosaurs that dosent have pronated WRIST! or is it just me

    • Gandalf the Tsaagan
      Gandalf the Tsaagan 9 months ago +1

      It does pronate its hands, but not always!
      Which is rather good given the franchise

  • Scott Sadler
    Scott Sadler 9 months ago

    The Brown variant reminds me of the Allosaurus in the PS1 The Lost World game.

  • DireWolf Tom
    DireWolf Tom 9 months ago +1

    Which dinosaur in jurassic world evolution are you most hyped for BestInslot?

    • The Dishonored Coward
      The Dishonored Coward 9 months ago

      Mine so far is the struthies.

    • DireWolf Tom
      DireWolf Tom 9 months ago

      BestInSlot Do you think that spinosaurus, suchomimus and baryonyx will need a more aquatic enclosure?

    • BestInSlot
      BestInSlot  9 months ago +1

      Suchomimus, I loooove that Sucho. (Out of the ones we've seen)

  • Squatlemur 77
    Squatlemur 77 9 months ago


  • Zirie Benton
    Zirie Benton 9 months ago

    I thought that was an allosaurus at first. But hey, a new dinosaur! I wonder if the stegosaur in the trailer that whacked the fence was kentrosaurus or miragaia then, since the dinosaurs look very similar in appearance.

  • Julian the Apostate
    Julian the Apostate 9 months ago

    I swait this game with baited breath.

  • theDABTAB
    theDABTAB 9 months ago

    You forgot to mention that in the first clip with the walking Metriacanthosaurus you can see two more of them in the background behind/under it's tail after it has walked for a second or two. They seem to square up to eachother, as if they are preparing to do battle. :P